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MALS-11 CHRISTMAS PARTY (PLEASE SEE FLYER ON PG 8) The MALS-11 Christmas Party is just around the corner. 10 Dec 2011 at MCRD San Diego from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please see attached flyer for details. If you are planning on attending RSVP By sending the FRO an email with number of People attending and how many kids if you have them and their ages. If you want to bring your favorite dish to the Christmas Party, Please contact the FRO to coordinate that as well. It is not mandatory but if you can bake a great Ham, Turkey, side dish or even dessert just let me know. BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB FREE Tickets available at Miramar ITT | Very Limited Quantity. Performing live at Fluxx Nightclub. Thurs, Dec 1, 2011, 7pm-10pm. Restrictions: - ACTIVE DUTY Only - Must be 21+ yrs - Maximum (2)TWO tickets, per Active Duty - All guests must RSVP to KEYCLUBSD@PLAYBOY.COM as names will be checked against a list. Tickets are NOT for resale and are intended for MILITARY use. For more info please contact: MIRAMAR ITT Bldg 2524 (next to McDonald's) 858-577-4141 FREE FIRST-TIME HOMEBUYER WORKSHOP Sat, 3 Dec, 0900-1630. At The HUB, Transition Assistance classroom. Learn about budgeting for a home, obtaining a mortgage, and the appraisal process. Understand the mortgage closing process and life as a homeowner. Childcare cost reimbursement is available. Call 577-6228/6195 or email to register. Flyer can be found at MCCS CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL Sat . Dec 3, 2011 . 10AM to 2PM, Bob Hope Theater . Free Movie to Follow! Schedule of Events: 1000-1030 Scripps Ranch HS ROTC, 1030-1115 Youth Center Dance, 1115-1145 Reading with Mrs. Claus, 1145-1230 Creative Arts Dance, 1230-1300 Animal Learning Show, 1300-1330 Ronald McDonald Show, 1330-1400 Prize Giveaways, 1400 FREE Movie. ename=ChildrensXmasCarnivala.pdf FREE CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL DEC 3, 2011 Toyota & Marine Corps Community Services presents. Children's Christmas Carnival. Dec 3, 2011 from 10 - 2, Bob Hope Theater. All Free. Inside the Bob Hope Theater, Schedule of Events 1000-1030 Scripps Ranch HS ROTC, 1030-1115 Youth Center Dance, 1115-1145 Reading with Mrs. Claus, 1145-1230 Creative Arts Dance, 1230-1300 Animal Learning Show, 1300-1330 Ronald McDonald Show, 1330-1400 Prize Giveaways, 1400 FREE Movie Outside the Bob Hope Theater, Santa Visit, *Rides, *Games, *Petting Zoo, *Face painting, Food Special $2.00, Pork Sandwich, chip and soda (while supplies last). Soda, Popcorn , candy & more available at the theater snack bar. For more info 858-577-6365 or visit CREATING FINANCIAL FREEDOM Learn how to free yourself from worry and stress about money and begin to build wealth, not debt! Set Financial Goals! Develop a Spending Plan Become Debt Free! Track Your Progress. Invest for Your Future. Your Instructor will be Craig Hughes, Accredited Financial Counselor, MBA. For the 2012 class schedule, or more info, click POWER OF PLAY Take advantage of this opportunity to schedule yourself for some play time. This is a class for grown-ups by grown-ups to explain the who, what, where, when and why of play. We also talk about how play can help the well-being of your family. We'll have games, friends, arts and crafts and lots of fun! The class will be offered Thurs, Dec 8, 2011 from 6:30-8:30pm. Free childcare is available, if you register by Dec 1, 2011. To register contact Sherry Gelle, 858-577-7993 or For flier go to: JINGLE BELL JOG 5K RUN Dec 8, 2011 Start Time: 1130 at Miramar Sports Complex. For more information, call Semper Fit at 858-577-1331/4670.

L. moving and much more. Networking. we will have a staff member or student veteran available for live chats from 0900 to 2000 PST. especially when there is a deployment. Classes fill quickly! Please RSVP by November 28. It is a free event and any active duty military or veteran can Additionally.N. Dec 1. 9:30-11:30am. *Techniques for reducing your stress and ways to incorporate relaxation into your daily life. on-line. *Strategies for thinking before acting.K. The host families pick up and return service members to The Great Escape on Christmas Day. Registration is free (and easy) by clicking here: http://www.all from the convenience of your home or work computer. the service member. December 1 at Military Student Day Participate in a live chat with SDSU staff and student veterans and visit our virtual booth from 0900 to 2100 PST .I.html LINKS Lifestyle Insights. As in the past we have had an overwhelming response from the community. Click to register for alerts. SDSU will have a virtual booth with admissions and military/veterans information from 0900 to 2100 PST. Knowledge & Skills. You will learn: *How to recognize your levels of comfort and discomfort in order to effectively manage your Bldg. deployment. please call 619-556-6075 or email sandiego@focusproject. HOW DOES A HOME COOKED MEAL SOUND? The Great Escape. Sessions cover military pay. is hosting its 25th annual HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS Program. You will find a copy of the service member Home For The Holidays application form at the below website. **************************************************************************************************** San Diego State University will be participating in a live military education fair. This class will take place at FOCUS Office – Naval Base San Diego. This is a FREE program and is available to all active duty service members. helping Marines and their families understand and adapt to the unique challenges military life often presents. enlisted recreation center. base services. offers an orientation to the Marine Corps lifestyle.collegeweeklive. While in the host family's home service members are provided a traditional holiday meal in the company of a caring family.WEEKLY POD CONT MALS-11 DEVILFISH SDSU COLLEGE WEEK LIVE & SPOUSE SCHOLARPSHIPS National Military Family Association is announcing the opening of application submission for spouse scholarships: Military Spouse Scholarship Application Opens December 1 Our Association recognizes the unique challenges today's military spouses face in pursuing additional training or education. The Great Escape matches up local families with active duty personnel who cannot make it home for the Christmas holidays. you can “keep your cool” and have a joyful season…that’ what this class is for. *Tools for effectively managing the unique challenges of raising children in a military family. December 1st. 92136. The holiday season can be a stressful time for parents and families.mccsmiramar. http://support. 2011. 265. To sign up or for more info. But with some planning. on Thursday. 2 . By participating in this program YOU are allowing the community to show their appreciation to you. worldwide.militaryfamily. We are always in need of active duty military personnel who would like to have a delicious home cooked Holiday meal. For more info or for registration. FOCUS PRESENTS “KEEPING YOUR COOL” Thursday. Meet San Diego State University Live Online Thursday. We are here to help ease the financial obstacles that accompany pursuing a higher education. Dolphin call 858-577-4918/4810.

Dec 4 Sunday. foosball and air hockey. Dec 11 1000 . 18 leather recliners and bean bags.1130 1000 . we have a few other options for E-5 and below families. SAN DIEGO ARMED SERVICES YMCA: BIKE GIVEAWAY. THE BIG GIVE AND MORE WHAT WE DO: Enjoy our November PhotoSnapshot of Events: Americans Feeding Americans.. STRESS LESS: There's no wait right now to see one of our Family Outreach counselors." YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: The Armed Services Y is partnering with Ernst & Young LLP to host a bike giveaway for military children ages 7-12 on 12/9 http://militaryymca. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITES: Go to the following address to see all the volunteer opportunities for the month of November 2011. http://militaryymca. MONTEVISTA AND NICE GUYS HOLIDAY PARTIES.1130 1130 .us1. on December 17. "Armed Services YMCA outperforms most other charities in America.list-manage.militaryymca. Mon – 1100 – 2300. Active Duty Volunteer program assists adults with disabilities http://militaryymca. SUPPORT MILITARY FAMILIES: The Big Give: On December 14th and 15th. PS 1430 .com/index. will be matched. Our services are open to E-7 and below families stationed in San Diego. HOLIDAY HELP: We have already notified 700 military families that they are confirmed for The SuperParent Holiday Shopping Day.1430 1430 . Online sign ups will be accepted until November 30th. The ASY EFMP Magical Holiday Party: for military families with children EFMP category 4 & or stop by see him at the Auto Skills Center. Kinect.1500 For questions or to reserve your spot email Rudy Almariora: ALMARIORA@usmc-mccs. this EFMP event is open to all ranks.php?option=com_eventlist&Itemid=99999999&func=details&did=827. any online donation made at www. Your support will ensure the future of the San Diego Armed Services YMCA. The Armed Services YMCA has achieved the highest 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for the sixth year in a row.listmanage. If you were not one of 700 families.list-manage. Click on the link for all details. Nintendo 64 and a game cube and a lot of games). What is in The GE? The GE features a variety of activities including but not limited to: Gaming Rooms (X BOX 360. 6 tournament size pool tables.1430 1300 . THE GREAT ESCAPE FAQS What is The Great Escape (GE)? The GE is the enlisted rec center aboard Miramar.castro@med. in part. What are the hours? The GE is open 365 days a year. Please click on the link or visit our event calendar at www. If you are looking to give back this Holiday season please consider an online donation for maximum declare us a charity beneficiary in your will.1300 1130 .us1. 3 . The facility is open to all active duty enlisted service members.and demonstrates to the pubic it is worthy of their trust. Event is scheduled for: Sunday.00 stall fee. Tues – Thurs – 1100 – 2400 and Fri and Sat – 1100 – 0100..1300 1300 . According to Charity Navigator.list-manage2. You can also donate your old car http://militaryymca. 2 lounge areas with 60” TVs. the Auto Skills Center is offering FREE labor on brake jobs at the Auto Skills Center aboard MCAS Miramar. confidential.militaryymca. FOOTBALL— Catch NCAA and NFL football action on the big screen all week in The Great Escape. We are open Sunday 0945 – 2300 (during football season). or make us your charity of choice for for all We still have a few more openings please contact Tasha at form. and are Give us a call at 858-751-5755 or go you can go online to fill out the self-referral http://militaryymca. and not connected with any command system. and a movie room with 132” screen. The PLUS Foundation BBQ and more. We are open all holidays. Patrons must purchase their own parts and pay the $6.WEEKLY POD CONT MALS-11 DEVILFISH AUTO SKILLS CENTER A special event for the holidays. Wii. by the San Diego Foundation. Priority goes to deployed families and single ping pong tables.us1.

need 40 Volunteers! Transportation is provided (No POV’s). POC is SMP President/Volunteer Representative Cpl Kyle Kakouris at (314) 288-9110 or kyle. stress can affect even the strongest Marine. Contact Carrie Bryant at carrie. please provide the number of people in your family who are attending. If there is another family with whom you would like to share a table. etc. you MUST print the attachments (volunteer waiver of liability and hold harmless) and turn in the completed forms to the SMP Office at The Great Escape. President. They look forward to showing our local military families gratitude and appreciation in 2011! Hope to see you on 12/10. Who: MCAS Miramar SINGLE Service Members and Geo-Bachelors. They will be providing gifts to all children 18 and younger. The OWC has received approval from the MCB CO for this fundraising event. We need volunteers willing to commit one hour per week for the school year (Monday-Thursday 1700-1900). Call today to speak with one of your own.bryant@usmc. independent See pg 8 to find this year's flyer with all the pertinent information about this The DSTRESS Line was developed by the Corps to provide professional. CAMP PENDLETON OWC HOLIDAY BAZAAR (PLEASE SEE FLYER ON PG 10) The Camp Pendleton OWC is hosting their annual Holiday Bazaar on Dec 10. Bldg.WEEKLY POD CONT MALS-11 DEVILFISH VFW/AMERICAN LEGION HOLIDAY PARTY (PLEASE SEE FLYER ON PG 9) Hello friends of the Pacific Beach American Legion Auxiliary. their families and loved ones when it's needed most. Dec 9th Time: 0600-1530 Meet: 0600 (IMPORTANT . 5305 by 1500 on Wednesday. 2011 from 9:00 to 4:00 p. Dec 9th. They will do our best to accommodate your child's or 858. Base SgtMaj** Receive: A Letter of Appreciation (LOA) and or www.Please be prompt) at The Great Escape. As last year.NO logos) **Uniform authorized by SgtMaj This is your official invitation to the second annual VFW/American Legion Family holiday party! The date is Sat.577. to reserve a booth at the Holiday Bazaar for $35. anonymous counseling for Marines. November 30th. outside the MCX on Mainside. Dec 10th and the party will be held from 5pm-8pm.dstressline. SMP DECEMBER 9TH VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY The MCAS Miramar Single Marine Program is participating in the following volunteer opportunity on Fri. when you RSVP (preferably by e-mail). crafters. Line is now available to help West Coast Marines & Family members better deal with stress & mental health issues.00. **If you are a SINGLE Service Member or Geo-Bachelor volunteering for this event. Call (1-877-476-7734) today. Bldg 5305. Soucie Kitt. and the type of gift wanted. The attached flyer on pg XX is an invitation to businesses owners. DSTRESS HOTLINE From combat related stress to the everyday stressors of life. **Before arriving please eat breakfast. Therefore. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES (CONTINUING OPPORTUNITY) YOUTH CENTER MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: Looking for Marines/Sailors/Spouses who have excellent communication and leadership skills appropriate for helping students with their homework at MCAS Miramar's Youth Center. please be sure to include that information in your RSVP e-mail. 4 . More info available at www. reservations are required and space is limited. Please contact them directly if you have any questions or concerns at the following: Jennifer E. No educational experience or background necessary.** Dress Attire: Boots and Utes (plain skivi shirt ONLY .m. and each child's first name (if the name is generic please let me know if it's a boy or girl). As stated on the flyer. Camp Pendleton Officers' Wives' Club president@camppendletonowc. As it indicates. (LOA provided at completion of school year) . all proceeds from booth reservation are directly deposited into our Scholarships and Community Enrichment fund. This event is open to ALL patrons. What: Wangenheim Middle School – All day PE/Fitness Challenge with sixth through eighth grade students at Wangenheim Middle School. They will do their best to seat you with your friends. age. When: Fri.

10 a.m. The Ides of March (R) 6:30 p.m. – Midnight.Dec 2 *Hysteria: Make Yourself Epic 4-Week Program. Semper Fit Center. 9:30 – 11 a.. – 2 p.m. 9 . Fri. *What’s Your Number? (R) 6:30 p.m.K. Theater closed Monday and Tuesdays for info call 858-577-4142. – 4:30 p. Nov 25: The Ides of March (R) 6:30 p. Real Steel (PG-13) 9:00 p. Sat. *50/50 (R) 6:30 p. Dec 4: *Dream House (PG-13) 1:00 p. 858-577-1202 Thurs.m. 8:30 . – 9 p. The Great Escape.m. – Dusk.m. Wed. 5 . Dec 2 -Legal Assistance Divorce Workshop.K. The HUB – Building 5305.m.m. 9 a.11 a. Nov 29 -Left Over Foil Art Challenge. Thurs.m.m.12 p.m..N. Nov 27: *Dolphin Tale (PG) 1:00 p. Thurs. Bob Hope Theater.m. – 2:00 p. M. 858-577-6228 to register *Children’s Christmas Carnival.S. 11 a.S.WEEKLY POD CONT MALS-11 DEVILFISH MCCS HAPPENINGS Nov 7 .. Dec 1 -SDSU College Week Live Online Education Fair. 577-4674 Thurs..m. Nov 24: Dolphin Tale (PG) 6:30 p.m.m.m.m.m. The Great Escape. – 1 p.m. 858-577-6365 BOB HOPE THEATER *Indicates Last Showing. 1830 – 2030. Dream House (PG-13) 9:00 p. 858-577-6171 to register or for information -The Great Escape is Open Today from 9:30 a. 6 a.I. 858-577-1801 for web address -Intramural Holiday Tennis Tournament Registration Deadline. Nov 30 -EFMP Special Needs Forum w/Guest Speaker.m.m. 858-577-1202 to register -EFMP Family Treatments for Bipolar Disorder.m.m. Sun..m.m. Dec 1: FREE Admission: Zookeeper (PG) 2:00 p. 9 a. 858-566-4671 for information *Pre-Pigout Spinning Workout.m. 858-577-4668 to register Dec 1 & 2 -Intramural Holiday Racquetball Tournament. FREE Admission: Polar Express (PG) 2:00 p. 11:30 a. 858-577-6171 -Intramural Holiday Racquetball Tournament Registration Deadline. W & F 11 a.. Nov 24 -The Palms Restaurant is Open for Breakfast and Lunch.I. 858-577-4808 for reservations Tues. Miramar Sports Complex. House. The HUB Room 6.m.. L. Fri. Sun..m. Officers’ Club. Nov 26: Real Steel (PG-13) 6:30 p. Dec 2: Footloose (PG-13) 6:30 p. 858-577-6171 *Thanksgiving Buffet..m. The Thing (R) 9:00 p.m. 50/50 (R) 9:00 p. L. 858-577-4668 to register Fri. 858-577-4654 -Home for the Holidays Program. 11 a.10 a.N. Nov 30: The Thing (R) 6:30 p. – 3 p.m. 858-577-1202 to register Wed.m. Dec 3: Children’s Christmas Carnival 10:00 a.m. House. Sat. 858-577-1656 Sat. Dec 3 -First-Time Homebuyers Workshop. .m.m. The Big Year (PG) 6:30 p.m.

page 1 * Family Holiday Party with FREE LEGOLAND Ticket for Kids (Dec 3) .page 17 * Sail Through the Holiday Fitness Challenge (Nov 14-Jan 20). Sneak Peek of Fun Stuff in the Current Edition of MWR This Week: * Family Holiday Party with FREE LEGOLAND Ticket for Kids (Dec 3) .page 5 and 6 * FREE Auto Maintenance Monthly Training Programs .page 25 * FREE MWR Movies . 26-29 6 .page 18 * Pound for Pound Challenge (Dec 5-9).page 2 * 17th Annual New Year's Eve Bowling Party (Dec 31) and more . FREE Breakfast with Liberty and so much more! . 8-12 * Pierside on the Point's Calendar of Events . Holiday Gift Bags for 20 * FREE and Discount Amusement Park Offers .com/Sandiego/WelcometoMWRTW. 2011 (This info is from West Naval Region for the San Diego Area) Put a little more FUN in your week! Check out the latest edition of MWR This Week to see what's fun and free! Click or cut and paste the MWR This Week link into your web browser: 17 * What's Happening at the Fleet & Family Support Centers .page 4 * Holiday Golf and Tee Time Special for 2 .page 7-11 * Outdoor Adventure and Gear Rental . NOFFS @ NASNI (Dec 7) and NEW Fitness Class at NBSD .page 19 * Sail Through the Holiday Fitness Challenge. Trips. is Getting a Face Lift .page 13 * Youth Events and School Liaison Program . plus Family Tennis .page 4-5 * FREE Holiday Concert with Santa (Dec 10) . SHAPE Fitness Program (Nov 14-Jan 20).page 14 *School Liaison Officers 15 * What's Happening at the Fleet & Family Support Centers .page 16 * MWR Sports Calendars and Massage .page 16 * San Diego Child Development Programs and FREE Holiday Childcare . Holiday Workout Challenge (Dec 6) and Crime Alert Notice .page 18 * MWR Sports Calendars and Massage .December 25-28 * Thanksgiving Buffets (Nov 24) .page 15 * Youth 13 * Sailing and SCUBA Classes .page 26 * FREE MWR Movies .page 1 * RIK Sailor Meal Options during Galley Renovation (starting Dec 1) and Pierside on the Point Special Events . Youth 6 * Liberty Events. MWR activities are open to all active duty and their family members plus 12 * Sailing and SCUBA Classes .page 2 * 17th Annual New Year's Eve Bowling Party (Dec 31) and more . Holiday Gift Bags for Sailors. FREE Holiday Shuttle. Pound for Pound Challenge (Dec 5-9) .page 11 * USO FREE Holiday Concert (Nov 19) plus Outdoor Adventure and Gear Rental . 19 * FREE and Discount Amusement Park Offers .page 14 * San Diego Child Development Programs and FREE Holiday Childcare .page 21-25 * Sea N' Air 20-25 * Sea N' Air Lanes. reservists and DoD civilians. FREE Holiday Wrapping Paper.WEEKLY POD CONT MALS-11 DEVILFISH MWR This Week. FREE Holiday Wrapping Paper and so much more! . is Getting a Face Lift .page 7 * Liberty Events. November 24 . FREE Holiday 3 * Holiday Golf and Tee Time Special for 2 .mwrtoday.

December 1.WEEKLY POD CONT MALS-11 DEVILFISH HOT SHEET November 24 . 2011 7 .



10 .WEEKLY POD CONT MALS-11 DEVILFISH **Do you know of anything going on around town or base? Help the “FRO get in the KNOW”! Call Anthony at 858-577-6418 or email

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