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Day in the Life of an SAP Consultant using IntelliCorp’s LiveCompare Software

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We conducted an interview with a large SAP systems integrator who has been using LiveCompare at a client site on numerous SAP projects. Key Facts  LiveCompare helps central teams to more efficiently and effectively service individual project teams. For the purpose of this document.Introduction The purpose of this document is to highlight how SAP systems integrators and consultants use IntelliCorp’s LiveCompare software to better manage client SAP projects and maintenance. What follows is an account of their day to day activity using LiveCompare.     © Copyright 2011 IntelliCorp. LiveCompare helps solutions providers generate more revenue from each client by securing projects that would otherwise be cost/time prohibitive. cheaper and with less risk to the business. All rights reserved. LiveCompare supports the whole SAP lifecycle. LiveCompare helps generate answers to key SAP questions faster. all names and company names have been changed. LiveCompare enables consultants with minimal SAP experience to work effectively on SAP projects. . Inc. LiveCompare enables consultants to meet and exceed client expectations. LiveCompare supports the whole SAP lifecycle” From upgrades to new implementations. “From upgrades to new implementations.

This is an SAP engagement at ACME Inc. © Copyright 2011 IntelliCorp.a . They have various work streams . So you’re working on an SAP implementation at ACME Inc? Yes. This engagement that I’ve been working on for nearly a year is different for me. I don’t have any hands on experience with SAP.Tell me about your role at the systems integration company. I have been working a lot with development and different kinds of developments. Inc.NET programmer. The group I work with at GSI is totally IT based.product costing teams. Our role is to help them get rid of obsolete data. we are helping the ACME Inc teams with their SAP implementation . We work with all of these teams. specializing in data analytics. I just started working on SAP the day I started work on this project. All rights reserved. We work on anything SAP based. GSI I’ve been working with GSI for over 2 years now and I'm essentially a software applications developer. We are a centrally based group. “My background is not at all in SAP. ICT teams. . clean and cleanse the system. We provide end results in the form of different reports to all our service offerings. security folk and inventory.getting materials information from a legacy system into an SAP environment. I just started working on SAP the day I started work on this project” Have you always worked in the SAP space? My background is not at all in SAP.

The challenge that ACME Inc. That’s where LiveCompare comes into the picture. ACME Inc? Technically. So SAP data analysis based on their requirements.How do you use LiveCompare with your client. . This was one of the very challenging projects I worked on. It’s not at all easy to figure out where these particular fields are being used and how they are being used. All rights reserved. According to the client. they wanted to know which programs have these cost fields so we can secure those transactions and programs and make sure they won’t be visible or available to the end user. I’ll explain one of the most critical analysis that I did for the security team. have is that there are product costs and local cost fields out there which need to be hidden from the end users. with? I can do SAP data analysis in two days using LiveCompare” There are many different analyses that we run. they can do this analysis themselves but it takes them a month or more. So we run the “field table” analysis in LiveCompare. my job is to help them do data analysis. have been doing this with a legacy system but now they want to implement the same feature in SAP. ACME Inc. I can do the same analysis in two days. For example. helping ACME Inc. they can do this analysis themselves but it takes them a month What type of analysis are you or more. For this. Inc. We need to make sure we secure anything that’s tied up to those programs and T codes. “According to the client. © Copyright 2011 IntelliCorp.

She explained that if you do the exact analysis manually. She explained that if you do the exact analysis manually. we looked for each table that contains that field. They helped us find the fields and field names that include cost information that we need to hide from end users. We were then able to secure any programs indirectly using those fields. with 15 resources. How long did this take? It took me about two and a half months to get that work done. it might take a year.How does this particular analysis in LiveCompare help? “A colleague introduced me to LiveCompare. we then looked at executable programs. I was the only one doing this analysis and it took 2 and half months to get the work done. . Based on that. with 15 resources. We looked into all of this using the LiveCompare tool. I was the only one doing this analysis and it took 2 and half months to get the work done” Well. All of this is done automatically in LiveCompare. From this. © Copyright 2011 IntelliCorp. It was a very big process. we looked for all programs and T-codes related to those tables. A colleague introduced me to LiveCompare. We looked at the source code to make sure and identify where exactly that field has been referenced to. first we spoke with the product costing team to work out which fields were important. dynamic structures. it might take a year. All rights reserved. Once we had a list of the table structures. Inc.

When she came to GSI and started work on this project. There were some tweaks here and there depending on the clients’ requirements. but ultimately. but have never been used and ones we could get rid of. Michael Hugen (IntelliCorp Senior Product Specialist) came onsite to help me out. He showed me how to work with LiveCompare and that was it and we got started. Is your client aware that you use LiveCompare? “I am known as the LiveCompare Girl!” They actually know that this is a third party tool from IntelliCorp and it is called LiveCompare. When I first started with LiveCompare. © Copyright 2011 IntelliCorp. Inc. . And I’m not from an SAP background. not as being from GSI but as the “LiveCompare Girl”! So you went from LiveCompare Zero to Hero overnight! Yes. In fact I am known at ACME Inc. what programs and T codes are in the system. I had no clue. Initially I had a day of training to get a look and feel for LiveCompare. She knew it would give them a good idea of which programs and T codes are used. All rights reserved. she knew this would be a good tool for our clients. she realized that LiveCompare could be very helpful in getting most of the analysis done with most of the standard workflows. She’d had a lot of hands on experience with LiveCompare and what it can do.How did your colleague introduce you to LiveCompare? My colleague had been using LiveCompare for three years or so. But I had to start learning SAP.

They can look at their programs and usage information. . We already told them that LiveCompare will give them complete visibility as to what their system looks like and what improvements need to be done. I’ve been working on providing training to our team so they have a good knowledge of LiveCompare. We really like the tool and we want to explore it and use it for other SAP engagements as well. © Copyright 2011 IntelliCorp. Some clients can be very picky.What are your future plans for LiveCompare? Our goal is to use LiveCompare to work on different SAP engagements going forward. Will LiveCompare help you sell more services? Moving forward we definitely want to work with LiveCompare and prove to our clients that LiveCompare can do most of the work very easily. Are you able to use LiveCompare when bidding for new projects? “LiveCompare helps us meet and achieve high client expectations” In fact we are already working on that. two more projects coming up which we are trying to secure. Inc. That’s what our main goal is. I believe. We could never have met their requirements without this tool. All rights reserved. We wouldn’t have been able to do the analysis we’ve done so far. We have. security roles and all that type of information.

And LiveCompare’s ability to go into more depth. SSI took care of this activation and told ACME Inc. To ensure this didn’t happen. © Copyright 2011 IntelliCorp. Inc. Currently I am working on an SLO (System Landscape Optimization) conversion process. it would affect a whole lot of calculations already out there. I had to make sure the conversion was done correctly and identify any errors that took place while they did the conversion process. they would do some configuration. how do they feel about you using LiveCompare? They are very very happy with the way LiveCompare spits out the results. They are really happy with the reduction in time that LiveCompare takes to get the work done. My job was to validate the SLO conversions that SSI did. All rights reserved.’s systems. so as to get the same results and not impact other fields and calculations.) had to go under some kind of conversion process. LiveCompare can validate any system where transports are applied. “Our client is very happy with how LiveCompare reduces time and effort” Tell me about any other projects you have worked on. If we turned on the LC3 field. “LiveCompare can do anything we ask it to!” . We started work on an SLO implementation back in November time.What about ACME Inc. My task was to validate the work carried out by a specialist systems integrator (SSI) who were responsible for getting the SLO implementation onto ACME Inc. It can do anything we ask it to do. We wanted to add one field called LC3 to the SAP system. they (ACME Inc.

How did you use LiveCompare to help out? So our (GSI ) role was to take a snapshot of the system before the conversion process. but we disagreed. There were two instances where we picked them up on this type of thing. “There were two configuration tables that SSI had forgotten to reapply correct configuration settings to. We pointed this out using LiveCompare. SSI told us that the conversion process was finished and everything was fine. There were actually two configuration tables that SSI had forgotten to reapply correct configuration settings to. And we pointed this out using LiveCompare reports. they agreed that it was their fault. There were some differences we could see in the before and after snapshots that looked like either the configuration or table data had been affected. and they are people who don’t like anyone to validate their results. And in fact we figured out that there was a problem. . Inc. They had just forgotten to do that. we took a snapshot after and then to compared the differences in each of the tables that LC3 touches.” © Copyright 2011 IntelliCorp. All rights reserved. then once SSI had performed the conversion process. When we sent this to the SSI team.

Again I am responsible for validating the results. what we are doing.What about other things LiveCompare was able to flag? There were some tables where the time stamps were changed. The only way we could have figured them out was using this tool. the magic it can do! After the demo. where we just need to click a button to start it. I’m running some of the analysis. So yes there were some problems. Otherwise it is very difficult for people to actually understand what is going on in the SAP system. And if the time stamp changes. I got 3 or 4 requests the same day asking me to run analysis!” How are your colleagues responding to LiveCompare? During a lunch and learn. They now know the ins and outs of what LiveCompare can do. I had an hour session with them and explained what my role is and what I’m working on. In fact we are doing another SLO process . I got 3 or 4 requests the same day asking me to run analysis! © Copyright 2011 IntelliCorp. what projects we are working on. the BW extractor works differently to how it should work. the magic it can do! After the demo. I gave a demo to our group. Recently I gave a demo on LiveCompare and LiveModel. “My colleagues now know the ins and outs of what LiveCompare can do. folks were very happy with the results. The ACME Inc. All rights reserved. Inc. We talk about what tools are out there. . There are so many standard templates we can use. Everyone was very interested in how efficient this particular tool is and how easily we can get the results out. impact analysis and comparisons to just validate SSI’s results.

And now my colleagues and clients see how easily I can do things with LiveCompare.So even though you are getting things done quicker with LiveCompare. and they know me. They take any feedback positively and are happy to get my input. © Copyright 2011 IntelliCorp. I’ve met Chris (CTO) and Jerry (CEO). I know them. Whenever I have any questions. I reach out to the team. Inc. very very happy. We have a good relationship. . your work load has actually gone up?! “Now my colleagues and clients see how easily I can do things with LiveCompare. I email them and get a response in a day. I’m getting even more requests from everywhere! It’s a good sign though because they realize how efficient LiveCompare is and how accurate it is. What about support from IntelliCorp? I’ve been working closely with the IntelliCorp team. Whenever I am stuck. I’m getting even more requests from everywhere!” My job is already very challenging with clients on my back. All rights reserved. I think clients are very happy with this tool. asking me to get work done.

I ask them further questions on what they are really looking for.Tell me about your experience of working with LiveCompare. Inc. This enables them to decide if they want to do anything different from what they are doing already. what kind of reports they want. “I’m very independent with customizing my own workflows” Have you used any other IntelliCorp products? I also like to use LiveModel to give my clients an overall business picture of how their processes are working and which processes are not being used. Going forward. I can customize. It enables them to make business decisions based on what the models look like. I’m very independent with customizing my own workflows. building the workflows and customizing them is easy as I understand the tool very well. Then based on their input. The best part I really like is creating a customized workflow because I understand what the tool does. to give clients a look and feel as to what their business processes look like. All rights reserved. © Copyright 2011 IntelliCorp. . For me. When I have requests from clients or colleagues. then run LiveCompare and spit out the reports for them. we are also going to work with LiveModel.

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