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December 4, 2011 2nd Sunday of Advent

Trace the words.

John the Baptists clothes are made out of camel hair. Can you color his clothes to make them look hairy?

John the Baptist is baptizing people in the Jordan river. Baptism washes away their sins and makes them clean and holy. Ask your mom or dad to tell you about your baptism.
2011 TJB

Saint Nicholas was a very kind man who secretly gave gifts to people. He snuck coins into peoples shoes and put gifts through their windows. Does he remind you of Santa Claus? Saint Nick and Santa have a lot in common. Draw a picture of Santa Claus in the box below.

Countdown to Jesus Birthday


Mass begins when the priest walks into the church. Pray quietly before church and watch for Mass to begin! What color is the priest wearing today?
2011 TJB