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Macaulay Metals

Issue 8, December 2011

From the Managing Directors Desk......

Welcome to our final newsletter for 2011. What an extremely busy and eventful year we have had here at Macaulay Metals! The All Blacks produced a stunning win at the World Cup - Macaulay Metals showed their support with banners across the top of our company vehicle windscreens and of course plenty of All Blacks flags. Macaulay Metals also had their own win with the Global Gold award for exporting at the Gold Awards earlier in the year which we are extremely proud of. The Company has completed some fantastic projects during the year and they keep coming, for example, the North Island pylon project. In addition, we have multiple transformer projects happening around New Zealand and shortly we will be sending a team down to Christchurch as there are 14 transformers there alone. Another substantial project is the scrap removal from the decommissioning of the Marsden B power station in Whangarei which is currently in progress. I recently attended a day of golf in Kawerau for the Bay of Plenty Christmas function. Each yard played against each other and I was pleased to play for Rotorua, the winning team! The BOP team did a superb job of organising the event and it was a great day out. We also recently had the Wellington yard Christmas Function at a local restaurant, it was fantastic to see such a great turnout from the staff and their partners. Macaulay Metals are pleased to welcome a lot of new people into the company which has strengthened our business and will continue to position us well to be more successful during 2012. I am also pleased to announce that after a long process we now have a formal Board of Directors in place which you can learn more about on page 2. We wish you and your families a safe and Merry Christmas, drive safe, take care and we will see you in the New Year! ~ Jeff

New Team Members

Rob Watkins - Truck Driver Kyra Foote - Scrap Metal Worker

Casey Allen - Personal Assistant to the MD Neil Corby - Truck Driver Carl Gardiner - Scrap Metal Worker Tama Leaf - Scrap Metal Worker David Young - Truck Driver

Hagan Ashby - Truck Driver John Pomana - Fixed term Scrap Metal Worker Paul Giddens - Fixed term Scrap Metal Worker Raymond McCauley - Fixed term Scrap Metal Worker Jack Kahika - Casual Scrap Metal Worker Morehu Enoka - Casual Scrap Metal Worker

Palmerston North
Steven Harding - Truck Driver

Alan Foote Kyra Foote

Introducing Macaulay Metals Board of Directors

Background After 50 years of successful operation, Macaulay Metals has identified that the establishment of a formal Board of Directors would enable continued growth and prosperity for the owners and staff of Macaulay Metals. The Board will provide a professional framework of governance for Macaulay Metals set Macaulay Metals vision and macro strategic aims, review financial and management performance, and ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for Macaulay Metals to meet its objectives, and review management performance set Macaulay Metals values and standards and ensure that its obligations to its shareholders and others are understood and met.

After a detailed search process, four directors have been identified and have chosen to accept roles with Macaulay Metals. Kim Ellis - Chairman Kim's 28 years in chief executive roles will help shape the future of Macaulay Metals. Kim's leadership and vision has contributed to the development of successful businesses in both New Zealand and Australia. Kim is best known for running Waste Management NZ Ltd until it was sold in 2006 and is now a professional director. His interests include Freightways and Envirowaste. Jeff Harris - Managing Director As Managing Director, Jeff is responsible for the day-to-day operation of Macaulay Metals. Jeff has owned numerous scrap metal businesses for over 15 years and has worked in the industry since he was a boy. Jeff holds a BCA degree from Victoria University and is a Chartered Accountant but it's his love and knowledge of the metal industry that makes him such a valuable member of Macaulay Metals Board. Mark Giles - Non-Executive Director Mark is a very savvy guy; an extremely knowledgeable and experienced business-person who has built his career working for the likes of IBM, Alcatel and Vodafone. He has worked overseas in places like Houston where he has a proven track record of managing change in business and contributing both strategically and operationally. He is a director of a number of companies and brings a wealth of technological and commercial experience to our business. Charles Purcell - Non-Executive Director Charles began his career as an accountant in public practice holding partnerships in a number of firms including Ernst & Young and KPMG. Nowadays Charles runs his own firm that completes business valuations and forensic accounting projects. Charles is a director of a number of private companies and has all the skills and personal attributes to help us implement our vision of becoming one of New Zealand's top performing companies.

Long Service Recognition

To recap - below are all our long service achievers for 2011:

Sheila McLellan - Kawerau - 5 years Bono Larsen - Kawerau - 5 years Craig Mitchell - Wellington - 5 years Zane King - Wellington - 5 years Ray Collins - Wellington - 10 years
All long service achievers during the year have been formally recognised at the end of year Christmas parties.

A Different Look at Long Service.....

We have a few employees who happen to have a relative in the company, weve combined their leave for some interesting totals! Dave and Jo Alan and Ray Des, Trish and Zane Willie and Benjamin Pule and Will Bay of Plenty & Kawerau Wellington Palmerston North & Wellington Kawerau Kawerau 30.71 years 17.83 years 17.81 years 14.39 years 8.13 years

Congratulations - to Hayden from Rotorua and his Partner Kristal who had
a baby boy on the 24th November 2011. Zion was born at 2.77 kgs.

Vision and Mission Statement Vision: Metal Recyclers of Choice Mission Statement: Kiwi owned recyclers, making it easy with: Passion, Professionalism, Integrity and Innovation. Cashing Up Leave Policy
As of 1st April, Employees are able to request the cashing up of one weeks annual leave per year. Macaulay Metals recognises that leave is in place for employees to take for rest and relaxation, but have offered the below conditions in regards to cashing up leave. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Employees must have a minimum of 15 days leave left once the week cashed up has been deducted. Employees can only cash up one week maximum per year from 1 April 2011 Employees can only cash up in blocks of one week, we will not accept requests for less than a week. Employees must make the request in writing, we have created a template to make this easy for you. If the request is accepted, the payment will occur on the following payroll. Payments will not be made outside the weekly payrun. Managers have the ability to accept/decline each request on a case by case basis

Please see you Manager if you have any further queries or would like to discuss further.

David Tuara, son of our Wellington employee of the same name, has done extremely well at the regional boxing champs - article and photo below!

Wellington Champion heads to Nationals Courtesy of Kapi-Mana News 04.10.11, written by journalist Kris Dando
David Tuara goes into the unknown at the national boxing champs later this month, and you can bet he wont be backing down from anything thrown at him, literally. The 19-year-old Titahi Bay plasterer has been under the tutelage of Porirua Boxing Clubs Chris Kenny for more than six years now. Kenny has seen the powerful teenager develop into an excellent fighter and is backing him to do well at the nationals in Lower Hutt from October 26 to 29. Tuara, a light-welterweight, overcame his opponent comfortably at the recent regional's, but it wasnt without a scare. I was really thrashing him, but in the second round I got a tap on the nose and it really started bleeding heavily. I lost my composure a bit, but I was pretty happy to come out on top. He won the threeround bout 11-3. Tuara says hes feeling a combination of confidence and nerves as he looks towards the biggest thing in my life, his first crack at the nationals. There, he might come up against the highly regarded Harry Scaife, who Kenny ranks as one to watch. I really want to bring the title back the the Bay, but Im not sure what to expect. I just want to gain that experience and come back harder Tuara says. Kenny says the young fighter has been on the up of late, winning seven organised fights in a row, and sees no reason for that not to continue in Lower Hutt.

Metal in Space......
In space, if unprotected pieces of metal touch each other, they stick together permanently. This doesn't happen on Earth, because the oxygen in our atmosphere forms an extremely thin film of oxidized metal on every exposed surface. The oxidization layer acts as a barrier that conveniently prevents chunks of metal from sticking to other chunks of metal. In the vacuum of space, however, there is no oxidation layer. If the atoms of two metal objects come in contact with each other, what you suddenly have is one continuous metal object, and a lot of explaining to do to your mission commander. This is an issue on the space station. Metal tools used outside the station have to be coated with plastic or other materials that will not stick.

Bay of Plenty Christmas Party

This year the 3 BOP branches got together for an Inter Company Golf Day in Kawerau. The weather was fantastic with Dave looking the part in his bright blue chequered shorts. A brand new trophy which was designed and sponsored by Top Gear, was up for grabs. We had 25 people playing all with different playing abilities. Competition was fierce between the teams (mainly between Darrin and Dave) with a lot of banter and helpful encouragement along the way. There were good drives and bad drives, out of bound shots, tree shots, bunker shots, river shots, you name it, it happened. The girls team of Ata, Debbie, Fleur and Sheila took the more laid back approach, using a golf cart to get them around the course. After the golf was over most people relaxed outside on the balcony and had a few drinks to quench their thirsts. Dave and Darrin were still in competitive mode so played a game of squash. It was Darrins first ever game, and depending on which one you talk to they both say they won. All I know is Darrin came off the court looking redder than his red t-shirt. After our delicious Christmas dinner we had the Happy Gilmour Competition. The goal here is to take a run up to your tee and hit the ball as far as you can, not as easy as it may seem. This was hilarious, and had everyone in fits of laughter. Bono had about 7 practice shots before he hit a flyer, Jeff did a complete 360 when he tried to hit his first shot, others didnt even get off the driving green. Nano and Matt connected with their first hit of the ball sending it all the way down the fairway. The eventual winner of the competition was Matt Turner, who had the longest drive, with Nano a close second. Matt was given a jacket as his prize which was sponsored by Hydraulink. When this was finished we all went back upstairs to hear the announcement of the winning team. And the recipient of the Inaugural Macaulay Metals BOP Inter Company Trophy went to. The Rotorua Yard The evening continued with more prizes being won and a mixing and mingling of all staff. All in all the BOP Christmas party was a great success and fun was had by all. On behalf of all the staff we would all like to thank Jeff for the great day. A big thank you also to all our sponsors for donating prizes:Top Gear, Hydraulink, Palfinger, E Freight, AB Equipment, Euromarc and Priority Logistics

Limited Credit Programme in Scrap Metal Recycling

Wellington recently had three staff members achieve the limited credit programme which goes towards the Level 1 Certificate in Scrap Metal Recycling. This is a training and assessment programme that covers the basic knowledge and information you should know as a scrap metal worker. After a successful trial, Macaulay Metals will look to provide a set number of places on the programme on an annual basis across all yards.

Above: Kevin receiving his certificate from Jeff. Right: Jeff, Wayde, Kevin and Susi from EXITO - absent, Nathan.

Want to Quit Smoking?

Macaulay Metals has recently re-promoted its intention to support employees who wish to quit smoking, heres how: 1. 2. 3. We have information packs available for staff wanting more info We can help you register for a quit card to receive subsidised nicotine patches, gum or lozenges We will reimburse you on receipt of an invoice for your nicotine patches, gum or lozenges if you use the subsidised quit card.

Ask your Manager for more details or an information pack! Did you know.....that smoking not only reduces your lung and physical capacity, it could also contribute to back pain! Researchers have found that smokers in a job that involves heavy lifting and frequent standing are more likely to experience back pain within four years than non-smokers.

Public Holiday Reminder

Public holidays over December 2011 and January 2012 are as follows, because Christmas and New Years days fall on Sundays, the Public holiday is observed on the following Tuesday: Monday 26th December 2011 Tuesday 27th December 2011 Monday 2nd January 2012 Tuesday 3rd January 2012 Monday 23rd January 2012 Monday 30th January 2012 Boxing Day Observed holiday - Christmas Day Day after New Years Day Observed holiday - New Years Day Wellington Anniversary (WGN and PN Yards) Auckland Anniversary (BOP Yards)

Survival Tips Re-visited - Manual Handling

Tip 1: Avoid lifiting risky items Tip 2: Use safe lifting techniques Tip 3: Look out for your workmates Tip 4: Check conditions are safe Tip 5: Use Mechanical Aids Tip 6: Maintain a level of fitness Tip 7: Take rest breaks Tip 8: Take care of your own health

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Want to contribute? If you have an interesting story, achievement, facts, quiz or anything you want to share with the company let us know! Either pass the info to your Manager or forward to: or Fax: 04 589 2223 Focus on a Non-Metal Supplier
Brown Webb Richardson Ltd is a long established, highly experienced accounting firm operating out of Hastings in the Hawkes Bay. As a progressive firm we pride ourselves in our ability to provide outside-the-box dynamic solutions for our clients, and when Macaulay Metals put out a request for assistance with their payroll services, we were quick to jump on board and come up with a solution. On the back of the payroll support services provided by BWR, we have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to provide Macaulay Metals with some situation specific timely and cost effective tax consultancy advice. Despite Inland Revenue Department assertions to the contrary situations that require taxation advice are usually far from black and white. With that in mind its important to understand your clients desired outcomes and appetite for risk. As a firm we pride ourselves in our ability to cut through the technical complexity, and break a scenario down to the basic facts, alternatives and key outcomes, so that any client can feel confident in the decisions they ultimately make. Its the ability to educate and empower our clients that keeps them coming back. In this modern environment location means nothing, but service means everything, which means were out there providing services to clients throughout New Zealand, including development and growth guidance, business management and administration support, lifestyle/succession/exit planning advice, tax assistance, and systems hardware and software solutions. If youre complacent then were not the people for you, but if youre looking to add to your businesses support framework by building a relationship with a firm that can provide you with the tools you need to succeed then its about time you gave us a call. Its no secret - the best businesses have the best support.

What turned up in our Scrap?

Whakatane is contributing to our unusual objects this newsletter with a small quantity of steel surgical instruments. As curious as we may be, we decided not to find out what they were used for!

STOCK COUNTS - the facts and info you need to know!

Stock counts are often considered the bane of any yardmans existence. They seem so pointless, but are so important to the smooth and legal operation of our yards. An accurate count of our stock is used for a number of purposes: 1. Stock figures are used to calculate the tax that we must pay as a company to the Government. As you know, getting this wrong can mean that we pay too much or too little tax. 2. Stock figures tell us what we have available to sell enabling your manager to sell the product more effectively. 3. Stock figures allow us to see how much we are holding on the ground in each yard. This tells your manager how efficient we have been at getting stock into and out of your yard. In time, this will be compared between yards and between different companies in the Group. 4. Stock figures allow us to see whether any stock has been sitting around the yard for longer than we would like it to. 5. Stock figures tell us whether any stock has been stolen or lost. The best way to get an accurate count is to have: One person in charge who will conduct staff to help him or her. Knowledge that the count is effective at 5pm on the count day. A separate place to put stock purchased that day so that the Scrap IT system can be used to count that days stock added. A separate place to put stock that will leave the yard on stock count day. This doesnt need to be counted as we will not own it at 5pm on count day A copy of the Scrap IT bale report (STR089) which can be used to mark off stock already counted using the Scrap It finished goods system. A marker pen or spray paint so that counted stock can be marked off as done. A count sheet that is reviewed for correctness and signed off by the person accountable.

As we become more efficient, we will start to do red metal stock counts each month. This is because they have a greater value than other metals. More information will be provided on this soon.

Health & Safety - FOCUS ON FORKLIFTS

by Craig Lamberth, Macaulay Metals Plant, Property and Equipment Manager
All yards within the group use forklifts on a regular basis. They make our jobs much easier and save our backs a lot of hard work. If the forklift isnt used in the appropriate manner it can cause damage to the machine, serious injuries or even death to the person operating and persons in the general area of operations. The Department of Labour has produced forklift operator guidelines and all businesses and operators must comply with these guidelines. The following are the most common causes of forklift accidents: Excessive speed Not looking in the general direction of travel Obscured vision when travelling in forward direction Carrying or Lifting passengers Poor stacking procedures Poor forklift maintenance Inadequate operator training Exceeding the rating capacity of the forklift Travelling with the load raised Getting on and off the forklift

We have all seen these things happen, some are even guilty of doing them. As a group we all need to aware of the dangers of forklift operations, we all need to be vigilant with forklift safety and operations. If you see something that is not been done correctly, say something to the person or your supervisor/manager, dont allow our people and equipment to be hurt or damaged. On a positive note: There is a $50 fuel voucher to be won! Its simple - provide your Manager with the top ten forklift operator responsibilities. All answers need to be handed into your Manager by the 16th of December 2011. Managers can then send them through to Craig in Wellington. Craig and Mark Sanders, Wellington Yard Manager, will judge who has provided the ten best answers. If there is multiple correct answers the winners name will be drawn out of a hat.

Tim is Wellingtons Business Development Manager
1. What is the percentage of all the elements in the periodic table are metals? a) 10% b) 25% c) 50% d) 70% There are three magnetic metals. What are they? Metals mixed together in exact amounts are called? Any mixture of metals that has Mercury in it has a special name. What is it? There are three metals that would float if placed in water. What are they? (clue: check the far left of the Periodic table) What colour does corroded copper go? When steel is galvanised what is coated on the outside of it to protect it from the elements? What are the two main components of Bronze? What are the Silver Surfers superhuman powers? Who was the lead bad guy in Die Hard with a Vengeance? One of the greatest movies ever made! Answers will be in the next issue!!

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

A Field Trip for our Digger.....

During the recent load out in Wellington we encountered the situation where the ship was seemingly full but we were still had yet to hit our minimum weight - solution - put a digger in the ship to spread the product out! It was lifted in by crane to get the job done. Go Tokai!

The things people steal for Scrap.....

An article from in October 2011. Two American brothers have been charged with stealing a western Pennsylvania bridge and selling the 15.5 tonnes of scrap metal for more than US$5000 (NZ$6000). Police say the two men used a blowtorch to break up the bridge in late September or early October. They face felony charges of criminal mischief, theft, receiving stolen property and conspiracy.

Coverts Crossing Bridge in Pennsylvania, USA.

Authorities say one of the men told the recycling company employee that he had permission to carve the bridge for scrap and showed the employee cellphone photos of the bridge. The recycling company called police. The 15-metre long by six metre wide Coverts crossing Bridge was in a wooded area about 100km north of Pittsburgh. Some people in Lawrence County believe Coverts Crossing might have been haunted. The historical society, in a video about haunted spots in the country, says some residents claim that a beautifully dressed woman haunts the bridge on prom night, others believe its haunted by people who have had accidents on the bridge.

How to keep cool, Kawerau style.

During summer the heat in the Bay of Plenty can reach some pretty high temperatures. Roy from Kawerau sent us some pictures of one of the ways they cool down and clean off at the end of the day Tims Quiz Answers - From Issue 6, June 2011
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. What colour does Iron go when it oxidises? Red - Rust is oxidised Iron What colour does Copper go when it oxidises? Green What colour is Gold in Nature? Gold! The Chemical symbol for Copper is? Cu At room temperature Lead is in a state? Solid Copper is a ductile metal? True What is a Copperhead? Venomous Snake How much European demand for Copper is met by recycling? 41% Recycling Copper saves energy, and therefore reduces carbon dioxide emissions, compared to mining copper from ore. The energy saving is? 90% Adults need 1mg of Copper every day to maintain good health. What food has the highest Copper content? Liver

Merry Christmas and have a Safe and Happy New Year!