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CALC FLUOR EIasticity and increased contractiIe power

- elastic tissues of blood vessles, muscle,
connective tissue. Over relaxed/unable to relax
CALC PHOS Bones and Restorative, Nutrition.
-cells, tone. Bones and teetch, rickets,
osteoporosis. Gastric juice ÷ assimilation, building.
Convalescence, restorative, speeds recovery.
States of poor-nutrition.
Healing after illness - recovery
CALC SULPH BIood purifier and heaIer - cIeanser
- removal of waste from blood. Clears accumulated
waste, protects tissue.
Athritis, gout, ezcema, acne,
kidney stones etc ÷ cholesterol, old
FERR PHOS FIRST AID, oxygen, InfIammation
- increases vital force, strength. Strength to artieris,
increases O2 in blood,
Ìnfection ÷ first response
Bronchitis, catcarrh, cold
KALI MUR Catarrh / sIuggish / thick / white discharge
- catarrh, mucous membranes, helps cleanse.
For thick/sluggish ÷ clotting, swelling, mucous.
Coughs, tonsillitis, swelling, sore throats
Bronchitis, catcarrh, cold
KALI PHOS Nerves, Iack of Pep (PP Postassium phosphate)
- nervous headaches, dyspepsia, sleeplessness,
depression, low vitality, shingles
- issues related to nervous and nervous system
Sleeplessness, wakefullness ÷
KALI SUPLH Oxygen and yeIIow discharge
- complements Ferr Phos ÷ transports O2 from
blood to tissue. Decreases friction ÷ lubricant.
Yellow (skin, mucous, anything). Promotes
perspiration in inflammation. Dry scaly skin.
Diabetes, atheroscleosis,
dysmennorhoea ÷ poor 02.
Wanting to increase fever
Eczema ÷ skin
Bronchitis, catcarrh, cold
MAG PHOS Nerves, spasm, muscIe reIaxant
- goes well with Kali Phos. Muscles, cramp, spas.
Pain, shooting, darting spasm. Nerve pain
-neuralgia, menstrual pain. Ìndigestion, heartburn.
Like magnesium
NAT MUR Water distribution FIuid BaIance
Excess/lack of moisture ÷ dry/moist ÷ watery
eyes/nose, dry mouth nose etc. Low HCL (salt
cholride). Poor sleep, tired in morning, salt craving.
Too dry / wet
Fatigue, low spirits
NAT PHOS Acidity, digestive organs
Assimilation of fats. Rheumatism, gout (acid) acid
dyspepsia, coloured urine, indigestion.
Acid conditions
Fat assimilation
NAT SULPH Liver, biIe fIow. Water eIiminator.
- removal of toxins. Ìntracellular fluid regulation ÷
water excess, oedema.
Water retention
SILICA CIeanser and EIiminator - SKIN stuff
Skin/hair/nails/bones, pus/absesses, pimples. Boils.
Acne, skin.