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From B.ANIL KUMAR, Managing Director, ANIL AGROS, VIJAYAWADA -520011.

Respected Sir, Sub: Farm mechanization-M/s.Anil Agros-Vijayawada- Introducing and request For kind consideration.

Ref: 1.Project of M/s.Anil Agros, Vijayawada. 2. News paper cutting publication. ****** This is to submit that, I am very much glad to introduce myself as one of the young and emerging Entrepreneur involved in the progressive development of agriculture. We basically concentrated on the major and scarce head in the cost of cultivation-labour component. Further submit that we have tried our level best to start the mission in the year 2007, introducing low cost machinery required from Nursery to final grain output, with a minimum investment of Rs.1,00,00,000/- Crore ( Rupees One Crore) and we are happy with the response from the farming Community. We are here enclosing a few points of our introduction and farmer response.

We request your kind consideration and anticipating a needy support for extending our activities so as to help large number of farming community.

Yours faithfully, B.ANIL KUMAR For ANIL AGROS

West Godavari District is carved out of old Godavari District. As it is the western delta of the River Godavari, it was appropriately named as “West Godavari” with Head quarters at Eluru and came into existence on 15th April 1925 comprising of 46 Mandals.

AGRICULTURE: West Godavari is basically an agricultural based district with 62% of total geographical area of the district is under cultivation. It is also having distinction of being Rice Granary of Andhra Pradesh. With an extent 2.5 lakh ha in Kharif and 1.9 lakh Ha in rabi covering 71% of the total cultivated area, with an average yield of 3681 & 4245 kgs / Hect in Kharif and Rabi Respectively. SOILS : West Godavari is mainly constituted with loamy soils which occupies to the tune of 60-70 %. Basically, soil is the important criteria in utilization of machinery in delta. Considering the soil nature we introduced two types of harvesting machinery I.e. track and tyre type. IRRIGATION SOURCES. In West Godavari Paddy is totally cultivated under irrigated conditions with a major source of canal (51%), Bore wells (49%) The Major source of canal is Godavari western deltas and 10% of canal irrigated is covered by 4 Minor irrigation projects like Thammileru, Vijayarai, Jalleru and Yerrakalava. TIME OF SOWING: In West Godavari the paddy cultivation is mainly Paddy-Paddy pattern. Major part of sowings will be taken up in July-Aug (Kharif) and Dec- Jan (Rabi), which causes the overlapping practices.

which is one of the major factor influencing the productivity. The socio economic changes created the labour shortage. This present agricultural situation. socio economic status of the farmers to introduce the heavy machinery. The labour charge is almost doubled within 2 years. Finally with all analytical studies we felt “Farm Mechanization” may solve the purpose. We totally studied the district in the lines of soil suitability. lead the scientific community and people involved in the agricultural sector to economize the cultivation and generate good net returns to farmers.COST OF CULTIVATION The cost of cultivation for paddy is increasing year by year without any proportionate improvement in production. . In review of the facts major head of the Expense is labour cost comprising 80% of the total cost. leaving very little net returns to the farmer. causing untimely agricultural operations.

Multiple Crop Usage and bring an incremental income to the Indian farmer for effective Farm Productivity. which is having an indirect impact on yield. Seedling Machine(2 Lakhs). Facilitating the farmer to have timely operations. Narravari Street.5 lakhs). 2.Sc. 2. Seedling trays 14000 No’s ( 14 lakhs).COMPANY PROFILE OF ANIL AGROS 1.Anil Kumar holds Bachelor of Technology from Anna University. Soil pulverizer (1lakh). started the Firm M/s Anil Agros. Satayanarayanapuram. B. Improving the net returns to the farmer by reducing the cost of cultivation.3 As an added advantage supported by Mr B. 3. 2005 as a pilot project. which is a major constraint at present. VIEWS AND VISSION : Meet the need of the farmer at single door step. Minimizing the labour involvement. Hay baler (12 Lakhs). 2.2 This crew having Botanist Mrs. Cargo vehicle (3 Lakhs ). having good knowledge about seedling management and crop growth. STRENGTH AND REACH : 2. 2. Tractor mounted sprayer ( 2 Lakhs) .laser leveling machine (3 Lakhs).Ramakrishna having vast exposure to the district and having valid relations with farming community.Hemalatha.1 PROMOTERS AND BACKDROP: The Main Promoter Mr B. Transplanter (18 lakhs ). CHENNAI . M.having Tractor(7. Weeders 3 No’s (3 Lakhs). Company is supported with. We are interested in low cost machinery considering socio economic status of the farmer. Door No: 23-3-3. Helping at all stages of the crop from seed to seed. With a vision to extend our technical and physical strength to all the farmers in the district. all the infrastructure worth 1 core . Harvesters two types a) track harvester (22 Lakhs) b) Tyre harvester (12 Lakhs).Botany from Nagarjuna University. Vijayawada is promoted by Sri B Anil Kumar on 1st January.

00. Location of the business : we have established a Agri Business Center in Gundugolanu Village of Bhimadole Mandal. 2.1 Rice Transplanting company “KUBOTA. causing huge loss financially in transport and mortality of seedlings. Technical strength : Main project is supported by Japans No. Andhra Pradesh with an estimated cost of Rs.00. west Godavari district .” 2.000 (One Core) in 2 Acres site to meet the requirements of 500 Acres per season. Weakness : Delay in reach to the farmer having nursery at single point.2. .1.

2. ON GOING ACTIVITIES 1. which avoids undulated pits.4 . Thorough ploughing of the land by the Japanese 4wd Tractor with rotavatory. 3. . Seedlings from 80 trays are sufficient per Acre. Seedlings will be raised in the Plastic trays by Automatic Seedling Machine and which are ready for planting by 16 days. Properly leveled land improves the uniform and optimum usage of water and fertilizers. Uniform leveling of the land by using Laser Guided Leveling Machine. At present we are taking up the operation at Centralized Nursery in Gundugolanu and we are equipped with 14000 trays . without fixing full or half cage wheels to the tractor.

6. .4. We are equipped with 8 row Kubota Rice Transplanter having capacity To complete 1 Acre per hour. We use Hay Baler to press Hay by haydraulic system and tie with threadswhich drastically reduces the storage space. We can do 10 Acres/ day 5. We take up harvesting by Head loaded Harvester so that the farmer get HAY with out any damage. so that he can feed the cattle with out any problem. 5. we are interested to extend our activities at all major mandal Hq. to avoid transport loss of seedlings and expences. 5. We anticipating a needy and positive support.5.3 Mr B RAMAKRISHNA – DIRECTOR: anilagrosin@gmail.2 CONTACT DETAILS: Mr B ANIL KUMAR – MANAGING DIRECTOR: MOBILE: +91 99893 61669 – e-mail id: anilagrosin@gmail.1 5. CONCLUSION AND SUBMITION: With our little experience and exposure for the past 2 years.ANIL KUMAR MANAGING DIRECTOR .com MOBILE: +91 98668 85844 – e-mail id: Thanking You.