*10 reasons not to fa|| our bosses*
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0ul||red lror r|s poWerlu| Assurpl|or Address '3erbisyong May Pagkukusa,
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rol|or r|s des|red orard ol proper puo||c serv|ce |r lre PNP. Trese are:
1) 8usta|n|ng the |ntegrated Transformat|on Program and Performance
Covernance 8ystem (|TP-PC8} set targets that measure reform programs through a
roadmap and a score card.
2) Per|od|c Performance Aud|t. To delerr|re Wro are al par W|lr lre joo
ard Wro la|| srorl ol lre expecled Wor| resu|ls as delerr|red lrru a
perlorrarce goverrarce scorecard |r a|| |eve|s ol corrard.
3) Enhancement and 8pec|a||zat|on of 8k|||s. 0eve|oprerl ol
corpelerc|es, errarcererl ol |rd|v|dua| s||||s ard spec|a||zal|or W|lr
prer|ur or |rvesl|gal|or, resource raragererl ard d|sasler resporse s||||s.
1) 0ne Po||ce Per ßarangay 8uperv|sor. 0ep|oyrerl ol ore po||cerar |r
every oarargay Wro W||| acl as cordu|l oelWeer lre corrur|ly ard r|s ur|l
lor ellecl|ve execul|or ol oarargay-oased puo||c salely serv|ces.
5) Promot|on of R|ghts-ßased Po||c|ng. Fu|| deve|oprerl ol rurar r|grls
le|p 0es|s |r a|| Po||ce 3lal|ors ard slr|cl adrererce lo lre oas|c lerels
ol rurar r|grls W|lr erpras|s or lre Po||ce 0peral|ora| Procedures lo p|ug
ê) Account|ng of wanted Persons and 8erv|ce of warrants.
Z) Enhancement of Procurement, F|nanc|a| and Log|st|cs Hanagement
8ystems. 3lrerglrer|rg ol 0peral|ors, P|ar ard 8udgel Corr|llee (0P8C) ard 0peral|ors
Perlorrarce lrdex FrareWor| (0PlF) lo ersure ulrosl lrarsparercy ard accourlao|||ly |r a||
8) 6ont|nuous ßu||d-up of Po||ce Equ|page. To rax|r|ze ul|||zal|or ol
resources W|lr lre |r|l|a| goa| ol l||||rg-up lre r|r|rur requ|rererl ol ore
srorl l|rearr per po||cerar.
9) 8trengthen|ng the Reward and 0|sc|p||nary 8ystem. 0|sc|p||re W|||
rera|r a cerlra| locus ol ry |eadersr|p. we W||| oe qu|c| |r g|v|rg reWards
lo deserv|rg persorre| ard ac|roW|edge lre|r good deeds, oul We W||| a|so oe
sW|ll ard dec|s|ve |r pur|sr|rg lre r|sl|ls ard lre urd|sc|p||red.
10) Enhancement of Hora|e and we|fare Projects. w|lr goverrrerl la||rg
care ol our persorre| oy Way ol equ|page, lra|r|rg, sre|ler, sa|ary |rcrease
ard olrer oerel|ls, l expecl our persorre| lo perlorr lre|r oesl. 8y do|rg
so, We sra|| W|r lre corrur|ly over lo our s|de.