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TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL OF INFORMATICS & IT Diploma in Financial Business Informatics Business Intelligence Systems (CFI2C02) AY 2011/2012 October

Semester (Level 2) Assignment OBJECTIVES
On completion of this assignment, students should be able to successfully: • Carry out research in an area of study • Write a report to discuss findings of the research • Propose a Business Intelligence solution that is appropriate to the research area • Present the findings of the research and the BI solution

This assignment comprises group effort which contributes 20% and individual effort which contributes 20%, in total 40%, to your final subject grade. Thus, while the research activities and report will require group effort, each student must demonstrate his or her understanding of the research area through the design of an original BI solution and through a presentation of personal work.

Each group consisting of 4-5 members is to research and document a given case study. The group will seek to understand and then to report on the organization, its operations and the challenges it faces. Supporting material and evidence for research may come from resources such as the Internet, books, company reports, trade journals or magazines, interviews, etc. Subsequently, each member of a group will propose and design an appropriate BI solution that will aid the organization in its operations e.g. in planning, decision-making, managing performance, etc., or in addressing the challenges faced. Finally, each student will present and justify his or her solution. The report is to be submitted in Week 7 (Friday, 9th Dec 2011, 5p.m.). Students will then present their findings in Week 8 (during tutorial and practical lessons).


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Details of team. Any attempt to include complete paragraphs or sentences from resources will be regarded as plagiarism.CASE STUDY The Premier League is an English professional league for association football clubs. player and match performance can be viewed at the official website at http://www. font size 12  1½ line spacing  Appropriate heading and/or sub-headings 77243716. you are expected to follow the guidelines for the APA style. Other than the official website. McKatty Advertising and Media Consultants is a renowned company that helps its clients build their corporate image. and will be dealt with severely. It is UK’s primary football ASSIGNMENT TASKS Task 1 Research – Group Your group will carry out research to gain a good understanding of the EPL. and claims itself the world’s most watched sporting league. Task 2 Report – Group (20%) Your group will document your research findings in a report. With the large amounts of money. Your group report must adopt the following guidelines:  Times New Roman. if you wish to quote from a resource. and famous personalities involved in the Premier League (also known as the EPL). Sources of quotations. Singapore Airlines. International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).premierleague. international interests.doc Page 2 of 4 . Its clients include a wide spectrum of multinational corporations such as The Coca Cola Company. illustrations. with an audience of over 600 million people in over 200 countries worldwide. photographs. groups are expected to reference other sources to attain a thorough understanding. Volvo Car Corporation. In terms of commercial value and marketability.. Submit a hardcopy of your report to your tutor and upload a softcopy of your report to OLIVE. One way is through advising its clients on where and how to optimise their advertising dollars. The submission date is stated clearly in the subject teaching plan. and other graphics must be clearly acknowledged. McKatty has embarked on an analysis of the business of the EPL. However. You are expected to study the available data (and any other relevant data referenced from other sources) and incorporate the data and your analysis through your proposed BI solution. You should aim to submit your report on time. its history and its developments. and Nike Inc. Apple Inc. no other leagues or sports can compare with the Premier League.

Your dashboard design must include accompanying documentation for the overall design. Each dashboard will be assessed according to its:   • Usefulness (40%).doc Page 3 of 4 .10 pages. which will form the basis of the dashboard. The dashboard must also be related to the problems that your group has identified in the report. you should include any other issues which you feel are important to the case study. Is the work well-documented? The dashboard designs of all group members are to be submitted together with the Group Report (see Task 2).e. The data. You must explain the relevance of the dashboard and the objective it is to achieve. The dashboard should be designed to enable its reader to have insights into different aspects of the EPL. data used. The list is by no means exhaustive. Does the student incorporate any add-on components or creative elements to enhance user experience? • Data (20%).e. Does the dashboard give users an insightful analysis based on the data displayed? • Creativity (30%). Between 8 . Business Intelligence Systems (CFI2C02) • The semester i. Is the data formatted and structured properly? • Documentation (10%).  History of the EPL  A description of its makeup  Challenges faced by the EPL  How BI can be used to give insight to challenges faced  Bibliography showing all the resources you have referenced to complete this assignment Task 3 Dashboard Design – Individual (10%) Each student is to develop a dashboard or report to analyze teams. 77243716. can be sourced from the official EPL website or other relevant sources. You must state any assumptions and “what-if” scenarios made. players and/or matches. and components used to display this data. AY2011/2012 October Semester • Your Practical group number • Your Tutor’s name • Group member names and respective student admission numbers The following is a list of issues that your report should include. not including the cover page and bibliography The following information must be printed on the cover page of your report: • Subject name and code i. Your dashboard design must be your original work.

doc Page 4 of 4 . Students must be formally attired and should be prepared to answer questions regarding the dashboard and any other related aspects of the case study.Task 4 Presentation – Individual (10%) Each student will present his or her dashboard design.THE END -oooo-- 77243716. The student is expected to explain the BI features incorporated in the dashboard. and the relevance and usefulness of the dashboard to the end users. RECOMMENDED SCHEDULE Week 1 – Formation of Group & Responsibilities – History of EPL – Make up of EPL Challenges Faced by EPL How BI can be used to give insight to challenges faced Prepare Bibliography & Design Individual Dashboard Implement Individual Dashboard Individual Dashboard Documentation Report Submission Assignment Presentation Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 – – – – – – – --oooo.