The Sun Shines for Everyone

Small and Scaleable Solar Electrification in Rural China

Business Strategy and Concept Design

limited access to modern communication and not enough power for work.The Opportunity The lack of electricity infrastructure in Western China and Tibet condemns people to life of poverty With no lights in the evening. economic and social development are stalled .

The Premise Market .Solar technology + a model that provides technical and business training to sellers gives them the tools they . small energy entrepreneurs need access to enabling resources such as technology. capital and a delivery network. Innovation .Small stand-alone renewable technologies can meet the energy needs of rural communities more effectively than waiting for large scale infrastructural development   Growing Enterprise .To take off and become self-sustaining. skills.

Market Analysis ● China produces 65% of all PV Solar Panels The Chinese Government subsidizes 50% of investments in rural solar power projects Solar components are cheaper in China than anywhere else in the world The Last Mile is the Hardest Grid connection is not coming anytime soon for people living in rural areas that already own cell phones and lights. the question is: How can they charge them reliably? ● ● .

scaleable solar chargers for cellular phones and lights Facilitate business opportunities for local entrepreneurs to sell solar charge technology or excess energy Generate employment and income in rural areas .The Solution Generate electricity without linking to the grid through small.

Business Model Distribution .

Phase One: Peri-Urban Areas ● Small. Smart and Scaleable Solar Cell Phone Charger Designed for Unreliable Electrical Grid Innovative Design and Durability for On-the-Go Charging ● .


660 chargers To be sold in periurban areas for $30 Capital Return: $ 50.000 $15 / Solar Cell Phone Charger = 1.000 .Phase One Capital Needed $25.

light S10 provides 8 hours of light using efficient LEDs with a 360degree space lighting for the home. workplace. or while traveling .Light A highly efficient solar panel is conveniently integrated into every d.Phase 2: Solar Light for Rural Areas Design by D.light S10 to make solar charging as easy as possible d.

000 . Capital return = $100.000 $10/Lantern = 5000 To be sold for $20.D.light S10: Durable. userfriendly and extremely flexible Phase 2: Lanterns Capita Needed $50.

and maintenance. .Projected Outcomes Socio-Economic Development: Cellular connectivity and enhanced economic opportunities Environmental Conservation: Decrease in GHG output Income generation: Cash flow positive business model creates franchise business opportunities at scale Spur Solar Economy: Local entrepreneurs and technicians in solar technology. installation.

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