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Hello Fairchildren! As we approach the Too soon with the end of the semester I winter holiday wishes? want to challenge you Well, this is the last to think of ways to issue of the newsletter engage this community before winter break so in meaningful ways. that’s my excuse. I Your are the members have plans of playing and only you can make the holiday tunes as our theme come alive. soon as I can :) International education means more than food, music, and show & tells. While many I want to congratulate all of you on pulling of you did not explicitly choose Fairchild off an amazing International Food for this theme, I hope you will support it Luncheon—it was quite impressive and the and understand its importance on our food was outstanding! increasingly global campus. The first edition of the Fairchild Cup has concluded with the second floor taking the honors. It is my understanding that the first floor innocently helped their rivals win the Puzzle Mania—but naivety is not an excuse :-p Think critically. Challenge ideas—not people.

Nadir Sharif Residence Hall Director

Wednesday, NOV 30th @ 8 PM

Wednesday, DEC 7th @ 8 PM

DEC 3rd

Deadline DEC 9th, COST $350

Wednesday, DEC 7th @ 4 PM

Saturday, DEC 17th @ 3 PM

Winter Parking Ban Please be aware that UNH’s Winter Parking Ban (WPB) closes most campus lots, meters, spaces, and parking areas from 12:00 midnight to 6:00 a.m., December 1 to April 1. After-midnight parking is limited to specifically exempted areas. Campus residents with parking permits should park in their assigned lots. It is also very important for residents to correctly advise their guests about the WPB restrictions, and offer precise information about parking in exempted areas. For details on the restriction, and a list of exempted areas, please visit . WPB regulations are strictly enforced, and appeals are not granted anybody for “not knowing”, so check it out! Change of address might mean change of parking eligibility. If you are moving from one campus address to another, or if you are moving to an off-campus residence, be sure to consider that your parking permit eligibility may change along with your address. For instance, you can’t keep a Gables permit if you move from the Gables. Same with Woodside permits. E/E1 permits require residency in Area III or Quad dorms only, so if you move from this area your eligibility may conclude as well. Resident West permit holders can keep their permits as long as they remain somewhere in campus housing. All campus resident permits automatically invalidate if you move out of campus housing entirely. In many cases your original permit can be exchanged for one for which you are eligible (subject to availability & price difference if applicable). One particular consideration about moving to an off -campus address is that some addresses that are in Durham but off campus are ineligible for ANY campus parking permit. If your off-campus address is within 1-mile of campus, or ¼ mile of an existing Campus Connector or in-town Wildcat Transit stop, you can hold neither a commuter permit nor a campus resident permit. Before you sign any lease, make sure you know your permit eligibility. Any questions, contact UTS at 862-1010.

Dorm vs. Dorm Scavenger Throwdown! Thursday, Dec. 1st 7:30 pm
Wishing there was a wicked wonderful way to while away in the wintery-weathered wonderland? Join the UNH Residence Hall Association as they kick-off their '11-'12 series of students events with the Dorm vs. Dorm Scavenger Throwdown! Talk to your building's Hall Council about creating a team and then meet us at 7:30 pm at the T-Hall flagpole for a fast, fun, and freaky hunt that will take you all over campus! Warm snacks and refreshments will be provided, plus the winning team gets $200 to take back for their dorm! BRING A CAMERA Contact your building's RHA representative or email Olivia at for more rules and info.

Conor's Devious Discharge
What’s up Fairchillinz?! Did I catch you at a bad time? Yeah that's right- I have you now. Ima talk to you for a bit. Talk AT you. About some JUSTICE. You want justice? ‘Cause y’all just got SERVED. SERVED DINNER. JUSTICE- its what’s for DINNER. This month’s MEGA THEME- in case you didn’t know –is SOCIAL JUSTICE. Real good stuff. Got some acceptance and enfranchisement goin’ on there- it’s like regular justice but with MAGNETS n LASERS n junk. In particular I wanna get going on word choice. It takes a great deal of skill to weave a proper tapestry of filth, and I’ve noticed a bunch of fledgling seamstresses/tailors in our midst. You turn a phrase properly, and you’re gonna get some laughs, you turn a phrase wrong and you’re gonna turn HEADS (see what I did there?) Fairchild: A delightful microcosm of diversity, within a larger university-wide community of yet ever growing diversity! YES! MULTIPLE CULTURES. Here’s the thing though- you got to respect. We are a wonderful,

vibrant community, with a variety of identities and backgrounds. More so

than you realize…woah. Like some kinda…patchwork. A “melting-pot” even. Like…AMERICA. FAIRCHILD IS AMERICA. Some people take different issues more seriously than others, and you all live in the same place. Regardless of if you’re telling a joke, angry or whatever, all that matters is how your message is interpreted by the recipient. NEXT LEVEL SOCIAL JUSTICE: You call someone a fag, or a retard. You make a sexist joke, or impersonate an accent. You don't know who’s walking by, and you don't know what issues are dear to them. You may have just made yourself a NEMESIS. Even if you simply flub your sarcasm and you drop some language that would make your nana’s ears burn, you could come off as abrasive may even find yourself in confrontation. So here’s the message: Watch what you say, because it’s not about you -its about what others hear. Yeah…that part about growing up bummed me out too.

Meet Kurtis Sawyer and Melanie Hawthorne, if you have not already met them that is. I was keen on interviewing this duo of residents right from the first time I met them. I saw them around a fair bit on campus, they seemed to be present at all the events. When I met them at the beginning of November, the October calendar of events sponsored by SICEM (if you don’t know what that is, ask Kurtis or Melanie!) was already in the trash and the November calendar on the wall. Even though they joke about “Melanie’s Curse” whereby every roommate that Melanie ever has at UNH end up leaving UNH (good luck Cassie, Marisa, and Alex!), I am quite impressed by her good luck. If Melanie is entering a raffle, there’s a good chance she’s going to bag the big prize—if you don’t trust me, ask her iPad! You may think that it is their love for being active in the community that brought these two together, but I have an alternative theory. I think it’s their love for animals. Kurtis loves all the weird ones, and Melanie has a thing for ones that start with a GI and end with RAFFE. She has a ton of stuffed giraffes—all of whose names start with Js. (I wonder if Lauren and Marissa name their elephants… what animals are running around this place?!). Stuffed giraffes weren’t quite cutting it for Melanie so she tried feeding a real one. It’s tongue touched her hand! If you are sitting there thinking that Kurtis knows no mischief, think again! In middle school, Kurtis ’schooled’ a teacher for telling the class that all Filipinos ate cats! I asked Melanie and Kurtis what it was that they would love to have a chance to do in their lives, and here are the responses: Melanie: “I want to meet James McAvoy and have him do all his accents!” Kurtis: “I would like to got to a Hollywood movie premiere or be the judge on a cooking show.” If you have not already had a chance to meet Melanie and Kurtis, hurry up, Melanie is studying abroad in the Spring! And when you do meet them you can thank them in person for buying great gifts for various competitions in our hall—including the upcoming Study/ Community Bucks raffle!

Some Facts and Tips About Date Rape Drugs
TNH recently featured a quote from a student about a UNH fraternity’s use of “roofies,” a well known “date rape” drug. The Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP) wants to make sure that UNH students have an understanding of these drugs, including what they are, what they do and what you can do if you think that you might have been the victim of a drug facilitated rape. “Roofie” refers to a drug called Rohypnol, which along with Ketamine (Special K) and Gamma-hydroxybutrate (GHB), Ecstasy and others are tasteless, colorless drugs which can be easily slipped into a drink without your knowledge. The purpose of giving someone one of these drugs is to make it easier to commit rape. A person who is under the influence of a “roofie” may be extremely disoriented, unconscious, blacked out, and/ or unable to move. The level of intoxication the person feels seems completely unrelated to the amount that she or he had to drink. When someone who is drugged wakes up, she or he might experience nausea, memory loss, an extreme hangover or be unsure of where she or he is or how she or he got there. The person might also notice that clothes are on differently or are missing, and/ or experience physical signs of sexual contact. While we don’t know how many sexual assaults involve “roofies”, GHB, etc, it’s important to remember that the most commonly used date rape drug is alcohol. Alcohol doesn’t cause or excuse sexual assault. It can, however, make one more vulnerable to being assaulted. Prescription drugs and over-the–counter-drugs when combined with alcohol can also increase alcohol’s effect. If you suspect that you may have been assaulted while under the influence of a “date rape” drug, seeking medical help can be an important first step. Medical providers can test you for the presence of drugs if you seek help within the first 72 hours as well as provide you with preventative medications and the option of doing an evidence collection kit. You can also make a report to the police. A SHARPP advocate can explain and tale through options. For more information or support about drug facilitated sexual assault, call SHARPP at 862-SAFE (7233) or contact us on line @ askanadvocate.html.

Sexual assault is never the victim’s fault and can only be prevented by the perpetrator. To reduce your risk of being assaulted, however, there are a few things you can do. These include: • Don't accept drinks from

other people.
• •

Open containers yourself. Keep your drink with you at all times, even when you go to the bathroom.

Don't drink from punch bowls or other common, open containers. They may already have drugs in them.

Don't drink anything that tastes or smells strange. Sometimes, GHB tastes salty.

Go out with friends and agree to stay together. Try to have a nondrinking friend with you, if possible.

Primary season is right around the corner. If you live in a state that will be holding a primary, check out all of your voting options at http:// Exercise your most fundamental right and vote!



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