Structure of the Marketing Department: Department Hierarchy


National Sales Manager (NSM)

Regional Sales Manager (RSM) Regional Sales Office (South)

Regional Sales Manager (RSM) Regional Sales Office (Central)

Regional Sales Manager (RSM) Regional Sales Office (North)

Assistant Sales Manager (ASM) Regional Sales Office (South)

Assistant Sales Manager (ASM) Regional Sales Office (Central)

Assistant Sales Manager (ASM) Regional Sales Office (North)

Lower Level management & Other Staff

Lower Level management & Other Staff

Lower Level management & Other Staff

Number of Employees Working In the Marketing Department: Permanent numbers of employees in the sales department are about 122

A.Functions of the Marketing department Segmentation Mitchell‟s segments its products on the socio economic classes focusing on. and families and try to develop there promotional campaign according to this. or consumption and that might satisfy a want or a need. Place and Promotion.” Quality Standard: Keeping in view there customer health Mitchell‟s has a special quality control department which is also working to enhance and maintain the quality of its products. posters radio channels. Product “Product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention. Different quality tests are taken while producing all products to assure the quality. As they had the first mover advantage they utilized it fully and initially promoted its products through newspapers. acquisition. Price. Target Marketing Strategy Target market is the set of people whom company target to sell there product. Mitchell‟s target children. use. Complete hygiene environment is create within manufacturing area of Mitchell‟s which makes its products completely safe and healthy product. Marketing Mix “Marketing mix is defined as the set of controllable tactical marketing tools that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target market. . house wives. But they mainly invested there resources in building there corporate image. B+ and B.” The marketing mix is also known as the „Four Ps‟: Product.

profit maximizing. This is because Mitchell‟s is market leader now and they are now just focusing only on the quality of the products so they price according to the quality of the product. Now company is still following same strategy to retain market share. Price plays very important role in the sale of any product. How Mitchell‟s price there products this is as follow: Pricing strategy: When company starts producing its product they use penetrating strategy keeping in view the competition. and market share leader pricing. Competitor pricing: . Price: Price is the value that customers give up or exchange to obtain a desired product. Pricing product: Right price to product is very difficult. So this is one of the major issues. Geographical price adjustment: Price of the Mitchell‟s remains the same within the Pakistan.PRODUCT IMAGE: Mitchell‟s is enjoying more then 38 percent market share against its competitor which tells the story of Mitchell‟s products image in market. Mitchell‟s are following quality based pricing out of survival. This is because to attain most market share. This is the most important factor considered while talking about the marketing mix. There is not price adjustment within Pakistan.

2. There are different types of product which are as fellows: . There are some of the factors which are considered while setting the price of Mitchell‟s. Advertisement cost. Distribution channels: “A set of interdependent organizations (intermediaries) involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user. Consumer buying power. Factor consideration while setting prices: There are some factors keep under consideration while setting the price of the product some them are: 1.Usually price is based on the quality of the product but it may vary in some case like if competitor reduce the price there is the policy of the Mitchell‟s that the also reduce the price to stay in competition. Pricing strategy 4. Other wise price is only quality based. The information about Mitchell‟s distribution strategy and channel are as fellows: Product type: Product type means that company rate there product on the bases of final consumer.” About the Mitchell‟s they are also using different distribution strategies to make there products available to every consumer. So this is one which is least considered. Advertisement cost is one which is not often considered because advertisement varied on different stages. Cost of the product 3.

Direct channel. Distribution policy: There are also three types of distribution policies which are as fellows: 1. Confectionary products 2. Exclusive. Intensive. Grocery product These are two types of the products. Selective means few well known general stores or departmental store are used to appeal people to there product.1. 2. . They are following this method: Production Intermediaries retailers Final consumer This is the distribution channels Mitchell‟s is using to make there product available to every one. 3. 2. Indirect channel. According to company they place their products as convenience product this is one which easily available with low cost and customer need not to go different stores to only for the better product. Selective. Intensive distribution means place product to every store and try to address each and every consumer. Mitchell‟s is involved in indirect distribution channel. Nature of distribution: There are two distribution channels which are: 1.

Dependability 3. Modes for distribution: There are number of distribution mode like use tracks. Modes are also set keeping in keep these things which are fellows: 1. What are the promotional activity using by Mitchell‟s and how they use them are as fellow: Promotional strategy: In the beginning the company is use push strategy to increase sales by setting low price try to penetrate but by the time begin the strategy is changed to pull. rails. It is because they are try to appeal as many people as possible and through this technique they are being able to address the most number of people. air planes. Company is just do only that they paint the transmission mode like trucks which the theme of the company which show the product on the trucks.Mitchell‟s is using intensive distribution along with selective distribution. . It not only included advertisement but also setting target market studying there requirements and develop product accordingly. Company is only responsible to send the product to intermediaries which are then take products to retailer. speed 2. other Promotion: Promotion is to promote product through advertisement and some other factors. It is because company now is being able to attain the greater percentage of sales and now they are just considering to only retaining this position now. Costs 5. Availability 4. and pipes. But the company is not involved in any of these.

Promotional Activities: To promote the sale of the Mitchell‟s company is involve in number of activities which are using ads on TVs placing bill boards and with arrange some sort of concerts and public related activities like health related programs. .

And below the line contain health and safety programs and all that magazines. and exhibition. news papers. Company called these advertisement modes above the line and below the line. bill boards. .Modes for Advertisement: Company uses different modes of advertisement to make there message to reach to every one. Advertisement modes include TV channels. cable networks. health and safety programs and by publishing different health and safety related magazines. All these are use to make sure that they can address all the people they are targeting to. TV channels include all the local most famous and often watched channels and same is the case of the news papers. Above the line include TV channels.

Some time these offers may differ from region to region on the basis of sales.Structure of Sales Department Department Hierarchy: Sales Department (Head Office) NSM (National Sales Manager) Regional Sales Office (Central) RSM (Regional Sales Manager) Regional Sales Office (North) RSM (Regional Sales Manager) Regional Sales Office (South) RSM (Regional Sales Manager) Regional Sales Office (Central) ASM (Assistant Sales Manager) Regional Sales Office (North) ASM (Assistant Sales Manager) Regional Sales Office (South) ASM (Assistant Sales Manager) Regional Sales Office (Central) Low-Level Mangers Other Staff Regional Sales Office (North) Low-Level Mangers Other Staff Regional Sales Office (South) Low-Level Mangers Other Staff Number of Employees Working In the Sales Department: Permanent employees working in sales department about 187 Sales operations: Mitchell‟s is working properly in its sales operation around the Pakistan. continually work on its sales strategy. north. planning and execution to get the desire results. and central. All the sales of the Pakistan are handled by the national sales manager (NSM) from the head office. National sales office measurement the results of sales data sent by the regional . Regional Offices under the supervision of National sales office.e. Mitchell‟s offers some time different packages for the customers to enhance the sales of its products. its design. south. Mitchell‟s has 3 major sales offices in the different regions i. Sales offices work according to sales strategy made by the head office.

restaurants. Functions of the Sales Department Sales Methodology: Mitchell‟s uses simple price for its all products. or quota for different regions to encourage the customers to purchase more Mitchell‟s products. un-hygiene etc. All the sales are done through its sales distributors. Type of Selling: Mitchell‟s sells its products to its final customers through its intermediaries. Sales department ensures the availability of the products in target market. door to door. Mitchell‟s sells its products directly. Mitchell‟s also offers sales programs to make better its sales operations. . Some time sales department give some special targets to the regional sales offices to enhance the sales and gives reward to those who meet the challenges.offices and decide the compensations. urban. There is no direct. There is only one price around the country for every customer without discrimination of area whatever it is rural. Mitchell‟s takes responsibility if any of the products found bad. Sales Returns Procedures: Mitchell‟s take back it‟s those products which proved bad. At some other level like famous hotels. Mitchell‟s charges those prices which are challenging for its competitors. or personal selling in Mitchell‟s. or the remotest area of the country. Mitchell‟s is working well on its sales operations under considering the demographic situation of different regions. through its intermediaries. club. But in price matter. Mitchell‟s do not compromise on the quality of the products to compete its competitors.

. There is a lack of other publicity of Mitchell‟s products. It is due to weakness of supply chain management. we will find that Mitchell‟s enters in the market with the aim of to serve quality product to the customer. we will find the unavailability of Mitchell‟s products. Mostly people thinks that Mitchell‟s only produce Toffees. As far as I learned Mitchell‟s is working and striving for getting upon its mission and vision statement. technology. But there is a need of more concentration on the task due to competitors. print or electronic. There is weak system of supply in the market I felt in Mitchell‟s. with promise to enhance its services to the customers. attracting and retaining outstanding people.Critical Analysis: If we look at the mission statement of the Mitchell‟s.e. It is also known to us that Mitchell‟s is getting the biggest market share in Pakistan. we will find a lack of advertisement as compare to other competitors of same products which Mitchell‟s produce. management systems. If we look at the media i. It is wrong. The distributors of different districts / areas are working in the country. But. This perception is due to failure of advertisement. and market opportunities to achieve profitable growth while providing fair returns to its investors. To be a company which combines its people. if we visit the remote areas.

 confident Opportunities  dominance as the innovator  leader   expansion  products   -users respond to new ideas  Weakness     Resource Development Customer lists not tested sectors Threats         Market demand very seasonal .SWOT SWOT Analysis Of Mitchell’s Strengths   processing facilities  -volume industrial equipment  trained workforce  nationwide coverage  reliability.

Mitchell‟s management deals with developing a marketing mix to serve a designated market.CONCLUSION During my internship at Mitchell‟s. I have found that Mitchell‟s is sometimes proactive and some time it adopts reactive approach. In this context Mitchell‟s is very much concerned about the Financial Position of the company and evaluate this factor very closely for the further decision making of their products. fresh farm products direct from their own farms. Mitchell‟s is very much concerned about its SWOT analysis and keeping a closer eye on every action it can take for the better of its products. Their main focus is on the strategies at SBU level where Mitchell‟s make their strategies considering three forces: Customer Competition Corporation Mitchell‟s is concerned about the external information pertains social. . political and technological trends and product/market environment. Mitchell‟s is also very concerned about the Corporate Appraisal and for this they keep a closer interact with all the groups of corporate publics having a stake in the organization. Mitchell‟s is very much conscious and careful about its sales and about the customer level satisfaction and tries to maintain a same graph of satisfaction level and gives customer a quality. economic.

e. We know that Mitchell‟s has a competitive edge on its competitors due to its own growing fresh fruits.Recommendations for Improvement: Mitchell‟s is taking compositing edge in the market due to its own growing farms. In business. It should also keep an eye on its competitors. Mitchell‟s should try to enhance its market share through changing or concentrating on its sales methodologies. There is weakness in the supply chain system of the Mitchell‟s. price. A strong campaign can leads Mitchell‟s on more height in the market as compare to its competitors. we know that knowledge is power. but there is need of more concentration to make it better than present. Due to this edge. Although Mitchell‟s is working well in the market and has proved itself a leader in the food industry. supply chain. urban. Management should take fully keep an eye on the supply of the products in the whole country without discrimination of the rural. strategies. electronic or print. . There is also another problem with Mitchell‟s and that is its weak advertisement campaigns in the media i. Mitchell‟s should not loose its power. or remotest area of the country.

pk) Company‟s annual report 2009 HRM Department Sales Department .References: Mitchell‟s website (

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