December 2011

Youth Corner

The OSKAYAK Youth Committee starts each meeting with a talking circle. A talking stick is passed from person to person. The person who has the talking stick is the only person who is allowed to talk. This prevents interruptions and gives people as much time as they need to say what is on there mind. Try making your own talking stick or feather to use for family meetings. Native Wisdom is very important to the committee as they have been taught by their elders, peers and families that First Nations believe strongly in respect and giving people the chance to express themselves and make up there own mind. Materials 1 large feather, beads, a piece of thin leather, glue Wrap the bottom of the feather with the lacing or ribbon. Glue the ends in place to hold it. Tie on another piece of ribbon. String beads on the ends of the ribbon and knot the ends of the ribbon so they do not fall off.

Pathways Aboriginal Centre - Richmond Youth Service Agency 100-7900 Alderbridge Way Richmond, BC V6X2A5 Phone: 604.271.7600 Hours of Operation: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9:30am-6:00pm Thursdays & Fridays 12pm - 7pm Saturdays 10:00am-5:00pm
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Sharing Circle
Richmond Aboriginal Life-skills and Leadership Project (RALLY) is under way with 18 youth participating in the project for the 2011-2012 year. This is the fourth year of the project and it has been an amazing opportunity for both staff and youth to explore cultural practice and protocol, while gaining employment and life skills. This year the RALLY project offers participants two streams of involvement. The first stream is geared towards participants who are ready and interested to start their careers. The project offers career exploration as well as the opportunity to be case managed by the talented case mangers at Connections Employment Centre. The second stream of the RALLY Project supports participants to explore the meaning of community by working together on 3 community improvement projects. If you would like to learn more about the RALLY Project or to sign up for the last 2 spaces give Parker a call at 604-271-7600 ext.150 Or By emailing parker.mcrae@rysa.bc.ca
Hey-Way’-Noqu’ Healing Circle for Addictions Society

In Partnership with First Nations Mental Health – Strathcona Team Invites you to a weekly Sharing & Talking Circle (Co-ed Group for adults 19 and up). The Talking Circle is held on Thursdays from 1:30 – 3 pm on the 4th floor from November 17, 2011 to March 29, 2012 at Hey-way’-noqu’. It is just west of Commercial Drive at 1638 E Broadway Vancouver BC. Come and learn more about culture, share and express your thoughts, learn new ways to cope, discuss educational topics and watch movies etc. Healthy Snacks and tea provided… no coffee please! For more information contact Alex at (604) 874-1831 Or Perry at (604)253-4401

“After I share how my day is going with others during our talking circle I feel less alone” 2011 OSKAYAK Youth Committee Member


Christmas Fund
The Christmas fund hopes to help even more families this year
Registration and pick-up take place at the Richmond Caring Place, 340—7000 Minoru Blvd, Richmond BC Everyone who applies for the fund and qualifies will receive something for under their Christmas trees. Registration Dates & Times Nov 28 - 9am - 12:30pm Nov 29 - 2pm - 6pm Dec 2 - 9am - 12:30pm Dec 3 - 9am - 12:30pm Dec 6 - 2pm - 6pm Dec 8 - 9am - 12:30pm Dec 9 - 9am - 12:30pm Dec 10 - 9am - 12:30pm Dec 12 - 9am - 12:30pm Make sure to bring all necessary information and be ready to bring the toys home on the SAME DAY that you register. Arrange for child care if necessary as children will not be allowed into the toy room. For more information on required documents Call 604-279-7035 Or Email christmasfund@volunteerrichmond.ca

Winter Celebration
Winter Celebration
RALLY and U-Connect Crew participants will be hosting a Winter Celebration, celebrating winter solstice and the beginning of a new lunar year. The Celebration will take place on Dec 16th 2011 from 6pm to 8pm at the Fire Side Hall 11295 Mellis Drive, Richmond, BC. RALLY and U-Connect Youth along with Richmond Youth Service Agency Youth Activity Workers will be cooking a festive dinner for all to enjoy. If you would like to attend the winter celebration please register by Dec 10th 2011. You can register by calling Kim at: 604-271-7600 ext.111

RYSA Staff and Youth Participants look forward to celebrating the winter with you!


Healthy Families

Family Night
December 1,8,15,22,&29 OSKAYAK Youth Committee Pathway’s 4-5pm Aboriginal youth between the ages 10-24 December 1,8, &15 Drumming with Rob Ages 10-24 December 2, 9,16,22 &29 Movie Nights Meet at Pathway’s 4:30-7pm Aboriginal youth between the ages 14-24 Dec 16 Winter Celebration All ages Must register Dec 3 and 17 Media Lab Aboriginal youth between the ages 14-24 Dec 10 Sweat Lodge Aboriginal youth between the ages 14-24 December 7,14& 21 Raven Homework Club Meet at Pathways 4-6pm
For a detailed schedule of events please visit www.rysa.bc.ca

The Healthy Family Healthy Children and Pathways Aboriginal Outreach Education Program meet on the last Wednesday of each month for a family night. In December the family night will be held on the 16th to celebrate the winter solstice. In January family night will resume on the last Wednesday of the month. For more information call Parker at 604-271-7600 Or By emailing parker.mcrae@rysa.bc.ca

CHIMO Crisis Line: 604-279-7070 or www.chimocrisis.com Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 VACFASS-Vancouver Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society: 604-872-6723 The Healthy Aboriginal, is a non-profit website promoting of health, literacy and wellness: www.thehealthyaboriginal.net

Agencies & Organizations: U-Connect The OSKAYAK Youth Advisory Committee RALLY Youth Fraserview Church Kloshe’nem Rob Underdown VanCity

School District #38 Richmond


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