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Occupying a beautiful seven acre beachfront compound approximately five kilometers north of Pondicherry, the Quiet Healing Center is Auroville's main alternative health care facilit

The land was previously owned by a family with close ties to th Sri Aurobindo Ashram and in years past the Mother occasional visited the site. She greatly appreciated the natural beauty and deep silence of the spot, gave it the name "Quiet", and spoke as the (future) sight of what she called, "a special kind of hote where people suffering from the stress of ordinary life could co to recharge and heal." Many years later, one of the Mother's former secretaries moved to help realize this vision. Funds were raised, the acquired for Auroville, and construction of facilities begun. Quiet Healing Centre opened in February, 1997.

The healing work at Quiet is based on the understanding that is first and foremost a spiritual being seeking to express its t

Disharmonies occur as the more or less igno instruments deform the the energies trying to manifest thro them. indeed. This page into Russian is Quiet ‘healing retreats’ are presently offered only by arrangement with groups which undertake to provide all participants to the programme: a group size of ten to four translated people seems to be ideal. vital. the only Healer. and it is these disharmonies which we recognize as dise The various (non-invasive) therapies offered at Quiet all see one way or another. . A Quiet Healing Retreat is a highly structu ten day residential programme in which a combination of inten group work and individual therapy enables the participan experience himself in new ways. Healing retreats Since 1998. to address the patient's difficulties on energetic level which is. and phy nature. the Quiet Healing Center has periodically condu 'healing retreats'. Each therapy honors and strives to wor harmony with the body's own deep wisdom. the only level from which healing can proceed. Each thera recognizes himself as a humble tool of the indwelling Spirit wh ultimately. The aim is to bring participant into contact with that deeper part of his being which well his own healing energies and to equip him with knowledge and techniques whereby that contact may maintained after he leaves the programme.through the instrumentality of the mental.

inquiries and further informa about classes. please contac Quiet Healing Center Telephone 91 413 e-mail: quiet@auroville. For booking. workshops and treatments.in Address: Quiet Auroville Tamil INDIA 2622329 or 2622 Healing Ce 605 N .Therapies on Sundays are available only December to March.org. reservations.

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