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University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Enrollment Agreement

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Degree Requirements A minimum of 120 total credits is required to complete the bachelors program, 45 of which must be upper division credits. Students must satisfy all required courses of study and all focus study and general education requirements. Any remaining credits may be satisfied by elective coursework. Total Degree Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science General Education 33 Major Environmental Science 45 Focus Study 15 Elective Credits 27 Total: 120 Required Foundation Courses^ Credits Foundations for General Education and +GEN/200 3 Professional Success *MTH/209 College Mathematics II 3 COMM/215 Essentials of College Writing 3 *STAT/167 Statistics for Life Sciences 3 If you list on your admissions application less than 24 college credits, you must complete the following FirstYear Sequence^: GEN/195 Foundations of University Studies 3 (Required as first course) SCI/163 Elements of Health and Wellness 3 FP/120 Essentials of Personal Finance 3 COM/170 Elements of University Composition and 3 Communication I *COM/172 Elements of University Composition and 3 Communication II PSY/211 Essentials of Psychology 3 *HUM/114 Critical Thinking and Creative Problem 3 Solving (Required as last course) If you list on your admissions application 24 or more previous college credits, you must take GEN/200 as the first course and are not required to enroll in the FirstYear Sequence. General Education Requirement Credits 33 credits with minimum requirements in the following areas: Liberal Arts 33 Communication Arts (Must include COMM/215, equivalent or 6

Environmental Science Major Major Requirements Foundations for General Education and +GEN/200 Professional Success Lower Division Courses 21 Credits Major Courses-18 credits *BIO/101 Principles of Biology *CHM/110 Introductory Chemistry *ENV/100 Principles of Environmental Science *GLG/220 Physical Geology *SCI/256 People, Science and the Environment *BIO/280 Conservation Biology Select one course from the following- 3 credits *SCI/209 Oceanography *GEO/215 Geography *BIO/240 General Biology *ECO/272 Fundamentals of Economics

Credits 3 Credits 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Upper Division Courses - 21 Credits Credits Major Courses-18 credits *BIO/315 Ecology and Evolution 3 *ENV/320 Environmental Law 3 *SCI/362 Environmental Issues and Ethics 3 *ECO/370 Environmental Economics 3 *ENV/410 Environmental Toxicology 3 *ENV/420 Environmental Risk Assessment 3 Select one course from the following- 3 credits *ENV/315 Global Change 3 *ENV/310 Environmental Management 3 *ENV/330 Global Environmental Health 3 *ENV/430 Environmental Technology 3 *ENV/431 Public Policy Analysis 3 Major Subtotal 45 Focus Study
Focus Study: You must complete 15 credits in a content area outside of your selected major. All 15 credits must be from the same content area and can be satisfied using transfer of University of Phoenix course work.

Subtotal Electives


Mathematics (Must include MTH/209 and STAT/167,

equivalent or higher)

9 6 6 6 33

Social Science Science/Tech (Must include 3 credits in Physical/Biological) Humanities Total General Education Requirement Credits

You will select elective courses to meet the minimum upper division and general education requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science degree.

Subtotal Subtotal

27 87

I have received access to the University of Phoenix Academic Catalog during the admission application process. The catalog is also available on my student website ( I understand the requirements for my course of study are detailed in the catalog, which is considered part of this Enrollment Agreement. It contains admission and degree completion requirements; program objectives and length; tuition schedules; fees; and all policies, including those for cancellation or refund. I understand that it is my responsibility to read and understand the contents of the catalog and that I should ask questions if I do not understand something in it or need further clarification.

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University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Enrollment Agreement The diploma awarded for this program will read Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and will not reflect the Focus Study. * -designated courses require you take prerequisites before enrolling in that course. Please refer to the University of Phoenix Academic Catalog. ^Credits taken from the First-Year Sequence and from prerequisite requirements may apply to general education or elective requirements. +Students must complete and pass GEN/200 as their first course in their program. Transferability of credit is at the discretion of the accepting institution. It is the students responsibility to confirm whether another institution will accept credits earned at University of Phoenix. You must begin coursework within one year from the signature date or the enrollment agreement will expire. You must satisfy math and English prerequisites. You can meet these requirements in any of the following ways: o Complete approved university math or English courses with a grade of D- or better o Earn passing scores on the math or English CLEP exams o Achieve grades of C- or better in similar courses, such as College Algebra (math) or College Composition (English), in an associate or bachelor degree program at an institution with regional or approved-national accreditation.

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