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Head Office : Jl. Candi Panggung Barat Perum. Taman Indah Soekarno Hatta Kav. 65 Malang Telp. /Fax. (0341) 480620 E-mail : Branch Office : BALI (DENPASAR) Jl. Badak Agung XXI / 2 Denpasar Telp./Fax. (0361) 227279 e-mail : NAD (BANDA ACEH) Jl. Sudirman VI/18 Komplek DPR Banda Aceh Telp./Fax. (0651) 47742 e-mail : NTB (MATARAM) Jl . Meninting X / 10X BTN Kekalik Mataram Tlp. (0370) 6612966 e-mail :

/Fax. SH.Kn Maret 5.896.001 Date : Februari 13. Januari Tlp.66 Malang Telp. (0370) 6612966 Approval of Ministry of Justice (Indonesia) Number : C2-3517. WAHANA ADYA Head Office : 91 Date : July 31. (0361) 227279 Telp. 2007 Indonesian Service Application Certificate (SBU) .01. 1991 PT. Badak Agung XXI / 2 Denpasar Jl. 2008 Date Architectural Work Number : 1-3573-1-08-1-13-006292 : February 18. 2007 Tax Number (NPWP) Number : 1. Meninting X / 10X Telp.INKINDO Number : 7676 / T / 0080 / BL Date : January 23.01. Candi Panggung Barat Perum.PT. Widjanarti./Fax. 2008 ./Fax. Sudirman VI/18 Komplek DPR Banda Aceh Jl . 2010 Construction Service Permit Certificate (SIUJK) Number Date : : 1-13-006292-5171-1-0002 June 6. M. 1984 3. Taman Indah Soekarno Hatta Kav.HT. 2008 Environmental Work Nomor : 3-3573-5-08-1-13-006292 Tanggal : February 18.6 -904. 65 .LPJK Civil Service Number : 1-3573-2-08-1-13-006292 : February 18. 2008 Date Technical Supervision Work Nomor : 3-3573-1-08-1-13-006292 Tanggal : February E-mail : pt_wahana_adya@yahoo. SH. WAHANA ADYA Founding Certificate Number : Date : Number : Date : Number : Date : 141 September 29. (0341) 480620 E-mail : Wahanaadya_pusat@yahoo. Ny. 1994 I Made Sukra. 2008 Survey Services Nomor : 3-3573-6-08-1-13-006292 Tanggal : February Branch Office : BALI (DENPASAR) NAD (BANDA ACEH) NTB (MATARAM) Jl. 2008 Member of Consulting Service Association .235. (0651) 47742 BTN Kekalik Mataram E-mail : dpswahana@yahoo.

Several of our local cooperation company such as: PT. PT. Wahana Adya was involve in many projects in private sector and government sector. Ltd. PT. (Japan). Geo ACE. Wahana Adya Denpasar (top right) Photo of office activity at PT. WAHANA ADYA was cooperate with other engineering consultant. WAHANA ADYA PT. especially at water resources sector. And international company such as: NIPPON KOEI Co. WAHANA ADYA expand the business service not only at water resources sector. PT. NIKKEN Consulting Engineer (Japan). Study and Detail Design stage. PT. such as: architecture. project management service and transport engineering. CTI Engineering (Italy). Ltd. Bina Karya (persero). mapping and geological survey service including geology laboratory. Feasibility Study stage. Indra Karya (persero). Wahana Adya Denpasar (lower right) . Wahana Adya was established in 1984 with commitment to participate in development of Indonesian. Recent time PT. LOTTI & Associate (Italy). PT. but also in other engineering sector. PT. DAEWOO Engineering Company (South Korea).PT. Yodya Karya. SWECO Co. Since 1984. To improve our competition. PT. Project Management and Construction Supervision stage at water resources sector can be accomplished successfully. Indah Karya. environmental engineering. Wahana Adya PT. Photo of PT. Virama Karya (Persero). local and international consultant. WA HA NA AD YA History of PT.

PT. WAHANA ADYA Our Service Design Works Master Plan Design Block Plan Design Feasibility Study Pre-Design/Basic Design Detail Design Project Management Preparation of Tender Document Preparation and Conducting Bidding Stage Evaluation of Tender Bid Bidding Award Project Management during Construction Survey & Investigation Topography and Mapping Survey Geological and Geotechnic Survey Hidrology / Hidrometry Survey Soil Mechanic Laboratory Construction Supervision Quality and quantity control and management Project implementation management .

PT.Studi Investigasi (DED) Hidrometri .Desain and Geotechnical Rukoh Dam. micro hydro electric power. Province NAD Sondir . city planning. Selected Project Experience : Ø Potential Survey and Pre-F/S PLTH Sungai Indikat 1 & 2 (10 MW & 7 MW) Lahat . landscape.Planning Topografi . Water Resources Engineering : drainage.Soil analisa (DED) Study and Technical Planning Our service on study and technical planning is covering several stage of project. Transportation Engineering : road and bridge design. irrigation. Wahana Adya Denpasar (top) Staff Activity of PT. such as feasibility study stage and detail design stage at sectors below : 1. river and flood control. 2. highway.Feasibility Study Field and Study Activities of PT. WAHANA ADYA Our Activity Geologi . dams. Architecture Engineering : building planning and design.South Sumatra Ø Pre . Wahana Adya Denpasar (below) . 3.Feasibility Study Geologi .

WAHANA ADYA . Soil Grouting. Architecture Engineering : building construction. Soil Improvement Service : Shotcrete. Geology Survey : Hydraulic Feed Rotary Drilling.Bali Construction Supervision of Power House and Penstock Pipe PLTMH Parlilitan .Bali Drilling Equipment of PT. 3.Bali Supervision of Trash Rack of Dr. dams. highway. Loading Test. micro hydro electric power. Mapping Survey : topographic survey. WAHANAADYA is conducting service at : 1.North Sumatra Supervision of Improvement of Nusa Dua Estuary Dam . Wahana Adya (top) Drilling Project at Tanjung Benoa (top) Geological work .Survey and Investigation Service PT. Transportation Engineering : road and bridge. 3. Sutomo . 2. Selected Project Experience : Ø Supervision of Improvement of Nusa Dua Estuary Dam . Sutomo . hidro-oceanography survey.Bali Ø Supervision of Trash Rack of Dr. Water Resources Engineering : drainage. 2.Test Pit Titab Dam (top) . irrigation. Standart Penetration Test.North Sumatra Construction Supervision Our service on construction supervision is covering project management service and supervision service at sectors below : 1. Selected Project Experience : Ø The Geotechnical Investigation of Malea Tanah Toraja Hydro Electrical Power Plant (HEPP) . bathymetry survey.Central Sulawesi Ø FS Keumireu Dam of NAD Construction Supervision of Brawijaya University Building. river and flood control. Soil Nailing Test. Auger Boring. Malang Supervision of Bridge Rehabilitation Work Survey Tophografy PLTMH Wampu PT.

PT. Our service at geology laboratory: 1. Plate loading test 5. Test for soil properties 2. WAHANA ADYA Soil Mechanic Laboratory In spite of geological survey. Test for construction material 4. Large scale test for dam material embankment 6. Elastometer test Laboratory Facility and Activity of PT. Test for rock properties 3. Wahana Adya Denpasar (top) . we also conduct geology test in our laboratory.

North Sumatera) F PT.North Sumatra) F PT. Ø Detail Engineering Design PLTM Telanai (South Sumatra) F PT.PT.PT.North Sumatra (center) Turbin of PLTMH Parlilitan Humbang Hasundutan North Sumatra (below) . Cooperation with international engineering consultant: F DAEWOO Engineering Company – Korea. Manggala Gita Karya (F/S PLTMH . Our partners comes from Indonesian investing company.West Sumatra) F PT.Tapanuli Utara. (F/S and Detail Design PLTM Batu Balai and Padang Guci . (F/S and Detail Design PLTM Raisan . Our expertise are in basic survey stage. West Nusa Tenggara) F PT. North Sumatera) F PT. basic design stage.Lombok. Indah Alam Energi Lestari (F/S and Detail Engineering Design PLTM Batang Toru Pea Raja & PLTM Batang Toru Sitapean . WAHANA ADYA Hydro Electrical Power Plant (HEPP) PT.Lebong. Ø The Geotechnical Investigation of Malea Tanah Toraja Hydro Electrical Power Plant (HEPP) Central Sulawesi (80 MW) Ø F/S & Geotechnic Investigation of Wampu Hydro Electrical Power Plant (HEPP) Project. local and international engineering consultant. Bersaudara Simalungun Energy. Bangun Tirta Lestari (F/S and Detail Engineering Design PLTA Air Putih . North Sumatra) F PT.Kab. Indo Energi Sulawesi (Pre-F/S PLTMH Blajen Enrekan.Bengkulu) Ø F/S PLTMH Parlilitan (Humbang Hasandutan – North Sumatra) Ø Pre F/S PLTA Asahan – III. (North Sumatra) Ø Pre F/S PLTA Wampu (North Sumatra). (F/S and Detail Design of Segara Hydro Electrical Power Plant . Sumber Alam Energi Hidro. (F/S & Detail Design PLTM Karai . Berkah Alam Energi Lestari . Mega Power Mandiri.Simalungun. Manna Energy Pratama.Lahat.North Sumatra (Top) Tunnel of PLTA Asahan III . (F/S Dan Detail Design Hydro Electrical Power Plant Solok . Bengkulu) F PT.Bengkulu) F PT. WAHANAADYA was involve in development of Hydro Electrical Power Plant at many location in Indonesia. detail design stage and construction supervision stage of hydro electrical power project. Ø F/S PLTMH Lebong (Lebong .Tapanuli. South Sumatera) F PT. Suar Investindo Capital. Mitra Kerinci. North Sumatera(45 MW) Cooperation with Indonesian companies: F PT. Sulawesi) PLTMH Parlilitan Humbang Hasundutan . Inpola Meka Energi (Geo-Tehnic Investigation PLTMH Lau Gunung.

WAHANA ADYA Bidang Ke-listrikan PT. Crane Girder and Steel Structure. Main works at those project are as follow: F F F F F F F F F F F F Column Machine Shop.PT. . Switch Yard. The contractor of the project was international contractors. Riser Pipe Works. Bowl Mill. Conveyor Foundation. Precipitator Building. Downcomer Piping. WAHANA ADYA also involved in Construction Supervision of big scale power plant project: Paiton Power Plant (coal power plant) and Gresik Power Plant (gas and coal power plant). Yard Piping. Cable Duct Bridge. First Draft Fan. Water Treatment and Hidrogen Building.

Karai 7 (6 MW). Mega Power Mandiri Okt 2004 .7 MW) . North Sumatra F/S and DED PLTM Parlilitan (12 MW) .Lebong. MANNA ENERGY PRATAMA Agust 2009 Mei 2009 Juli 2008 14 15 Nop 2007 Juni 2006 16 17 18 PT. Indah Alam Energi Lestari PT.Enrekang. Mega Power Mandiri PT. North Sumatra F/S and DED of PLTM Test . Karai 12 (6 MW) and Karai 13 (8 MW) Simalungun. Provinsi Bengkulu F/S and DED PLTM Simbelin (6. Sulawesi Client PT.6 MW). North Sumatra F/S and DED PLTMH Air Putih (2 x 10 MW) . SUMBER ALAM ENERGI HIDRO 8 Juni 2010 9 Maret 2010 10 PT. 1 2 3 Project Name Up-grading PLTM Lebong (16 MW). Bangun Tirta Lestari PT.Tanah Karo. North Sumatra F/S and DED of Segara Hydro Electrical Power Plant (HEPP) (6.Lebong. Central Sulawesi Potential Survey and Pre-F/S PLTH Sungai Indikat 1 & 2 PT. Berkah Alam Energi Lestari & PT. Mega Power Mandiri Mei 2005 Mei 2005 Maret 2005 19 PT.Tapanuli. South Sumatra F/S and DED PLTM Karai 1 (13MW). Mega Power Mandiri PT. BERSAUDARA SIMALUNGUN ENERGI PT.SELECTED PROJECT EXPERIENCE PT.Muara Dua. Indo Energi Sulawesi Date Okt 2010 Okt 2010 Juli 2010 4 5 6 7 Juli 2010 Nop 2010 Agust 2010 Juli 2010 The Geotechnical Investigation of Malea Hydro DAEWOO ENGINERING COMPANY Electrical Power Plant 80 MW (HEPP).II (12 MW). Manggala Gita Karya (10 MW & 7 MW) Lahat . Mega Power Mandiri PT.Humbang Hasandutan.2 (14MW) .Tapanuli.South Bengkulu Pre-FS PLTA Asahan . Suar Investindo Capital Mei 2009 11 12 13 DAEWOO ENGINERING COMPANY PT. Berkah Alam Energi Lestari & PT. WAHANA ADYA Power Plant Project No. Mega Power Mandiri PT.South Sulawesi Pre-F/S PLTMH Blajen (8MW) . Bengkulu PT.4 MW) & PLTM Simataniari (5. .South Sumatra F/S and DED PLTM RAISAN -1 (7 MW) and PLTM RAISAN .West Sumatra F/S and DED of PLTM Batu Balai (4MW) and Padang Guci (5 MW) . MITRA KERINCI PT. North Sumatra F/S and DED PLTM Batang Toru Pea Raja and PLTM Batang Toru Sitapean .West of Nusa Tenggara F/S & Geotechnic Investigation of Wampu Hydro Electrical Power Plant (HEPP) Project (45 MW) Re-Design PLTMH Telanai (6MW) . Inpola Meka Energi PT. Indah Alam Energi Lestari PT. .Lombok. North Sumatra F/S and DED of Hydro Electrical Power Plan (HEPP) Solok (6 MW) . Bengkulu Geo-technic Investigation of PLTMH Lau Gunung (13 MW) .III (ROR-120 MW) North Sumatra Pre-FS PLTA Wampu (45 MW) .

Client Satker Balai Wilayah Sungai Kalimantan .Penida Date 15 Maret 2010 6 Mei 2010 11 Mei 2009 4 5 6 7 Satker Pengemb Penyehatan Lingk. Kalimantan. NAD Satker BWS Sumatera-I NAD Prog. Seumayam Kab. Satker Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai Citarum 9 April 2008 22 Sept 2008 28 Agust 2008 7 Juni 2008 12 Juni 2008 25 Juni 2008 25 Agust 2008 16 April 2007 31 Mei 2007 PPK Perencanaan dan Program Balai Wilayah 28 Mei 2007 Sungai Kalimantan II Kegiatan Perencanaan Pembangunan Reservoir Dinas Sumber Daya Air Prov. DED for river improvement.03 SID Kreung Manee Aceh Utara beach. DED Rukoh and Tiro Dam. NAD PPKK Pengemb. Sombong Oksibil. Pegunungan Bintang PPK Perencana dan Prog. Permukiman Bali Dinas Pekerjaan Umum Kalimantan Timur Satker BWS Pemali . Air Baku Satker BWS Sumatera I SNVT BRR PDRPP Prov. DED Flood control Bambu Kuning Kota Jayapura. Kab. Pasiran DED conservation of Pusong beach SID River and estuary Kr. Nagan Jaya. Bali.Juana BAPPEDA Kab.SELECTED PROJECT EXPERIENCE PT. Lombok Timur 20 April 2009 25 Februari 2009 2 April 2009 17 Okt 2009 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Dinas Pekerjaan Umum Prop. WAHANA ADYA WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERING No.III Bagian Perencana dan Program Balai Wilayah Sungai Pemali . Bandung. Review Design Logung Dam Additional of Geotechnical Investigation and Design Upgrading Titab Dam for preparing Design Certificate (Indonesia Dam Safety Commision) DED Drainage System Tukad Mati.01. Satker Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai Sumatera VII PPK Perencana dan Prog. Papua Dinas Pekerjaan Umum Kab. Bali. Kab. DED Raw water Reservoir. Identification study for beach abration. Detail Design Dung Kurungan Dam Detail Engineering Design (DED) Raw Water System Treng Wilis Lombok Timur. Prop. Tais. Kabupaten Seluma Bengkulu. Samarinda Seberang. catchment area Cikapundung & Cimahi. DED flood controll Yapen Waropen. west java. SID estuary and Kreung Peudada river. Papua. Identifikcation Potencialy Study for raw water suply SWS. 1 2 3 Project Name Emergency Action Plan for Bendali I Dan Bendali II Balikpapan.NAD SNVT Penyediaan Air Baku Prov. Kabupaten Pegunungan Bintang Raw water potentialy Study. Pidie. Kalimantan Selatan Survey and Investigation Rukoh Dam (Pra Design) Study for potentialy raw water suply SWS 01. Aceh. SID Flood controll. Aceh. Satker Balai Wilayah Sungai Papua Satker BWS Sumatera-I NAD Kegiatan Perenc. NTB. Papua. DED Raw water facility. dan Program Satker Pengembangan Kawasan Perdagangan Bebas dan Pelabuhan Bebas Sabang Kegiatan Perencanaan Pembangunan Jaringan Irigasi Dinas Pengairan Prov.NAD SNVT Irigasi Dan Rawa Andalan Kalimantan Selatan SNVT Irigasi Maluku Utara Pembina Dan Perencana SNVT Penyediaan Air Baku Bali SNVT PBPP Prov. Detail Design for Kusan swamp improvement SID Embung (small dam) 3 location DED Nusa Dua Estuary Dam (phase II) Kota Denpasar.03 Feasibility Study Keumireu Dam.NAD SNVT Pembangunan Waduk Keuliling NAD 29 Okt 2007 8 Juli 2007 2 Agust 2006 19 Juni 2006 17 Mei 2006 22 Mei 2006 19 Juni 2006 7 Agust 2006 13 Juni 2006 .Juana Satker Balai Wilayah Sungai Bali .

Kota Banda Aceh (phase II) SID Irrigation System Ulee Glee. SID Main Drainage system.NAD Proyek SKS PBPP Prov. Aceh.NAD Proyek SKS PBPP Prov. Survey Investigation Sungai Wain Dam East Kalimantan Pre Design and Geotechnical Rukoh Dam.NAD Date 23 Agust 2006 12 Juni 2006 8 Juli 2005 20 Juli 2005 20 Agust 2005 1 Des 2005 29 Nop 2005 25 Nop 2005 25 Nop 2005 . DED Flood control Bendali III Gunung Bahagia Kota Balikpapan. WAHANA ADYA WATER RESOURCES SECTOR No. NAD Proyek SKS PBPP Prov. Buleleng Bali. Kota Banda Aceh Client Pemkab Situbondo SNVT Pengemb. Kota Banda Aceh (phase II) SID Main drainage system. Aceh SID Main Drainage. Pidie.NAD Proyek SKS PBPP Prov. Dan Pengelolaan Sumber Air Bali SKS Pengendalian Banjir Dan Pengamanan Pantai Kalimantan Timur Satuan Kerja Penyediaan Air Baku Kalimantan Timur Proyek SKS PPJIR Prov. Pidie.SELECTED PROJECT EXPERIENCE PT. 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 Project Name F/S Semir Dam F/S 5 (lima) Buah Embung (small dam). East Kalimantan. Kab.

Topcon AT .300 Roll Meter. Dhiang Pinardi Ir.106 Total Station GTS . Frice 50 M Digital Camera Sondir (DCPT) Drilling Machine & accessories Shortcreate Machine Grouting Machine Planimeter GPS Hand Auger Current Meter Amount 6 Set 6 Set 2 Set 15 Unit 16 Unit 2 Unit 14 Unit 6 Unit 4 Unit 2 Unit 5 Unit 2 Unit 2 Unit Brand Topcon Topcon Topcon Lion Canon Toyo Koken / Toho Toho Toho Steadler Garmin Toyo Lokal . Sugeng Puji Waluyo Ir. BE.PT. Agus Budi Rahardjo Soenarto Soemoprawiro. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Personnel Dam Engineer Hydrologist Quantity Engineer (civil) Geologist Geodetic Engineer Structure Engineer (civil) Material Engineer (civil) Mechanikal Electrikal Engineer Inspector Engineer Road/Bridge Engineer Environmetalist CAD Spec Economist Surveyor Drilling Master Number 5 (five) 6 (six) 5 (five) 2 (two) 4 (four) 7 (seven) 5 (five) 6 (six) 8 (eight) 4 (four) 2 (two) 8 (eight) 6 (six) 12 (twelve) 12 (twelve) No. Tjokorda Gede Darmaputra Ir. Djoko Pratono Ir. WAHANA ADYA MANAGEMENT.G2 Theodolite. PERSONIL & EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT Commissary President Director Director I Director II Director III : : : : : Ir. Arianto Head of Aceh Branch Office : Head of Bali Branch Office : Head of Mataram Branch Office : PERSONNEL EQUIPMENT No. Bobby Harahap Ir. Topcan DT . Ir. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Equipment Water Paas.

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