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After reviewing the recording of your performance, use the self-critique as a tool to assess your strengths and weaknesses

at this point in your process of mastering public speaking. The self-critique must meet the following requirements: 1. The self-critique must be typed, 12 point font, double-spaced, and no less than 1 pages and no more than two pages in length. 2. You must include in your critique how and/or why you chose your topic. Also, include a discussion about preparation, organization, argument and evidence. 3. Avoid an essay focusing more on delivery than other aspects of your speech. Strive for balance in your critique. 4. You must assess what you did well and what you need to improve. 5. You must write your essay in paragraph form. Do not just write single sentence observations about each aspect of your speech. 6. You must hand in a hard copy as announced following your speech. You can use the following questions as guidelines to help you with your critique. 1. How much time did you spend preparing the talk (researching the topic, evaluating data, organizing material, writing the outline)? Could you have been better prepared? 2. Exactly how much time did you spend rehearsing your presentation? Could you have been better prepared? 3. What specific steps or actions did you take to manage stage fright? 4. Why did you choose this particular topic? In retrospect, was it a good choice for your audience (did they enjoy/understand the talk? were they interested)? Do you need to use another strategy when selecting your next topic? Or do you need to fine tune your next talk to better address the interests/experiences of your audience? 5. USE QUESTIONS LISTED IN #5 FOR PERSUASIVE SPEECHES ONLY Did you use sound reasoning? Is your evidence clearly supporting your arguments? Were your arguments sensible, salient and forceful? In what way were your arguments unique or novel? How well did you address the opposing argument? 6. Did you organize your material well? What pattern of organization did you use? Did the audience seem to find your topic easy to follow? Looking back, did any of the material seem muddled or confusing? Were your transitions effective? 7. Assess the effectiveness of your delivery. Identify all areas that need improvement. And what were your strengths in delivery? 8. Lets assume you can turn back the clock. If you were able to give this speech again, exactly what would you do differently? Discuss specific ways you could strengthen your speech. What did you learn in giving this speech that will help you be better at future speeches?