Optimizing “Transport” for your Business

. determine the nature of their business. As such. Sagawa Express works with customers of every size in all industries. and your partner. No two challenges are exactly the same. Fit Your Business We propose one solution for the entire world to fit your business. That is the Sagawa Express mission to become your best solution. we believe it important to propose separate logistics solutions optimized for each one of our individual customers. Logistics present different challenges for each customer. We get to the bottom of customers’ various needs. worldwide. precision equipment and large industrial machinery. and solve even their unseen issues. from a single document to items like fresh produce. We ship all varieties of goods daily.One solution.

we formulated the group management vision for where our focus for the next 10 years should lie. with dramatic increases in areas such as internet sales. This vision states that “Each group company constructs its business platform and creates new value. delivering its first package between Kyoto and Osaka.Message from the President Challenging to become “The Chosen Leading Company” Sagawa Express started in 1957. Further.” Recent transformations in the transportation and logistics industry have seen great changes in distribution style from production-based to consumption-based. President and CEO step. In the “Sagawa Express Second Stage Plan. At the same time.” SG Holdings Group has passed through its first three-year mid-term management plan. who needs to step up and deal with such market circumstances and issues. In March 2007.. we have inherited “hikyaku no kokoro” (the spirit of express messenger. starting the new “Second Stage Plan” in March 2010. Ltd.” and moved on to the next Sagawa Express Co. customers demand more efficient shipping services with higher added value from distribution providers than ever before. “SGH First Stage Plan. while working with other group companies to create and develop new businesses. In the more than 50 years since. we will strive to enhance and expand our express delivery business. centered on Sagawa Express. It is SG Holdings Group.) We have continued to put our heart and soul into delivering your precious cargo. we aim to be the business of choice for all our stakeholders by encouraging environmental protection and even further contributions from group companies. “all the while keeping your wishes in mind. As a result. Shouichi Heima . we consider safety first as a transportation and logistics company.” we make our slogan “Challenging to become ‘The Chosen Leading Company’!” To achieve our mid-term plan.

000. Minami-ku. Ltd.. Ltd..Corporate Profile / List of Executive Officers Corporate Profile Trade Name Headquarters Location President and CEO Founding Date Company Establishment Capital Equity Shareholders Employees Vehicles Main business details Sagawa Express Co. 68 Tsunoda-cho. Air Cargo Sales General Manager Noriyuki Bessho Quality Assurance General Manager Akira Ueoka Sales Supervisor. Kyoto. other shipping services and related operations *As of March 2011 Officers and Executive Officers Chairman President and CEO Senior Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director. 2011 . Executive Officer Director. Japan Shouichi Heima March 1957 November 1965 11. Kamitoba. Executive Officer Director Corporate Auditors Eiichi Kuriwada SG Holdings Co..751* 26. Ltd.869 (Including mini-vehicles)* Express delivery. (100%) 48.000 yen SG Holdings Co. Kanto Branch Office President Koji Nakatani Business Analysis Supervisor Masaki Oohara Chubu Branch Office President Yasuhiro Onishi General Affairs General Manager Akira Takemura Finance and Accounting Supervisor Naoki Edanaka Personnel and Safety Control General Manager Kiichi Suzuki Masayuki Tominaga Hideo Kikuchi Hokkaido Branch Office President Kimiaki Sasamori Tohoku Branch Office President Outside Corporate Auditors Kazuhito Ishii Hisashi Fujiki Nadao Yoshiura Kanto Branch Office Vice-President Tomoki Sano Kansai Branch Office President Hidenori Ishikawa Chugoku-Shikoku Branch Office President Kazuaki Shibata Kyushu Branch Office President June. Chairman and President Officers Akihiro Kawabata Sales Supervisor Shouichi Heima Nobuaki Kondo Kenji Hisamori Management Supervisor Yasuji Ioka Sales Strategy General Manager Kazuhiro Nakagawa Transport Service Development.275.

21. Kagawa Tel: 087-822-8499 Kyushu Total 27 44 113 44 49 43 54 374 5 13 264 34 113 26 50 505 13 12 8 7 6 14 10 1 5 2 9 11 (As of September. We are also actively developing smaller service centers and stores to support your business locally. Yokohama. Nagano Tel: 026-251-2522 4 Branch Offices Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto Chubu Kansai Chugoku-Shikoku Sales Offices Smaller Stores 13 Hokuriku Sub-Branch To-80 Kigoshimachi. seven sub-branch offices and over 370 offices nationwide to transport your packages more efficiently. Minami-ku. Miyagi Tel: 022-259-1112 5 Chubu Branch Office 1350 Sosaku. Kanagawa Tel: 045-775-1311 10 Kita-Kanto Sub-Branch 1-4-1 Ryutsudanchi. Sendai. Konohana-ku. Hiroshima Tel: 082-256-6219 Sub-Branches 3 9 Nishi-Kanto Sub-Branch 7-3 Torihama-cho. Higashi-ku. Saitama Tel: 048-986-3681 11 Higashi-Kanto Sub-Branch 42-5 Shiomi-cho. Koshigaya. Miyagino-ku. Kyoto Tel: 075-691-6500 Branch Offices Keiji Sub-Branch Tel: 075-681-8181 3 Hokkaido Branch Office 18-Kita4-1. Komaki. Hokkaido Tel: 011-865-1828 4 Tohoku Branch Office 7-5-3 Ougimachi. Takamatsu. Fukuoka Tel: 092-631-5255 Branch Office 1-19-20 Dejima. Chiba Tel: 047-431-2205 12 Koshinetsu Sub-Branch 700-1 Oaza-Inoue. Koto-ku. Suzaka. Sapporo. Mitsubuchi. 2011) . Funabashi. Osaka Tel: 06-6460-1122 7 Chugoku-Shikoku 8 Kyushu Branch Office 4-12-5 Hakozaki-Futo. Kamitoba. Ishikawa Tel: 076-257-2020 14 Shikoku Sub-Branch 4-10-22 Asahimachi. Shinsuna. Kanazawa-ku. Hon-dori. Head Offices 1 Kyoto Head Office 68 Tsunoda-cho.Nationwide Offices Sagawa Express has expanded to seven branch offices. Tokyo Tel: 03-3699-3666 Kanto Branch Office Tel: 03-3699-3330 6 Kansai Branch Office 4-4-51 Shimaya. Kanazawa. Minami-ku. Shiroishi-ku. Aichi Tel: 0568-77-7310 2 Tokyo Head Office 2-1-1.

Sagawa Express founder Kiyoshi Sagawa establishes a courier service in Kyoto. becomes Sagawa Group subsidiary. “Completed delivery notification e-mail service” and “delivery receipt request service” launched on company website. “Super Rail Cargo” service for special express container train transport started. March 1998 March June August “Hikyaku Courier” home delivery service started. “Hikyaku Mail Express” service started.. “Gion Sagawa Express” service started. June “e-collect” started. April “Hikyaku Special Correspondence Delivery” service started. all branches and all offices nationwide have 2000-standard ISO9001 certification. 1999 February March June August “Hikyaku Artwork Transportation” service started. “Biz-Navi” navigation system for home delivery vehicles introduced. The head office. Head office acquires ISO14001 certification. 2000 February Package tracking for mobile internet on cellular phones launched. “sgx” started. “Hikyaku Cool Express” service for refrigerated transport started. Another 192 offices acquire ISO9001 certification. “Completed delivery notification e-mail service” started for mobile internet on cellular phones. 2000 August Another 104 offices acquire ISO9001 certification. bringing the Sagawa Group total to 222 offices. 1984 December Sagawa national route network completed. 1997 June Sagawa Eco Project Promotion Committee inaugurated. March “Hikyaku Moving Express” service started. “Specified Time Delivery” service started. Ltd. Sagawa Express has and continues to answer the needs of the times. July October June. 1962 June Sagawa Inc. Ltd. July 2007 Sagawa Express completely redesigns the Hikyaku Mark. “e-collect shopping navigation service” launched. December Officer system introduced. 1957 March Primarily operating between Kyoto and Osaka.” established as a pure holding company. Japanese business model patent acquired for “e-collect. 2002 December “Minister’s Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity” received from the Ministry of Environment. 2008 February “Hikyaku Courier with CO2 Emission Credit” started. “Hikyaku Yu-Mail” service started.” “Hikyaku Security Express” service started. “SG Holdings Co. 2003 May July Sagawa Express signs up with WWF Japan’s Climate Savers Program for CO2 reduction. November Tokyo / Koto-ku mail center completed. Invoice form redesigned. July Shorts introduced for sales driver summer uniforms. September “ e’s” online business support service launched..” “Hikyaku PC Express” service started. Credit card payment with “e-collect” 2010 June Sagawa Express receives the 11th Logistics Environmental Achievement Award for providing individual CO2 emissions data for each of its customers. and environmental initiatives. “Document Storage Service” started. 2011 . Package tracking service launched on Sagawa website. June “Recall Total Service” started. 2006 March “Hikyaku Green Mail” service started. Through its history. Sagawa Eco Project Promotion Committee receives Environmental Agency Director General’s Award for efforts in preventing global warming. sponsored by the Japan Trucking Association. 1996 April “Hikyaku Air Express” service started. 1985 January Freight tracking system launched. June “Large-sized furniture/appliance installation and transportation” started. Gion Sagawa Express * All products and services given with current names only. employee uniforms and product names to mark its 50th anniversary. bringing the Sagawa Group total to 326 offices. Three-wheeled delivery truck used in 1962 2001 February August Delivery completion notification data now sent in real-time. October “Consignee Indentification Delivery Service” started.Corporate History Innovative products and services. established. “Hikyaku Cool Express” service started. Delivery receipt request service also launched. 2004 March Operators at work 1989 October Sagawa Express wins its first Grand Prize in the National Truck Driver Contest. Ltd. founded. 2009 February World Supply Co. March Sagawa Express head office and Tokyo head office acquire ISO27001 certification. Receives Prime Minister’s Prize for achieving the first perfect score in the history of the competition. 1965 November Sagawa Express Co. 1992 June “Hiden Series” service for shipment support system launched.. Sagawa Express Head Office and 30 offices throughout Japan obtain ISO9001 certification. Super Rail Cargo 2005 March April US business model patent acquired for “e-collect.

current system and create the next logistics infrastructure together with the customer. You need to find the source of your problems. Create . We help by using our vast knowledge in logistics to comprehensively analyze the current system. and your partner.Logistics Solutions “What kinds of services do our customers want?” The answer to this question is “to not just stop at providing the customer products and services. and ask yourself what the next step in accelerating your business should be. and then propose an optimal “solution” to the problems.” We have always pursued our own business potential from our customer’s perspective. We contribute to your business by being your best solution. but to solve problems with the Solving your problems to create a new future.

a SG Holdings Group company. mailing services. coordinates international logistics with its links to related companies in Japan and overseas. sales and recovery. As your outsourced logistics provider. standardizing storehouse operations. Logistics Support Provided through links with Sagawa Global Logistics. inventory control and delivery. implementing transparencies over the entire logistical process. centered on our express delivery business. Sagawa Express Logistics Solutions Domestic Delivery Support We have developed a number of delivery services. production. we strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition and help you simplify the labor involved in distribution and cut costs. We also work to answer our customers’ delivery needs by producing charter delivery services. We do all this by proposing things such as revising work flow for each of your sites. and cutting inventory and space used. By developing our business to totally support your logistical needs. but building a logistics system based on a strategic plan. They use their intelligence network. we propose logistics solutions that deal with the many varied needs of our customers. comprehensively tackling issues with your procurement. customs clearance. International Delivery Support Sagawa Global Logistics. to transport your cargo door-to-door. or inventory and fixed assets. We are working to build up a nationwide network for installing and transporting large furniture and home appliances. Dec. transport and other sectors alone. and at the same time improve your cash flow from order acceptance to payment receipt. We help these companies by optimizing their entire logistical operation as a whole. We propose an outsourcing proposal including the entire logistics process. 2010 . we aim to improve your corporate valuations. and expand our next-day delivery region. Sagawa Express will optimize your entire logistical operation. They take on everything from ship or plane arrangements. storage and other shipping procedures in an integrated package. built on experience and knowledge of the international logistics and import/export businesses. This involves not just carriage and delivery of individual packages.Logistics Solutions At Sagawa Express. moving services and more. We handle the entire process from procurement through packing. Logistics Consulting (3PL) Third-party logistics (3PL) refers to outsourcing a company’s logistics to a third party company. Procurement Support Manufacturing businesses can’t expect to streamline their logistics and cut costs by improving their storehouse. handling environmental issues or reducing their lead times. We utilize a variety of shipping services and infrastructure to help customers in activities such as launching net businesses. Supply Chain Management Consulting (SCM) By compressing your management assets. develop environmentally sound products and community-based businesses.

tells us that there is more to this simple business than appears.” When you approach your work sincerely from the customer’s perspective like this. the ideas for shipping services are endless. it appears to be a pretty simple business. . Our Transport at Sagawa Express grows based on our customers. experience in providing various shipping services.Safe and Secure Delivery Services Transport We transport things. Our style is to fashion all our shipping services with the customer’s needs in mind. however. We understand that the things we transport are your precious “cargo. This is what we will continue to do. We think about what we can do to safely deliver your package even just the slightest bit faster. At a glance.

Safe and Secure Shipping Services Sagawa Express shipping services: transporting with you in mind “hikyaku no kokoro” (The spirit of an express messenger) has not changed since Sagawa Express was established. 365 days a year. Dec. 2010 Transport . width and height within 160 cm and weight within 30 kg nationwide within Japan. from international business to personal. Hikyaku Cool Express Proper temperature control provides total support for transport of your frozen and refrigerated goods. This service delivers any package with total length. (No packages shipped on Sunday or Japanese holidays) • Next-day delivery Package shipped on the first flight the day after picked up. and delivered that day. offer the following two options to fit your needs: Hikyaku Air Express • Next-morning delivery Package shipped on the last flight of the pickup day. and delivered the following morning. accepting and safely delivering your package. surely and carefully” with deliveries by putting the customer first. (Delivery not available for all Sundays or Japanese holidays) We also have a variety of shipping services optimized for your intended use. Thus. Use this service if you need your packaged delivered to a far off corner of Japan quickly. it is the mission of each of our employees to deliver your package responsibly and in good faith. Hikyaku Courier This is our basic shipping service. We shall continue to work at developing “transport” to fit different package configurations and your needs. • Refrigerated goods: 2-10˚C. providing optimized temperature control and letting you select routes. a major player in logistics for processed food and chilled goods. We ensure the quality of your products. frozen goods: -18˚C and lower • Size: L/H/W dimensions within 140 cm total • Weight: 20 kg or lower This service allows next-day air delivery anywhere from Hokkaido to Okinawa. This service combines the nationwide success of Sagawa Express and the cool storage equipment of Nichirei Logistics Group. Hikyaku no Kokoro “hikyaku no kokoro” refers to our motto of being “swiftly.

Expanding Shipping Services Our services are all for your business.” Another appeal of these services is their ease of use for anyone. Small improvements produce legitimate results.” but also proactively work on social issues. like “reducing environmental burden. large-scale logistics solutions. This is another of our approaches in our pursuit of your satisfaction. our customers. Support . They also involve more than just proposing Services that produce legitimate results support our customers. All the shipping services we provide were developed by listening to you. We have worked to not only make improvements in terms of “convenience” and “security.

heights of 3. 2010 Support economical services . which your end users can appreciate as well. Delivery status can be checked with barcodes for cargo tracking. Packages will be delivered by postal workers. We support you by providing convenient.5 cm and weights up to 3 kg. Packages are delivered to the recipient’s mailbox. leaving no worry of personal information leaks. • Hikyaku Yu Mail Express For packages up to lengths of 34 cm. the accepting party can pay using credit cards or debit cards. Dec. Hikyaku Mail Express Hikyaku Yu Mail Express • Hikyaku Mail Express Sagawa Express delivers magazines and catalogs of dimensions up to 70 cm total and weights up to 1 kg. Shipping services with tangible results upon every use. e-collect These services are specially designed as low-costs option when no signature is needed for package receipt. Our sales drivers carry payment terminals to accept payments at the point of delivery. widths of 25 cm. Besides cash. The terminals erase transaction data upon payment completion. e-collect is a payment on delivery service to collect product payment on behalf of the shipping party’s behalf when delivering. “Supporting” your business through transport. Deliver packages to private residences within your desired time range. but also helps limit CO2 emissions from redelivery by eliminating deliveries when the recipient is not home. We have Time Express very exact time windows available for delivery times. Cut delivery costs further by letting Sagawa Express send your packages to the post office. Not only does this benefit the recipient.Expanding Shipping Services Adding extra value to transport. We promise you legitimate satisfaction and greater peace of mind. The shipping party can also preset payment options to only accept cash or allow payment by card.

cutting emissions to prevent global warming is an issue that must be seriously addressed as we expand our logistics business.Sagawa Express CSR Activity As the core company of SG Holdings Group. forest preservation activities and environmental classes to convey the wonders of nature and importance of environmental protection to local residents. Sagawa Express promotes a wide range of initiatives to help enrich people through interaction with our customers. We work to improve our sales driver’s driving skills and safety awareness through in-depth driving instruction and driver’s contests. value-adding services and strives to make environment for our employees. customers and local residents is essential to our company expanding together with society. our employees and our many stakeholders. local residents and all our stakeholders. We also hold traffic safety class for children and the seniors. We also hold nature experience studies. Sagawa Express Driver Contest Sagawa Express Traffic Safety School Environmental Initiatives To us at Sagawa Express. manually collecting and delivering packages at our service center and through other efforts. Service Center Nature Experience Studies (Rice Planting) Relationship with Society a pleasant working We believe communication between our employees. Sagawa Express listens to all our stakeholders to provide high quality. We are working to reduce our emissions by using CNG trucks. holding sports classes for local children and other activities. We also contribute to society through sports and cultural activities. Children’s Workshop Soccer Class . Safety Initiatives At Sagawa Express. We are helping create a “safe and secure” culture through such activities. and communicate with local residents to instill in them the importance of following traffic rules. “safe driving” is our most important management issue.

Ltd. 2011 . Ltd.. Nouvelle Golf Club Sagawa Co. Ltd. Inc. Ltd.. A BEIJING BRANCH B DALIAN BRANCH C TIANJIN BRANCH D QINGDAO BRANCH E GUANGZHOU BRANCH 7 Sagawa Logistics Korea Co. Ltd. Sagawa Express Indonesia 17 Sagawa Express Hawaii.. Ltd.. Ltd.... World Supply Co. 13 Sagawa Express Vietnam 14 Sagawa Global Logistics (Malaysia) Sdn. Ltd.. Ltd. Sagawa Global Logistics Co. Ltd. Sagawa Financial Co. Sagawa Moving Center Co. Ltd. Sagawa Advance Co. SG Realty Co. Ltd..) Co. Ltd. Inc. Pte. 18 Wuxi FeiSu Logistics Information Technology Co. Ltd. Ltd. 14 Malaysia 15 Singapore 16 Indonesia June. 12 Sagawa Express Thai A C 1 D 3 B 2 5 8 Korea 7 Japan China 18 4 E 6 9 Taiwan Hawaii 17 Thailand 12 13 Vietnam 10 Philippines 11 Container Distribution Service Co. Sagawa Forestry Co. 9 Sagawa Express (H. SG Motors Co. 16 P. Ltd. 11 Sagawa Global Logistics (Philippines) Inc. 2 Sagawa Silox Qingdao Co. 5 Shanghai Poly-Sagawa Logistics Co.. Sagawa Express aims to create new value for its customers. Ltd. Ltd.. Foundations Sagawa Foreign Students’ Scholarship Public Interest Foundation Sagawa International Economic Cooperation Foundation Sagawa Cancer Research Promotion Public Interest Foundation Sagawa Art Museum Public Interest Foundation Auxiliary Organizations SG Holdings Group Health Insurance Association SG Holdings Group Corporate Pension Fund Overseas Group Companies 1 Tianjin Poly-Sagawa International Trading Co. 8 Sagawa Express International Taiwan Corp.. Ltd.. Pure Holding Company SG Holdings Co. SG Expert Co. Ltd..K..... Ltd.. 3 Sagawa Silox Shanghai Co.. Ltd... Domestic Group Companies Sagawa Express Co. 6 Poly-Sagawa Logistics Co. Ltd. Sagawa Logistics Partners Co. SG Systems Co. Ltd.. SG Motors Kan-etsu Co.. Ltd.T. 15 Sagawa Express Singapore.. Ltd. SG Fielder Co. 10 Sagawa Express Philippines.The SG Holdings Group Through its links with other SG Holdings Group companies. 4 Shanghai Dazhong Sagawa Logistics Co. Ltd.. Bhd..

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