9691/04 ‘A’ Level Computing Project L lC i P j

Nicosia, Cyprus, 26th January 2008

© Dr. Antonis Kaniclides 2008

Moderation of Project Work
Needed for
9691/02 – Practical Programming Project 9691/04 – Computing Project

Objective: j
Standardisation of Marks from Schools and Institutes

External Moderation by CIE

Internal Moderation Ensure students submit their own work Teachers/Supervisors Mark Projects p j Candidate Record Card Project Marking Details Form Coursework Assessment Summary Form Moderation by the British Council Schools/Institutes with up to 10 students Schools/Submitting more than 10 projects 3 .

9691/04 CIE A-Level Computing Computing Project .

9691/04 Computing Project Outline Definition. Investigation & Analysis Design Software Development Testing and Implementation I l t ti Documentation Evaluation (11) (11) (18) (12) (8) 5 .

Investigation D fi iti I ti ti and Analysis 6 .9691/04 Chapter 1 Definition.

9691/04 Definition. D i ti f the t th d d Origin and form of data 7 . Investigation & Analysis Introduction Brief description of the organization involved Operation of the current system Description of th current methods used.

Investigation & Analysis Fact finding (Investigation) Selection (and justification) of methods Interview with user Questionnaire Observation Analysis of Documents used in the current system Preparation – Identify information that needs to be collected Fact finding evidence – Present evidence of carrying out the fact finding methods 8 .9691/04 Definition.

hardware and software requirements and be signed by the user Alternative solutions Alt ti l ti Discuss outlines and evaluate against each other – (Include advantages and disadvantages disadvantages) • M Manual system – possible enhancements t current system l t ibl h t to t t • Computerised solution (Off-the shelf) • Computerised solution (Custom-made database). processing output and input. processing. Investigation & Analysis Analysis A l i Description of current system – use flowcharts or other appropriate tools Identify Problems i th existing system Id tif P bl in the i ti t User requirements – include input storage. 9 .9691/04 Definition.

9691/04 Chapter 2 Design D i 10 .

This should include the Aims and Objectives of this phase E-R E R modeling . 12345 g 11 . Field Name e.g.g.g. Autonumber g (Text currency number etc) Size e.Clearly identify entities involved in the system and their relationships Table structure . The key identifier of g y each customer This is a unique number Validation e. g 5 Description e.g.g.9691/04 Design Nature of the solution 1 of 2 Introduction .Describe the data structure of each entity identifying the following attributes e. g Presence check Example e.g.g g CustomerID Type e.

9691/04 Design Nature of the solution 2 of 2 Input Design .Design and Annotate the screens used for output as well as the reports generated by the system. Link to table(s). Grouping. Annotation of elements) Process Design . Fields used. (Identify Purpose.U i D t Fl P D i Using Data Flow Di Diagrams and d Flowcharts describe the processes carried out by the system – detailed textual descriptions of each diagram are needed 12 . Criteria.Design and annotate the input screens to the system (Identify Purpose. Sorting. Link to table(s). Annotation of elements) ) Ouput Design . Fields.

g. Estimation of file size required for the implemented system 13 . time.9691/04 Design Intended Benefits & Limits of the scope of the solution Intended Benefits Comparison of merits of the new system in relation to the old system Limits of the scope of the Solution p Some discussion of limitations e. computer literacy etc. budget. available hardware.

l t Testing and Implementation 14 .9691/04 Chapter 3 Software D S ft Development.

Test no. 1 Test Objective CustomerID should be automatically generated Test Method Click on Add Button Test Data Used n/a Expected Outcome Next ID should be generated Actual Outcome Test Successful Evidence on page… 95 Testing Evidence This should satisfy that the system successfully performs the intended functionality 15 .9691/04 Software Development .g.Testing and Testing Implementation Development Paragraph to refer Development evidence as part of the Technical manual Test Plan Test plan that includes expected outcomes and cross-references to the appropriate page of the testing e.

9691/04 Software Development .Testing and Testing Implementation Clear Implementation plan that includes the following: System Changeover details y g User Training required User Testing and User Acceptance Evidence in the form of a written statement signed by the user that they have seen the b ser the ha e product in operation and agree with the implementation strategy 16 .

Printer drivers were checked Comments Problem solved! Problem solved.Testing and Testing Implementation Appropriateness of structure and exploitation of available facilities Discussion of the suitability of the hardware and software used f th system d for the t Recognition and brief discussion of problems encountered Actions taken to overcome the problems p A log of problems should be included in a table – At least 8-10 problems should be mentioned Date Problem Description Creation of Relationship in Access between customer and product Reports not printing Action taken Primary key not the same type! Had to change the type of the primary key. 17 . Printer Cable checked and repluged on the computer.9691/04 Software Development .

9691/04 Chapter 4 Technical T h i l Documentation 18 .

Therefore its contents should be fully annotated and well presented in this section 19 .9691/04 Technical Documentation Note Most of the work will have been produced as a byproduct of the design and development work earlier in the project However a technical guide is a stand alone document produced prod ced to facilitate eas maintenance and upgrade of easy pgrade a system.

Screens of the system including Menus Reports p 20 .9691/04 Technical Documentation The technical manual should include the following: Specification of the Software and Hardware on which the system can be implemented. file and data structures used Database modeling and organization (in the form of an E-R diagram) Data Dictionary Detailed flowcharts of the system functionality Navigation paths in the system Annotated program listings ( p g g (where appropriate) pp p ) Details of algorithms and formulae used. Record.

9691/04 Chapter 5 User Documentation 21 .

9691/04 User Documentation The user manual should provide guidance to the users for all the operations that they will be required to perform using the system This should be in a user-friendly manner (include screenshots!) and could be produced as a separate booklet or an Appendix to the report 22 .

9691/04 User Documentation The user manual should contain sections that describe the following: Installation of the system Description of h D i i f how to start the system h Mention of the relationship between Access and the data held in the system Security of access to data Description of how to perform each function (eg. How to add a new customer) including the Input format and screen displays in each case On-Screen help examples Print Options Back up Procedures Guide to common errors that may occur 23 .

9691/04 User Documentation Additionally the user guide should have an index and if necessary a glossary of the terms used y g y 24 .

9691/04 Chapter 6 Evaluation E l ti 25 .

9691/04 Evaluation Success in meeting the original Objectives Evaluate the effectiveness of the completed system Original objectives should be matched to achievements (taking into account any limitations) giving evidence from the project to support this f th j tt t thi User Evaluation of the system should be included either In the form of a questionnaire or Direct user evaluation using a set of typical data that would arise in the normal use of the system 26 .

9691/04 Evaluation User’s response t the system U ’ to th t Letter signed from the user to say that a user friendly system that meets the requirements have been met and that there are no known faults with the system Desirable extensions Identify the good and bad points of the final system Highlight any limitations and necessary extensions Indicate how extensions could be carried out 27 .

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