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Fancy a snog?


Branding Strategy
Assignment 1 Group 25

Frozen Yogurt

I am from N.Y. I was a bank investor. I live in London for 24 yrs.

Im Rob Baines.

I want a real healthy yogurt !!

Im the SNOG Founder & owner.

methodology Methodology


23 different types of companies in UK were listed. Website research Contact by E-mail and phone at first.



Literature Review

1 HR face to face interview with Rob At SOHO SNOG. Audio / Video / Photo record 30 questions were made.

Data Analysis

Findings & Recommendation

Touch points Values Vision



Digital Media

Health ao healthy lifestyle suggestion


Creativity Working with young people


Future analysis SWOT of branding

Pioneer in the UK &emotional connection will be snacks Building social media Internet Only summer key
Vision of thefast and be founders

-(Branding Strategy Insider, 2008) flexible Yogurt is a trend short Healthybecome a friend experience Build on customer & contemporary concept term Differentiating promotion marketing one-on-one Doubt about ingredients -(Branding Strategy Insider,2010)

(sweeteners & Co-creation with other businesses and toppings) Stay close to brand values consumers


Be honest Growing market Girly brand image -

men? Home away from home

Increasing number of lactose intolerant people Epidemic related to supplies

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Co-create with consumers

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Thank you

Branding Strategy
Assignment 1 Group 25