CY1201 – Environmental Science & Engineering


Subject Code: CY1201 Subject Name: Environmental Science & Engineering Year/ Sem : III / V

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Define Environmental Science. What is meant by deforestation?


State the environmental effects of extracting & using mineral resources. State the need for public awareness for solving environmental problems. What is geothermal energy?

State any two problems caused by the construction of dams. Write any two functions of forest.

What are the advantages of conjunctive uses of water? Define environmental impact statement.

10. What is soil fertility?

12. What is soil erosion? How can it be controlled? 13. Define desertification.

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14. Define Overgrazing. What are the effects of overgrazing?

15. Distinguish between water logging & Salinity.


11. Explain soil leaching.

Explain Renewable & non-Renewable energy resources with examples. (a) Compare nuclear power with coal. (b) Write a note on energy conservation. (c) What is Solar Space heating? Explain (6) (4) (6) (8) (8)


(a) What are the causes of soil erosion & deforestation? Explain in detail (b) Discuss the consequences of overdrawing surface and Ground water.

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PART – B (16 marks)


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M aa ecosystem. (a) Define Ecological pyramids and explain different types of ecological pyramids. Define Biodiversity. Write briefly on any four alternate source of energy (a) Write the effects of extracting and using mineral resources. Write note on endemic species. (b) Explain the scope & importance of Environment. Define poaching. structure& function of 1. 6. Define consumers & Classify them. 15. Define Biosphere. (c) Enumerate the benefits & draw backs of building of dams. 14. 3. characteristics features. What is Ecological succession? 4. Aquatic ecosystem na va 8. 10. PART – B (16 MARKS) N. Define Estuaries. 7. 2. (a) What is an ecosystem? Describe the structure & function of various components of an (10) (6) (6) (b)Explain the various threats to biodiversity. (a) What are the effects of modern Agriculture? (b) Discuss the causes of land degradation. What is Biomes? Give Examples. 12. 5. 13.CY1201 – Environmental Science & Engineering 4. What are the advantages& disadvantages of in-situ& ex-situ conservation of biodiversity? 9. (b) Describe the types. 2. Define Producers. Name the four ecosystems. What is the classification of biotic component of ecosystems? co m (10) (8) (8) 3. (4) (8) (4) (8) (8) UNIT – II PART – A (2 MARKS) 1. Enumerate the human activities which destroy the biodiversity. Forest ecosystem 2. What are food chain & food Webs? 6. Define Species & Genetic diversity. 1. 5. 11. (a) Explain In-Situ & Ex-Situ Conservation of Biodiversity (b) What is meant by value of biodiversity? Explain different values of biodiversity .

effects & control measures of marine pollution. (ii). . 5. 6. Name any four air pollutants.CY1201 – Environmental Science & Engineering 4. (ii) Explain the various methods of controlling air pollution. and their sources and impacts. Ecological succession 2. When a sound causes noise pollution. effects and control measures of water pollution. (ii) What is Thermal pollution and explain their impacts? (iii)What are the sources of radioactive pollution? 4. (ii) Discuss the causes. 2. 10. Write briefly on 1. Write any four major water pollutants. M N. 9. Define disasters Write any two causes of soil pollution. What are point and non-point sources of water pollution? Define hazardous wastes. (i) Write a brief note on of thermal pollution. Define noise pollution. Energy flow through an ecosystem 3. 5. (ii) Explain the causes. What are the types of solid waste? 1 (i). 4. 12. (i) Discuss briefly the disposal of Municipal solid waste management. 11.Explain the effects nuclear and Radiation pollution. 3. co m 1. 7. (i) Explain in detail the role of individual in conservation of natural resources. Hot spots of biodiversity 5. Define photochemical smog. (4) (8) (8) (6) (10) 3. Define floods.Discuss the major air pollutants and their impacts. 8. (a) What is the biodiversity what are the reasons for decline for biodiversity (b) Write short notes on: (1) Producers (2) Consumers (3) Decomposers ( 4+4+8) (10) (3 X 2 = 6) UNIT – III PART – A (2 MARKS) 2. Define pollution. (i) Discuss major air pollutants and their impacts. aa na va PART – B (16 MARKS) (8) (8) (8) (8) (6) (6).

5. 2. 8. (i) Explain nuclear accidents and holocaust. Explain green house effect. na va 1. . PART – B (16 MARKS) (ii) Write the factors influence the unsustainable to sustainable development. Write reason for wetland reclamation. Briefly account on human rights. 9. (ii) Write notes on global warming. Green House Effect b. (i) Discuss the agenda for sustainable development (ii) Write briefly on nuclear accidents 5. . What are the causes and effects of global warming? 2. . Define Population explosion 2. Rain water Harvesting d. 4. Climate Change aa PART – A (2 MARKS) 1.. 6. Explain the term sustainable development. What is watershed management? 7. Define ZPG (Zero Population Growth) 3.CY1201 – Environmental Science & Engineering UNIT – IV PART – A (2 MARKS) 1. (i) Write a note on watershed management. N. . (iii) Discuss briefly on environment protection act 1986. What are causes and effects of ozone layer depletion? 3. What is acid rain? 4. Write any four effects of climate change. (ii) Write briefly Bhopal disaster and Chernobyl disaster. (i) Explain forest conservation act. Write note on climate change. Define resettlement and rehabilitation. UNIT – V co m (8) (8) (8) (8) (4) (8) (4) (8) (8) (4) (4) (6) (2) 3. Acid Rain c. M Write briefly on a. 10.

(i) Explain the role of IT in environment and human health. (i) Write a note on the following in relation to human population & environment A. State how environment and human health are related 9. Explain EI N0 8. (i) Population explosion affects the environment seriously – discuss. Explain total fertility rate 6. List the problems of population growth. M (ii) Discuss the factors influencing the family size. (ii) Write briefly on: (4) (4) aa 1. (ii) Deterioration of environment leads to deterioration of human health – Justify. B. Define population equation 7. na va N. (ii) Write short note on Value Education co m PART – B (16 MARKS) (12) (4) (6) (4) (6) (8) (8) 2. Population Profile. Population momentum. (i) Write briefly on implementation of family planning programme. . 4. Define Population equilibrium 5. (i) Discuss the growth of population can be successfully implemented . 10. State the role of information technology in environment.CY1201 – Environmental Science & Engineering 4. 2. (iii) Discuss on the steps taken in India to prevent AIDS. Woman Child Welfare. What is AIDS? How to prevent it? 1. (iii) Discuss the factors influencing the family size 3. Human Rights. (ii) Write a note on AIDS in developing country (4) (4) (6) (4) (6) 5. 11.

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