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Empowering rural people for their own development Agrarian structure and productivity in Sri Lanka How infrastructure

and financial institutions affect agricultural output and investment in Sri Lanka Scaling up community- driven development in Seri Lanka Technological priorities for framing in Sri Lanka Occupational choice and the process of development in Sri Lanka Agriculture and industrial revolution in Sri Lanka Social networks and technology adoption in Sri Lanka The importance of agriculture in Sri Lanka for next 10 years The determinants of employment status in Sri Lanka Rise of supermarkets in Sri Lanka, and its effect to the social and economic development of country The Economics of agrarian change under population pressure (or technology) in Sri Lanka Do rural banks matter to the development of the Sri Lankan economy? Increasing returns and market efficiency in Sri Lankan agricultural trade Income versus consumption measures of poverty and inequality in Sri Lanka Effect of telecommunication development towards the economic development of country (Sri Lanka) Job creation in Sri Lanka after civil war for the development of the country Empirical study about link between the education and development of Sri Lanka National resources for the growth of Sri Lanka Globalization, trans border trade and war economics Sri Lanka export markets, its development and effect towards the growth of country (Sri Lanka) Impact of small business enterprises towards growth of country The determinants of income mobility in Sri Lanka Rising GDP is associated with rising tax revenues-expanding the opportunities to the fund se4rvices for the poor Effect of trade policies for Sri Lanka Trade and environment in Sri Lanka

Aggregate demand and aggregate supply in the Sri Lankan Economy Sustainable community development in Sri Lanka Promoting job creation for young people in multinational enterprises and their supply chain Customer satisfaction through E-banking ERP Enterprises Resource Planning Multi-stakeholder dialogues and public-private partnerships; successes and failures Sustainability mega-issues; challenges and dilemmas for companies Product responsibility in a global economy Business and human rights; a new agenda Breaking down the barriers: driving sustainability through organizations Quantifying the sustainability benefit of strategic projects Consumers and sustainability social political and geographical influence towards Future Sri Lankan Economic Growth What sort of role brand will play in organizations within next 10 years Supply Chain/Value Chain Employee retaining strategy for organizations