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Cape Town Table Mountain Blues Summit 2011 Dan PatlanskySome of the better guitar players and a few

blues-nuts may understand wh n I paint the following picture. A Battle-scarred red 1962 Fender stratocaster, scalloped fretboard, extra wide (bass guitar size) frets and extra heavy gauge s trings tuned down a semi-tone a la Jimmy Hendrix style. This is more a weapon of mass destruction than a guitar and it is the preferred tool of a serious axeman called Dan Patlansky.

Proper blues gigs are hard to find in South Africa and a really good three-piece blues-band is even rarer, so when you do find them, they are to be treasured. I n a three-piece set-up, there is nowhere for a mediocre player to hide. No keybo ard or second guitar to cover-up the little mistakes. Every error is instantly o bvious. But as unforgiving the three-piece environment is for the average musici an, so rewarding it is for the master of his craft and his audience. There is sp ace tor the musicians to explore, every subtle bend of a string, every tiny tick le of a cymbal can be savoured and this is exactly what you can expect at the Su mmit this year. When I heard Dan Patlansky the first time in 2001, he was 19 years old, playing in a nice, dodgy, smoky blues bar called Julians in Northcliff, JHB. My jaw lite rally dropped open.. It was supposed to be impossible for somebody that young to play the blues-guitar that well. Now 30 years old, Dan Patlansky has already achieved what most accomplished guit arists will not master in a lifetime of trying. He's is beyond the stage of tryi ng to impress his audience with too many notes... (although he can be blistering ly fast if he wants to ). Instead he has lately concentrated on being an artist and doing justice to the music of some of the great players he has learned from. He can make the guitar moan softly in anguish, sing with playfull happiness and growl in anger. Blues can be played on most instruments, but it is on the electric guitar that t his genre really comes into its own, and Dan Patlansky is one of the finest expo nents of this artform you will ever see. Whatever you do, don't miss it! Jurgen Human :(Die Boer) Boulevard Blues Boulevard Blues BandBack from their tour of The Netherlands and Belgium, these B ad Boys have some international experience. When they weren't visiting the local coffee shops in Amsterdam these guys were laying down some serious SA Style blu es to the delight of the foreign crowds who gathered to see them on their 11 gig tour. Tight, well oiled and a unit of international quality. They have been bus y entertaining fans for over 10 years now. Fronted by the infamous Doctor John the man who went round the block and then we nt round again just because he knew he could. He is the real deal Blues veteran. He doesn't just sing the blues, he lives the blues. With Blue blood pumping thr ough his veins they once opened him up to see if he really was the real deal and after finding whiskey dust flowing through his veins they proclaimed him 'Docto r of the Blues'. This Durban veteran still sports the trademark dark shades and hat, but besides his eccentricity still maintains the same gravelly vocals that have the ability to rattle the rafters, inspire the soul and linger long after t he show has ended. With some blistering lead guitar from Richard 'Pebbleman' Pryor the action doesn 't stop. Without a doubt one of the top guitarists this country has ever seen, h e has been fine tuning his blues skills with high octane rock induced solos and

a great passion for setting the blues world on fire. Now endorsed by Fender and one of only 3 in the Country he is a real force to be reckoned with. With an int eresting mix of Blues, Rock, Metal and Jazz guitar techniques he will keep you g uessing until the final pinched harmonic squeals into glorious feedback. Greg 'Turkey Neck' Smith completes the frontal assault with intricately woven ha rp solos and some percussive skills of note. A real character of the band... One look at Greg and you know you got the Blues. When the Blues Cake arrives Greg k nows exactly how to decorate it with singing vocal-like Blues solos and an array of delicate percussive techniques that only a man with a giant heart, one kidne y and a huge turkey neck to boot can achieve. Rob 'Bassline' Stemmett on bass guitar covers the backline with warm funk induce d catatonia. A true master of the low frequencies, he is the glue that binds us all together. If you listen closely you will hear basslines that inspire the sou l and move the body. He tells a story with his bass guitar and it's not for the feint hearted. From the very first note he weaves until the last note is spun, h is grooves will unfold and they will tell a tale of mystery and energy that will keep even the most jaded individual out of their seat and rockin' to the rhythm . Backing them up and in great form is Graeme Abbott on Drums. A golfing professio nal by day and a drummer at night... he knows how to lay down the rhythm late in to the evening. And when he lays it down, it stays laid for a long time to come. He likes Toto more than they even like themselves.......and when you put To and To together you will realize he has that big stadium sound. He keeps the beat l ike a metronome and you can be sure that when Graeme is playing drums there is a lways a sense of humor on stage. Don't miss this these guys playing on the big and small stage... You only need a one way ticket when you go to watch the Boulevard Blues... Because when they ta ke you on the Blues/Rock 'Journey of Note'... You ain't comin' back! Read More - The Blues Broers with Albert Frost The Blues Broers with Albert FrostThe legendary Blues Broers have returned to th e stage after a hiatus of seven years. A recent series of reunion shows was gree ted with such enthusiasm that the band has decided to perform in select venues d uring 2011. In the 90s they were known as South Africa 's hardest working blues band. Criss-crossing the country in trucks laden with musical equipment, they pl ayed hundreds of gigs at festivals, in bars and in nightclubs. However, the trag ic death of drummer Frank Frost in 1999 was a blow from which the band struggled to recover and in 2003 they put on a final farewell gig in Stellenbosch. Now, snappily attired in their trademark black suits and dark glasses, they're r eady to roll again. The band is currently recording a new album. The Blues Broer s are back in circulation with performances at their old haunts and new, as well as being a welcome feature of the festival circuit again too. The Blues Broers pride themselves on producing an exceptionally fine, versatile and diverse live show. New drummer Tim Rankin brings his considerable experience to the rhythm section and Rob Nagel (fondly known as Big Bob or Harpdog Bob) deftly juggles bass, harm onica and tea chest. The impeccable Albert Frost performs on a classic selection of electric and acoustic guitars whilst in a corner of the stage, keyboard play er Simon Orange hammers a boogie-woogie for the crowd.

Click here for the band's Facebook page Natasha Meister Natasha Meister Canadian guitarist and singer songwriter, Natasha Meister has be en hitting up the music scene from a very young age. Although inspired by the bl ues, she has been capturing the attention of a broad audience including young an d old. Natasha has gained recognition for her powerful yet controlled vocal and her mastery on the guitar at just 19 years of age. She developed her style after taking a liking to Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Stevie Ray Vaughn and John Mayer. While still in Canada, Natasha ope ned up for blues legends including, Bobby Rush, Eddie Clearwater, Lucky Peterson , and Sean Kellerman. Being less than a year in South Africa, Natasha has already achieved so much. Sh e's performed alongside some of the country's finest artists. She currently play s solo and fronts the 'Natasha Meister Band', with Roger Bashew on bass and Paul Tizzard on drums. It's gonna be great to see Natasha at this years Blues Summit and giving the fes tival a wonderful feminine touch. Dave Ferguson Dave FergusonDave Ferguson has to be one of the best harmonica players in the wo rld. This man is a show on his own! He was born in Cape Town where at the tender age of 17 he started playing the harmonica and cut his teeth in various Blues, Rockabilly, Rock and Country bands. He returned from the UK where he had been li ving and working for 10 years including a stint in Nashville and some gigs in Au stralia. Something of a regular on the London Blues scene he also played with th e now US based Alternative Country outfit "The Arlenes", Emily Barker (The Low C ountry) and John Townes Van Zandt. He has appeared on a number of commercial rel eases one of which went double platinum in the UK and Ireland. After indulging the SA crowds with his incredible talent for the past 3 years... he has since left SA and is currently cooking up a storm oveseas in Europe where he is now based.... He is busy playing with some of the Blues Legends including Muddy Waters Guitarist and "American Blues Artist of the Year 2008" Candye Kane . Anyway what we're trying to say is Expect some killer Blues-harp and an unavoida bly good time... Richard Pryor's Pebbleman Project PebblemanThis powerful 4 piece rock outfit is getting ready to blow some serious hair back... and even if you don't have a single hair on your head...something is still gonna blow. Richard knew that to get his Originals out there he needed some exceptional band members to make it happen. So after visiting the Andromeda Galaxy last year and finally breaking out of a bi-lateral anti-matter cosmic storm from a nearby par allel universe, he has finally found some dangerously good and extremely 'out of this world' musos to work with. With Richard Pryor on guitar, his original songs are brought to life with the hu gely talented and creative forces of Jesse Jordon, Rob Stemmett and Kevin Gibson

. This is pure 70's hard rock with a modern Progressive twist, a dangerously high dose of musical instrumentation and a good smattering of smoky Blues sauce to ro und off this delicious original rock recipe. No prisoners are taken when Jesse 'The Pitchman' Jordon pulls his 3 octave voice from the back of his throat, holds it up high like a winning trophy and then punishes it into the outer realm s of rock mania..... He locks you in but never throws away the key. Ricker 'The Picker' Pryor stands right beside him injecting fretboard shredding Carpel Tunnel syndrome into a High octane display of guitar wizardry that's guar anteed to keep you guessing until the final pinched harmonic stops squealing. Wi th notes shooting out of his guitar all packaged in a bright stardust wrapping . ....Induced pebblemania is standard fare of the day Sitting thunderously on his throne at the back, Kevin 'The Emo Cowboy' Gibson em barks on a complex 7, 13 and 11/8 time signature journey. Huge shards of solid S harp astral Fragments made up of splintering snare drum and cymbals are flayed a cross the stage as he weilds his weapon of Drum Destruction...These amazing text ures of rhythm can hurt if you're not paying attention...Watch at your own risk! Rob 'The Gatekeeper' Stemmett lurks ever tall in the back with Bassline catatoni a.... Glueing the pieces back together, that 'Emo' Kevin pulled apart, while bui lding rock solid foundations for great stories to unfold.... High Musical Drama was one of his UCT majors when studying for his 'Basschiller of Fine Art' Original Songs like 'Loaded Gun' , 'Life inside a Dream', 'Feel Your Love', 'Tha t aint me' and more can be heard for the first time live on stage.... So get you r rocking Booties down to their next gig and come get a piece of the Pebblemania . Get more info at Them Tornadoes Them TornadoesROCKABILLY is the bastard love child of rock 'n roll and hillbilly country music. Born in the steamy swamps of the deep south, it has a greasy qui ff that falls in its eyes when it gets all hot and sweaty. It has cheap tattoos of the names of long lost loves, and if it wears a shirt at all, it's a leopardprint wife beater. It's the music your mama warned you about, the same music your daddy went out dr inking and carousing with all night long. It may even have shot a man once, who knows? It's the sound you want in the hands of Them Tornados a little bit dirty, a little bit dangerous and a whole lot of shaking going on in all the right places. Ian Arrow jitterbugs and jives on lead vocals and plays that Gretsch like his fi rst sweetheart, while Matt Ferguson, in all his wild-eyed kilted glory, beats th e mother lovin' crap out of his drums like no one else we know. Completing the t rio is Psymon Perry slapping that double bass until his fingers bleed, and he ca n sing too. Them Tornados give rockabilly everything they've got, and then some. Their live gigs are legendary, leaving fans dripping with sweat and begging for more (yes, it's a lot like sex). They've got the style money can't buy, backed up by rock-solid substance. The band has been around for a decade, playing all the sleaziest dives in Cape T own and a few respectable venues now and again. Just to pay the rent, of course.

They've released a seven-track album accompanied by a hot-red vinyl single Pyscho , and Cash Is King on the B-side, and are currently working on an all-original f ull length album. Raoul and Black Friday Raoul and Black FridayA 4 piece Blues Rock band based in Johannesburg Bluesy in style and Rockin' by nature this group performs as a professional and tightly knit unit. The expressiveness of the Blues pushed to the limits is what the group is about. With the songs varying from classic to rockin' out Blues the group retains thei r identity with well written songs. The group explores the Traditional as well a s seeking new dimensions within the Blues genre, while incorporating a touch of Motown and Jazz, to provide an entertaining show with great musicianship and wid e audience appeal. The group is establishing itself in the JHB/PTA area and have a growing fan-base crossing the generation gap. A self recorded and produced EP continues to sell well at events and the group i ntend to commence recording an Album summer of 2011. Raoul - Guitars and Vocals Started out with nu metal band Never Machine Forever following this up studying Jazz at Pretoria Technikon and was awarded his BMUS in 2004. Raoul has worked as a session player for many local acts as well as Patrizio Buanne during his last SA Tour. With over 2000 shows including Theater Productions (Saturday Night Fev er and Hairspray) and Festivals (OppiKoppi and Splashy Fen), Raoul is well acqua inted with the stage. Sean - Keyboards & Harmonica Started playing at age 9 and Maritz, and then went on to c. Sean has been part of the many local groups as well as by age 10 was doing corner Caf gigs with mentor Frank study Classical Organ with the Royal School of Musi music scene since the late 80's and performed with occasional session work.

JP - Bass Sometimes accused of "making an awful racket" JP has performed with several nu m etal and underground groups before seeing the Blue light as it were. He has been Honing his Blues skills and now is now a Blues bass player of Note Justin - Drums With his Father as a mentor (70's groups), Justin has truly ent and also has a history peppered with groups like Voodoo group he really comes into his own and has a lotta' soul to at we have something new and exciting to offer to the Blues Gerald Clark Trio Gerald Clark TrioDelta Blue confirmed their reputation as an ever evolving, inno vative and highly original group over the last 8 years and now to carry the torc h into the future. Gerald Clark has embraced it with both hands and 12 vocal cho rds. Gerald Clark is in for a long long journey, like most bluesmen inevitably should . Driven by a need to play and live this most mystical and magical of music genr es, the blues has taught him much about music, life and what it means to befrien d the long open road. A musical journey that started mainly with twelve bar blue s has picked up a lot of influences along the way, but has always stayed close t mastered his instrum Child etc.. In this share. We believe th genre.

o the hallelujah. Gerald soon became responsible for introducing this genre of music to many a vir gin ear and soon made fans all over the country not only of the band Delta Blue, but also of the blues! Now Forging his solo career across the country and internationally he has taken a real liking to the Acoustic Guitar and in the process is getting Damn good at it. Whether he is singing, playing guitar or blowing the blues harp it's all don e with lots of soul, a huge wallop of passion and most copious amounts of Blues Sauce. Come and see what we mean when he takes you on this eclectic acoustic blues jour ney at this years Table Mountain Blues summit. Black Cat Bone Black Andre Chris Jason Cat BoneKobus de Kock Jnr. : Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Harmonica Kriel : Electric & Acoustic Guitars / Additional Vocals van der Walt : Bass Hinch : Drums

The Black Cat Bone is essentially an experimental Blues-Rock outfit, expressing their shared experiences and influences in an audio diary made up from tradition al, as well as modern Blues, Rock, Folk, Country, and Rockabilly music. Theie debut album 'Silverton Swamp Songs' was released in 2009. The album was re corded at Wolmer Records together with producer Lani vd Walt, and contains 9 ori ginal tracks and 2 additional tracks written by Valiant Swart and Muddy Waters. The single 'ol Pappa Joe' received regular airplay on Jacaranda and various camp us radio stations, and spawned a video currently rotating on MK. Regular performances at reputable live venues such as The Barnyard theatres (Nat ionwide), Caf Barcelona (Pretoria), The Steak n Ale (Centurion), Tings and Times ( Pretoria), Cool Runnings - South Africa (Nationwide), Mystic Boer (Bloemfontein) , The Blues Room (Sandton), Tanz Caf (Fourways)... and festivals such as Oppikoppi , Splashy Fen, Table Mountain Blues Summit, Up The Creek, The White Mountain Fol k Fest, Durban International Blues Fest, STRAB and FORR Festivals (Mozambique), TUKS RAG (Pretoria), RAKA Fest (CA), Aardklop, Pretoria Show... Tribute showcases include Jimy Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, J anis Joplin, and Elvis Presley... as well as annual charity and awareness events such as Moonprint (Concerts for the earth), Soap Kidz, (Mystic Charity), WAR (W oman against Rape), and various biker and community charities. In The Press: 'Arguably South Africa's top live band...' - Bruce Denill (The Citizen) 'This is one of the most amazingly entertaining bands you'll ever see...' gazine Vixen Ma

'Black Cat Bone have paid there dues and even now, with a new line up on bass an d drums, this dirty blues outfit show no signs of slowing down...' What's On !? h African Events Calendar 'You could call it blues-rock, a well-known genre, but The Black Cat Bones have made it heavier, energetic, faster and attention capturing... ' - Clemma Wentzel (Entertainment Africa) 'Die wilde rockers van The Black Cat Bones het met 'n musikale bekgeveg die fees gangers se ore laat tuit en almal soos besetenes voor die verhoog laat dans, swe et en skreeu.. ' - BEELD (SA)


'The Black Cat Bones are setting the South African music scene on fire, quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with... ' - Lowvelder (MPA) 'Dirty, sweaty, Southern Hoodoo blues that is oh so painfully beautiful...' , '. ..sublime in its simplicity and honesty...' (Album Review: 9/10) - SAM '...luister mens na hierdie manne se CD is daar iets wat opval: anders as baie n uwe rock groepe keer die Black Cat Bones, soos die Sex Pistols terug na die outy dse Rock n Roll resep...' , '...Hulle musiek is n fusion van gewone Blues en Roc k n Roll, maar hulle doen dit so dem goed dat dit klink soos iets heeltemaal nuu ts...' - Koos Kombuis (RAPORT) 'Simply Mojolicious...' - The Tonight Guide 'Kort, Punchy en op die man af Blitzkrieg - Blues, met swaar brandstof en n tikk ie Rockabilly in die mix...' , '...hulle is nie die volgende klomp hierjy outjie s wat gister hulle instrument opgetel het nie...' - Angola Badprop (BEELD) '...The Black Cat Bones (Pretoria) was phenomenal. The antics of Kobus, the fron tman, brought the whole stage to life. Genre blues, of course, but with a little ZZ Top flavour...' - Table Mountain Blues Summit 2008 review by Aidan Harper Spaceman SpacemanTheir music has been described as "dirty blues" and they are serious belie vers in soul, a combination that clearly works for new band, Spaceman. After onl y a short time playing together, the three-piece band won the battle of the band s competition hosted by Plaasteater outside Brackenfell. Drummer Ruscali deVilli ers, guitarist and vocalist Aeron Brown and bassist Josh Daniels entered the com petition as an opportunity to get on stage. Ruscali and Aeron had known each oth er for a while when they decided to put a band together. And so, the search for a bassist began. "Josh landed up on my door," Aeron says, adding: "the universe sent him." While their name has taken on a space theme since the band has been performing, Ruscali explains that he was talking about creating space in their songs for the instruments to breathe and one day said: "You know what, I'm the spaceman." The name stuck. He adds that what makes the band unique is the amalgamation of the band member's different styles. While Ruscali comes from a metal background, Aer on is from a blues background and Josh has always played jazz and funk. Aeron sa ys they try to play these different styles. "We have opened our minds to differe nt genres to make the music accessible. Ironically, Aeron is no stranger to all things strange. His full name is Aeron Louis Lynyrd Skynyrd Brown. Josh is new t o rock and prefers musicians such as Stanley Clarke and George Benson. Ruscali o n the other hand is happiest listening to bands such as Pantera and AC/DC. Spaceman takes what they do seriously and their hard work shows. Click here for the band's Facebook page. Website: Google: Cape Town Interest and Activites