OBSESSED By David Loughery

October 15, 2007

FADE IN: EXT. HOUSE IN THE HOLLYWOOD HILLS - EARLY MORNING A two-story California Craftsman with a SOLD sign in the front yard. A Yukon SUV pulls into the drive and stops. The driver’s door opens and DEREK CHARLES steps out, a handsome and likable African-American in his early 30’s; a guy who’s fought hard to make himself a success in business and life. Derek wears a business suit and the first thing he does is cross the lawn to the SOLD sign. With a new homeowner’s look of satisfaction, Derek grips the SOLD sign and pulls it out of the ground. WOMAN’S VOICE Derek? Derek looks over to where his pretty wife BETH is standing beside the SUV, holding their cute 2 year old son KYLE in her arms. Beth shakes her head with amusement. BETH What are you going to do with that? CUT TO: INT. LIVING ROOM - MINUTES LATER The SOLD sign, now in pieces, burns brightly in the fireplace. The rest of the room is empty except for KYLE who is nearby, asleep in his stroller. Derek and Beth’s VOICES drift down from upstairs. BETH’S VOICE This is coming down. DEREK’S VOICE Why? BETH’S VOICE Do you want people to think we put it up? DEREK’S VOICE (soft chuckle) I don’t know. I kind of like it. BETH’S VOICE Please tell me you’re joking.


INT. MASTER BEDROOM - SECOND FLOOR Derek and Beth stare up at their own reflections in a huge ceiling mirror. The rest of the room is vacant. DEREK All I’m saying, before we take it down... maybe we should try it out. (playful) You know. Christen the new house. BETH And what do you suggest we use for a bed? DEREK What do we need a bed for when we’ve got a fine shag carpet? BETH (laughs) Because I’m gonna have fine shag carpet tattoos all over my -Derek puts his arms around her waist and pulls her close. Beth resists -- but only slightly. BETH (cont’d) Don’t you have to go to work? DEREK (nuzzling her neck) Told ‘em I’d be late. BETH What about... DEREK Kyle? That boy wouldn’t wake up if a nuclear bomb went off. BETH Maybe not, but the movers... DEREK Won’t be here for another hour. Beth smiles, giving in. They look up at themselves in the mirror like naughty teenagers. BETH Derek, you are so bad.


They share a quick kiss and then Beth swings over to find her clothes. LIVING ROOM Kyle continues to snooze in his stroller. Go to work and earn that promotion. INT. Life is good. a moving van arrives and BLOWS its horn. the horn. LIVING ROOM . drowsing in Derek’s arms. (CONTINUED) . placing a big glass table in the dining room area below the stairs. BEDROOM Beth. DEREK Want me to stay? guys? They stir at the sound of Crack the whip on these BETH No. making love on the carpet. Outside the window. CUT TO: CEILING MIRROR . Nearby.LATER MOVERS bring in furniture. INT.. He smiles with CUT TO: INT.MINUTES LATER Distorted images of Derek and Beth in the mirror’s reflection. Derek stares up at himself.. naked bodies intertwined. CONTINUED: DEREK Isn’t THAT why you married me? As they begin to kiss passionately.3. She arranges them with loving care on the mantle above the fire place. satisfaction. Beth opens a box and removes family pictures. Somebody’s got to pay for all this. As Beth dresses.

the birth of Kyle. DOWNTOWN LA . smart and sophisticated look. simple blouse and skirt. (CONTINUED) . people get on and off until it’s just Derek and one other passenger: LISA SHERIDAN.4. CONTINUED: FRAMED PHOTOS of Derek and Beth in their early dating days. The two sides of Derek Charles. great legs. photos illustrating the history of this happy family.DAY Picture of Beth and Kyle smiling at him from the dash. DEREK Excuse me? LISA I couldn’t help but notice we’re both going to Seven. Beth pregnant. CUT TO: INT. CUT TO: EXT. intrigued. Lisa glances over at Derek. At other floors. YUKON . high heels. The elevator stops on the ground floor. glasses and hair pulled back projecting an efficient. LISA Gage/Bendix? Derek looks up from his paper with a distracted smile. beautiful. CUT TO: INT. Derek scans the Business page of a folded newspaper.DAY ANGLING DOWN from a towering glass and steel office building as Derek’s Yukon enters the parking garage. the door slides open and MORE PEOPLE get on. Then. He listens to the stock and financial report. switches over to CD and Gnarls Barkley’s “Gone Daddy Gone” blares out. celebrating holidays. balancing an arm load of thick files. ELEVATOR Derek and several others ride up from the parking garage. The doors shut and the car ascends. She’s in her mid-20’s. Derek drives the freeway toward the skyscrapers of downtown. white. at their wedding.

CONTINUED: DEREK Gage/Bendix. Lisa LAUGHS and drops to her knees. The files (CONTINUED) . They’ve got me running all over town picking up these disclosure -That’s when the pile in her arms slides south. you do. DEREK Well. Derek glances down at her shapely legs. Their hands touch briefly. I’m such a klutz. I work there. LISA (cont’d) I should have worn my track shoes. Lisa shifts on her feet. Right. fall to the floor and spread out in a mess. you could have fooled me. LISA I thought you might. LISA (cont’d) God. LISA (pleasant laugh) Well. LISA I’m beginning to think these heels were a big mistake. I hate to shatter the illusion but I’m just a lowly temp. Derek bends down to help. DEREK (genuinely surprised) You’re a temp? LISA Just here for the day. DEREK Do you have an appointment with us? Why? LISA Do I look like a client? DEREK Actually.5.

CONTINUED: (2) DEREK No problem. revealing the sleek and vast offices of GAGE BENDIX. look at each other. Happen to anybody. Approaching a desk where Derek’s assistant. LISA I owe you one. But don’t tell him I said that. LISA I could get you into trouble? DEREK Deep trouble. I’m taking these files to Mister Charles’ office. a mild-looking man in his late 30’s named PATRICK looks up and smiles. a middle-aged woman named MARGE. yeah. DEREK Derek Charles? LISA I guess you probably know him. PATRICK Morning. I know him. The door slides open. DEREK Oh. takes himself waaaay too seriously. Thanks.6. CAMERA FOLLOWS Derek through a warren of cubicles where STAFF WORKERS attend phones and computers. Across from Patrick is another desk and another assistant. Derek. He becomes aware that Lisa is right behind him. They said it was this way. ALTERNATIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT. They straighten up. DEREK (with humor) Are you following me? LISA No. (lowers his voice) Kind of an asshole. How’s the new house? (CONTINUED) .

tell her I’m in a meeting. PATRICK Remember who used to sit at this desk? She’ll know I am lying. LISA That’s Derek Charles? PATRICK Yes. Lisa breaks into a smile. Lucky for me. LISA The good ones are always married.7. PATRICK (dramatic sigh) Or straight. Patrick takes amused notice of Lisa’s interest in Derek. obviously charmed. DEREK (with a smile) Good point.and she will -. PATRICK (to Lisa) Can I help you? Lisa stares at Derek’s office. PATRICK (cont’d) (teasing) Watch it. Patrick CHUCKLES as Derek enters his office and vanishes inside. Patrick notices Lisa standing there with her arm load of files. CONTINUED: (3) DEREK Total chaos. DEREK If she calls mad -. PATRICK Beth must have loved that. I sneaked out as soon as the movers showed up. girl. He’s married. CUT TO: .

Herr Ganz? DEREK Matter of fact. JOE GAGE and his best friend and co-worker BEN KINGMAN.LATER Derek sits at a long table with his silver-haired boss. Hedge fund demand is coming from individual investors which is why it’s gaining mainstream acceptance.. He started making Auf Wiedersehen noises but I managed to talk him into a private equity portfolio instead. I think he’s a hundred percent wrong. giving a view of the outer office activity. He gets paranoid when anything goes mainstream. I just got off the line to Berlin. One wall of the room is glass. GAGE (pleased) I knew there was a reason I promoted you. MEETING ROOM . to the tune of 155 mil. I’m just honored to be allowed to exist in Derek’s world. We haven’t even gotten close to that point yet. Ben. You know Ganz. Joe. INT. BEN None taken. GAGE (to Derek) Did you talk to our German friend. no. No offense. GAGE And? DEREK Ganz doesn’t like the way the Stock Market’s been gyrating and he thinks the hedge fund wave is about to crest. (CONTINUED) . They’re friends and good-natured ribbing is part of their relationship. GAGE You think he’s right? DEREK Hell. Derek looks over at Ben who winks at him..8.

9. Think you can get free? DEREK I’m moving into a new house. BEN So? DEREK Do I look like a man who wants a divorce? BEN I could call and say it’s a work emergency. Ben sticks his head out. BEN You mean temptress. That’s when Lisa walks by on the other side of the glass. Derek merely nods. Doesn’t hurt to have a little eye candy around the office. Derek passes an open office door. He’s not comfortable with CUT TO: INT. DEREK I think she’s one of the temps. (CONTINUED) . Gage perks up. GAGE Remind me to call that agency and have them send over a couple more just like her.. OFFICE . I want you to throw Derek all your support on this one.. Workers are leaving. GAGE (cont’d) Whose legs are those? BEN Never seen ‘em before. boys? Ben agrees.EVENING End of the day. BEN I scored an extra Lakers ticket for tomorrow night. CONTINUED: GAGE Good. this tone of sexism. does it.

Derek walks past a cubicle LISA Good night. I’ll get my revenge. She smiles. too. I’m Lisa. by the And DEREK Well. by the way. but I think I’ll stay married instead. Lisa Sheridan.10. CONTINUED: DEREK Thanks. Ben ducks back into his office. Lisa Sheridan. DEREK About what? LISA About Derek Charles being an asshole. LISA And he’s humble. Mister Charles. you might like to know everybody who works here strongly disagrees with you. that just proves he’s got ‘em all fooled. way. They all say he’s the nicest guy in the firm. Lisa calls after him: (CONTINUED) . Good luck with your next job -Derek continues on to the elevator. on their way to the elevator. turns and sees Lisa sitting at a computer station. LISA (with humor) Don’t worry. LISA (cont’d) You punk’d me. DEREK Well. BEN (laughs) Coward. it was nice to meet you. Derek stops. DEREK (laughs) Sorry but you set me up.

little man. so I’ll probably see you on Monday. Derek carries Kyle over to the changing table.. Kyle lets out A CRY. she turns to her computer and pulls up Derek’s bio and picture on the company web site: “Derek Charles graduated from UCLA with a major in finance. Poopy diaper. etc. then.KYLE’S ROOM . DEREK Almost made it. you? DEREK What’s that woman been feeding CUT TO: . CHARLES HOUSE . with a laugh) I’ve been changing him all day. Lisa watches him go out of sight. From asset allocation and investment planning. DEREK Hey..NIGHT Kyle is asleep in his crib. (feeling him) Uh oh. Whew.” CUT TO: INT. then move quietly toward the door. they’re keeping me on a few more days. Derek and Beth look down on him. CONTINUED: (2) LISA Actually. Beth leaves. pension analysis.11. opens Kyle’s diaper and turns away. BETH Your turn. Damn. Before they can sneak out. Can’t tell if he heard. smiling. What’s wrong? should be... Beth. Began his career with major Wall Street Brokerage firm before joining Gage/Bendix working with clients to help them accomplish their investment objectives. Derek returns to the crib and picks up Kyle. curious. They look at each other. You BETH (in the doorway.

I asked for the moon and he gave me the stars. They’re both a little drunk. we toasted the house -DEREK Toasted Kyle -BETH Your promotion -DEREK But I’ve saved the most important toast for last.LATER THAT NIGHT Derek and Beth sit at a table on the outside deck that overhangs a sheer drop to the canyon below. DEREK (yawns) Uh huh? BETH How would you feel about trying out that mirror again? This time in our own bed.. Derek picks up a bottle of champagne and pours some for Beth and himself. BETH Well. (raising his glass) To my beautiful wife who I love and adore more than anything in the world.12. the LA basin sparkles like a diamond in the night. CHARLES HOUSE . BETH (cont’d) Derek. They clink glasses and drink... In front of them is an empty pizza box. EXT. (CONTINUED) . Derek and Beth are happy but exhausted.. BETH And to my handsome husband. In the distance. DEREK (perks up) Yeah? Give the magic mirror another test drive? BETH You know how I like looking at your sexy butt.

She looks up and smiles. Girl Temp. sure.MORNING Derek arrives to find Lisa sitting at his outer desk in Patrick’s place. CONTINUED: DEREK (laughs) Beth. BETH Isn’t that WHY you married ME? CUT TO: EXT. you are so bad. does as told.13. Those great legs. Derek goes into his office.. Hi. DEREK Grab your pad and follow me. DEREK Uh. Patrick? LISA Out with the flu. She’s not wearing her glasses and her hair is down giving her a softer. She crosses her legs. Lisa collects her things and (CONTINUED) . Back to the temp. LISA Remember me? Where’s DEREK Lisa Sheridan. I did some trading with the other temps and wrangled your desk. DEREK (cont’d) Hey Marge. less severe look. DEREK’S OFFICE Derek goes behind the desk as Lisa enters and sits down on the couch. INT. OFFICE .. Looking over at the assistant outside the other corner office. Derek. MARGE Good morning. I hope that’s okay.

” It says “for DEREK It’s like that in most companies. LISA So. it’s perfect. They think people are more inhibited in front of their spouses. She raises her pad and pencil. Derek notices a container of Starbucks coffee. LISA (cont’d) I called Patrick. does this party get pretty wild? DEREK Just the opposite. He said you like it black with two sugars. LISA Why don’t they invite spouses? DEREK How’s that? LISA To the Christmas party. He opens the container. (CONTINUED) . DEREK (takes a sip) No. which is what the party is about. LISA Well that’s no fun. I can run down and nuke it in the Break Room. less likely to kick back and enjoy themselves and mingle with co-workers.14. LISA (cont’d) If it’s cold. Lisa is pleased. DEREK Is it that time already? Derek picks up the memo and scans it. CONTINUED: LISA I put a memo on your desk about the Christmas party this Friday. Derek is impressed. employees only.

Is that how you won her heart? DEREK Well. it’s Monday and first thing on Monday. DEREK It’s kind of a tradition. DEREK Thanks. it took a little more than roses. LISA I think that’s incredibly sweet.15.. (getting down to business) We need to run some calls. CONTINUED: (2) LISA Fire away. LISA And you still send her flowers every Monday morning? Lucky girl. LISA (poised) Ready when you are. long have you two been married? DEREK Three years in March. DEREK Well. DEREK Took care of what? LISA On Mondays you always send your wife a dozen long-stemmed red roses. LISA Patrick said you started sending them back when Beth worked here as your assistant. (off Derek’s look of surprise) I called to confirm they’ve been delivered. How (CONTINUED) . LISA I took care of that..

. set up a lunch for end of the week. Outside. Am I going too fast for you? No. One of them. DEREK I don’t know.KITCHEN . No. CHARLES HOUSE ... LISA Go faster.. BETH It’s a beautiful little park with a duck pond and close enough to push Kyle. Lisa eavesdrops on her headset. It’s shaping up to be a work weekend. start with Phil Trendle at Emerson. Wherever he wants but push the Water Grill.. BETH (cont’d) I’ve already met a dozen other women with kids the same age. (then) Okay not your typical temp. at her desk. DEREK Definitely not. CUT TO: INT. it’s just that most of the temps we get here. Lauren something asked if we’d like to come over for a barbecue on Saturday.16. CONTINUED: (3) DEREK (amused) Are you always this efficient? LISA Does that surprise you? DEREK Well. Then Terry Mills at Imagio. while he listens and goes over reports.DAY Beth is feeding Kyle while talking on the phone to Derek. (CONTINUED) .. I can handle it. LISA I think you’ll find I’m not your typical temp. listening with interest. INTERCUTTING DEREK IN HIS OFFICE.

walks over to the bed and climbs in beside Beth. Beth sits in bed reading a book. Still on the phone.17. Beth CHUCKLES. Who’s Betty? This is home. He rises. DEREK In a sec.BEDROOM . She’s standing several feet away at a file cabinet. He looks out. expecting to catch Lisa listening in. CHARLES HOUSE .NIGHT Derek finishes some work on his home computer. As Beth chats on. They cuddle together. he slowly gets up from his desk and moves quietly to the door.. DEREK Uh huh? BETH .. CUT TO: INT. to bed. BETH The card that came today with the roses. She turns and smiles at him. BETH Work at the office. Derek gets a weird feeling. Instead. Derek finishes. CONTINUED: BETH You can work at home and then we’ll go to the barbecue. LISA Do you need me? Derek shakes his head no and steps back into his office. she’s not at her desk.. In the Come Your other wife? (CONTINUED) . She puts her book on the night table and switches off the light..” DEREK Betty? BETH (with humor) Yeah. was addressed “To Betty. background.

DEREK Actually. Derek. Beth puts her head on Derek’s chest. I want her fired immediately. Marge directs them to a spot to put it. (CONTINUED) . plain. INT. BETH Night. she did a great job. BETH (cont’d) Just asking. BETH She pretty? Derek gives Beth a look. CONTINUED: DEREK Blame it on the new girl. DEREK Night.. They get comfortable. Betty. CUT TO: INT.. DEREK Honey. she’s pretty. letting him play with his keys. DEREK’S OFFICE Beth and Kyle are visiting. OFFICE ... Derek has Kyle on his desk.. DEREK Yeah. BETH (joking) I don’t care. Patrick called in sick and I had a temp on my desk.. I don’t control the temp pool. No female assistants. gives him a playful punch. struggling with an undecorated Christmas tree. aside from the card.. Beth LAUGHS.18.. BETH I thought we had a deal.DAY TWO DELIVERY GUYS come out of the stairwell.

(to Kyle) And who are we going to see at the Grove? KYLE (excited) Santa! BETH (to Derek) You want to come? on Santa’s lap? Get your picture taken DEREK I’d love to but I’m all jammed up. CONTINUED: BETH Hope you don’t mind us dropping in unannounced. BETH Sheila’s meeting us for lunch at Central Market. say hi to your sister. DEREK FWB? BETH Friends With Benefits. DEREK The one she said was perfect. her he just wants to be FWB. DEREK You kidding? This is a treat. the one we met at Thanksgiving.19. Jack.. He told DEREK And Sheila’s got a problem with that? (CONTINUED) . BETH Sex but no commitments. But BETH That guy she was seeing. Then I’m taking Kyle to the Grove.. DEREK What does that mean? You know. BETH Apparently he’s not so perfect.

They turn. LISA Talk about the perfect family. LISA (cont’d) I’m Lisa. BETH I hope my husband’s not working you too hard.20.. He’s usually not this shy around strangers. (eyes lighting up) And this must be Kyle. this is my wife Beth. Kyle. LISA Excuse me. When Kyle doesn’t respond. Charles. I can already tell he’s going to grow up to be a heartbreaker. Lisa appears at the door. Kyle presses shyly against Derek. Hi.. (to Derek) He looks just like you. Mrs. say hello. DEREK Kyle. Beth. Lisa. The three of you should be on a magazine cover. BETH He can say hello. BETH (friendly but checking her out) Hi. Lisa comes over. DEREK Lisa. She’s temping for Patrick. CONTINUED: (2) Beth laughs. LISA What a handsome boy. most people think he takes after Beth. LISA It’s great to meet you. DEREK Actually. (CONTINUED) . Lisa smiles sweetly.

BETH (cont’d) Lisa. Sorry. that’s our cue to leave. DEREK (to Beth) That was intentional. winking at Derek. big boy. Kyle. (to Derek) Joe Gage needs to see you when you get a minute. LISA You said Laura. Lisa steps back. (CONTINUED) . BETH Well. moves off to the door. Laura. Say hi to Santa for me. I did? If Lisa knows she’s being fucked with. (taking Kyle from Derek) Come on. But I like it. Beth. she doesn’t show it.21.. LISA Lisa. BETH He smiles. Lisa exits. I’m learning a lot. CONTINUED: (3) LISA (cheery tone) He is. BETH Excuse me? It’s Lisa.. We just LISA (waving) Bye. BETH You. too. LISA It was great to meet you. She did it on purpose. dropped in to say hi... A beat.

They share a kiss. DEREK Well. BETH I thought you said she was plain. Blame “Betty. EXT. CONTINUED: (4) BETH Wasn’t me. (beat) Ever miss it? BETH I like to think I traded up.” deal with her? DEREK What do you mean? BETH She knew I was taking Kyle to Santa. she probably didn’t know when to come in. ELEVATOR Derek. They put Kyle in his stroller. you are so slick. Even Joe Gage comes out of his office to embrace Beth and chat. DEREK Come on.22. Beth and Kyle are surrounded by office workers making a fuss over Beth and Kyle. You can say hi to the old gang. Derek. Derek beams. I only have eyes for So what’s the BETH (laughs) Oh. I’ll walk you to the elevator. DEREK So? BETH So she was obviously listening at the door. DEREK How would I know? you. that girl may be a lot of things but one of them is not plain. (CONTINUED) .

Lisa sits behind the desk in Derek’s chair and look at a framed picture on Derek’s desk -. She’s not speaking to me at the moment. Beth and Kyle. SUV . LISA (O..Derek. DEREK Hey.S. now sitting at Marge’s desk. (beat) You know it’s going to take more than the flu to keep me away from that Christmas party.. After a moment. Feeling better? PATRICK Much. She looks through them and CUT TO: INT. listening to Gnarls’ “Crazy.. DEREK You get around don’t you? LISA (CONT’D) Poor thing called in with a fever. Derek exits the elevator. The three share a laugh.. CONTINUED: Lisa watches from a distance. heads to his office..) Not sure we can say the same for Marge. festive holiday spirit is in the air. Patrick.. work. Patrick is A Derek drives to (CONTINUED) .23.” INT. she turns and enters Derek’s office. OFFICE .DAY A warm LA morning with a hot sun coming up.MORNING Workers hang bulbs and decorations on the Christmas tree. Nearby. Lisa sees a pile of CD’s. PATRICK Yeah. back at his desk. smiles with an idea. the perfect happy family. Derek turns to see Lisa. Thanks. Her face betrays no emotion.

CUT TO: . Alright. Derek goes into his office. A beat. PATRICK (whispers to Lisa) So. LISA How long have you worked here? PATRICK Ten years this Spring. CONTINUED: DEREK You two behave yourselves out We stay with Patrick and Lisa. I thought all you assistants listened in. Besides. Lisa wonders if she might make a friend here. if you think you can buy my silence with a couple of Cosmo’s. LISA I’ll bet you know more about what goes on behind these closed doors than anybody.. bonding. They share a laugh.24. here. the dirty little secrets. honey. PATRICK (lonely guy. PATRICK Oh you got that right girl. flattered by her interest) Listen. you’re right. I know all LISA Well maybe we should grab a drink some night after work for a little girl talk.. how many times did you get busted listening in on Derek’s calls? LISA (light laugh) I’m way too devious to ever get caught... PATRICK (with a smile) We do.


INT. OFFICE - DAY Deserted at lunch hour. Derek, in shirtsleeves, emerges from his office and approaches the Break Room. INT. BREAK ROOM Derek enters, opens the refrigerator and takes out a lunch bag. He hears a slight SNIFFLING NOISE, turns and is surprised to find Lisa seated a corner table, a little tearful. Lisa looks up, quickly wipes her eyes with her hand and puts on a smile. Sorry. An awkward moment. LISA I thought everybody was at lunch. Lisa starts to rise.

LISA (cont’d) I should go... DEREK No. Stay. I was just gonna take this back to my office. Lisa sits back down. Derek starts to leave; hesitates. I mean... if

DEREK (cont’d) Anything I can do to help? you want to talk about it. LISA It’s nothing.

DEREK Most people I know don’t cry over nothing. LISA (with humor) You think I was crying? allergies. Uh huh.

This is just my

DEREK What are you allergic to?

LISA Men, apparently. Actually it’s more like they’re allergic to me.



DEREK Boyfriend trouble? Lisa hesitates, wondering if she can confide. LISA It’s stupid really. (a beat) This guy I’ve been seeing just calls and dumps me. Middle of the day. No warning. No explanation. Just “I don’t think we should see each other anymore.” DEREK OUCH!!! That’s pretty cold. were you together? How long

LISA Two months. (small laugh) Actually, it was one of my longer lasting relationships. I don’t know what it is but sooner or later I just seem to scare men off. (beat) I’m starting to think there’s something wrong with me. Derek sits down beside her. shoulder. He puts a comforting hand on her

DEREK (like a big brother) Nothing wrong with you. Your boyfriend’s a fool, that’s all. LISA I wish I could believe that. DEREK Maybe you just haven’t met the right guy yet. LISA I’m beginning to think all the good ones are taken. DEREK Look, I’m no expert but if it didn’t work out, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. When the right guy comes along... you’ll know it.



She looks up at him; smiles. LISA Is that how it was with you and Beth? DEREK Actually, yeah. quick. We both knew pretty

LISA Love at first sight? DEREK It does happen. Great. Why? LISA She’s got it all. Perfect husband, perfect child, perfect marriage. DEREK Nobody’s perfect. There are problems in every relationship. The important thing is to keep moving forward. (trying to buck her up) Don’t get down on yourself. You’re a bright, attractive girl. Any man would be lucky to have you. Oh, yeah. LISA Right. LISA Now I’m jealous. DEREK

DEREK No, really. If I was single... LISA But you’re not. DEREK I just meant... LISA I know. You’re just trying to make me feel better. (touches his hand) And you have. Lisa gets up.


Derek.. That’s how you got together with Beth. BEN Really? I wouldn’t mind taking up the slack. Derek opens his lunch bag and takes out a sandwich. opens it and starts rooting around. back when you could get away with a little office nookie on the side and not get nailed for it. She smiles and exits. BEN Doesn’t mean we can’t look. Ben appears in the doorway. CONTINUED: (3) LISA (cont’d) Thanks.28. grins at Derek. Incident forgotten.. That is one hot piece of ass there. It’ll happen. DEREK (amused) Hey. DEREK (encouraging) Hang in there. if you’re looking to start something with that girl. And so (CONTINUED) . BEN (cont’d) Not like the old days. are you. Lisa nods. isn’t it? DEREK Ben. (off Derek’s look) Like you haven’t noticed. BEN What was that all about? DEREK Poor kid got dumped by her boyfriend. (turns and gives him a grin) Don’t give me that “I’m appalled” look. I’m a happily married man. Ben goes to the refrigerator.

. ARRESTED. types back. (CONTINUED) . He hear the ding of an IM on his computer. Derek looks a little annoyed.. do me a favor.DAY Derek at his desk.. Ben “pulls the trigger -. these. DEREK’S OFFICE . I LUV GNARLS. WHERE DID U FIND THIS Reply: CONCERT BOOTLEG. (cocking his finger like a gun) And this one’s got you in the cross hairs.29. I don’t think I’m her type. lowers the volume and is hit with Gnarls Barkley in concert. WE COULD BE It’s from He responds: WORTH THE RISK. With a grin. continues to listen. “Thanks for the shoulder. CONTINUED: (4) BEN You saw her first? DEREK Fuck off. you on the other hand. TOTALLY ILLEGAL. He opens the envelope. DEREK Ben..)” (Thought you might like Now Curious. TEMPGIRL: TIS THE SEASON TO BE GNARLY.bang!” and exits. He notices an envelope with his name on it. Derek feeds the CD into his computer. BEN All I’m just sayin’ is a lot of these single gals see the work place as a hunting ground. CUT TO: INT. Lisa. He turns down the volume and smiles. Derek considers. A note and a home-made CD slide out. BEN Besides.

then furiously eats.. Beth and Derek at the table.DAY Derek sits at the bar by himself.. RESTAURANT . then goes back to work. CONTINUED: Reply: ME 2 He responds: THANX. take a cab.30. Santa. undecorated Christmas tree in the next room. (CONTINUED) . Then she smiles. KITCHEN . Don’t you know Santa only brings presents to boys who eat all their food? Kyle considers. Lisa catches Derek’s eye. I’ll be home early. reading the paper. surprised. DEREK I’ll have to do it tomorrow. Derek and Beth LAUGH. Derek smiles. So eat. KYLE Santa! DEREK Yeah. We can see a naked.DAY Breakfast. Derek is feeding Kyle. Kyle shakes his head “no” and points at the Christmas tree. if you drink too much. He looks up and sees Lisa come in. starts to make her way over. CHARLES HOUSE. She replies: GONE DADDY GONE. I want you to eat this. And he’s coming soon. Office BETH I forgot. CUT TO: INT. BETH On your way home. GET BACK 2 WORK. CUT TO: INT. Well. can you pick up those Baby Einstein DVD’s for you know who. (then) Kyle. party’s tonight. okay? DEREK If it’s anything like last year.

. Derek? plan? What’s the grand (CONTINUED) .31. LISA How about you. CONTINUED: LISA (gesturing to the empty stool next to him) This seat taken? DEREK (always a good guy) No.. right? DEREK Exactly. DEREK (cont’d) (chewing) Still the best burger in town. Right? DEREK (laughs) Back in the day.. A HALF-HOUR LATER Lisa is sitting next to Derek at the bar.. (beat) How’s that boyfriend trouble coming? LISA Keep moving forward. LISA Work hard. DEREK (CONT’D) (cont’d) (whispers) . Lisa chews and nods in agreement. Be my guest. play hard.. The food has come. And the best Margarita. LISA (raises her eyebrows) Really? DEREK We used to cut loose here after a long day at work..

DEREK All right. They both smile. Salt.. run the company by 35. The tree is all lit up. Lisa laughs.. LISA C’mon big talker. CONTINUED: (2) DEREK You know. Strawberry? LISA Rocks. LISA You want one? DEREK What? LISA A margarita? DEREK Oh. LISA Lakers suck. TWO BARTENDERS and lowered lights. Jet by 40. Works dead -Derek’s not sure. OFFICE . DEREK Not with me in charge. CUT TO: INT. The mood is happy and playful and people are getting a little tipsy. I don’t know..EVENING The Christmas party is in full swing with MUSIC.. LISA (cont’d) I won’t tell if you don’t. Touche.32. One. Retire to my private island and own the Lakers by 50. it’s Christmas time. What do you like? (CONTINUED) .

DEREK Why not? LISA Well. Derek makes some half-hearted dance moves. Lisa is in a group with Patrick and some other women. DEREK That’s Mister Office Asshole to you. She glances over and sees Derek. Marge grabs Derek by the arm and pulls him out.33. chatting. is passing out gag presents. You can dance. Desks and furniture are shoved back and workers are freestyle dancing. LISA (laughs) I wasn’t sure I was going to come tonight. DEREK I’m sure everybody’s glad you decided to show up. in a Santa suit. Joe Gage. (CONTINUED) . LISA (with humor) Well. CONTINUED: A MALE WORKER gives A FEMALE WORKER a back massage with a computer mouse. He’s off to the side with Ben. sipping drinks. LISA Even you? DEREK What do you mean “even me?” I’m your number one supporter around here. DEREK All those years watching Soul Train. it’s not like I’ve been here that long. Derek finds himself dancing face to face with Lisa. people are close together and a moment later. LISA I’m impressed. It’s crowded. crowding into the center of the room. then gets into the spirit. if it isn’t the Office Asshole.

An awkward moment. where’s your holiday spirit? DEREK With Beth and Kyle. Derek looks up.34. BEN (cont’d) I give her one more drink. They’re under the mistletoe. Derek LISA (playful) Maybe a quick one on the cheek? If we don’t. Derek looks at his watch. But Derek steps away. DEREK Guess we’ll just have to take that chance. rejoining Ben. and slips away. How about you. The music changes. too. smile. LISA (good natured laugh) Coward. people will really suspect there’s something going on. CONTINUED: (2) This makes her smile happily. DEREK How did that get there? They look at each other. LISA (looking up) Uh oh. I’m gonna take a Derek smiles at Lisa (CONTINUED) . piss and sneak out. BEN You’re not thinking about bailing. Remember last year? Sally Sloane did a table dance. He indicates a pretty secretary LAUGHING and accepting another drink. breaking the mood. buddy? Need a refill? Come on. then stand back. are you? Fun’s just getting started. laughs it off.

. Lisa hides a GIGGLE. INT. Derek whirls around... The Drunk begins to piss. DEREK (cont’d) Lisa. Derek heads down the hall. a little unsteady. stop -LISA Why? DEREK Are you out of your -That’s when someone comes in. Derek goes back against the toilet and Lisa is now practically straddling him. Loudly. Then. MEN’S ROOM Derek enters. Her eyes flash with desire. He staggers away from the urinal with Lisa still holding him. He and Lisa freeze. And then begins to sing Santa Claus is coming to town. Derek kicks the stall door shut with his foot just in time. Derek resists. smiling Lisa who dangles a sprig of Mistletoe in her free hand. About 30 seconds later he hears the door open and close but thinks nothing of it because it is a large public Men’s restroom in the workplace with 4 urinals and 2 stalls. Derek is horrified they’ll be (CONTINUED) . DEREK (cont’d) Lisa -They knock open a stall door and fall in. No one else around. He goes to the urinal and begins to unzip. pressed close together as A DRUNK MALE WORKER staggers to the urinal and unzips. face to face with a brazen. even more loud. But suddenly. DEREK (alarmed) What are you doing? Lisa tries to kiss him. CONTINUED: (3) BEN You’re no fun.35.. a hand snakes around his waist and grabs his crotch. discovered.

the Drunk hesitates in mid-piss. Lisa gives him a naughty smile. DRUNK (bleary) Hey. Lisa and Derek are face to face. Where are you going? DEREK (flustered) You’ve got the wrong idea! (CONTINUED) . Lisa smears the Mistletoe sprig against Derek’s face. Finally. come on. finished. He tries to remove it but her grip is like a vice. CONTINUED: In the stall. trying to zip up his fly. the Drunk resumes pissing. runs his fingers through his hair. LISA (confused) Wait.. She looks up at him. The Drunk continues his piss. DEREK (hissing) Don’t do this.. lurches over to the sink. looks back over his shoulder. Endless.. He clumsily zips back up. He looks at himself in the mirror. When there’s no reply. His hand grabs her wrist as she squeezes his crotch. DEREK (cont’d) For god’s -LISA Oh. She’s in control and enjoying this. DRUNK (cont’d) Somebody in there? Lisa is about to answer.36.. eyes gleaming with passion. smiles at himself and then stumbles out the door. The stall door bangs open as Derek pushes Lisa aside and staggers out.. Hearing something. He clutches her head with both hands forcing her to stop. then starts to go down on him. turned on by the thrill of getting caught. who’s there? Derek is trapped. Derek hushes her.

PATRICK Living dangerously. He’s agitated. This is all he needs right Derek is The police car flies by on its way to some emergency. . A moment later. Patrick. lets out a deep breath. teasing) I’ll bet you’ve never been this close to an actual woman. trying to make sense of what happened. OFFICE It’s a wilder scene now. CUT TO: INT. That’s when he hears a SIREN. I’ve never been this close to an actual man. YUKON . Sally Sloane is doing an uninhibited table dance to the delight of everyone gathered. PATRICK Honey. (then) Come on. Lisa pulls Patrick out with the other dancers. sees Derek hurry down the hall and head for the elevator.37. Patrick.NIGHT Derek drives home. CONTINUED: (2) Lisa doesn’t seem to understand but she’s amused. now. you’re such an old queen. Derek closes his eyes. heart pounding. already out the door. A little tipsy. INT. Derek pulls over. LISA (cont’d) (as they dance. aren’t we? LISA Oh. Derek’s eyes go up to the rear view mirror in panic as a police car with flashing lights gains on him. he sees Lisa come down the hall and rejoin the party. trying to calm down. standing off. Dance with me. he walks over to her.

CHARLES HOUSE . He looks up and sees his own dark reflection in the ceiling mirror. BETH (sleepy) How was the party? DEREK I only stayed for two drinks. okay? tired. Derek considers telling her. in beside her. BETH Not tonight.NIGHT Swept by headlights as Derek pulls into the drive. KYLE’S BEDROOM Dark. Derek tenses and stops. expecting the worst. BETH That dull. carrying files.MONDAY MORNING Derek gets off the elevator and walks to his office. MASTER BEDROOM Dark. INT. Lisa merely gives him a pleasant smile and walks by. EXT. LISA Good morning. INT. honey.38. CUT TO: INT. Derek approaches the bed where Beth sleeps.. Derek lies there.. OFFICE . turns a corner and sees: Lisa coming the other way. DEREK Morning. in Hell. And Beth is already back asleep. DEREK Beth. huh? A long beat. I’m really He slips (CONTINUED) . Derek looks in on his sleeping son.

beside Derek. BEN You okay. DEREK’S OFFICE . He registers Ben.LATER Derek is at his desk. delivering the files to a co-worker. a little startled. Hank in Human Services tossed his cookies on the Christmas tree. (CONTINUED) . DEREK (barely registering) Really? Sorry I missed that. CONTINUED: Like the other night never happened. DEREK I’m fine. tensing. Lisa continues on her way. Ben appears BEN You should have stuck around. Ben goes to his. Derek looks up.. LISA Bad time? DEREK (wary) No.. CUT TO: INT. Derek stands there. Yeah. Derek goes to his office. observing Lisa. wondering. bro? Derek turns. DEREK What? BEN The Christmas party. Lisa appears in the doorway. working.39. DEREK Tell him he’ll have it end of the day. LISA Joe wants to know if you’re done with the Ganz portfolio.

She doesn’t even look his way.LATER Derek is at his desk working. PATRICK Okay if I take off? DEREK Yeah. isn’t he? DEREK Don’t let him fool you. getting on the elevator. the only car remaining. Lisa smiles and exits.NIGHT Derek walks to his Yukon SUV. is as bad as his bite. goes back to his work. DEREK’S OFFICE . (CONTINUED) . CUT TO: INT. Patrick appears at the door. PATRICK See you tomorrow. BEEPS it and the doors unlock. Through the open door. It’s the end of the day and workers are leaving.40. DEREK You’re working Joe’s desk? LISA Just for today. (light laugh) He’s a real screamer. He As Derek opens the driver’s door and slides inside. doesn’t remember. PARKING GARAGE . His bark really Derek is thinking Great. Lisa is one of them. the passenger door opens and Lisa slips in. go home. maybe she CUT TO: EXT. Derek can see other workers leaving. Derek relaxes. CONTINUED: LISA (starts to go) Thanks. wearing her overcoat and an intimate smile. Patrick leaves.

LISA All right. I think I sort of took you by surprise.. it. CONTINUED: DEREK (startled) What are you -LISA I owe you an apology for the Christmas party. Nothing She’s naked Just forget Lisa lets the front of her overcoat fall open. have it your way. DEREK (uneasy) We both had a few drinks. LISA What if I can’t? DEREK Lisa. happened. nothing happened. LISA Why? DEREK This is so not right. confused) Derek. Nobody’s around to see us now. LISA Relax. what’s wrong? What did I do? (CONTINUED) .41. DEREK (jolt of panic) You really need to get out of my car. underneath. I almost went insane today. God. get out of my car! LISA (startled.. didn’t you? Having to go pretend like I was concentrating on work when all I could think about -DEREK (flaring) Lisa.

CHARLES HOUSE . looking upset with a bottle of wine and a glass. seeing Beth at the table. Derek quickly turns the key in the ignition. DEREK I don’t know if you’re just dense or what’s wrong with you but I want you to understand something. Lisa stands there in her overcoat staring in mute disappointment as Derek speeds out of the parking garage.. The passenger door bangs shut. He stops. CUT TO: INT. DEREK (cont’d) What’s wrong? BETH I’ve been on the phone for the last hour with Rachel Hendricks. Derek heads for the dining room. CONTINUED: (2) Derek suddenly reaches across her and throws open the passenger door.jeopardize my job with a coworker..NIGHT Derek lets himself in. I would never -never -. There’s nothing going on between us. DEREK There’s something I need to. Wow. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . LISA Maybe you are an asshole. determined to tell Beth everything. DEREK (calling) Beth? Honey? BETH’S VOICE In here. DEREK Get out! Derek physically forces her out. REVS the engine and peels out in reverse.42.

BETH I know. DEREK Tim’s an idiot. Yeah. Just a little problem at work. DEREK Tim.. BETH At first I couldn’t even conceive of it. You know they’ve got three kids.. Derek sits down at the table. you know I’d never cheat on you. If it was me. They’ve always seemed to be so much in love... Tough? DEREK That’s tough. then) What did you want to tell me? There’s no way he can tell her now. BETH It’s a disaster.CONTINUED: BETH(cont’d) She found out Tim’s been having an affair with a neighbor and it’s been going on for the last year and a half. DEREK (stops dead) Tim? Really? 43. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Then he said he was moving out. Derek reaches across the table and takes her hand. told her? BETH Just blurted it out last night when he came home from work. totally devoted to each other. (beat. DEREK Beth. He moves closer and puts an arm around her. BETH He’s a son of a bitch. Poor Rachel’s a wreck. DEREK Forget it.

.. (beat) Nothing I can’t take care of. BEN’S OFFICE .NEXT DAY Derek. DEREK What the hell did I do? her. I was nice to BEN Sure you didn’t lead her on? Just a little? I mean.. CUT TO: INT. What are you going to do? DEREK Report it to Human Resources. I mean. agitated. (CONTINUED) .... I kinda got she was interested but I never figured she’d.. BEN Sorry. BEN Maybe she thinks she can make the jump from assistant to wife.. DEREK You think this is funny? BEN I just.. jeez. too? Thanks. has confided in Ben who’s both concerned and a little turned on. DEREK You’re a big help. BEN Nothing to tell? She grabbed your cock? Flashed her tits in your car? Come on. a pretty girl.CONTINUED: (2) DEREK(cont’d) 44... BEN Why didn’t you tell me? DEREK There was nothing to tell. I thought I was your best friend. it would be normal. that’s all.. DEREK I didn’t do a damn thing. man.

What if she makes trouble and says you came on to her? Derek gives Ben a look. (CONTINUED) . CUT TO: INT. DEREK Then I need to get my side on the record first.. C’mon man..LATER A determined Derek arrives and enters the offices of HENRY TRUMAN. I need to talk HANK (from the inner office) Derek? That you? Derek enters Hank’s office and closes the door. When’s the last time you had a female assistant on your desk? People are going to wonder. A SECRETARY looks up from her desk. Mister Charles. Is Hank in? to him. making a joke) Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just have her killed? Derek frowns at him. Connie. BEN I’d be very careful if I were you. it’s not like you don’t have a history of behavior here..45. They look at each other. BEN (a beat. CONTINUED: BEN Get her fired? DEREK I don’t have a choice.. IN CHARGE OF HUMAN RESOURCES. BEN (CONT’D) (cont’d) Look. SECRETARY Morning. DEREK Hi. HUMAN RESOURCES .

DEREK (absorbing this) Yeah. HANK Looks like she beat you to it. HANK Anything else? No. DEREK I guess not. DEREK (about to confess) Listen. DEREK (hiding is surprise) She quit? They give a reason? HANK No.. Right.. HANK What’s up? DEREK Well. need to talk to you about one of the temps. They already sent over a replacement. Her agency called this morning and said she wouldn’t be coming in any more. sort of in over her head. But if she already quit. Hank. it’s sort of a personal matter. I HANK She worked your desk for awhile. CONTINUED: DEREK Hey. this going to be a little awkward. save your breath. Lisa Sheridan. (CONTINUED) . Hank. I just thought she was unqualified. Did you have some kind of a problem with her? DEREK Well..46.. HANK If you’re here to file a complaint about her performance.

Ben is waiting. HANK Sounds like a plan. (a smile) Couldn’t be better. solved. Derek. bro.47. returns the high five. CONTINUED: (2) HANK How’s the new house? DEREK New house is great. down the hall. Ben grins. That’s good news. BEN Well? DEREK She quit. BEN Really? DEREK Yeah. Derek opens the door and exits. HANK Tell Beth I said hi. happier now. Listen. He raises his hand for a high five. BEN Come on. Outside. DEREK I will. CUT TO: . Problem DEREK (as his good luck sinks Looks that way. doesn’t it? in) BEN Not a bad little Christmas present. We’ll have you and Kathy over some night when we’re more settled.

all troubles are forgotten. BETH Can’t it wait? DEREK It’s already tomorrow in Berlin. You got the prospectus? Great. DEREK I’m just gonna check my e-mail and come to bed. Beth and Kyle under the tree unwrapping presents. on the phone. Look it over.48. in a good mood. Derek looks at the doorway where Ben is standing. (CONTINUED) . How was your Christmas? Well. God. year we’ll celebrate here at home. CUT TO: INT. Through the window we see Derek. I think it’s gonna be a happy new year for all of us. having a great time. That’s the last I’m going out on New Years Eve. That’s probably him.DAY Christmas morning. Ben beams and does a little victory dance.DAY Derek. Ganz was supposed to send me his approval.NIGHT Derek and Beth come in. dressed in tux and gown. Derek gives Ben the thumbs up. MASTER BEDROOM . you people invented it. me and Kyle. For Derek. A “You Have Mail” DING comes from Derek’s home computer on the other side of the room. EXT. exhausted from a New Years party. DEREK’S OFFICE . CUT TO: INT. CHARLES HOUSE . DEREK Hans? Derek.A WEEK LATER . time Next Just BETH it’s after three. you. at his desk.

He’ll call you in the morning. It opens up to reveal a self-taken photo of Lisa looking sexy and inviting on a bed. all from the same sender: TEMPGIRL. I gotta get a new spam blocker. Under her photo: SEE YOU IN THE NEW YEAR. He isn’t aware of Beth coming out of the bathroom behind him. feeling sick and invaded.DAY Derek is at his desk. CUT TO: INT. BETH (cont’d) What was that? DEREK (acting perturbed) Nothing. Beth goes away. brings up the It’s the same photo. (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: Beth goes into the adjoining bathroom. A little fearful. Derek sits down at his computer and goes to email. over and over. OFFICE . He deletes it. Derek pulls up the first e-mail. BETH Forget it.49. Derek stares at the computer screen saver: A picture of Beth with Kyle sitting on Santa’s knee at the Grove. Derek hits the delete key and the last photo of Lisa disappears. Lisa on the bed. sending an e-mail to TEMPGIRL. tensely typing on the computer. Derek stares at Lisa on screen. Derek feels a jolt of panic. BETH Ganz? She’s about to peer over his shoulder. Beth gives him a kiss on the cheek. With a YAWN. smiling seductively and wearing skimpy lingerie that shows off her sexy body. others. Come to bed. Dozens of e-mails. He scans it and is instantly confused. She approaches as he continues to delete.

BETH I can just picture you guys in the hotel jacuzzi. CHARLES HOUSE . He sends it and sits back. BETH Call me tonight. It winks at him. Joe says it’s going to be a male bonding experience. BETH Remember the last time Joe had one of his weekend work retreats? DEREK How could I forget? a week after..50. Then. they’ll all get drunk and crash early. he opens the new e-mail. MASTER BEDROOM . just the usual suspects. CONTINUED: Derek types: LEAVE ME ALONE. The withered Christmas tree waits at the curb INT. TEMPGIRL has replied with one of those annoying YELLOW SMILEY FACES. Or if I’m really lucky. getting in touch with your innermost feelings. Almost instantly there’s a reply.DAY Mid-January. CUT TO: EXT.. drown in the jacuzzi. (CONTINUED) . DEREK (zips up his bag) Hopefully.DAY Beth helps Derek pack a bag. Derek stiffens. tentatively. Derek is chilled. for pick-up. I had a hangover for BETH Any women coming this year? DEREK No.

No way. JOE Derek. you okay? I’m fine. Or somebody you’d JOE Somebody you know? like to know? The other guys chortle. A drink is put in front of Derek. He catches a flash of a young woman in a tight dress seated on a stool. The Cocktail Waitress leans down and WHISPERS in his ear: WAITRESS It’s from the lady at the bar. But a crowd of people move into his line of vision and when they clear.NIGHT A COCKTAIL WAITRESS delivers drinks to Derek. Derek turns and peers at the crowded bar area. DEREK I didn’t order this. They’re all a little toasted.51. DEREK Just thought I saw somebody. overhead mirror. BEN You can’t tempt this guy. Joe Gage. Derek tenses. the woman is gone. CONTINUED: DEREK I will. (CONTINUED) . Ben Talbot and THREE OTHER MEN smoking cigars and relaxing after dinner. Their image is reflected in the CUT TO: INT. HOTEL BAR . JOE Who could blame him with a wife like Beth. The mood is rowdy. Derek gives her a kiss.

DEREK Hey. JOE Hurry back. BETH How’s the male bonding? DEREK They’re all getting wasted. PATIO OUTSIDE THE BAR Low-lit.. transformed into an alluring femme fatale. I’ll be right back. I said I’d give her a call before she puts Kyle to bed. EXT. Across the patio. BETH It’ll just take a second. DEREK I have to go. But as she passes into the light from the bar. Derek comes out. BETH Well. putting him to sleep. It’s me. he sees A FIGURE slowly approaching. honey.52. a silhouette. INTERCUTTING WITH BETH in Kyle’s bedroom. This party’s just getting started. He puts his drink down on a table. Beth picks up Kyle. Wait. Derek picks up his drink and leaves.. CONTINUED: DEREK Speaking of Beth. if your future depends on putting on a bathing suit and hot tubbing it with a bunch of drunks.. Empty. Joe’s going to suggest the Jacuzzi. she’s revealed as Lisa. (CONTINUED) . Derek? You there? Derek freezes. BETH Kyle wants to say good night. flips open his cell to call home. Any minute now. It’s a woman back-lit.. DEREK (tense) They’re yelling for me to come back.

DEREK (desperate) Beth.Derek? Derek clicks off and pockets his cell. DEREK (holding down panic) Lisa. On the other end. Beth looks perturbed. Derek looks at her.. BETH I’ll be in bed -. I’ll call you later. As Lisa comes closer. LISA (teasing smile) Or what? You’ll make a scene? (MORE) (CONTINUED) . (when he doesn’t seem to “get it”) That’s why I quit. DEREK (demanding) How did you know I’d be here? LISA I’ve got my sources. you need to leave. She boldly LISA I can always tell from the pained look on your face when you’re talking to Beth. picks up his drink and takes a sip. astounded.53. Now Lisa comes face to face with Derek. DEREK Why did you come here? LISA You said you could never be with someone you work with.. So we could be together. CONTINUED: BETH (cont’d) Say good night to Daddy. (slight frown) What’s wrong? You don’t look happy to see me. smiling.

sick. seductive) Help me. (CONTINUED) . I need help. LISA has to take control and I guess So you go back. Lisa disappears into the darkness. say your good the boys and I’ll be waiting in 610. DEREK What are you talking about? One of us it’s me.. (moves closer. LISA I know. I’m sorry -He pulls it out. she slips a capsule into his drink.CONTINUED: (2) Call security? What would Joe and Ben and the others think? I’ll tell you what they’d think. LISA All right. DEREK Beth.. then puts it back on the table. She smiles. Derek feel his cell phone vibrate. we did. DEREK Stay away from me! Lisa emits a musical little laugh and smooths her dress. She presses against him. LISA (cont’d) This hook-up was on the books from the day we met. DEREK I’m not coming to your room. You play your games. and I’ll play mine. LISA(cont’d) 54. They’d think we arranged it. Derek... (turning away) . Out of Derek’s sight. LISA Would you rather I came to yours? DEREK You’re crazy. You need help. Lisa turns aside. And in a way.. Derek. She registers Derek’s angry face and clenched fists.. nights to my room. high heels echoing.

BEN Come on. INT. Is it the shower in the bathroom? The bathroom door is shut but there’s a crack of light around the edges. Agitated. makes his way to his room. Sound and perception are playing games with his head. Joe’s big rah-rah to the troops. BEN All right. HOTEL ROOM Derek lets himself in. man. The room begins to spin and he can hear a sound. There’s enough moonlight coming through the window to lead him to the bed where he flops down on his back. Beth? bro? DEREK I’m right here. Derek the other. He fishes around in his pockets and finds his key card. Where the hell are you. bleary. feeling more and more disoriented. CUT TO: INT. it’s early. He slides it and pushes open the door. Ben is slightly drunk but Derek is farther gone -. He feels sick. doesn’t even click on the lights. CONTINUED: (3) BEN’S VOICE It’s Ben. We’ll go to my room and plunder the mini-bar. HOTEL CORRIDOR . He doesn’t even bother to undress. Derek and Ben get off the elevator. I need to lie down. be that way. then opens them. Ben goes one way. a rushing noise. downs it and re-enters the bar.wobbly on his feet. charge it all to Joe. DEREK Can’t. That last drink totally kicked my ass. Coming back in.NIGHT After midnight.55. Derek picks up his drink. Derek closes his eyes. Nine o’clock in the California Room. Derek. But don’t forget. Is someone in there? (CONTINUED) .

.. Derek feels the bed move. feels a tug on his trousers.. CUT TO: INT. Her hand caressing his face. A woman’s silhouette appears. The bathroom door opens.. letting in a cloud of steam and a shaft of light. an amplified ZZZZIIIPPP. LISA (cont’d) I’m going to take real good care of you.. baby. then. Derek’s eyes open in shock. her smile. He closes his eyes. He can’t believe what he sees -Lisa. CONTINUED: Derek is too out of it to care. LISA Hush. make it go away. Lisa smiles seductively and puts a finger to her lips.. Derek wakes up. naked... straddling him.NEXT MORNING Dazzling sunlight. distorted image of Lisa’s face.. the door..56. naked.. And that’s the last thing Derek sees before he passes out and the entire world goes black and silent. It’s like a dream. DEREK (groggy. her lips. She moves to the bed. Her voice seems distorted like it’s coming from another world. A nightmare. HOTEL ROOM .. can barely get the word out) No. He just wants to sleep. her teeth. All he can see is a shifting. Derek tries to resist but finds he has no control over his body or mind. the blazing look of sexual desire in her eyes. LISA Shhhhh. begins to drift off. And somewhere in those eyes he can see HIMSELF. startled by a pounding on WOMAN’S VOICE Housekeeping! (CONTINUED) .

LISA Derek.. DEREK (shouting) Later! Come back later! Okay.. His brain is fogged and he’s disoriented. DEREK You’ve got to get out of here! LISA What are you talking about? Leave! DEREK You’ve got to go! Derek grabs Lisa by the arm. drags her out of the bed at the same time gathering her clothes from the floor and thrusting them into her arms. sleepy smile. It takes him a moment to realize where he is. DEREK I want you out of here! (CONTINUED) . She opens her eyes and gives him a sexy. How did he. The door closes. come on. Derek glances over at the clock. blinded by the sun.his heart stops. stretching her body like a cat. 10:15. Shit.57. WOMAN’S VOICE (cont’d) Housekeeping! The door begins to open.. There’s Lisa sprawled beside him on her stomach. Derek goes into panic mode. looks over and -. overslept and now he’s late for the seminar. LISA Morning. He’s WOMAN’S VOICE I come back. Naked under the covers.. Derek starts to get up. jumping out of the bed like it’s on fire. naked under the covers. CONTINUED: Derek blinks. A hotel room.

sits on the edge and buries his throbbing head in his hands.. musical laugh. what is wrong with you? Derek slams the door. CONTINUED: (2) LISA You worried somebody’s gonna catch Why? us? DEREK Just get the hell out. also a little under the weather. We were about to send out a search party. They take notice of his late arrival.. we hear Lisa’s LISA (cont’d) Have it your way.MINUTES LATER Derek slips in and takes a seat next to Ben at the end of a big table.58. LISA (half-amused) We woke up a little grumpy this morning. TIME CUT (CONTINUED) . he goes to the bed. fuck.SEMINAR ROOM . JOE (interrupting his talk) Thank god. HOTEL . DEREK (in hell) Fuck. Derek glances over at Ben who frowns at him. didn’t we? Lisa barely manages to slip into her dress before Derek opens the door and pushes her out into the hall.. Derek locks the door. Sorry.. DEREK Overslept. LISA (cont’d) Derek. On the other side. The other guys are there. CUT TO: INT. fuck. 10:35. All right. Derek looks over at the wall clock as Joe resumes talking. Shaking.

While Joe continues his talk. The Clerk goes away.. bright smile. whispers: DEREK (cont’d) It’s Beth. He leans over to Ben. It’s not Beth waiting for him. Derek stops dead. As they turn a corner. Derek perks up with concern.. How about some lunch? DEREK Lunch? LISA It’s gorgeous outside and I made a reservation at -Derek grabs her by the elbow and hustles her out of sight. goes over to Derek and whispers to him. sir. INT. dressed sexy/casual. trying to keep his voice down. A HOTEL CLERK quietly slips into the room. Derek gets up and leaves. Lisa gives him a sly smile.59. CONTINUED: It’s now 12:50. (CONTINUED) . LISA I thought you might need an excuse to get out of there. DEREK What do you think this is? LISA The morning after? DEREK (flaring) We didn’t do anything last night. BEN What about her? DEREK She’s here. CLERK Here’s your wife. (mystified) I’ll be right back. It’s Lisa. CORRIDOR OUTSIDE Derek follows the Clerk.

scene. You’ll cause a That’s exactly what we Derek hauls her roughly back down the hall.60. They’ll know out of your mind. You’re acting (CONTINUED) . LISA What’s wrong with you? like a stranger. He yanks her toward the door. a little stunned. surprised by his own violence. DEREK (cont’d) I’m sorry. LISA (trying to pull away) Why are you trying to ruin this? DEREK THERE IS NO THIS!!! LISA Don’t say that. head. you inside to tell Joe and the whatever you want. DEREK A scene.. DEREK Godammit! Derek throws her roughly against the wall. She hits her Derek steps back.. not so loud. LISA What are you doing? What I Taking others you’re DEREK should have done last night. CONTINUED: LISA But you can’t remember. Right. need. can you? DEREK It didn’t happen! LISA Derek.

. his head. Lisa. Derek turns and goes into the seminar room.. Derek stops himself. ugly tone) You think you can use me. then throw me away? I’m not some piece of garbage. I’m a human being.. LISA (flaring. So go ahead. What goes on in that twisted mind of yours. Then. Derek. please. He shakes (CONTINUED) . LISA (cont’d) Do it. there’s never going to be anything between us. Derek stares at her like she’s a thing. It doesn’t matter because the truth is. LISA (cont’d) Don’t look at me that way. Lisa reaches out to him. DEREK I don’t care what you do or what you say. a person you don’t know.61. Don’t you know that? Anything. A stranger. Her eyes flash with excitement. Derek. Hit me. raises his hand as if to strike her. revolted by his own behavior.. You can do anything you want to me. an object. do your worst. Now either go inside and tell them your bullshit lies or get the hell out of here.. DEREK How else do you look at somebody who sickens and repulses you? LISA Derek. CONTINUED: (2) DEREK Yeah! That’s exactly what I am.. in frustration. closing the door behind him. They stare at each other.

ELEVATOR/HOTEL CORRIDOR . A lively atmosphere. It’s like shaking a doll. CONTINUED: (3) With a heartbreaking expression of hurt. HOTEL RESTAURANT . HOTEL ROOM Derek steps inside and freezes. Lisa stares at the door for a long moment. Her head is cocked to one side and her skin is ghostly pale. DEREK (cont’d) Goddamn it. No response. her eyes shut. Lisa. INT. Joe and the others eat dinner. Ben. naked under the covers.THAT NIGHT Derek. Derek seems apart from the others. you drinking? DEREK Not tonight. man. seemingly asleep.62.LATER THAT DAY Derek gets off on his floor and heads to his room. I’m sticking to ice CUT TO: INT.. Derek leans over and shakes Lisa’s naked shoulder. DEREK (anger rising) No. get up. wipes a tear from her face and walks away. tea. BEN Derek. (CONTINUED) . No fucking way. CUT TO: INT. confronted with his worst nightmare. lost in thought. Derek moves toward the bed and the sleeping girl.. DEREK (cont’d) Lisa. High heels and a path of discarded clothing leads to the bed where Lisa lies in bed.

You need to get the paramedics and security up here right away. Nothing. REYES All right. trying to detect a heartbeat. goddamn it.. He tilts Lisa’s jaw back. He puts his ear to her naked chest. being interviewed by a veteran police detective. he can’t hear it. Now Derek begins to perform CPR. That’s when Derek sees it. Derek gently slaps her cheeks. CONTINUED: DEREK (cont’d) Get up or I’ll drag you out and throw you in the hall. On the night stand: an empty bottle of prescription pills. Derek hangs up. CUT TO: INT. DEREK (cont’d) (fighting panic) This is 622. ER WAITING AREA .63. Now he puts one knee on the bed and takes Lisa’s face in his hands. alternating chest compressions. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Rolls back her eye lids. Lisa! DEREK (cont’d) Wake up. DEREK (cont’d) (shouts) Lisa! No response. MONICA REYES. clears her mouth and begins to breathe into her. Derek looks haggard.Ambien. He might as well be handling a marionette... If there is one. Reyes looks more like a middle-aged suburban mom than a cop but she’s very good at her job. There’s a woman in my room. DEREK (cont’d) Oh god.NIGHT In a corner. Derek grabs the bedside phone and punches Desk. she’s taken an overdose of prescription pills -. Mister Charles.. Derek picks up the bottle and looks at the label: Ambien. turning her head. Please hurry. let me get this straight.

(CONTINUED) . I don’t care if you were or weren’t banging this girl. REYES Apparently she told one of the housekeepers she was your wife and lost her key. yeah. Mister Charles. DEREK There WAS NO affair. I don’t know. made it up in her head? With no help from you? DEREK Maybe I was too nice to her. (MORE) 64.CONTINUED: REYES(cont’d) This girl you barely know. she tries to commit suicide in your bed. said something she took the wrong way. DEREK She never had a key. DEREK Doesn’t that prove she did this on her own? REYES All it proves is she lost her key. DEREK I know how it sounds but. REYES So she just.. I don’t even know how she got in my room. works in your office.. I just need to get your version for my report. REYES And you had no idea she’d be at the hotel? DEREK None. All I know is I did not lead her on.. fantasizes you’re having an affair and when you reject her. REYES This affair. that’s pretty much it.. REYES Look.

He wrote it down. CHARLES and his phone number. (CONTINUED) . if it’s a question of innocence.EARLY MORNING Dawn is breaking as Derek guides the Yukon into the drive. He steps out. Probably tomorrow they’ll move her out of ICU and up to the fifth floor for a psychiatric evaluation. He walks over and interrupts. Here. Reyes goes to talk to the Doctor. All suicides are put on 72 hour hold. REYES They pumped her out in time. REYES (cont’d) I’ll be right back. Derek can’t stand the suspense. The Doctor hands Reyes a piece of paper. DEREK Did she say anything? REYES As a matter of fact. she was lucid long enough to give the doctor a name to call in case of emergency. DEREK What do you mean? REYES Let’s just say I wouldn’t like to explain a situation like this to my husband. The front door of the house opens to reveal a very tense looking Beth in a robe. Written on it is DEREK REYES(cont’d) 65. Reyes sees AN ER DOCTOR signalling. REYES (cont’d) Still want to stick to your story? CUT TO: EXT. CHARLES HOUSE . Before Derek can respond. Reyes hands Derek a piece of paper. DEREK How is she? Reyes nods to the Doctor and takes Derek aside.CONTINUED: (2) Besides. hesitates. Derek watches them talk. I’m not the one you have to convince. it’s standard. Doctor says she’s groggy and disoriented.

A long beat. DEREK If I did. BETH (a little cold) Tell me everything. Beth. CONTINUED: They look at each other across the distance. BETH She was in your bed. BETH What man wouldn’t? The attentions of a pretty young girl? I can just see those adoring blue eyes batting at you every time you told her how pretty she looked or what a nice dress -DEREK Stop it. CUT TO: INT. uncomprehending. BETH You must have said something. stares at him. then.LATER Derek has told it all. BETH How could you let this happen? DEREK You think I encouraged it? BETH Maybe you liked it.. DEREK Beth. LIVING ROOM . Derek! You spent the night together and you want me to believe nothing happened? (CONTINUED) .. You know I never said those things. her. Done something to give her the idea. This is not going to be easy. looking stunned.66. Derek walks to From the beginning. it wasn’t intentional... Beth. Derek nods.


DEREK I was passed out... drunk. happened. BETH Damn you, Derek. Damn you.


Beth turns away, her face burning. DEREK I love you, Beth. I love Kyle and the life we have together. I would never do anything to screw that up. This girl is disturbed. She’s seriously disturbed and for some reason, she fixated on me. BETH Why? DEREK I don’t know. She’s crazy. BETH You should have told me. From the very beginning, you should have told me. DEREK I know. BETH Why didn’t you? DEREK At first I thought it was no big deal. And then... I was just embarrassed. I didn’t know how to explain it to you without looking... BETH Guilty? DEREK I said I was wrong. A beat. BETH Did she know about us, Derek? DEREK What?



BETH How we met? DEREK Don’t do this, Beth. yourself sick. BETH I’m already sick. DEREK Honey, I know I screwed up... Derek reaches out. DEREK (cont’d) But I’ve told you the truth. know you believe me. I have to You’ll make

BETH (weary sigh) I don’t know what to believe. All I know is, I need to be alone for awhile. DEREK Beth, don’t -BETH I need to be alone -Beth moves quickly upstairs. Leaving Derek there. He sits back on the couch, head in his hands. At a loss. After a beatINT. UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS Derek makes a determined rush up after her. Only to find the bedroom door locked. Derek’s upset. Resigned, he makes his way over to-INT. GUEST ROOM - CONTINUOUS He grabs a pillow. Punches it twice. Knows he’s in the dog house-CUT TO: INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY Lisa is propped up in a hospital bed, a dark brooding expression on her face, tangled hair hanging down. Just staring, eyes wide, a little dopey looking.



Monica Reyes appears in the doorway. REYES Miss Reynolds? I’m Monica Reyes. Lisa looks up. Her face transforms into a bright smile.

LISA Come in. I’m sorry I’m such a mess but they won’t let me take a shower or wash my hair. (dismissive laugh) Apparently I’m still on suicide watch. REYES I’m a police officer assigned to your case. How are you feeling? LISA Well, still a bit groggy from the medication. But it isn’t stopping me from feeling ashamed for all the trouble I’ve caused. REYES Do you feel like talking about the other night? LISA Have you spoken to Derek? REYES Yes. LISA And he’s all right? REYES Relatively speaking. LISA When can I see him? REYES See him? LISA Derek. REYES I’m afraid that’s not possible.


“Lisa Darling. Really? LISA Then why did he send these? Lisa indicates a bouquet of flowers in a vase nearby. CONTINUED: (2) LISA Why? REYES Miss Sheridan. goes into her Q & A: REYES Can you tell me what happened at the hotel. aren’t Reyes decides not to push it. REYES Slept together. REYES (keeping the surprise out of her voice) He sent you flowers? Peonies. I don’t think Mister Charles wants to speak to you or continue any kind of contact. Love always.” REYES When did these show up? LISA A few hours ago. Derek. Reyes inspects the attached card. (CONTINUED) . the other night was just a misunderstanding. they? They’re lovely. Had sex. LISA Didn’t Derek tell you? REYES I’d like to hear your version.70. Lisa looks at her oddly. LISA There’s not a lot to tell. We got together at the hotel and you can guess what we did. Don’t ever leave me. LISA My favorite. why you were there.

It can’t be easy to find out that the man she loves is in love with another woman. REYES Noble? LISA He was thinking about his little boy. Kyle. LISA He’s just being a gentleman. (CONTINUED) .. you know.. I’m not stealing him away. He’s not even two. REYES Go on. I just hope she doesn’t do something foolish. REYES So you believe Mister Charles is in love with you? LISA Read the card.71. what the breakup might do to him. REYES You do? LISA I’m not a home-wrecker. But I do feel bad about his wife. (beat) I didn’t realize he was just being noble. Their marriage is dead and Beth is in denial. My parents broke up when I was pretty young. REYES Derek denies it. I see. I guess I over reacted. trying to protect me. CONTINUED: (3) LISA Of course. (strange smile) You know the old saying. Derek and I belong together and nothing can change that. LISA The next day when Derek told me his wife wouldn’t give him a divorce and that we could never see each other again. It leaves a scar that never really heals.

Bad joke. DEREK There was no sexual harassment..DAY Derek and Joe Gage.” Lisa could almost be talking about herself. JOE I don’t have to tell you how an incident like this could impact the company. I’m the one who was sexually harassed. Derek gives him a shocked look. she’s chilled. her flowers.72. She excuses herself. Reyes nods but We’ll talk again. CONFERENCE ROOM . Lisa goes back to happily smiling at CUT TO: INT. CONTINUED: (4) REYES What’s that? LISA “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If anything.. It’s like a nightmare. you’re probably wishing you had fucked her. DEREK There was no impropriety. (CONTINUED) . (then) Sorry. Even the slightest whiff of impropriety. Joe. JOE By now. REYES You take it easy now. JOE Who might retaliate by hitting us with a sexual harassment lawsuit. (sighs) I can’t believe this is happening to me. This is just the sick fantasy of a very disturbed girl. JOE (cont’d) For all the trouble it’s costing you.

Lisa must have accessed it when she was working my desk. Joe and Derek exchange looks. Then you have nothing to worry about. there’s a Detective Reyes here to see you. DEREK She obviously ordered the flowers for herself. Marge sticks her head in. Derek. REYES With your credit card. JOE Good. I won’t have a choice.73. Just til this blows over. DEREK’S OFFICE . I believe you and you know I’ll back you up all the way.LATER Derek and Monica Reyes face each other across Derek’s desk. JOE Derek. DEREK But Ganz is my client -JOE Look. maybe you should take some time off. it’s me. (CONTINUED) . Joe. Meantime I’m going to put Ben on the Ganz account. calm down. CUT TO: INT. CONTINUED: DEREK Goddamit. MARGE Sorry to interrupt. DEREK My secretary keeps all my personal information on her computer. DEREK That’s not going to happen because there’s nothing to find out. if there’s an injured party here. But if I find out there was something going on.

Xrated.. FROM BEHIND.... REYES (cont’d) It’s a rather graphic and detailed account of your various sexual liaisons together... DEREK You can’t possibly believe this. I never even touched her. Derek pages through..” DEREK (reacting) This is... COMING TOGETHER OVER AND OVER. It’s sort of a diary she was keeping.. I WAS SCREAMING. REYES There’s more. ON THE FLOOR. Mister Charles. REYES This is a print out of Lisa’s blog. growing more alarmed.. CONTINUED: Reyes gives him a blank look. DEREK More? Reyes opens a bag.. I was never at her apartment. DEREK (cont’d) You think I sent the flowers? to be as crazy as she is. you’re quite the accomplished lover. none of this ever happened.. DEREK What? REYES You can read them for yourself but I should warn you they’re a little... WE WERE LIKE TWO ANIMALS.. REYES According to those entries..74.. promises to divorce your wife and marry her.. And you made promises to her. Reyes puts a large pile of papers on Derek’s desk... We see thing like “THREE TIMES.. WHEN HE SLAPPED ME THE PAIN WAS EXQUISITE. let alone did any of this. I’d have (CONTINUED) .

. stopping to pick up one of Kyle’s toys. REYES With any luck. CHARLES LIVING ROOM . “Truck. They don’t see her. She looks through the sliding glass window and sees Derek on the deck. bird.DAY Beth moves through the room.... The only thing that matters is that she believes it.75. She was released in the custody of an older sister yesterday. that may not be necessary. She comes closer. Maybe now she can get the help she needs. But DEREK (singing to Kyle) “Four little ducks went out one day.” CUT TO: . Lisa’s agreed to check herself into a neuropsychiatric hospital up there.” and so on. Her sister flew down from San Francisco and took her back.... CONTINUED: (2) REYES Whether I believe it or not is irrelevant. DEREK Why not? LISA Lisa’s left town. REYES You could file a restraining order... I can’t say I’m unhappy to hear she’s gone. doggie. holding Kyle in his arms.. DEREK There’s got to be something I can do to protect myself.. you’ll never hear from her again. A tear in Beth’s eye. CUT TO: EXT. my family. Mister Charles. DEREK (some relief) Well.. They’re playing a game. Derek points to objects in the distance and Kyle identifies them. over the hill and far away.

They’re dressed for a night out. Derek takes Beth by the arm.NIGHT A few days later. but you call us.NIGHT A 14 year old baby sitter SAMANTHA walks Beth and Derek to the front door.. DEREK Everything’s gonna be fine. don’t hesitate to call us. okay? DEREK Come on. (CONTINUED) .76. EXT. Lock this. BETH You’ve got our cell numbers so if there’s any problem. CHARLES HOUSE . CHARLES LIVING ROOM . Maybe we should. Trust me. INT. doesn’t she? SAMANTHA Like a movie star. we agreed. do. calls back to Samantha. I’m really good at this. DEREK No way. honey. But Beth remains concerned. don’t you? Samantha knows what to SAMANTHA I’ve got four little brothers. And I am not gonna waste you in that outfit. Derek grins and leads her out the door. BETH (to Derek) I don’t know. This is an important night.. (to Samantha) She looks fantastic. Do you know how hard it was to get these reservations? Come on. BETH (giving in. DEREK We’ll be back by ten. to Samantha) Okay.

there’s hope? BETH It’s not that easy. Derek looks like he’s been punched in the face. It’s been awhile since they’ve touched or had sex. not everybody gets drunk and does things they regret. DEREK I haven’t seen you looking this relaxed and beautiful in weeks. the two of us out together. She looks at her wine glass. BETH Derek. working on a bottle of wine.. drops her eyes. Derek pours the last of the bottle into Beth’s glass and signals the Waiter. DEREK (cont’d) (encouraged) So. DEREK I keep telling you I didn’t do any thing to regret...LATER THAT NIGHT Derek and Beth sit together in a romantic candle-lit booth. too. CUT TO: INT. Samantha closes the door behind them and locks it. please? Derek smiles at Beth. He looks at her.77. RESTAURANT . (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: SAMANTHA Have fun. Beth smiles a little shyly. BETH I’d forgotten what this was like.. DEREK I need you to believe me. DEREK (cont’d) Could we get another bottle. Yeah. DEREK It’s been awhile.

I won’t wake him. looks around. expecting me. Oh well. The TV is going. (CONTINUED) . CONTINUED: Beth looks up and gives him a hard. Samantha gets up and goes to the door. cold look. SAMANTHA He’s sleeping. LISA What? Beth told me to drop by. You can’t. Samantha becomes aware. then sees a shadowy figure through the frosted window next to the door. you did. With a SIGH of annoyance. She unlocks and opens it. Then there’s a LOUD KNOCKING. looking fresh and pretty and smiling. Lisa breezes right in. That’s strange.78. I’m Beth’s friend Allie. I’ll just run up and give it to him. Charles are out. She doesn’t hear the door bell RING the first time. she’s listening to music on her I-pod while texting a friend on her phone and paging through a teen magazine all at the same time. Or the second. BETH (slowly) I am telling you. Lisa is standing on the threshold. LISA Out? SAMANTHA They went to dinner. LISA (super friendly) Hi.. multi-tasking. CHARLES LIVING ROOM . CUT TO: INT. SAMANTHA Mister and Mrs. She’s LISA Oh.LATER THAT NIGHT Samantha is sprawled on the couch.. I have something for Kyle.

She enters the room. LISA But I’m here right now. LISA (cont’d) (to Samantha) Great. INT. The door cracks open. This will only take me a minute. and approaches Kyle’s crib. Just doing your duty. Samantha returns to (CONTINUED) . Why should I. I’ll call you tomorrow. Samantha LISA (cont’d) (into her cell) Beth? Hey. Lisa crosses to the stairs and goes up. emitting light from the hall. honey.. Okay. holding out the cell) Oh. Good girl. Samantha was a little concerned so I said I’d call you. She stands over him. CONTINUED: SAMANTHA Maybe you should come back. Lisa takes out a cell phone. Then. I see. turning Lisa into a silhouette. (winks at Samantha) Yeah. wait. (back into cell) No. Did you want to talk to her? Samantha shakes her head “no. oh.. girlfriend. Lisa turns away and looks at herself in a mirror. looks relieved. You two have a great night. let me call Beth. the couch and resumes texting.” LISA (cont’d) (into cell) Beth. (to Samantha. (to Samantha) No it’s okay. punches in a number. She forgot.79. smiling down at the vulnerable sleeping child. You told me to come by. KYLE’S BEDROOM Kyle is asleep in his crib. silent as a ghost. It’s Allie. Lisa clicks off. Where am I? Where are you! I’m at your place. You know what.

LISA Thanks. speaks.A MINUTE LATER Samantha is listening to i-pod music/texting/watching TV. CUT TO: INT. doesn’t even look) You. LIVING ROOM . too. DEREK I’ll go on-line tonight and order the tickets. In SAMANTHA (preoccupied. laughs and returns to the couch to text her friend back. She checks it. Lisa vanishes. Beth (CONTINUED) . then thinks she ought to check on the baby. Lisa comes down the stairs. Unless you think you should take him alone. She gets up. out of focus. BETH No. Samantha sends a last message. starts for the stairs when she gets another text message on her phone. Whatever we’re going through.80. BETH I told him we’d take him to Legoland. he needs us to be together. Finally. CONTINUED: She takes out a tube of red lipstick and applies it to her lips. DEREK I know. BETH It’s his birthday tomorrow. Nice meeting you. CUT TO: INT. SUV .NIGHT Derek and Beth drive home in tense silence. the background. Samantha.

On the couch. CHARLES LIVING ROOM . CONTINUED: Derek turns the corner to their street. Beth streaks for the stairs. CUT TO: INT.. SAMANTHA Hey! You guys got back so fast-BETH Any trouble with Kyle? SAMANTHA He was a doll. The house comes into sight. called you on the cell? BETH (tensing) Nobody called me. Derek pulls into the drive and guides the car into the garage. Beth and Derek freeze.. No.. something for Kyle. (then) But you just missed your friend. She said she had BETH (instant panic) Oh my god! Where’s Kyle? SAMANTHA In his crib. Derek and Beth enter. The garage door goes up.A MINUTE LATER A key in the lock.81. The door opens.... Samantha ends her texting and greets them with a bright smile. Allie? She was just here. DEREK Someone was here? Inside the house? SAMANTHA (to Beth) You said it was okay. turn and look at each other. (CONTINUED) . BETH What friend? SAMANTHA You know.

then hesitates. a perfect red lipstick kiss. CHARLES HOUSE . He starts the engine. strapped into his car seat. CUT TO: INT.82. (CONTINUED) .. HOSPITAL ER . yanks open the driver’s door and gets in. CONTINUED: DEREK How long since she was here? SAMANTHA A couple minutes. Lisa lets out a cry of anguish. now afraid) You said it was okay! INT. LIVING ROOM Derek tears back down the stairs. DEREK Kyle. EXT. KYLE’S BEDROOM Beth runs to the crib. What Derek sees makes his blood run cold.NIGHT Kyle is being examined by A DOCTOR while Derek and Beth comfort him. Lisa turns to him in desperate panic. To her horror. turns to back out and -Surprise! There’s Kyle is in the backseat. shouting to Samantha. Derek gets out. smiling at his Daddy. it’s empty. pulls open the back door and unstraps his son.. Derek appears in the door. DEREK Call 911! He bursts out the front door. LISA She took him! She took my baby! INT.. On the child’s forehead.GARAGE Derek races into the garage.. SAMANTHA (cont’d) (calling after them. What’s wrong? Derek runs for the stairs.

She didn’t know she checked herself out this morning. X-ray and cat scan came back normal.A MINUTE LATER Derek and Beth confer with Reyes. I’m not fine. too.. Monica Reyes appears in the doorway. Mrs. CONTINUED: DOCTOR We pumped his stomach. (CONTINUED) .83. I’m a mother. BETH How would you feel if it was your child? REYES Exactly the same as you. The sister didn’t even know she was gone until a few hours ago. DEREK The doctor says he’s fine. Beth is very agitated. She violated the restraining order so we can arrest her. (to Reyes. I know you’re upset. We’ll wait for the blood work but it appears he’s completely fine. Look.alone with our son. CUT TO: INT. BETH Well.. BETH (tearful relief) Thank you. demanding) I want you to find her. Charles. She said Lisa had been doing well in therapy... Doctor. BETH (emphatic) She was in our house -. REYES Apparently Lisa stole her sister’s ID to buy a ticket and board a plane to LA earlier today. ER WAITING AREA . then used her sister’s credit card to rent a car. REYES We will. I don’t see any reason why you can’t take him home in a couple hours.

LATER THAT NIGHT The SUV pulls up and parks. Is that the message she’s trying to send? REYES Either that or. Beth goes back into the examining room to join Kyle. BETH Derek! Derek races out of the room..LATER THAT NIGHT Kyle is asleep as Derek tucks him in. DEREK Now what? Am I supposed to go out and buy a gun or something? REYES She didn’t physically harm him. but she could have. MASTER BEDROOM The bedroom has been trashed. Beth CRIES OUT from (CONTINUED) . INT. DEREK No. The ceiling mirror is now a spider-webs of cracks. CUT TO: EXT. Derek removes the sleeping Kyle from his car seat and carries him to the front door where Beth waits. Meanwhile. What you don’t want is her feelings for you to change to rage. another part of the house. KYLE’S BEDROOM . CONTINUED: BETH Find her. you might want to beef up your home security. I don’t know.84. Derek nods. The bed has been stripped..maybe she was trying to show you she could love him.. INT. you need to call me right away. But there’s a good chance she’ll try to get in touch. Derek and Beth get out. If she does. (off Derek’s sickened reaction) People like Lisa. CHARLES HOUSE . their emotions can turn on a dime..

Derek looks up and sees their reflection in the mirror -. We can’t live like this..NEXT DAY Derek and Kyle watch Baby Einstein on TV. starts dialing a new number..twisted and distorted. CONTINUED: The closet is open and clothes are strewn about. In the b. Beth clicks off..85. Derek discovers Beth on her knees. BETH (cont’d) What kind of sick person. Beth is on the phone.. her body shaking. BETH (into phone) Right. BETH She never left. it’s all right.. DEREK It’s all right. She was here the whole Beth scrambles over and finds a wedding photo of herself and Derek. like Lisa’s mind. Again. As he holds his wife. DEREK Who are you calling? BETH Guess. holding up a family photograph in which Beth’s head has been torn off.LIVING ROOM .. talking to someone. BETH No Derek! It’s not all right!!! We have to do something. DEREK You’re not. Derek crouches down and holds Beth who begins to cry. CUT TO: INT. time. on her. her head has been removed.. Thank you. A SECURITY MAN installs a new alarm system.g. CHARLES HOUSE . Derek keeps an eye (CONTINUED) .

He hears a car engine outside. I’ll kill you.. DEREK She won’t be there. Derek doesn’t (CONTINUED) . why are you doing this? BETH I want her to know who she’s dealing with now. On the other end. Lisa’s cheerful voice: LISA’S VOICE Hi.. Have a good one. ever. gets up and goes to the window. BETH (into the phone) Listen to me. CUT TO: INT. GUEST ROOM . gives Derek a defiant look.86.. CONTINUED: BETH (determined) I got her home number from Patrick... wide awake. A moment later. know what to say.. You want me to show you how the system works? BETH Definitely. folks. I’m not here right now so please leave a message after the beep and I’ll get back to you. BETH She can still pick up her messages. SECURITY MAN You’re all set. Beth clicks off. The Security Man appears. on guard. it drives off.NIGHT Derek lies in bed. DEREK Beth. Derek looks out and sees a police patrol car in front of the house. come near my child or my house again. This is Beth Charles and I just want you to know that if you ever. you little bitch. this is Lisa.

BETH No. She’s asleep. If anything happens. I’ll call in.NEXT MORNING Derek is leaving for work... (then) Look. He points to the security pad. BETH Hello? Oh hi. DEREK Make sure you set this. if you want me to stay. They’re bound to pick her up soon. Beth watches from the window as Derek drives off to work. Dad. CONTINUED: Derek goes to Kyle’s room. I can take care of myself. A sudden SOUND. The phone rings. SET. Derek opens the door and exits. Kyle is nearby playing. SECURITY VOICE (CONTINUED) . CUT TO: INT. (off his look) Go. Beth goes over and picks it up. a little wary. He’s sleeping safely. He goes to the master bedroom and observes Beth from the door way. DEREK It can’t go on much longer. BETH You don’t have to tell me. Go to work. window.87. the security patrol can be here in two minutes. (then) What’s wrong? Beth closes it behind him. He hops up and goes to the It’s just the sprinklers going on in the front yard. CHARLES LIVING ROOM . Derek tenses. Derek returns to the guest room. then touches the keypad.

OFFICE .88. honey.DAY Patrick is at his desk. DEREK Yeah? PATRICK Beth’s on 2. Oh. CONTINUED: As she listens with mounting concern. KYLE’S BEDROOM Kyle is playing on the floor. DEREK’S OFFICE Derek is concentrating at his desk when his phone BUZZES. CUT TO: INT. answers quickly. DEREK Hi. DEREK What’s wrong? BETH Mom went back in for more tests. INTERCUTTING WITH: INT. The phone buzzes and he picks up. we. INT. (CONTINUED) . DEREK I can imagine.. Patrick perks up at the tone in Beth’s voice.. Thanks. Everything okay? He BETH We’re fine but I had some not so great news from my Dad. PATRICK Derek Charles’ office. BETH I’m sure it’ll be fine but I thought I’d drive down to San Diego to hold her hand. Beth is on the phone. hi. Beth. take Kyle with me. They wanted to do another biopsy and she’s pretty scared.

DEREK All right. (CONTINUED) . KYLE Daddy. BETH (cont’d) Come on.. There’s still that frostiness between them. We’re gonna take a little trip. I love her. We’ll see Daddy tomorrow. Why don’t you do what you need to do and drive down in the morning? DEREK Are you sure? BETH Yes. She holds him close. what toys do you want to take? Now. KYLE (excited) Legoland? Beth almost laughs. CONTINUED: DEREK I’m gonna be stuck here pretty late but I could drive down after. We’re going BETH Much more fun than Legoland. And call me when you’re leaving the house.89. too? BETH No.. sweetie.. down to Nana and Poppa’s. Friday night traffic’s gonna be a nightmare and they won’t know the results til tomorrow.. Say hi to your dad and tell your mom everything’s going to be fine. BETH I don’t think that’s a good idea. BETH I will. Beth clicks off and turns to Kyle.

PATRICK I don’t think that’s gonna happen. LISA’S VOICE I’ve missed you. actually. CUT TO: INT..90. OFFICE At his desk. Derek’s just waiting for the right time to tell her he’s leaving. PATRICK (happy to hear from her. (CONTINUED) . I heard the Charles’ took out a restraining order against you. She’s not handling this very well. LISA’S VOICE What? PATRICK I’m a little concerned. Patrick answers the phone. Everything okay around the office? PATRICK (hushed/secretive) Well. CONTINUED: (2) Kyle toddles over to his toy box. LISA’S VOICE (laughs) Oh. that. LISA’S VOICE (bright and chipper) Hey there. girlfriend. too. PATRICK Derek Charles’ office.. That was Beth’s doing. keeps his voice down) Lisa? LISA’S VOICE How are you? PATRICK I’ve missed you.

. I have to go. I (CONTINUED) . PATRICK But you just. (when she doesn’t respond) Lisa? Did you hear me? LISA’S VOICE Patrick.. LISA Well? PATRICK Well. PATRICK I’m not sure I should be telling you this... PATRICK Yes? LISA’S VOICE (cold) I really don’t care whose dick you sucked last night.. Her mother is having some tests done. you’d be so proud of me. The one my friend set me up with? The graphic artist? Lisa. The line goes dead. I met him for drinks at -LISA’S VOICE Patrick. Derek is driving down first thing in the morning to be by her side.91. I have to go. PATRICK We are. I wanted to tell you about my date I last night. don’t be such a drama queen. thought we were friends.. Beth’s headed down to San Diego tonight. PATRICK Wait.. CONTINUED: LISA’S VOICE Of course it is. LISA’S VOICE I’ll talk to you later.. LISA Patrick. we are.

carrying a paper bag. She takes the bag which contains a bottle of champagne and uses the bottle to break a pane in the kitchen door window.DAY Beth goes out the front door. KITCHEN Lisa steps inside and looks around at the cheerful room.MINUTES LATER Lisa approaches the back of the house. CUT TO LISA She puts her cell phone in her pocket.92. calling Derek on her cell. Forgets to re-set the alarm. Beth punches back in. PAN UP TO Lisa watching. CUT TO: EXT. EXT.. BETH’S CAR Beth drives down the hill. CONTINUED: (2) Poor Patrick looks like he’s been hit in the face with a bag of shit. grabs the purse from inside and closes the front door again behind her. then humming happily. arms full with Kyle and overnight bags. CHARLES HOUSE . She doesn’t even check to see if it’s locked. Kyle’s high chair. She steps up on the deck and goes to the kitchen door. the places set for three at the table. Then she reaches inside and unlocks the door. Lisa puts the champagne bottle on the counter. INT. only to realize she forgot her purse. INTERCUTTING DEREK IN THE OFFICE (CONTINUED) . CHARLES HOUSE . INT. She sets the alarm and shuts the door behind her.. gets in and drives away. DRIVE WAY Beth secures Kyle in his kiddie seat. Now she looks for an ice bucket and finds it. she begins to open shelves until she finds two crystal champagne flutes. WIDEN TO REVEAL that she’s standing in a grove of trees. INT. She takes them down. then walks around to the driver’s side. looking down at the Charles house.

She removes her coat to reveal a sexy white nightgown. BETH’S CAR Beth drives up the winding road to the house. She backs out and returns up the hill. Good.. leaving a space for her lover beside her. BETH We just left the house. MASTER BEDROOM The ice bucket and champagne sit on the night table. scary and insanelooking. I think I did. then reaches into the coat pocket and takes out a paper bag. amid the rose petals. She smiles excitedly. Lisa stretches out on the bed. . thanks to the cracked mirror. I had to run back in and I can’t remember if I re-set it. her smile is distorted. making a trail to the bed.. begins to sprinkle red rose petals on the floor. INT. DEREK Look. She smiles at herself and. BETH No.93. CONTINUED: DERE (answering his cell) Hey. INT. don’t worry about it. like a woman preparing for her lover’s return. She gazes up at the cracked ceiling mirror. I’ll do it Beth clicks off. INT. DEREK Did you set the alarm? BETH The. carrying the ice bucket with the champagne bottle in it and the two flutes. She slows down and pulls into a driveway. Lisa places the champagne on the night table. and call you back. I’m barely down the hill. MASTER BEDROOM Lisa enters. She upends the bag and with a giggle.

Beth freezes. She opens the door and closes it as if she left the house. expecting to see Beth getting into the car. to Kyle) Mommy will just be a minute. Lisa hears the car. She rolls off the bed and crosses to the window. Lisa tenses. No further sound. She’s about to set the alarm when she hears the floor creak above her. certain to be as quiet as she can. INT. She waits. listens. FOYER Beth pulls off her shoes and lays them by the door. suddenly fearful. hears the sound of the door opening downstairs. DEREK’S OFFICE He can’t work. INT. INT. But there’s no sight of her. parting the curtains to look out. BETH’S VOICE (barely audible. standing very still near the window. Beth goes to the front door as if to leave. INT. But Beth knows. INT. she moves to the window and peers out. MASTER BEDROOM Lisa. then closing. HER POV Beth stepping out of the car. EXT. glancing at his cell for Beth’s call. Relieved. She begins to quietly tip toe up the stairs. MASTER BEDROOM On the bed. FOYER Beth lets herself in. .94. CHARLES HOUSE Beth pulls into the drive.

beyond pissed. She’s (CONTINUED) . calm..95. stunned. terrified. Beth is standing in the doorway. you’re even dumber than my husband said you were... (beat) Or did you just forget to take your meds? Lisa whirls around. Didn’t you get my message? Lisa’s eyes dart around for escape.. coming back to my house.. Lisa is wide-eyed. too. Lisa begins to edge her way around the room. But Beth cuts her off. giving Lisa a deadly look. Beth tosses the hank of hair aside. Beth takes notice of the rose petals on the bed and floor. Beth slaps and punches Lisa. BETH Girl. bitch. Lisa tries to dart around her. BETH (cont’d) You really fucked up this time. BETH (cont’d) Think you can walk into my house. my bedroom. caught.. ripping it out by the roots as Lisa tries to get free. Not until I’ve given you the beating of your life. Lisa bounces off the post.. Beth is on her. Lisa lets out a subhuman shriek of pain. keeps on coming. slamming her hard against the bed post. grabbing a handful of Lisa’s hair. INT. And she means it. slapping her hard.. grabbing Lisa by the throat and forcing her back. like a cat who’s just trapped a mouse. Beth seems remarkably BETH (cont’d) You can look all you want but you’re not getting out of here. MASTER BEDROOM Beth enters to see Lisa peering out the window.

She slams the door shut and throws the lock. holding her there as Lisa flops and chokes. terrified. unable to stand. Please? you? BETH Please what? Please don’t hurt As Beth pummels her. CONTINUED: BETH (cont’d) My child. But before she can collapse. Beth kicks Lisa out of the bathroom. CRASH! in. knocking her around the room.. my husband! Lisa tries to fight back but Beth is a tiger. The bathroom door comes off its hinges as Beth barges LISA No! Beth grabs Lisa by the head and slams her face into the bathroom mirror. Lisa is wobbly. Beth props her up.. BETH (cont’d) Don’t worry. LISA (in pain. face bleeding. Beth forces Lisa down.. beating the hell out of her.. I’m not going to drown you... We need to wash that off. Sorry won’t cut it.. no. bitch. whimpering) Please. Lisa stumbles/retreats into the adjoining bathroom. LISA (blubbering) Please. I’m just getting started.. (CONTINUED) . BETH Too late. Her face is a bloody mess. looking around for a weapon. BETH (”concerned”) You’re bleeding. something to protect herself with. shoves her head into the toilet and flushes it. I’m sorry.96.. (jerking Lisa’s head up) No.. It cracks.

Beth descends. eager to escape. her cell phone TRILLS. She swings it and hits Beth is the side of the head. Beth lunges forward and tackles her. Beth gives Lisa a shove. pulling herself to her feet. circling Beth. Stunned. Beth goes down on her knees. (CONTINUED) . The bottle goes flying as the two women thrash around on the floor. LISA He doesn’t love you! I’m the one he wants! (crazed. CAR Kyle snoozes in his car seat. Lisa goes crashing down the stairs and lands at the bottom in a heap. Lisa lunges for the night table and grabs the bottle of champagne. Lisa She crawls to the head of the stairs and grabs the post. You don’t want to fall down the stairs. screaming) Why can’t you get that through your head? Lisa raises the bottle to hit her again. Whack! The cork pops and champagne goes spewing everywhere. BETH (suddenly behind her) Careful. CONTINUED: (2) Lisa lands on the floor and gets up. INT. Inside Beth’s hand bag on the front seat. INT. breaks free from Beth. Lisa wipes blood from her face. OFFICE Derek dials Beth’s cell.97. MASTER BEDROOM Beth and Lisa fight on the floor like two she-demons. lips drawn back and teeth showing like an animal. BETH (cont’d) Did that hurt? Because it looked real painful. As Beth comes out of the bathroom. INT. rose petals sticking to her gown.

. say hello. BETH You got that right. Lisa turns and desperately hobbles for the front door.... Phone RINGS again. Beth. Both women freeze. or Beth. DEREK’S VOICE ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE Hi. DEREK’S VOICE (with concern) Beth? Are you there? (CONTINUED) . defensive) Please. BEEEEEEP.. surrender. BETH’S VOICE ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE ....... BETH Oh.. leaving a bloody smear.. I’ll leave.98.. wobbly. Then. the phone RINGS... LISA Please. you’ve reached the Charles residence. knocking Lisa aside and throwing the chain.. it’s Beth now? Betty? What happened to She raises bloody hands in Lisa rises to her feet. Beth turns and faces Lisa with a murderous look.. Beth advances... We’re not here right now but if you have a message for Derek. or Kyle. Hugging the wall for support Lisa back away. But Beth easily beats her to it. I’ll go. BETH’S VOICE ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE Please wait for the beep. I swear I’ll never bother you again.. In the kitchen. Kyle. KYLE’S VOICE ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE (cute) Hello. CONTINUED: LISA (managing to sit up.

99. DEREK’S VOICE (cont’d) Beth. Derek. Derek! LISA Oh. She scrambles upward. Beth speaks calmly. let me call you back. even sweetly. DEREK Beth -Beth hangs up the phone.. BETH Derek. thank god! INTERCUTTING DEREK IN THE OFFICE Reacting in surprise and panic.. As Lisa stumbles back into the hall landing. tumbles halfway down the stairs. Lisa reaches the top step just as Beth snags her ankle. I’m right in the middle of something. stopping her. CONTINUED: (2) LISA Derek! Lisa tries to make it to the kitchen to get the phone. Lisa rolls around and viciously kicks Beth in the shoulder with her other leg. thinking maybe she can get to the phone in the bedroom. into the receiver. Beth grabs her by the sleeve and pulls her back. The sleeve tears loose in Beth’s hand. pick up! Lisa makes it to the bedroom. She rips the phone from Lisa’s hand and strikes her with it. DEREK’S VOICE Beth? Lisa stumbles back toward the stairs. Beth? She sees the phone on the DEREK’S VOICE (cont’d) Are you there? Lisa desperately grabs the phone. DEREK Lisa? Before she can answer. (CONTINUED) . Beth is suddenly there. Beth falls back. night stand.

By a miracle. Lisa tries to force Beth over. (CONTINUED) . And both women know it. Lisa forces Beth up against the bannister. Their hands lock together... Fifteen feet below is that large glass dining table. reaching out with her other hand to Beth who could pull her to safety. then Beth suddenly swings them around. she slowly reaches out to Lisa. A nervous Patrick watches Derek exit. Lisa bangs Beth against the bannister. toward safety. going up against the bannister. Beth stands on the landing. A few feet away is a heavy crystal chandelier suspended from the ceiling by a metal chain. Lisa reaches out and grabs the chandelier with both hands. Then. Plaster cracks and rips away. breaks apart and Lisa topples over the side. Reyes. It won’t take Lisa’s weight much longer. dangling.. then up at the ceiling mount. as if coming out of dream. Derek hurries out of the office. Beth looks over the side and down. reversing positions -The bannister cracks. LISA Please. The two women fight. She looks at terrified Lisa.. The bannister rail begins to crack. punching a number into his cell as he runs to the elevator. CONTINUED: (3) Alarmed. Lisa swings back and forth. Beth slowly pulls Lisa toward her. Beth considers. With renewed strength.100. emergency! It’s an Beth goes out into the hall and Lisa springs on her.. it supports her and she swings back and forth like a human pendulum but now the chandelier is beginning to pull loose from it’s ceiling mount. DEREK (cont’d) I need to speak to Lt. Lisa hangs by one hand... They claw and punch at each other. As she’s about to fall.

But so does Beth!!! With a look of horror on her face.. Sound returns -. The surface of the table ripples. And that’s when the chandelier breaks loose.. BETH (cont’d) (motherly concern) Listen to me. whole body buckles. trusting. down Lisa falls.. The soundtrack goes dead silent as we go into slow motion.and it’s deafening. The fall seems endless. The table gives way and Lisa lands hard on the marble floor. LISA (afraid) No. The chandelier is about to break loose.. framing her entire body. Her back is probably broken but she’s still conscious.the sound of breaking glass -. forming a halo around her head. Lying there. And. Down. BETH Let go. Lisa lets go. trying to speak. Beth’s face is impassive. Her arms and legs flop around like a marionette with its strings cut. (CONTINUED) . The two enemies lock eyes.101. clawing the air. Lisa hits the glass dining table with her back. Lisa. CONTINUED: (4) BETH (quiet voice) Let go of the chandelier. In slow mo. down. the glass shatters and explodes around Lisa. Her Lisa opens her mouth. Then. You have to let go right now. her skull cracking. Lisa stares up at Beth on the landing as glass bounces and TINKLES around her. Lisa falls through space.

stoic. Lisa had an accident. Beth. On the landing. I need to speak with you. desperate to get home. CHARLES HOUSE Outside. Beth? REYES Is everything alright here? BETH (very calm) I’m fine. Real time resumes. REYES Beth. looking down. Lisa’s eyes are open but they’re dead.. a car pulls up and Monica Reyes jumps out. We come out of slow motion. Reyes hurries up the walk and meets Beth standing in the open door. splayed under the chandelier like a broken doll. unhooks the chain and opens the front door. just stands there. taking no notice of Lisa’s lifeless body. BETH Call me on my cell. CONTINUED: (5) Beth watches without emotion as the chandelier plunges downward and hits Lisa in the chest with a radiantly beautiful shower of crystals. INT. (a beat) (MORE) (CONTINUED) . then turns back as Beth goes to her car and opens the driver’s door. It kills her on impact. CHARLES HOUSE Beth comes down the stairs. INT. REYES What happened here? BETH I think you know what happened. Reyes looks into the house and sees Lisa’s body. She goes to the foyer.102. (moving past Reyes) I have to go. Beth stares down at Lisa’s body. My mother needs me. EXT. DEREK’S SUV As Derek speeds through traffic. Beth turns back to Reyes..

passing police cars on their way to the house. BETH It’s over. honey.. I spoke to Reyes. Beth nods back.CONTINUED: BETH(cont’d) Now my child has been waiting too long. be okay-BETH (long beat) I love you. We’re gonna Are you okay? .. starts the engine and backs out of the drive. BETH (tears start to well) It’s Daddy. INTERCUTTING BETH IN HER CAR She picks up her ringing cell phone... 103. INT. Derek-DEREK Beth. He dials his cell. gets in the car.are you hurt? BETH I should have believed you. DEREK It’s gonna be okay.. Reyes watches her exit. PULLING BACK As Beth’s car drives away. looks at the caller ID and glances at Kyle in the rearview mirror.. HIGH ANGLE SHOT. Beth and Reyes lock eyes. Derek. DEREK (frantic) Beth.. DEREK’S SUV In traffic. I am sure my husband will be home soon. DEREK And I love you-Derek continues on against the traffic. Reyes nods her understanding. The dashboard picture of Beth and Kyle still smiling back at him.. (a pause) Tell me baby-.


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