Misogamy: Mr.

Kamat remained a bachelor not because of misogamy but because of ill fate; his fiancée died before the wedding. Missive: He Ambassador received a missive from the secretary of state. Deride: The IAS officer Mr. Kapoor derided his subordinate Mr. XYZ mercilessly. Modicum: All the ghost stores told by my bumpkin friend were based on modicum of truth. Mogul: The stock market mogul Mr. Tiwari turned into the poor fellow when stock plunged by huge points. Mollify: The management tried to mollify the labor union by offering them better pay scales but the union remained determined on the decision, they have taken about the accused committee member. Momentous: The momentous discovery of ‘the double helix of the DNA’ is the most important phenomenon in the history of science.

Monolithic: Monolithic attitude of the leader made their outnumbered army to achieve complete knock out over the opponent. Mordant: Newspapers act as a mordant against an illegal action. Mores: Orthodox families expect their daughters to follow the mores. Morose: Mr. Xyz’s dog Leo acted morose for weeks after death of her grandfather. Mortify: It was mortifying experience for Mr. XYZ when he was caught red handed in the act of bribe. Motley: The joker had a motley tunic cap that attracted many children to him. Muddle: The muddled inference brought about by group of tyro scientists was refuted by the authority.

Muggy: One has to adjust himself to the muggy environment in the Mumbai. Mulct: Finally; the lawyer mulcted the mogul criminal Telgi. Myopic: Mr. Patil who is current Home Minister in GOI was blamed for his myopic policies. Mutinous: Police finally used tear gas to calm down mutinous mass at Central Park. Nadir: The Sensex reached its nadir after bomb blasts at Dalal Street. Narcissist: The narcissist boy in the classroom was the real genius who studied the Trigonometry. Trenchant: Parliament members were always afraid of trenchant wit of Mrs. Gandhi for it is so often sarcastic. Incipient: Support for the new action plan was incipient for months together.

Nonchalant: The nonchalant behavior of Bruce Lee even in the presence of besieged opponents made them confused. Baroque: The baroque church of St. Paul’s was the tourist attraction but was demolished in the bomb blast last year. Profusion: You will experience profusion of choice on the menu when you enter into the Delhi Chat Darbar. Retreat: The company was forced to retreat through the barrage of heavy cannons. Souvenirs: In the small village like Malgudi, Swami visited barterer & exchanged his postal stamps for trinkets. Bate: Millions of fans bated their curiosity until the speaker announced the winner of Academy Awards 2007 Mr. Lee. Bauble: Swami awaited for whole night tillhis father alighted in Malgudi hoping that, he would get some baubles.

Bawdy: Congress shocked when the BJP muddled them with bawdy remarks. Beatific: Mother knew no bounds of joy when she saw beatific smile of her baby. Beatitude: Zen followers achieved highest level of beatitude when they delved into silence. Bedizen: Bollywood is turning into a cult of actress those wear bedizened costumes to attract masses towards them. Bedraggle: In the joyride at Water Park; XYZ was bedraggled when he entered the aqua tunnel. Beguile: Bruce was beguiled by Kara on the very first day at gambler’s club. Behemoth: The Kingkong – the behemoth terrified all the viewers by its audacious impact.

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