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FROM: Controlling DoD Organization: Assistant Chief of Staff for Force Development [Army], Attn: FOR-OT-UT, Washington, DC 20310.

Ajdutant General's Office [Army] ltr dtd 2 Apr 1976; Ajdutant General's Office [Army] ltr dtd 2 Apr 1976


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(21 Jul 70)

FOR OT UT 702220

30 July 1970 Headquarters, 1970 (U) I Field

Operational Report - Lessons Learned, SSUBJECT: Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April,



Subject report is forwarded for review and evaluation in accordance Information of actions initiated as a paragraph 4b, AR 525-15. result of subject report should be forwarded to ACSFOR OT UT within 90 days of receipt of covering letter. 1. 2. Information contained in this report is provided to insure appropriate benefits in the future from lessons learned during current operatioAs and may be adapted for use in developing training material. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF THE ARMY:

I Inci

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Headquarters# I Field Force Vietnam APO San Francisco 96350


15 May 1.970

Operational Report-lsessons learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RGS CSFOR-65 (32)

Aessltant Chief of Staff for Force Developmnt Department of the Army Washington, D.C. 20310

1.(C) a.

--- -_ tinn -_niin 64vitim..

(1) Generalt During the quarter, intelligence operations were conducted in suapport of Allied units engaged in pacification and military operations. This effort supeetdthe intelligence gained by units and allowad an overviev of enemy activity in II Corps Tactical Zone. Major intelligence efforts were directed towards reducing the possibility of an enemy Tot OffenProvince,, sives locating the units of the 3rd I4VA Division in BINI DIIM Be W nai and in April, furnishing information to Allied units engaged in sustained combat with the enemy in the flAK SEANG - DAN PEK - flAK TO area. (2) Batty Order of Battles

(a) Disposition of NVA, VC Main Forces and VC local Forces is shown

in Inclounre 1. (b)

Changes in Order of Battle holdings during the periods


~,Units accepted: Unt a95th

93/240 EVA Trans

Cantin z fese

EVA Arty BA Y0) 303 LIPIm.(T.Io TO MY R~gt tot IVA Rogt a 5 Baai/953 MTMegt too A 2 Bas/953 EVA Regt 406 MF Sapper Ba too 2 2 4 1

POse lass

205 160 250

ZUnit Deelpatiam


Coat ixued 980 ied Canfnt WUUMSSAT 3 520 W~AAS;

FOR~ 0-L)I

7 0",20



u u M


ATFA-QO-HIST 15 May 1970
SUBJC: -Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 3Q April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2)

406 LF Sapper Bn 30 MY Bn to0 1-14 LI h Confirmed Confirmed 400 285

(3) Significant Mnemy Tactics and Teomiquess During the months of February and March, the amount of enemy attacks and their intensity was light. Standoff attacks and mall unit ground actions wre characteristic of enemy operations. There vas a slight rise in the intensity of the attacks in the Southern provinces - reaching a high point about 15 March. During the same period, PHU MW Province experienced a marked increase in abductions and ilpressment of civilians, Eaemy activity throughout the U1 Corps area was dramatically increased an 31 March. Up to battalion sin units engaged friendly installations supported by greater thav nnrual smounts of varied ordnance. Using intense attacks by fire and employing ground elementsp the enemy attempted to overrun the Allied camps in the DAK SING - DAK ?K area. The enemy also increased ground to air fire. By aid April, the enemy action in the highlands had diminished to sporadic standoff attacks of varying intensity. The remainder of the Corps area also experienced a decline in enemy initiated action as April ended. The enemy is continuing to fragment unite into smaller elements so as to conserve his forces by presenting maller targets. The greater number of unite thus available can provide tactical coverage of a wider

"geographicalarea. (4) Enemy Loans and Strengthss (a) Total enemy military losses in II Corps for February, March and April 19708 (DOW is 35% of ZIA)







91 541

91 6 as 623


275 21.5 1792









amte mllitary 303 OR=$ mly* (b) Awq stegths at beginin and sad of the quarters
Igo, 30 Aoril 1970



Mdh a

149965 109610

15 355 99M2









AVF.!GC...HIST 15 May 1970
SUBJECT, Operational Report-ossons leamed Headqaarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Eding 30 April, 1970 RCS (SFO65 (R2)

TOTL (a)



(i) Say Vul.nerabiities and Probable Courses of Actions


aml of conducting standoff

In KONTaM Province enaey fories

KONTUM City, and populated areas throughout the province. Additionay, enemy forces are capable of conducting attacks up to regimental sizs in the DIL SEANG-EB HET-DAK PEK area. 2 In PIZIKU Provinoe enemy forces are capable of conducting primarily City and FWMAF installations in the vicinity and interdioting QX .4 and QL 19.
stanloff attacks against PLEZI

attacks against the border camps, DAK TO.TAN CAM

1 In PHU BON Province the enemy is capable of conducting limited attacks against CHED RED and the district headquarters. A In QUANG DUC Province the enemy is capable of limited ground and standoff attacks against CIDG camps, district headquarters and GIL NiOIA.

SIn DARBIC Provinne the enemy is capable of conducting primarLly standoff and sapper attacks against BAN ME THUOT City and RF/PP forfts in DUON HO district.
j In LAM DONG Provinoe the enemy is capable of conducting attacks by fire and ground attacks against Allied installations and hamet defenses. He is also capable of disrupting movement along QL 20 by smlush, sniping, and mng incidents. Elments prestly located In TOM DOC Province can reinforce enemy elements in LM DONO. I In TIN DUC Province the enemy is eapable of conducting standoff attaokc directed against the military installations in and around the city of DALAT and military defenses of popilated areas. Ground attacks, amb& and sniping ingdents can be directed against military defenses of installations and hanlets and movement along QL 20, 11 and 21A, Action Amrov teams and other local enemy forces can attempt to disrupt paciiation mainly by abduction sad extortion. Present forces - be "reinforced by wilt prenently located in BIR THUAN Province, A In lINE 21A Province the emy an conduct ground and stanfff attacks againet PN 9A0 Air Dae and other Allied installations ad hamlet defenses. Attempted interdiceon of QL 1 and QL 11 ca be aconpished by amush and sniping incidents. I In SiII 210AN Province the enemy Is capable of ocdueting standoff and ground attacks mainly directed against Allied installations ad aluItary forces defending populated areas. Interdlicton of QL 1 can be



15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-HIST SUBJECT: Operational Report-Leseons Learned Headquarters First Field
Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, KCS MJOfR-65 (R2) accomplished by ambush, sniping and mining incidents. The nearness of the enemy's sanctuaries gives him the advantage of conducting hit and run at-

taoks, with his route of withdrawal difficult to detect. IQ In KMANH HOA Province the enemy can conduct standoff attacks against Allied installations #n the CAM RANH Bay and NHA TRAiG areas with 82m mortars, 107= and 110= rockets. He can also 9onduct sapper attacks agaiast lightly populated areas. The enemy has a sapper/swimmer capability in CAM RANH Bay and NHA TRANG areas. 11 In PHU YE Province the enemy is capable of conducting small-scale harassing actions targeted mainly against GYN pacification efforts. The enemy can conduct attacks by fire and sapper attacks against installations in TUY BOA, PHU HIEP, and VUNG ED Bay areas. He can interdict Highways 1 and 7B. I& In BINH D13H Province the enemy has the capability to attack the restrict movepopulation centers, DS/GVN, ROKA installations and can ment on Highways QL 1 and 19 by euploying ambuabes and mines or conducting standoff attacks and raids against friendly convoys and installations an and adjacent to these routes. The enemy is capable of conducting sapper and terrorist activities against friendly installations along the seacoast.

U The enemy can employ chemical agents, using various delivery systems, during any attack.

UA The enemy can continue disruption of the GV5 nation-building effort by assessinations, kidnapping and other terrorist acts.
e1 The enemy can withdrav forces to bass areas and sanctuaries for replacements, remspply and retraining.

I& The enemy is capable of entering outlying villages without opposition or as a result of minor contact to conduct propeganda lectures, recruit personnel, impress oivillins as laborers/porters and to obtain provisions and information. 12 The enemy can establish limited political entities, i.e. Revolutionary Cosmittees, in contested and VO coetrolled areas. People's

J The eseay has the shility to ]pinforce with reserves located in lo.1 I 0 and III 0TS border aneas. Same tuaries in the CADOODIAN, JIOTWI enemy units vhioe are umarrently active In I T and III MTh could be expeeted to redeploy to II 0T, if the enemy shift has area of interest to II CTZ. Sia of reserves and reinforeaments in sanctuaries Is not ]now
19 The enemy is capable of mploying embinations of the above eapabilities.



AVFA,-GCO-IST 15 May 1970


Operational Report-Iassons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RC CSFOR-65 (R2)
hemy Vulnerabilities:

I Enemy supply areas are generally insecure, rendering supply caches vulnerable to friendly search and destroy operations.

& The enemy has limited logistical support and cannot conduct extended offensive operations, unless he is near sanctuary areas.
3 He is vulnerable to superior Allied fire-power when he masses near an objective and during withdrawal from the same. Is Continued food shortages, sickness, and heavy losses among the enemy may lead to lov moralep a situation that can be exploited by friendly peychological operations. reliance on impressed local civilians as a labor source is a course of action that may alienate them from the populace.


Probable Courses of Actions

JI BM1 DIM Province - Enemy objectives are to disrupt amd destroy the GVN Pacification Program. To accomplish thesep the eny can be expected to initiatesapper attacksp limited ground attacks and attacks by fire against RF/PF, and terrorist activity. The greatest number of attacks will ocour
mainz& in the 6 coastal districts with highpointa expected as freqnently as tdes amonthly. ,J MI I= Province - Overall enemy activity should remain light during the next three months. Although the main enemy affort will consist of antipacifiatioan aAtivities - assaasiJatiOaa and abduction of GI offiacilsp

be has the capability to wnuhmt up to company strength gruad attwcke

against RF/P? as wall as attadke by fire and sapper on larger targete. I EiAW BOA Province - During higlpoints the enomy may coeduct attacks by fire coupled with sapper attacks on major installations within the proowveer, generally his effort will be diro3ted against local OW vines. officials ant pacification efforts* The M511 RO area is expected to be

a ain target in the enemy's plans.

RF/Pf units and the IM SU Training

Center omn be expected to receive sapper attacks and attaeks by fie.

A BM RUM Province - Attacks by fire combined with ground probes

ar the enemy's main and most effective cousme of action. 31/fP units In

defense of the = Pacifieation Prosim probably will oontion to be the

primary targets for these attacks. J 3IM TMAM Province - PHRU 30 AB probably will be th eemy's target

for attacks by fire, whil

Uhe population center to the south of 1*


City will continm to receive harassing standoff attacks and snipin along with the inter4dition of WCe by ambushes. i TOM W0 Province - The swamy probably w,i

continae to condact


15 May 1970 AVFA--HIST SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, standoff attacks and ground probes against the key installations in DALAT and DUC TRONG Training Center, along with interdiction of the WoCs by sniping and ambushes.

7 LAM DONG Province - Interdiction of the LOCs, terrorist harassment of the villages in the pacification areas and light ground probes against the "1 probably will continue to be the enemy' s most probable course of action.
I KONTM4 Province - Enemy offensive action in NW KONTUM should soon give way to standoff attacks with a probable new highpoint reached in June. However, it is estimated that no major offensive will take flaoe. The enemy is expected to conduct attacks by fire and harassment attacks of cities and installations and QL 14.

2PLEIKU Province - No increase in enemy activity is expected. Actions will most likely be coucentrated along QL 19 and near PLEIKU City. These vwll consist primarily of sniping and mining incidents. One more highpoint of enemy aotivity can be expected prior to the end of the Winter-Spring Offensive.
10 PHU BOB Province-The enemy is expected to continue to be relativestandoff atly inacyive. Occasional squad sin gound probes and harea tacks with up to 82m mortars are expected to be the mode of enemy action. The most probable targets for these attacks are BrNWBZZC, J00 TUG and PMU THIn (D) HQs and CU RM. The enwmy is also expected to oontinne to utilip the northern tip of the province as a rice production area and a base area for the 95 B Regiment. Ui QUANG DJC Provinee-U enemy is expected to conduct occasional harassing ground and standoff attaks against the OIDG Camps, District IQ and GIA NOKIA. Attacks ax expected to be conducted by platoon or smaller &im element& utlsIng up to 82m. acrtars and possible 57a RR. The eonmy io also expected to continue taxation and propaganda incidents along QL U and higbhwy S betwoen BAN K9 TRUOT AND CIA IORIA. I& , MARL&C Provinooe.he eonmy is expected to continue to target the Paification Program an* units operating in support of the progme. QVG The emy Is also expected to occasionally target military installations in the vicinity of BAN MR THUOT (3(T) City. The majority of attacks will be

conducted by platow or maller sed element., although s

attacks are expected. 60 , and 3-4O

mpmy &im4d

are the weapons thft are expected

to be used most frequently althou the enemy in the pcvineo does have the capability of employing Min RR and 75= BR. oeaiooal EDC intardieticn
on QL 14 between Awr "nd, BAN SUCH Is es eted as an propaglafd lectures

throughwat the prolnene.

(6) SIglf leant Soumrs Agencies and TeohiquesI

in Sources, Ansole and Techiques Continud use of all (a) Ch avalable reporting channels, partJularly close coordination wth District



AVFA-GC-HIST 15 May 197C SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Feriod Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) personnel, has enhanced the exchange of intellignece. This has in turn provided a more current picture of the enemy situation and more timely dissemination of intellignece to the interested consumer. (b) G2 Collection: During the period 1 Feb 70 to 30 Apr 70 all captured weapons and materiel wre processed and evacuated through S4/G4 channels. During the period , IPW teams screened and classified 75 Hoi Chanhs, 35 innocent cililiansp 8 Civil defendants and 102 prisoners of war. As a result of these interrogations a total of 98 PIRs and 35 IRls wre produced and distributed. IPW teams translated a total of 205 allied reports from Vietnamese or Korean to English. (c) Detachment D, 1st MI Bn, (ARS): During the period 1 Feb 70 through 30 Apr 70, Detachment D, 1st MI Bn, (ARS) iLterpreted 1025 photographic objectives (424,455 frames) and prepared 985 reports which contained 1473 new items. The reporduction section processed 131,247 feet of paper to meet the requirements of 290 reporduotion requests. The delivery section flew 256 sorties in support of all Free World Military Forces in II CTZ, transporting 10,000 pawids of cargo. Hand Hold photographic missions continued to receive emphasis within the detachment's overall operations. It flew 30 Hand Held missions resulting in 3091 developed prints. During the reporting period, Detachment D, lot MI Bn conducted two Hand Held photographic courses at Nha Trang. These courses resulted in the training of 13 US Army and 9 US Air Force personnel. (d) Imagery Interpretation, 55th Military Intelligence Detachment: For the period 1 Feb 70 through 30 Apr 70, the Imagery Interpretation Section, 55th Nil-. itary Intelligence Detacbment received 268 in-country missions and processed 247. In conjunction with the processing of the above-mentioned missions, this section accomplished the following; in addition, of the 19 French Leave missions reaeived

16 vare processed.

SThere were 33 photo interpretation reports produced and disseminated during the quarter. This section asumed full responsibility for the reproduction of these reports in order to provide r-cipients with more timely intelligecoal distribution of PI's normally averages 53 copies per report. k There were 50 Special Projects (Wicludes mosaics, trail studies, overlays, confirmation of other reports, et:.) completed for requestors euring
the quarter.
& Tere were marus missions Interpreted covering the NI Road Net,r work and border area and provdding current information on these aroan to the G2 Air, DASC ALPh, and the 64th Ugineer Detachment (T). I Current master plates wre maintained covering the II Corps Tactical Zme in support of the Tactical Data Overprint (map) Program acoomplished by

the 64th Raglnser Detachmnt (t). Thee were 13 visitors briefed durtg the quarter. T



AVFA-GC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field ,il 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) Force Vietnam, Period Ending 3Q.;

SPrepared and underwent a semi-annual Command/IG Inspection with no discrepanci: -oted.

j Prepared for and sponsoret' (with administrative assistance from Headquarters Section, 55th MI Det (Corps))the first ImageryJiterpretation Technioian Seminar held in RVN, during the period 4-5 March 70.

(e) Company C (Ranger), 75tb Infantry; During the period 1 Feb 70 to 25 Mar 70, Company C (Ranger), 75th Infantry remained under the operational control of Task Force South, and deployed 138 teams in BINH TUT, BINH THUAN and TUYEN DUC Provinces which resulted in 49 separate enemy sightings and From 26 Mar to 21 Apr 70 OPCON was shifted to the 41 enemy filled (BC). 7/17 Cav, and deployed 32 teams in Western PLEIKU Province which resulted On 22 Apr 70 the company in 4 enemy sightings and 2 enemy killed (BC). moved to AN KHE and came under OPCON 4th Inf Div for operations against elements of the IVA 95 B Regiment in the PLEIKU/BINH DINH/PHU BON tri-border area. From that date to the end of the reporting period 20 teams were deployed ihich resulted in 20 enemy sightings and 9 enemy killed (BC)o Through these contacts, significant information has been gained on elements operating in. Military Region 6 and on elements of 95 B Regiment.
(f) The 64th Engineer Detachment'. During the reporting period, the 64th Engineer Detachment (T) has accomplished the following tasks:

1 Completed preparation of the updating of the 1:50,000 map sheet series depicting tactical data information and forwarded them to the 66th Engineer Company (TOPO) (CORPS) for overprinting. The TDO's are now classified confidential. & Continued to work on the II Corps deposits of construction materials study based on feeder iLformation received from ingineer units located in the Corps area.
1 Initiated work to update the I1 Corps Infiltration Route Study. A A total of seventeen (17) product prodaotion requests were processed by this offices


Detachment 31, 5th Weather STladron:

During this period the foland units in II CTZa

lowing types of weather support were furnished to &Meieso

I I FFORCZVs Forecasting, Weather Warnings, Staff Support, Climatolgioal Support, and Mobile Observation Teas.

Observing and Climatological Support.

& 4th Infantry Division:

Forecasting, Weather

oWangs, Staff Support,

I AN IRZ: Observationsi Forecasts, and Weather Warnings as required. A DALAT (CAM LT Airfield)s as required. Observations, Forecasts, and Weather Warnings


AVFIGC..HIST 15 May 1970 SUB=ECT Operational. Repoi't,-Lesons L.buiea IHeadqaarters Fivat Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 3O.:43mil 1970, ROS 00FOR-65 (R2) ENDGLISH Al: PHUA quired. 7. KONTUM: Observations, Forecasts,, and Weather Warnings as required until 01 April. I TASK FORCE SOUTH: Warnings as required. Forecasts., Climatological Support, and Weather Observations, Forecasts, uid Weather Warnings as required.

THIET AI: Observations, Forecasts, and Weather Warnings as re-

2. NOTE: OL-1 5th Weather Squadron movdd from Camp Euri to Camp Rladcliff on 01 Mar 70.
(h) G2 Air SDuring the r'iarter the G2 Air continued to make available oz OW-i Mohawyk aircraft from the 225th Surveillance Airplane Company to the 4+th Infantry Div 4 .sion, 173d Brigade, and Task Force South. One aircraft is furnished daily to the 4th Infantry Division while the others receive one aircraft every other day. This has proven to be one of the most responsive photographic systems available in II CTZ.

& During the reporting period the 225th Surveillance Airp1az* Company continued to provide SLAR coverage along the border areas in accordance with the MACV Reconnaissance requirements*
I The preponderance of aerial reconnaissance and surveillance assets were concentrated along known or suspected infiltration routes and base areas. Extensive reconnaissance and surveillance was also scheduled in areas selected by the CO for intensified reconnaissance efforts. During the period an average of nine intensive reconnaissance areas were covered. These ameas were coveredwby W4K~ohvai SLAR and Infra Red sensors and Air Force Infra Re0L and photography. Visual reconnaissance was provided twice daily in eftlh 0-1 aircraft of Divisions, Brigade and/or province as directed by the headquarters. lk During the period I Feb through 30 Apr the OV-l Mohawks flew 139 photo, The Air Force Flew 1122 Infra Red and photo targets in 1052 sorties. The results of the completed missions wiere furnished to the commanders concerned.

461 Infra Red and 387 SLAR targets.


Deviations from current intelligence doctrinet


(8) Recommendations for 1ev Techniques and Changes in Doctrine and/or OrganS.satimn None.

(9) Coments and !Wpanation of Significant Changes in Variance with the Previous Reports Nows.
(10) Wimathers


"SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field
Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 44@Al

15 May 1970

1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2)

(a) General - Light to moderate northeast monsoonal flow prevailed over the CTZ during February with occasional short periods of moderate to strong flow associated with surges in northeast monsoon. During early March the prevailing flow became light northeast to southeast with occasional shallow surges of cold air moving over the CTZ, bringing moderate northeasterly flow.

"(b) Coastal - Skies were generally fair to partly cloudy, except during periods of moderate to strong northeast flow when mostly cloudy skies prevailed. Patchy fog and stratus formed in coastal valleys during the early morning and usually burned off by 0900H. Rainfall usually occured in the form of rainshowers during the night and early morning, but during surges in the northeast monsoon light rain fell throughout the day. Isolated thunderstorms occurrd during the early morning and evening after 05 March. Winds were generally variable at 5 - 10 knots during the night. During the day northeast to east winds at 15 knots with occasional gusts 20 - 35 knots prevailed.
(a) Interior - Skies were generally fair to partly cloudy. Patchy fog and stratus occurred between 0200H and 1O00H and was frequently extensive during February and March. There were a few rainshowers or thLmderstorms between 1400H and 2200H, with most activity occurring over the highlands during March and April. Hape and saoke frequently lowered the inflight visibility to less than 5 miles. Paevailing surface windq were out of the northeast to east at 5 - 15 knots with gusts 30 - 40 knots occuring over the northern highlands during surges in the northeast mcusoon. Gusts to 20 - 30 knots also occurred vicinity thunwerstorms. (d) Effects on Operations: There were 406 TAC sorties cancelled due to veather and 706 reconnaissance targAts cancelled due to weather during tho period. No other effects are known. b. Onerations and Training ActIvities.

(1) Plans: During the reporting period 5 OPLANS and 2 studies were published. In addition, the lot Quarterly Review was presented during April 70.



I OPLAN 105-70 was published on 6 Feb 70. The plan dealt with offensive operation. in BINH DINH following TET. ? OPLAN 106-70 was published on 9 Feb 70. The plan provides for commitment of A battalion task force to pursue selectod enemy forces.

2 OPLAN 186-69 was published on 10 Feb 70. plan Is precluded by its classification.
jA OPLAN 1-69 was published on 18 Feb 70. eludes further discussion.

Farther discussion of this Its classification DreThA

Il Pn

OPLAN Camp Radcliff Modification was published on 31 Mar 70. Addressos reconfiguration of the present iritallation.




AVFA-OC-kI58? 15 May 1970


Operational Report-Lessons learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnamv Period Ending 30 April 1970, ROS CSFOR-65 (R2) Studies:

in BINH DINH was completed on 7 March.

I A study concerning a recommended redisposition of territorial forces

The study concluded that the pro-

posed redistribution would provide for greater population security, I A study concerning implementation of the Area Security Concept in the mubsector ws oompleted on 20 Apr 70. The study proposed a system which organised the consolidation zone and assigned specific missions U areas of responsibility to each security element in the subsector, (a) Quarterly Summary: The First Quarterly Summary on the attainment of goals in the II CTZ Combined Campaign Plan and the activities of units was submitted to MACV on 15 Apr 70. (d) Quarterly Revlews The First Combined Quarterly Re~iew was held at I FFOROEV Headquarters on 28 Apr 70. Majcr areas of interest reviewed at the conference included ARVNW ROK and US oprationso intelligenoe sad the status of paoificationp and the implementation of +the Area Security Concept in the 22d and 23d DTA. Attendees included COMUSAOG 0hairman JOS, and 00, ROM'V. (2) Sitary of Ground Operationes (Febp Marp Apr)

(a) Major Operations,

(see Incl 2) During the report periods the

nuaber of allied units in 11 OTZ was roduced on 20 March 70 when the 3X Brigade, 4th Infantry Division stood deo= frm 6rbat operations and prepared for rodepomeate DI NK BIN TUAN sad portions of PMYU Frovinose sontinge ti receive Inoreased support 1n the intensified pacification prom The objeotives of rm.Whld Forces operations continues to be the struetion of the aesny ULU for-e uni t, eloplation *f V01/guerrilla torces and the proteaoia of the population. 1 -b M&A8aroh the VietnamouatI m prarsm vaa furthered mhen the 47th
4XVTegiment deployed to FLEIKW Frovinwa from PHU YEN Provsco-to fill the


oause by the stand down of d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division sad the relooatio, of the remaiig elements of the 4th Division to BDIH DINE Pro-


24h STS assuaed responsibility for the entire Highlands on 15

Provisions remais in effeot to provide US o,bat support as

April 70.

2 Operations lot Bdoe 4th flu Div coduaoted operation WADIII STA in I DWProvisoe against @lemets of the 3d ITA Divisions Wh eper-

tieon began on 30 Janmary "d terminated on 11 Marh with results of 9

triendl killed and 15 "64ded with 73 ensmy killd, IS detained, A3 mall ms an 2 crew served *opOns oap e.'Id, 2d Med# 4th I Div ocombated

operation PUT SN In Base Ar&ea 226 against the Ifth NAI Regiment, This operation began on 30 January and terminated on 11 Mt with rsmalts of 11
friendly killed and 46 wonded with 57 oneam killed# 10 detand, 16 mall
- w and 2 orew served weapoM eaptuwIde On 30 Januaryp 3d 3d initiated operation W= D5UC In Pl11K Province. This operation terminated on 17



. d


15 May 1970 RGS GSFOR-65 (R2)

Operotional Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field

Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970,

Maroh with results of 1 friendly killed and 20 wounded with 13 enemy kind, 8 small arms and 2 crew served weapons captured. Operation WAINE WIND was
initiated by the let Bde, 4th Inf Div on 22 April 1970 against elementt of the 95 B Regiment in DINH DINEH PHU BON and PLEIKU Province. Results as of

30 April were 9 friendly killed and 22 wounded with 19 enemy killed, 11 small arm& and 2 crew served weapons captured. Operations EARHART WHITE# PARES SILVER, BAIRD SILVER and XCHLBRER BLACK were conduoted during the reporting period under 4th Division oontrol. Highway 19 security operation PARKS SILVER was initiated on 1 Maroh with 1/10 Cav to provide road security betwen PLEIKU and tae ROX boundary in BINE DINH. Results for the reporting period are 1 friendly killed and 21 wounded with 19 enemy killed# 7 mall anrm and 7 crew served weapons captured. The 4th Div initiated combat operation EARHART WHITE against elements of the 3d NVA Division on 11 March in NW BINH DINH Province. This operation terminated on 18 March with results of 14 friendly wounded with 31 enemy killed and ll mall a&ms captmurd. Operation EICHENLBRG BLAD was initiated on 24 March by the 4th Division in Bae Area 226 against the 18th NVA Regiment. Results for the ppriod ar 11 friendly killed and 64 wounded vith 106 enemy killed, 89 =all arse and 4 crew served wsapons captured. On 24 April the 4th Div initiated operation BAIRD SILVJR in PLRIKU and KONTUM Provinoes with th" 2d Bn# 8th Int (1). This operation was initiated to relieve ARVN forces fpr deploymnt to the DAK SUNG Battle Area. The 173d Airborne Brigade has continued OBT/PAC Operation WASHINGTON GR throughout the reporting period. The 3-506th Abn Wt left the 173d on 22 April and beom OPOON to 4th Div for participation in operation WAI|N


TY Talon (0 Co, )-503d (+) was deployed to PHU I= Province on 11

March to itabilim the population and improve the RY/P7.

its parent unit on 21 April 1970.

Results of operation WASHINGTON GUM a

TI Talon rejoined

of 30 April were 144 friendly killed and 1463 wounded with 1097 enmy killod, 4117 etained, 40 nall arms and 26 crew served wapons oaptured. TUsk For South has conducted maerous operations against the looal/main force enemy along Highway 1 and the populated areas in BINH THUAN Province. Results for the reporting period have been 13 friendly killed and 93 wounded with 217 enemy killed, 51 small &ms and 69 crew served weapons captured. I -0K Operationos During the reporting period the ROE Forces conducted 2 major operationos initiated one other and deployed their units into the field on numerous occations for short duration operations aimed at supporting the overall cmpaign goals. On 12 February, Capitol ROK Infantry Division started combat operation VOL KAS in Bae Area 226 in BINH DINH Province against elaments of the 18th NVA Regiment. This operation teminated oan 4

March with results nf 13 friendly killed and 34 woundeds with 330 onem killed,
194 mull me and 28 orew served wapons cAptured.
fentry Division initiated (CDT) operation BAK MA 11 in AM RDA and II THUAN Provinces against local VC/VCZ. This operation terminated on 16 March with results of 3 friendly killed and 27 woundod, with 163 enemy killed, 54

Cm 9 March, 9th ROl


detained, 84

all ams ad 21 crew served wapons oapted.

On 22 April,

the 26th and Cay Regiments of the CRUD Initiated (CDT) ope ration DOE SMUR

7041 in PM 15 Provinee and an 28 April wire joined by the 20th and 2Mt
Regimnts of the MRID. Results as of 20 April were 4 friendly killed and 10 4usdd, with 112 enemy killed, 72 mall ams and 11 crew served weapos

ap c



15 May 1970 AVFi-GC-HIST Headquarters First Field SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) Force Vietnam, Period &nding 30 April 4 ARYN Operations: ARVN forces significantly increased their number of o~mbat operations during the reporting period, at the same time accomplishing their pacification mission utilizing short term operations on the fringes of the populated. areas. Operations in KONTUM Province received increased support in April as the enemy throughout April continued to put pressure on the DAX SEANG CIDG Camp. Units under the control of the 24th STZ have been the four battalions of the 42d Regiment, three battalions from 47th and two from the 45th Regiments, three Mobile Strike Force battalions, 2 Armored Cay units and the three battalions of the 2d Raner Group. Results of the D.Z SEANG Battle (named TAT THANG 18 by ARVN) as of 30 April were 216 friendly killed, 1281 wounded and 128 missin, with 1697 enemy killed, 4 prisoners, 98 small arms and 27 crew served wapons captured. On 11 March, the l1th Rangers and 4th Bn 53d Inf initiated CBT DUC 17 in TUM DUC Province south of DALAT. This operation operation TUW terminated on )0 March with results of 11 friendly killed and 17 rounded, with 71 enemy killed, 9 mall arms and 4 crew dirved weapons captured. Throughout the reporting period, the 40th and 41st ARVN Regiments (-) have conducted pacification support operations DM4 AN 40 and DAN AN 41 in northern BINH DINH


3d rav and 404th Scout Go established contact with an unknown sime enemy fores employing B-40 rockets and small vrms fire. Results: Frd - 2 ARVI KIA, 5 ARVN WIA; In - 16 KIA, 3 CS, 1 AN-PRO-25 radio and documents captured. On 141607H Feb 70 at ZA130734. 30 km J1W of PLEIKU$ 403 Scout Co found 10 enemy bodies and detained 2 V08. I RF/PF Operations: On 010125 at BQ108062 18 km NNE of BUO HO, 116 PF platoon received B-40 rockets and sall arms fire from an enemy platoon. Results: Frd- 6 PFKIA, 7 WIA (2 PF9 4 Civ, 1 PSDF), 1 PFMIA; fn- 3 [IA, 2 SA captured. fm CIDO Operations: On 2U1X Feb 70 19 km West of DAK TO, BEN HET CSF 1 graves containing 11 bodies.
k Other Operationst On 121900H Feb 70 28 ks NNW of BUON HO, 2 enemy platoons abducted 100 civilians from BON B33ENG Village. At 252230 at AQ950137, 20 km I1N of BAN ME THUOT# TRUNO SON Team 012 in 30ON GIAM Hamlet we engaged by 12 enemy employing SA/AW fire, B-40 rocket end unk typ mortar Results; Friendly - 6 KIA (2 Civ, 4 PSDF), 45 WIA (42 Civ, 3 aD), 5 fir. SA K1AI EN - unk.

I. ARVN Operations:

At ZA1587L7 on 121145H 28 km NNW of PLEIKU, 2d Co.


1 US Opertioaes On 150357H Feb 70 20 km IWof AN l, let Bqa, 12th lnf at LZ WARRIOR received B-40 rocket fire and a sapper attack. 2x.05m Howiturs were moderately damaged by satchel charges. 2 enemy won killed

inside the perimeter.


r- 9 US WIA,: Sway -2 [IA# 1 0602

hobeom 10, 1 satchel charge captured.

On 231315H Feb 70 at M54706, 30 km



15 May 1970 LVFA-GC-HIST SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field

Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2)

Results: Frd - neg; En NNW of AN KHE, D Co, 1st Bn, 12th Inf found a cache. 166 rds 8Z= mortar, 26 rds 122=m rkt, 800 rds .50 cal ammo, 51 rds RPG, 4 AT

mines, 24,300 rds SAA, .4000 blasting caps, 250, lbs TNT,5500 ft det cord CIA. On 241045 Feb 70, 25 km MNE of NA KHE, D Co, 1st Bn, 12th Inf found a cache containing 2 radios, 50,400 rds AK ammo, 30,300 rds mauser ammo, 134 rds B-41 "rkt, 11,3000 blasting caps, 31 rds 75mm RR, 17 rds 57mm RR, 224 rds 82mm mortar, 500 jlb sticks TNI, 24 rds 60mm mortar, 1500 ft dot cord. On 251800 at CR015809, 7 km NE of PHU MY, Ha%& team 123, A Co, lst Bn, 503 Abn Inf, engaged an unknown size enemy force. Results: Friendly - negative; Enemy - 7 KIA, 1 SA CIA. 2 10K Operations: On 131530 Feb 70, 30 km NE of AN KHE, lot Co, 1st B.2, Ist ROK Regt engaped the enemy, kil.ed 8 and captured 5 small arms. On 11.1140 :eb 70, at BR725619, 32 km NE of AN KEE, let Co 1st Bn, 1st ROK Regt engagedthe enafy, kil1Uag 7 and capturing 4 small arms and a FRC-25 radio. No frd casualties. OL, 15103 Feb 70, 29 km NE of AN KHE, 4th, 10th and 12th Co, 26th ROK Regt engage,' the enemy. Results: Frd - 1 ROK KIA, 1 ROK WIA; En - 8 KIA, 10 SA, 4 CS, 21 lb TNT, 76 rds B-40 rkt, 9 rds 60mm mortar CIA. On 151200 Feb 70 31 km I.E of Al KE, Recon Co, Cay ROK Regt engaged the enemy, killing 7 and capturing 2 small arms. On 1611;0 Feb 70, 20 km ENE of AN KHE, 12th Go, Cav ROK Regt engaged the ILA96, and captured 2 small arms. On 170910-17152 Feb 70, 28 m ENE of enemy, AN KHE, Recon Co, 3d, 4th, 9th, 12th Co's, 26th ROE Regt engaged the enemy. Results: Frd - 1 ROE WIA; En - 14 KIA, 8 SA, and 10 rds of B-40 rkt CIA, On 201355-202250 Feb 70, 27 km NE of AN KHE in BINH KEE Dist, Captiol ROK Inf Div (-) CRID (-) in Base Area 226 engaged the 4nemy in 14 different contacts. Results: Frd - 1 ROe KIA, 1 ROK WIA; En - A KIAv 9 SA, 1 CS CIA. On 211520-211715 Feb, 14 km west of PHU MY in PHU CAT Dist, CRID (-) engaged tne enemy in 4 contacts. Results: Frd - neg; En - .1 KIA, 5 SA CIA. On 220820-221440 Feb 70, ROE Cav Regt element engaged the enemy '2 km NE ot A-Z 1IE. Resal1o, Frd - 4 ROE WIA; En - 13 KIA. 10 SA. 650 kc rice CIA. On 241615 Feb 7C 32 k EE of AN KIl, GRID (-) ened the enemy. Results: Frd-neg; En - 7 KIA, 4 SA CIA. On 270815-271550 vic 967, 31 km NE of. AN KIIE, a ROK Special Forees Team Md elements of 1st ROK Regt engaged the enetmv in 3 contacts. Results: Frd - neg; En - 9 KIA, 4 SA CIA. On 281205 vicinity BR705565, 23 km MLE of AN KHE; GRID (-) engaged the enemy in 2 contacts. Aesults: Frd - neg; Mn - 6 KIA, 1 CS, 1 SA CIA.

. ARVN Operatione:

On 0207") at BR 854596,10 km SW of PHU MY, Intelligence

platoon, 3d Bn, /lst Rogt engaged a unlmno-m size enemy force. Results: Frd - neg; of En - 10 KIA, 6 SA CIA. On 14142/ Feb at CRo56755, 18 km 17E PHU MY, 2d Co, 1st Bn, 41st Regt engaged an unk alze enemy force. Restults; Frd - negi En - 7 KIA, 3 SA CIA.

,j R/PF? Operations: On 040330 at BS890075 12 k north of BONG SON, 27th PF platoon was engaged by an enemy rmpany. Results: Frd - 1 PF KMs, 2 PF WAU; En - 5 KIA, 1 CS, 3 DA CIA. On 161730 at 20 lM NW of QUT NHON, 8)4, 86th PF ILATOON and HAT Team 2-49 engaged an enemy force. Results: Frd - neg; 1h - 7 KIA, 3 SA CIA. On 262330 at BR343094, 20 I 'W of WII NI'ON, 640 RF OF we engaged by an enemy force. lesults: Frd - 8 RF KIA, 2 PF WIA, 7 SA west of QUI NHON, 223 RF lost; En - unknowm. On 270930 at BR86)6. 22 Co engaged an enemy force. Resuit.t: Frd - 3 R- ViA; En - 8 EKIA 1 PW, 5




AVFX-GC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (N) SA, 1 CS CIA.

Other Operations:

On 011228 at via BR553986 30 km West of BONG SU110

A Troop, 7th Bn, 17th Air Car Sqdn engaged an unknown number of enumy with Ounships. Results: Frd - neg; En - 7KIA, iDET. On 020635 at BR915416, PHU CAT Airbase received U rounds 122 rkt. Results: Frd - 1 US KIA, 19 US WIA; En - 1 KIA, 1 PW. On 270200 at BR393445, 10 km "at of AN [EM, 36 enemy entered HA VAX and BONG BAY Villages and abducted 37 civilians. Results: Frd 37 Civ MIA; En - unk

(d) COASTAL PROVINCS (FERUARY) I RF/PF Operations: On 010220 at BQ808420,I km aorth of SON HOA, 98 PF platoon was engaged by 2 enemy platoons employing small arms fire, B-40 rkt and 60mSmortar. Results: Frd - 11 [IA (9 PF9 2 civ), 15 WIA (6 Pr, 9 civ), 7 SA MIA; En - 5 [IA. On 010145 at BN775810, 4 km NW of PHAN RANG, an enemy company attacked the 69th PF Platoon outpost in LA C01 Hamlet. 115 PF Company reacted. The RF Company received 12 rds of 82m mortar. Results% Frd - 3 RF KIA, 12 RF WIA, 5 SA MIA; En - unk. On 052000 at 16 km ESE of DONG XUAN, an element of 587 RF Co in DIE DID Hamlet was engaged by an enemy squad. Results: Frd - 2 civ KIAj, i0 ev, 1 RF wunded; En - unk. j Other Operations: On 011600 at ZT240090,13 km west of PHAN THIET, 39 civilian mood cutters vere abducted by the enemy. Aesultas Frd - 39

civilians MIA; En - unk.

On 140538, 10 km ESE of DONG XUAN, the enemy entered

AN THO Himlet and abducted 18 PSDF. Results: Frd - 18 PSDF MIA; En - unk. On 152100, 10 km SW of TUT BOA, an enemy platoon entered PHONG RID, VIN PHOU and MY HOA Hamlets ad abducted 36 ciVilans. Results: Frd - 36 civ MIA; Ae - unk. On 232300, 14 km SE of DONG XUAN9 an enemy platoon entered CHI DUG and CIN CU Healets and abducted 19 PSDF and 2 civ. Results: Frd - 21

MIA (19 PSDF, 2 civ),



On 272300 at CQ097416, 10 km N'W of TUI OAj,


23 civilians were abducted from PHANG NID Village by an enmy force. frd - 23 civ MIAi En - unk.


US Operations: On 020230 at AhN74U2, 10 ka NV of PHAN T 3d Pla.toon, B Co, let Bn, 50th Int (M)fired on a suspected wmay location with =All arms and artillery. Resultes Frd - neg Ien - 7 IAs, 3 SA and doenmats TM22, Cog 75th Rangers CIA. On 101515 at AN75M1i, 33 km NNW of PHU1 THlI, engaged an enemy platoon. Results: Frd - neg; S - 8 ZIA. On 30S48 at 40 km S of lAO 1D0, Tz 32g 0 Co, 75th Rangers ensaged an emy platoon. Results:

Frd- 1 US KtAS ft. 5 IAj I mL

PFUN THINT, A Troop, 12th Bn, lot Car Sq* found 9 Re bodiess Wraves. On 281240 at 3066256, 24 k SW of SONG MAO, 3d Platoo Troop 2d Bn, let Cav

am oapm


On 251Ma0 8 a


sqdn found 8 enemy bodies In graes.

I ARVN Operations: On 250945at 27 kamirth of DI LIApa 53Regt ZRP Ta engaged the enemy. Results: Frd - neg; Re - 15 [TA, 2 SA CIA.

SRF/1F Operationse

On 012250 at AP958Uk 25 km SW of DALAT, 57th PF




AVFA-OC-HIST 15 May 1970


Operational Report-Lessons Imarned Headquarters First Field 30 ,Iing April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) Force Vietnam, Period

platoon defending NOOL SON Hamlet was engaged by 2 enemy companies. At 020900, 266 RF Company received an unknoun nmber of 60im/82 mortars.

021200, 266 RF RF KIk, i1i WIA AN803086, 2 k Results: Frd-

rd - 2 Company received 18 rounds of 82 mortar. Results: On 032100 at (6 PF, 1 RF12 Civ, 2 PSDF), 1 RFMIA; En -unk. SW of PHAN THIET, 945 RF Company engaged 2 nemy platoons. 1 RF IIAV 2 RFWIA; En- 10 KIAp 1 SA CIA. On 00Ol00 at

.IA (2 PF, 4 civ), 6 WIA (5 PF, 1 civ), 5 MIA (1 PHU, 1 PSDF, 3 oiv), 3 SA In XlAZ - unk. On 281200 at BP164147, 7 km SW of DAIATp 302 RF Company
engaged an enemy company. Remalts: Frd - neg En - 10 KIAI 3 SA, 1 SA CIA. ,& Other operations: On 181833 at DALAT City, DALAT Speolal Sector, 2 TNT charges were placed on the theater located in the NOC LIA Hotel. Results: 8 Civ KIA, 35 Civ WIA, 2 US WIAI En - unk.

AN838123, 3 km north of PHN THIET, 693 RF Company we engaged by 3 enemy platoons employing B-40 rkt and 12 rds of 60.i mortar. Results: Frd - 6


I US Operations: At 06010O at AR304473,4 km SW of PLMIU, Camp HOLWWAY received 15 rds 82m mortar. Rounds Impacted in 52nd Combat Avlation Battalion area, one direct hit on a hanger. A Popular Force platoon conducted a sweep of the area. Results: li - 1 US YdA, 10 US WiftA, 4 U24light damage, 1 UH-10 moderate damage, I UH-iC destroyed, 2 UHlC moderate damage; Sa - 1 KIA, 2ds 82mmortar CIA. I ail Operations: T 201530 at Z9040600,23 he SE of DCO UP, the 45

Recon Co engaged an unknown sin enemy force.


Frd - negi In - 7

ZIZ, 6 SA CA. On 211315 at A57881529 22 km N of KNW#4, /06 Scout Co engaged an enemy squad. Results: Frd - neg; an - 6KIA# 2 SA and Doo's CIA. On 271535H May 70, 15 km MM of WON H0, eooon plat/3/45 oqngaed an enemy platoon. 1 SA capturd. Resulte: Frd - neg; 1h- 6 KIA , the 6th F 1 RF/PF Operations: On 110345 at Z3130052,22 ka NW K)O 10-15 rds 82 mortar followd by a ground platoon in TRI DAO Hamlet reo'd

attack. Results: Frd - AP KIA, 8 VIA (3 PF, 5 Civ), 2 MA (1 CV,I ), 2 SA, 1 CS, lPRC-25 lost; In -unk. On 1510140at ZAI1823 28,heNM of P11IKU, a*a ton tmok fr the 235th RI Co detonated an unk type aim. RoI; w-19 RWIA WO) h- Mg. states: M

& Other Operationst On 080750 at M4940800, A In NI of DUC LPAP om UZ-2i 55kACorashed. Restlts: M - 9 Mlled (4US, 5 ARVX)# I ARVinju idl o l s01S63, 3U ks I of BUOIO, lPAC reports 6 lA *oang. On 121055 at Anme

(g) BM DIVE MPR0V3 (MAWC) L US Opeations: aik Toem 231# 0/2-50O3 On 28140 Mar 70 at 822244,35 found 6 enemy bodies.
On 0111O50 at 5763723

a INVW of N


WK Regiment ensgaged the enemy.


R0I Operations:

met of M1 1,

X In, Ist

Results: Yrd - nesg; f 16

- 6 IlA# 2 UA OIA.



15 May 1970 nding 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2)

Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field

Force Vietnam, Period

On 011700 at BR7666 12 km wst of PHU MY, CRID (-) engaged the enemy in 4 contacts. Results: Frd - 2 ROK WIA; En - 6 KIA9 3 SA CIA. On 012210 vicinity BR8364,8 k WW of PHU MY, CRID (-) engaged the enemy in 6 contacts. Results: Frd - neg; En - 9 LIA, 7 SA CIA. On 020930 vicinity BR6951,23 km ENE of AN 1HE, CRID (-) engaged the enemy in 8 contacts. Results: Frd - 1 RON LIA, 2 ROE WIA; En - 43 LIA, 16 SA, 2 CS 1 ANPRC-10 radio CIA. On 021540 vicinity BR7560 32 km ENE of AN H, CRID (-) engaged the enemy in 5 contacts. Results: Frd - f ROT FKA; En - 13 LIA, 6 SA CIA. On 031030 at BR689498 22 km ENE of AN KHE, CRID (-j engaged the enemy. Results: Frd - 1 ROE WIA; En - 14 [IA, 5 SA CIA. On 342000 at BR647454, 18 km E of AN KHE in BINH KHE Dist, 2d platoon, lst Co,3d RON Car engaged an enemy force. Results: Frd - neg; ]b 7 [IA, 2 SA CIA. . RF/PF Operations: On 040030 at BR935456.2 ka S of PHU CAT, PSDF at LIE HUM Hamlet and 55 PF platoon ws engaged by 30 enemy. Results: Frd 6 [IA (5 PSDF, 1 PF), 6 PSDF VIA; En - 3 KIA. On 191930 at B"947804, 14 ka NE of PHU MY, 289 PF, 317 RF, and element of B Cos lot Bn, 503d Abn engaged an- enemy force. Results: Frd - neg; En - 6 [IA, I SA CIA. On 260900 Mar 70, at BR798923,8 ka met of BONG SON, the 945 and 972 RF Co engaged an enemy company. Results: Frd RF KIA 2 RF WIA. In .6 A 2SA, 2 adios CIA. S On 271250H Mar 70, 15 km north of BONG SON, an element of 3/4/40 engaged 10 enemy in 2' sporadic contacts. Results: Frd - 1 AWN KIA, 1 ARN IA; En 8 XIA, 4 SA CIA. On 2712501 Mar 70, 19 km *orth of BONG SON 109% 182, 163 and 184 RE Co engaged the enemy. Frd casualties due to a BT tripped While sweeping area. Resulteg Frd - 3 RF KIA 1 RFW IA; 2 SA lost; En - [IA, 8


On 271800 Mar 70, 8 km WSW of BONG SON 913 RD Co, ,,hile searc,.n.;

area of air strikes found 16 enemy bodies KBA. On 271845H Mar 70, 12 km N1id QUI NHON, 284 PF platoon and MAT Ta 244 were surrounded by an enesm company. 3 IF Co's reacted and supported. Results: Frd - 4 KIL (2 US, 2 PF), 11 WIA

(10 Py' 1 US), 5 SA lost; En - unk.

On 280930H Mar 709 at CRO68341, 12 km

NNW of QUI NEON in TU PHUOC Dist9 938 RF Co engaged 5 enemy killing all 5 and capturing 2 mall arms. Neg frUndly casualties. On 300815 Mar 70 at

5728367, 28 km IE of AN KHE in B31 BE Diet, 278 P1 plat was engaged by

an enemy platoons 540 RF Co reacted v/neg contact.

(2 PF, 2 Civ), 7 VIA (3 Pyt 4 Civ); In - unk, j


Frd - 4 [IA

Other Operationss On 170650 at LR09960 4 km ENE of 0NG SON, a civi-

lien lembretta hit a mine on highway 514. Results: Tid - 6 Civ XUA, 5 Civ WIA; gn - unk. On 261910 Mar 70, at BR3585389 15 k NW` of AN [K in AN TUC Diet, A/7-17 gunshipe engaged 2 eamy aqdsg killing 6 sneam. (h) COASTAL PROVINCE (MARCH)

I ROX Operations: On 031045H vicinity BQ7326# 40 im SW of" NHA TRANO, 9th RON Div in UAK A II engaged the enemy. Results: Frd - negI - 8 LIA, 4 SA CIA. On 061210 at BP747297j, 26 m SW of NHA TRANG, WRID elamnts engaged the enemy. Results: Fed - neg; ]h - 8 IA, 5 SA, 2C CIA. On 061969 at BP7328,40 km SW of NA TRANO, WHRID in BALK MA II eagaged the enemy.

Resultst Frd- ng Ea- 6 KIA, 4SA, 5 CS, 800 kg rio., 141 rd SA CIA. On 070930 -t B17130, 40 km SW of HiH TRANG, the WHITE HOW RON INFAMY
DIVISION in operation BAEK MA II engaged the enemy in 3 contLots. Results, Frd- 2 ROK KIA; En- 10 KIA, 2 CS,15 d B-4 rkt 15HOG CIA. On 071240 at


15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-&IST SUBJECTs Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970,, RCS MFR-65 (R2) BPT7003W 40 km 6W of NLA TRANG, WHIRD in BAEK MA I1 engaged the enemy in 7 contacts. Results: Frd - 2 ROK WIA;Rn - 14 KIA, 8 small arms and 20 HG CIA. On 080640 at BPF00300, 40 km WSW of KHA TRANG, the UHIRD in operation BASK MA II engaged the enemy in 12 contacts. Results: Frd - neg; En - 24 [IA, 1 PW, 9 SA CIA. On 13154O at BP 68300, 42 km SW of NHA TRAuG, the VIR4 in BASK M1 II, enga id ths eanaz, in, 9 contacts. Rssultus Frd - nag; ]h - 8KA, 2 PW, 3 SA CIA,, 6 DT, 600 klos rie and 80 rds 40ma CIA. On 14MOO via BP6427, 62 kI KNW of PHAN RANG, in BUU SO Diet, WHIR ii BAEl MA II, enged the a.say in 6 =ntacts. Results: frd - 1 3OK [IA; &. - 22 ILI, 9 SA and Does CIA. n 41200 at vio of BP650280, 52 kNW ef PHA RANG in BUU SON Dist, the 9th ROK Div in BAEL MA II engaged the enemy in 6 contauts. Resultas Frd- neg; In- 6LIA, 4SA CIA.

j hRVi ordtoti: Oa 070250 at CQ066435 13km 16W of TULY HOA, the lbt V Co, 4th Br 47th ARVN Inf in night ambush location engaged an enemy platoon. Results& Yrd - 1 ARVN A;Rn- 06 KIA9 4 SA CIA, 1 VCS Detained. E
I /F/F?Opdrati sn: On 100100 at CQ145566 !0km NNW of TUY HOA, the 152 RF Co was engaged by an enemy force. Results: Frd - 9 RF KIA, 8 RF WIA, 1 KF VA; En - 1 11AI A CIA. On 100130 at 0Q128765, 16 km EsE of DONG XUAN, 151 EF Co vas engaged by an enemy platoon. Results: Yrd - 18 HY KIA, 22 2 PF MfA 17 SA and 1 CS lost; Bn - 4KIA, I SA CIA. Oa PF WIA, 172020 at Bf,94853O, 8 ku wet of NdA TRANG 930 RF company engaged an estimated enemy platoon. Break 2(4Mg Reiultvt Frd - neg In - 6 KIA, 6 SA end D's CIA. j Othbr" Ofratic,4d On 032350 at BP993553 6 km WNW NHA TRANG, threw d hand grenade and I satchel charge into a restaurant in VP[ 'r-let. Ra.Iltss Frd - 3 Civ [IA. 11 WIA; En - unk. On 171730 at 5 km 6 of DO4NG XUAN, 12 Civ children wre reported missing to the Compauy. Resultas Frd - 12 Civ MIA; gn - neg. 3 enemy TLANm BQ915766, 54th RF




I &AVh Oieratlonas On 0800:5 at AN818806 vicinity DI INJE, 4/53 ARVN portar rde and a sapper attack. base otap received unknowm number of 60

Reaults: Prd - 6KIA (4 ARVK0 1 VFF 1 CIv)o 3 ARVV WlA, 5 mall amj 1 PRC-25 lost; t. - unk. On 151620 at Bfl?'fl7, 8 ka SSW of DALAT, the 11th
Rawter engagud an enemy oaepany. Ird - 6 ARVY WIAj ft - 7 Uk. On 161325 at BP184125, 10 ka SSW of DALAT# 11th Ranger Bu engaged an eneay forae in a bunker oomj4ez. Results: Frd - 3 ARVN iAI; Sn - 10 KIA9 2 SA, 8 rd 82 zortar, 4 rd 60m mortar, 1 B-40 Akt and 3 CS CIA. I j ,/F? Operations: On 030735 at BPO06464 32 km NW of DALAT the 307 RY Compauy and 7th PP plat at DAL.T Hamlet wer enSaped by a eamy company.


hrd - 7 [IA (4 P, 3 Civ), U WIA (2 PP. 8 Civ, I PSDF), 35 Civ KIA,

10 SA MIA; En - uank. On 050207 at RP37390, In DON DOONO, an enemy company The enemy eaplo6 and a apper element attacked the District Moadqarters. an estimated 125 rds of mind Um mortar and 1-40 rkt#, fire and S/AW fire. 39 FF, 66 17, PRU and US MACV Term 26 defended. Resultas lld - 8 KIA (1 08, - 3 lUA, 5P, I ),,DF9 1 Civ), 18 WIA (1 USM 10 PFP, 2PSDF, 4 Civ, I 1P);In



15 May 19)10 AVFA-GC-HIST SUBJECT: Operatiunal i~port-essons Learned Headqiartera First Fiela Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) 1 CS, I SA CIA. On 060300 at BP232099,10 km SW of DALAT in DUG TRONG viatrict, L53 RF Company received an unknown number of rds of tun uikmown type rd - 7 ttF KIA, mortar and small armo fire from an enemy company. 1tesultas: 12 RF WIA; EL - I small arm CIA. On 160330 at AN$55166, 8 km NE of 1FHAN THIET, 235 BY Company and RD Team 30 received 50 rds 60am/82mm wia B-40 rkt. Rosults: Frdd- RD KIA, 2 CivKIAO 1 WIA (9 RD, 2 RF); En - i1 IA, I SA CIA. On 1720"'0 at AP947.165 27 km WSW uf DALAT, the 57 Pi platoon and the 266 AU Co engag ed an enemy platoon. Results: Frd - 1 11F VIA; En - 6 KIA, 2 SA CiA. , Other Operations: On 121100 at BY062116, 17 km SW of DALAT, &i obser-vation aircraft fAtm B Co, 7/17th received SA firb. RIealtss Frd - neg; Ra "7 KIA (by G/S). un 180800 at BP1SI2, 8 km SZW of DALAT, the llth Rwgera Ba found 3 whip antennas, 1 speaker , 2 boxes medical supplios, 500 kg plastic, ) 3 bags NVA uLiformd, 5000 blasting caps, 70 sticks TNT and 120 aiues (unk t and .0 bodies in 2 mass graves.




I US Operationes On 0509/0 at MU.66516, 25 xm Mh of IL&KiJ, 704 Mclunt -a (US and C/i-10) roc B-40 and SA fir* while traveling on QL-19. At 1240, Frd - 1 US WIA; & D/1-,1 engaged an enemy force in buakers. Reultao On 2'71700 at BR0713279, 9 km wt FSB CASTCH, a 281 SA, 6 CS CIA. 11 IA, 6 AUC UR-iB roe heavn ground fire and crashed. A D/-12 Xlaewnt moved Laed contact with 10-12 eaudq and excuauspd SA fire. Resultsa ada to thb locatiQ& Pzd - 8 US ILIA (5 fr 4th Div, 3 A/C crev), 1 US WIAj En - 3 KIA, I SA, 1 CS

& LR:k Operatlns: Ou 01UW0 at


km Z6 a



?rd -- I ARM 0IA, 11 WIA Rewult.. aampanz. (10 ALRN, 1 US)j In - 6 LIA, 4 SA CIA. Ou 0311)5 a. 1U914292, 2 1a *st Jt 6 ARVN LIA, 12 Frd GIA NOIGA, 1/3/45 eigaged an enemy wwo~nmy. Resulta ARN WIA, 2 SA lost; In - unk. On 04600 at, M9OM4, 4 km south or" DAR SIAGk abutai Prd -- 3 Ranaer endqed unbkow mabr esm-. elmat of 22 AR


eangagd by I eaues

VIA (2 US, 1 MEV); In - 23 [IA, 2 SA CIA.

On !'.415 at YB8V325, 6 km eout~h

23d Raners engaged unknowan nuumr erawy. The "Battalion Go&of DAN SMGi, sender of tka 23d Rangers and Deputy Battallon AMisor wore killed. 2e4 Ragers are aoving to 2eintoro.. Total oamalties for 2d Lnger Grump since M MG - 7 1IA (6 ARVN. I us), 34 WIA (30 ARV, begbolag of present operation:


40KIA (2by TA).

On061930 -47062b at IMUf7322o 8abvoutL of

DAR SIANG in DAI SUT Dist, an unknowm aim *easxy force engaged the 23d Banier#. Beginning at 1945 they roe 280 rds aized 60/Um mortar and 81.0 rkt, At 2130 a bayoet assault, 070215 reo an unknowm amber of 12a rkt, they too - 2 ARVI LIA, 16 ammber of mortar rds. Raulta, uanke 070500 roe an

a LAIN tVIA; k - 121 fIA, 2 SA. On 071215 at 13M9320, 8 km S of DAI SLANG,

,iuto MiL3 BOA. Twenty ,agra snWea PSay PS Teom called to an element of 23 23 Rngre dispatched a reon elam ates later &eAy said they am wouade. reacted imned and killed 10. 6 *V)M at *Leh 1med drew ftie., bps

17IM51540 2/42 engapd 2 In platoons. Results trG - neg; Rn - 12 Ilk. M ?SB ?AMI moe 6 rds 12;& rkt. On 091305 at n39131333, 7 ka SSW *I OAK Yr - 16 AR1 WU; o -unk. On 1o2015 at 2A232454, 5 ka SW of e-lotata rd - 3KIA, 9 WIL ?IZIV MQ of 4?Regt CP too30 rds 107mrMt fividtu '



AVFA-GC-hIST Way 9,1O m SUBJECT" Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1 9 7 0 , RCS CSFOR465 (R2) (8 ARVN, 1 US); En - unk. 0- 130015 at AR775535, 8 km NNW of PIEIKU, 2d Rngr GP CP rec enemy incoming and a ground attack from an enemy company. Results: Frd - 10 Civ KIA, 6 WIA (2 ARVNt, 4 Civ); En - 2 KIA. On 131115 at YB908418, 2 ku fiE of DAK SEANG, 1/42 was engaged by an enemy force. Results: Frd - 16 On 150335 at YB907414, 1 km NE of DAK SEANG, WIA; En - 25 &IA, 5 SA, 2 CS CIA. 1/42 rec heavy incoming followed by a ground attack. Results. Frd - 1 ARVN WIA; En - 35 KIA, 5 SA, 22 satchel charges CIA. On 151645 at YB903416, 1 km N of DAK SEANG, 1/42 was engaged by the enemy. Results: ?rd - 14 ARVN WIA; En - unk. On 161800 at YB897418 , 2 km NW of DAK SEANG Camp, elem 1/42 rec SA, B-40 rkt, and unk type mortar fire. Results: Frd - 2 ARVN KIA, 8 ARVN WIA; En - 15 [IA. On 170810 at YB905426, 2 km N of DAK SEANG Camp, 3/42 rec SA and B-40 rkt fire from an enemy force. Results: Frd - 4 ARVN KIA, 19 ARVN WIA; En - unk. On 191430,4 km BE of DAK SEANG, the 3/42 received an attack by fire. Results: Frd - 1 ARVi KIA, 20 ARVN WIA; En - 24 KIA, 4 SA. On 200205 at YB899,415 1 km N of DAK SEANG, 1/42 was engaged by an enemy force. Results: Frd - 2 ARVN KIA, 12 ARVN WIA; En - 7 KIA9 2 SA 1 CS CIA. On 201630 at YB890403, 1 km W of DAK SEANG9 4/42 roe an attack by fire. Results: Frd - 14 ARVN IZA; En - unk. On 211630 at YB900430, 3 km N of DA[ SEANG, 3/42 roe a stand-off and ground attack from an enemy force. Results: Frd- 5 ARVN KIA, 38 WIA (34 ARVN, 4US); En - 37 [IA, 1 SU. On 250935 at YU234887, 15 km SSW of BAN ME THUOT, Recon/23 ARVN Div engaged an enemy cmpany. Results: Frd - 4 ARVN UIA; En - 10 KIA. On 27024, at YB8944/3, 2-42 Inf received a heavy ground attack. Results: Frd - 19 WIA; En - unk. On 282400, II Corps reported that since 01 April, Operation TAT THMG 18 has

a total of 97 AF&

missing in action.

(1/42-42 MIA, 3/42 - 49 lIA, 4/42 - 5

On 290905, at YB903427' 2-45 Inf was engaged by an MIA* 22d Rngrs - 1 MIA). enemy force. Results: Frd - 1 KIA, 20 WIA; En - 25 KIA. On 301700, at YB899420 4-45 Inf engaged an enemy force. Results: Frd - 6 KIA, 18 WIA; En,- 30 KIA. IRF/PF Operations: On 010050 Apr at NU9352759in GIA NGHIA City, enemy TMb force engaged NP and PF units with sporadic SA and mortar fire. ae 50% destroyed and burning. Results: Frd - 26 [IA (2 ARYN, Maiket -place.i 13 PF, 6 NP, 1 RU, 4 Civ), 27 WIA (15 PF, 3 NP9 9 Civ)i En - 30 KIA, 7 SA, 4 CS CIA. On 010100 at ZA199569, 12 km NW of PLEIKU 958 RF Co rec SA, B-40 and mortar fire from an enemy force. Sporadic contact for six hours. Results: On 010115 at 38067542, 30 k Frd - 7 KIA (5 RI, 2 Civ), 8 RF VIA; En - urn. ENE of PLEIKU, 30 PF plat roe 30 rds unk typ mortar. Results: Frd - 12 PP



On 010215 at SQ044218l 8

aS of BUE HO, 891 F

Go was engaged by enemy companies with B-43 rktv 82= and 60= mortar.


Frd - 3 RF KIA, 23 RF WIA9 1 SA lost; En-


On 190515 at

YU903393, 12 km NNW of GIA NGHIA, 6th PF plat was engaged by an enemy company in NGHIA XUEN Hamlet. Results: Frd - 3 Civ KIA9 6 WIA (2 PSDF, 4 Civ)l En 15 KIA. On 252230, at ZB172050, the 261 RF received SA and B-40 fire tram the enemy. Results: Frd - 4 KIA, 10 WIA, 6 SA lost; En - 19 KIA, 3 SA, 3 CS captured. On 291710 at AQ853303, the 194 RF vas engaged by an enemy squad. Results: Frd - 1 KIAU 3 WIA; En - 3 KIA and 1 SA captured. A CIDG Operationst On 010930 at AR7818r7, in XONTM" City, CCC Hq roe

45 rds unk typmortar ftre.


Frd - lq CIDG WIA;



On 01-

1240 reference DAK SWAG CIDO Camp; as of 2200 hours, the camp contimaes to


15 May 1970 AVA-GC-HIST SSJCTs Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, ROS CSFOR-65 (R2) 22 Sorties of TAC Air have been At 1750P the CIDG company from Plateau GI flown in support of the camp. Shadow has been on station since 1830 and will remain completed CA. thrughutthe zight. Contact continues. Resultas Frd ,8 hA (7 CIDG9 1) ','IA (4 US, 4 CIDG, 1 VNSF, 7Civ), En - 5 KIAp 1 CS destroyed. 1 On 020715 !raference DAR SEANG CIL lamp as of 2000 hours the camp continues to receivie beavy mortarO, B-40D rkt, automatic weapon and SA fire. At 1645 hours the amp received a round attack from the West and fire from all directionn. At 1700 hours the enemy was in the perimeter area wire. This attack was repulsed by TAO Air Iidich has flown 41 sorties thms fV today. Shapdw has beenOedstation since 1930, and will remain throughodt the night. 9 Hosultas Frd -11KIA9 (CIDG), 9 32 VIA (6 US 6 VNSFj' 20OCID(QD 1CI.DGMIA; -On 04U30 at YB909377 9 3 km S of DAK SEANG, 1MSF Bn- 5 1 2 CS IA. started to mov out of LZ and came under heavy ground attack, ResultA: Frd 1 Aust KIA, 4 CIDG WIA9 1 US WIA, 1 Aust WIA; En - 15 KIA9 1 SA9 1 CS CIA. On 042330# reference DAK SEANG CIDG Cap, as of 0423309 the following wapons have been dostroyed within the camp: IXl@S9r Howitzer, 2x106mm RR, lximm mortar and ;2 K50 Cal machine guns, The fllooing additional casualties have been report,9 Frd - 3 CIDG [IA 12 WIA (1 US. 11 CIDG); En - 31 KIA9 3 CS 9 destroyed. On 0607150 at Y9)5390s 1 km S of DAK SEAMG 9 1 MSF in night location was engaged by an enamy force. Results: Frd - 3 MSF WIA; En - 9 KIA, 6 SA, 1 CS CIA. On 0610L5. at YB895407, I km N of DAK SUNG CIDG Camp, an enemy platoon engaged 1 MSF with SA and B-40 ikt fire, Results: Frd - I IMSF KIA, 3 MS1 WIA; En - 8 KIA. On 071205, at !B893393, 1 km SSW of DAK SEANG, lst and 4th MSF elements roe an unk number of 60m and 82Z= mortar rds. Re397 9 malts: Frd - 22 WIA (1 US9 ). AUS, 20 MSF); En - neg. On 100800 at IB397 rd - 2 an NVA Company. Results" 1 km S of DAK SLANG, 1 and 4 MSF engaged US, [IA (1 VNSF9 1 MSF), 9 WIA (:3 6 MSF), 1 MSF MIA; En - U. KIAv 2 SA CIA. DAK ?EK CIDG Camp roe a heavy mortar and rocket On 120210g at YB9546859 barrage followed by a sapper attack. The US TOG and commo bunker wre destropsd. As of 0900, the enemy had set fire to 5 hamlets in the surrounding area. The camp continues receiving B40 and mortair fire. As of 1430,' the enemy has control of one section of the camp (Hill 203). TAG Air is supporting The Tomout of LLDB TOO (VN). Imed upon request. US personnel operatiA de royed. 5 vehicles destroyed. Heare hour, mipply bldg and s.r shad sultes Frd - 30 IDG KIA# A.RF KIA, 8 US WIA -En - 60 KIAP 3 SA9 2 CS. On Camp roe 104 rds 122= rkt, 15 rds 57mm RR and 151430, at !B949683, DAK PEI. the NW. Results- Pre,-~ 3 CS? KIA 9 14 W'EA (I US, 13 OSF); a ground probe from roe.unk ar' In - nk. On 121500 at. M98407, via DAK SFANG Cop, l and 4 MSF bez 60=. and Usa mortar rda. Reuultst lrd - 21SF KIA, 15 MSF WIA, In CS2 50 rds unk. On122300, at YlK4682. DA PEK CIDG Camp roe 30 rda 8 probes ver6 attempted by an .ncmy and 10 rds 122m rit. Four ground 82M 8 platoon. CSF, USD1, and 111SF forces attempted to take Rill 203. 3hemy HR fire &ova thm baok. Another assault will be attempted. The USASF and ocivilians MS Hills have reasive*,a 'Large volume of 82= mortar fire. uho escaped from AIM 201 are being treated and interrogated by USM, TAC Aire 0/3 and CST organio wapons are in continuous support. All friendly Frd - urkj In - 124 ZIA. Results positions continue to receive SA fir,. via DAK MK, let MST overran enemy ms~ition on Rill on 1w1u1* at n3 94.96si, 203. Resultes Prd - 3 Cj, KIAV 29 WIA (23 )SFo 3Civp 1 U#)? Eft -29UIA9 4 SA, 4 05 CIA.

rec sporadic 75mm RR and. 82rm mortar fire.




AYFA-aC4If 15 may 70 SIBJKTr Operational RpOrt-leasms Learned Headquarters First Field Ponce Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970p RCS CSFn 65 (R2)

SOther Ope~ationot (APPIL) On 010300 at AR890294v 19ka MRK of PleMa, 2 nevW ,,omparies entered PLEI PAM G I il and captured 31 IndiTidals.o Reumltat ftd - 31 R (6 CTM, 5 PFPP 20 CIv) .7 SA loats En - nk On 010420 at M-006492, 17 Im I of.PLEIpXthe enemW fired 20 rds 82rm mortar into PLEI LUT IRAW Vilage. 21 PST)? are miasing. Resultss ?rd - 21 PSDF PIAk, 5 U' laot; fa - ywg. On 050700 vl-a DAN 9EAJ CIDG Camp FAC cInflirme 51 gneawr KA by TAC Air. On 060600 r-eference 2d Rngr Gp contacts vic DAK SEAYK C ,pp the following ndditional oasuAlete r".portedo Frd - 29 KTA (29 ARVN)9, 125 WIA (121 ARVN, 4 US); Do - 195 UA, 2 CS, 8 ISAP 53 HN4 38 rda B-40 rktq 11 rda 82m mortar CIA. On 0600.0 J.. AC SRAZ, Comq LFAC confirms 162 KIA9 by TAC X, Air. On 061030, at TB890405, at DAN SAING C1D, Camp,. CSF elem foumd 13 Enemy NIA 6 SA, 3HG, 2 D-40 rkt, I radio antenna and battery at the NW corner of the camp (outside wire). On 070700 at YP 895401, in support of UAK SBANG Camp, FAC oonfirmas 67 Enemy KIAN On 071100 at AR7799659 5 km M of VAN ME THOUT, a onp from BAN KI THOUT 8uh-$ootor headquarters hit a mine. Results& Frd - 6 KIA (5 ARN, 1 Civ), 1 jeep destrcyed& W, - negb On 090700 at YB 8954069 vi DLAK SEUM Camp , PAC nonfirms 39 KIA 7by air). On 100700 9 at Th 898406,o -io DAK
S.AYG CIDr Camp, FPA confirmed 44 -. KIA. by AirA On 11070Q, at TB89 06, vio
DAK SFFA CI1 Camp, PAC oonfirmed 35 En K[A (by Air). On 120300, at TB9466819 Vto DAK PEK, cappere attacked 6 hamlets in the DAK PEU area. Recultet Frd 5 Civ K[A, 10 Civ WIAt; S - 6KrA6 On 151000 at YB8954439 5 km TI of DAK SUNA 3 Plicks rec heavy AA fire4 2 raturned to FSB TANGO with 1 ARVN KIA 9 4 WIA (0 M, I APiYN) One crashed and is being eecured by 3/42. At 1300, a UH-li atteaptimng to er*raet the people from the downed, hAlicopter rea heavy AL fire resulting in 1 USA9 ca bhoedKIArand 1 US orew. WIAo At 15309 a CH-53

("Ja1l7 Gmss

Giant") ws. shat.down while trylmg to extraot the domed holioopter

resulting in I USAF [IA, 3 USAP WVIA Remsltea Fd - 3 KIA (1 SAs, 1 ARVN), 8 WZIA. (3 MSAY, 4 USA, I AiM)$ Ex - =mk- On 171845 at zBo6322ag 6 km S of DAK TO, TAN CARE City reo 40 rda of mdord 82mm mxrtax and 122mm rkt e The ARVN amme dump in TAX CANM also zoo 6 rds 122mm rkt destrq!ing the ammo dump damaging


howitzer and daimming lzO13-58 (LOH)-


Frd -30


1 US), 12000 rdn Arty ammo deat, 2 ea *2,T the TRUB SON Cafte in KFID( CAN ird - 6 ARXI KUA; i WU (8ARVII, at TI 901414 vie DAK ESM, FAC -FA confirmed 30 mtmr killed by eneW 'killed by dir.

JT vehieles destroycd En - unko

On 2)915, at YU957264, 3 In SE of GIA NGU>Tk.

am unk size omW fa.oe angaed

Hamlse, with mortar and B-40 rkt fire . Re sults x 2 7?,. 1 US)s FA - 9 KIA, 1 SA CIA. On 201200 donfirus 36 Enemy KBAo On 231500, at 13819428, Air. 09 280700D at YB900440, PAC eoefiTeed 23



F d- - 11 Ua WIL, 6 UEol

ceo6-8 r4a 1bm ortar,. Remltes

I US Operationst On 012130s, at B888009


lgt6t dI

no - nnk. Om 041215% at CR303778, 15 km SO of PHU (Y,Hawk Team 132 C/1-503 engsmed and killed 5 enamy. 10 minutes later they roe heavy SA and AU fire. II.. 1-503 were inserted to zoremooe. Resultes ?rd -negs Sm - 6 KIAO 2 WIl, 5 SA, Doo's CIA. On 121700, at BR831693, 10 km WNW of PHlU WY, Hawk
Teem 2V0/2-50) me sogod by 2 eamy



Fld -o,neg


11 K[A, 7 8A, 2 CS CIA-. C 161130, at 33843737?

10 km NW of PHU KY, Hawk

Teas 511/3-Y*6 Emnuged the neney in bunkAr complezi. Pound 30 fight'is poesttione 20 hmkes, ant 1 aie station. ResudtoI Prd - negl Ln -- 7 KUAP 1 r'#TA, 0I 2201001, %t B86113 in TAM qUAN Diet., Hawk Teom 442/4-5O), mrlni



15 May 1970 AVFA1C-HIST SUBJECTY Operational Report-Lssons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, ROS 0SIOR-65 (R2) a night demon tration of sniper firing observed and engaged 15 enemy. Results: En -8 LIA, 5 SA CIA. On 221820, at BR803647, 10 km W of PHUt M14 ,rd -,nag; Hawk Team 320 and CP-B/3-503 ree 15 - 20 rds of 82ms mortar. Results, Frd -

15 us Wu, En.

unkA.. On 010100, at 13R365624, 5 )m SSW ofPHUJ MY., 3/4.1 was Results: Frd - I

angaged by 2 ahemy battalions esploying SA, mortar, ad B-40 rkt fire. Results: P On 051100,t Frd- 6 ARVN KIAP 25 ARVN WIA; En - 34 KIA, 8 SAq 2 CS CTA.

?, ARVN Operations:

BU8526419, 5 krA SW of PHU MY, 1/3/41 engaged 3 enemy compmnies.

On KIA, 17 WIA (15 ARVN, 2 US), 1 ARVN MIA; En - 25 KIA, 1 SA, 1 CS CIA. 060545, at BR8965, 3 km SW of P1U MY,, 2/41 (-), 3/40, A/Al, 3/41, and 3/14 Ca, engaged 2 NVA Battalions. Results. Frd - 3 ARVN KIA, 16 WIA (15 ARVN, I US);

En- 80 KIA, 2 PW 2 SA, 4 CS CIA. On 081745, at CRO22685, 12 km E of PHU MY! V1/41 moeing to LZ was engaged by an enemy platoon with B-40 rkt and AW fire. Results: Frd - 13 ARVN KIA., 4 ARVN WIA, 9 SA, 2 FRC-25 lostv 2 2j ton trucks destroyed,, 1-k ton truck damaged; En - neg: On 181100, at BR870733, 7 km "NNW of PHU MY, elem 3/40 rec SA fire from the enemy. Results: Frd - I ARVN KIA9 I ARVN WIA; En - 7 KIA9 2 CS. Doc~s referring to 9Qth SAP Bn aIA. On 181500, at, BR866735, 5 km NW of PHU M1, 3/40 was engaged by an enemy force. On 230820, at BR863729, Results, Frd - 3 ARVN KIA, 8 ARVN WIA; En - 9 KEIA 1/40 engaged an enemy company in fortified positinngo Re-. 7 km NW efPH4 MY, Frd- 5 ARVN KIA, 4 ARVN WI; En - unk. masuts .- RF/PF Operations: On 010100v at B1897128, 18 km NNE of BONG SON,267 -RF Co was engaged by an enemy platoon. Results. Frd - I RF KUA, 2 RF WIA;

En - 18 KIA, I PW, 7 SA, I CS CIA.

On 010130, at BS896087, 13 ka MR of BONG

SON 163 RF Corro 8 rda 6mmmortar. Results: Frd- 13 VIA (3 RFp 3 RDv 7 Civi, 1 SA lost; En - unk. On 010300, at BR818883, 9 km SSW of BONG SON, MACV Team 42 at LZ ORANGE rec 30 rds 82mm mortar. Results: Frd.3 KIA (1 US, 2 RF), 8 RF WIA: En - 2 KIA. On 030300, at CRO17386, 16 km NW of QUI NHON, 407/106 PF platoons in night location were engaged by an enemy platoon em5 ploying SA and B-40 rkt fire. Results: Frd -- PF KIA, 1 Py VIA, 5 SA lost; &En- 1 KIA, 1 SA CIA. On 091300, at BR868418. 8 ka E of AN KHE, 182 PF plat and 883 RE Co engaged the enemy in cave complex, Results: Frd - 1 R? VIA;, En - 8 KUA, 4 DET, 3 $A CIA. On 112110, at CR041246, 6 km Wof QUI NEON, On 140715n 178 PF ambushed I enemy platoons. Resultas Frd r ne0; En - 6 KIA. at 3527884, 8 kM SSW of BOUNG SON, 981 RF Co was eng&ged by an enemy platoon. 8 Results: Frd- 1 RF IIA 2 RF WIA, I SA lost; En- 8 KIA. I PUW 2 SA. I CS CIA. On 141840, at BR961666, 5 km ESE of PHU MY 38 PF plat was engaged by an enemy company. Results: Frd - 11 SU (7 PF9 4 Civ)D 8 VIA (5 PF, 3 (iv), 9 SA lost; So - unk. On 150230, at B6146016, 9 km NE of BON, SON, an enemy platoon engaged RD Team 65, 181 1.F Co iWd 22 PF plat in THANH XUAN Hamlet. Results: Frd - 3 [IA O RY, 2 Civ), 11 VIA (1 RF ` 1 PFp 2 RDv 7 Civ); En - unk. On

150600s, at M55465, 38 ka 3 of AN KHE, 183 RI Co engaged W2/7/18 NVA Regt vio THUAN KANE Hamlet. 49 RD Co, 111 and 118 FF plats reacted iwedo end
the enemy in the day long contact. erigeda

1 enemy KIA believed to be 42/7/

1800. Reaultos,

- 5 KIA (l FF4RF), 7

(6rF1 RF); b.16KIA.,

7 SA, Doc's CIA. On 2906309 at 8R975364t the 280th PF? 185th and 233d RF Companies and MAT 21 were engaged by an enemy company. Results; Frd - 3 PW, 33SA, FIA (2 PTO,1 RF), 5 VIA (2 1? 3Ri) 1SA lost, ft - 8KlAr I.



15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-UIST SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnamp Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) & Other Operations: On 041230 at BR853097t, 25 km WW of QUI UHON, on armored train hit a mine on the track. 50 foot of track destroyed. Reaultas Frd - 8 KIA (5 ARVN, 3 Civ); En - nag. On 090005, at BS895088, 13 km N of BONG SON, 20 enemy entered MY.LOG Hamlet and engaged friendly forces. PSDF and alem 163 RF engaged the enemy at the Hamlet edge. Results: Frd - 6 KIA (1 PF, 2 PSDF, 3 Civ), 2 WIA (1 PF, 1 Civ), 1 PF MIA, 2 SA lost, 3 SA destr9yed SEn- 3 KIAr I SA, 1 CS CIA. On 190900, at ER895625, 4 km S of PHU MY9 the enemy threw HGta into DIA THANH Hamlet. Resultus Frd - 7 Civ KIA, 48 WIA (2 PF, 46 Civ); En - unk. On 261600, at BR875574, a civilian lambretta on QLI hit a mine resulting in 3 Civ killed and 4 RF killed. On 271000, at CR038300, a booby-trap went off in the mepting hall of NIEU-NAM Hamlet. Results: Frd 8 Civ KIA,18 Civ WIA; En - unk. (1) COASTAL PROVINCES ( APRIL)

US Operations: On 010001 at CQ429494, 6 km WNW of TUY HOA, Hawk Team 332/C/3-503 and 112 RF Co were engaged by an enemy foree. Results: Frd 1 1 KIA. On 280345, at M224238, 7 KIA (5 US, 2 RF), 6 WIA (2 UV: 4 RF); En CP of 3-506 Abn Inf received 10 rounds unk type mortar. Results: Frd - 1 KIA,
12 WIA; En - unk.

2 ROL Operations: On 040905 at CR057088, 2 km NN of DONG XUAN, 6//;6 6IA, 3 SA CIA. OnzV121730, at engaged the enemy. Results: Frd - nej; Sn 6 0Q042736t 10 km SE of DONG XUAND Recon/26 ROL during an ambush opn re~ported 8 Enemy KIU. On 121930, at BQ9337949 2 km E of DONG XUAN., 3/1/26 ROK engaged the enemy. Results: Frd - neg; En - 7 KIA.9 4 SA CIA. On 240800, aX BQ7073, in PHU TUC Dist, the 26 ROK.Regt and Cay ROK Regt during operation DOK SURI 1 ROE WA; En - 14 KJAv 7 SA, 1 CS 70-1 engaged the enemy. Results: Frd (12.7 AL W.4 barrel), 1 PRC-10 captured. On 261600, at BQ760720), JTRID (-) in DOE SURM 70-1 engaged the enemy in 3 contacts. Results: Frd - I KIA; En 7 K1A 1O SA and 5 CS captured. On 281230,, at BQ8O0600, CRID (-) engaged the e=y in 7 contacts. Results- Frd -, neg, En - 21 KIA, 13 SA and 2 CS captured. On 290700 and 291405 at BQ820520, ROK forces engaged the enemy. Remaltst Frd - neg; En - 20 KIA, 13 SA and 68 HG captured. On 300700y at BQ1 1 WIA; En - 10 KIA9 6 t205O0 CRID (-) engaged tbpe enemy. Remults: Frd SA captured. i. RI/F Opentionst On 010200 at CQ201350, 12 km SSE of TUY BOA, 279 and 130 R Co was engaged by an enemy WIAI In - employing mortar,05 B-40 rkt 0n) 2 SA On-~,IAE-K LSS ,CCA fire.fir. Results: CUA.On01p RwutesTr - I CAv company 8 KIL 5 SA, 2 at BP883529t 14 ke Wof NIA TRANG, 17th PF plat and 931 RI CO engaod an

CIA. On 050020, at 3N68685, ltkm NW of PIHU RANG, the enemy entered TRO Mid - 6 KU (5 Up, BON Hamlet and engaged the friendly forcer. Reoults: Dnk. On060105p at 31929554 12kim of In 1 IF)s, 5 WI (4R, I1 PSD); 31 ide u1k type eeo f - LI EN Hamlet NRA TRANO, 3, 99, and 1f.r F plat#eII O3 IUA, 15 Clv VIA; En 1nCiv mortA and B-40 rkt fire. Result.s Frd KIA. on 070140, at rQ93572)t 8 kk SS*dt DONO JUAN, 550 RI Co i.e uk number Ret10 at tg d - 13 RIP KIA 6 1F VIA, 5 R. k.ok of mortar rde and ground MIL, 23 SA lost; En a unk. On 1002302 at BN703685, 18 km SW of PHAN1 RAiNG: 177 R? Co wea engaged by an enemy company in HIED THID Hamlet with B-A0 rkt,

enemy ompany.


rd - 6 VIA (3 Ao3 P);

Et .- 6 KIA, 2 SA, 1 S




15 May 1970

Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field

Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2)

20 rdg 82=mor'tar andi SA firs Results: Prd - 3 XI~k 33 WIA (6 Civ, 22 Ri, 5 PF); En - 4 KIA9 I SA CIA, On 31U600, at CQo66i53, 12 km ESE of WNG ZJAN,
63 PF 1at engaged an enemy squad. Results. Frd - 2 PF KIA., 5 PF WIA; En 4 KIAk 2 PW9 4 SA CIA. O9 121345, at CQ02?700, 2U km SE of DONG X1AN, 130 RF and 60 PF plat detonated a mine while returning from an operation. Civilians were in the area. Results: Frd - 3 KIA (2 RF 1 Civ) 13 WIA (7 RFI 2 PFP 4 Civ); En - neg. On 161840 at BQ510650 9 30 km ENE of CHRO RZO, 740 RI 9 Co engaged an enemy company. Results.: Frd 1 RF WIA; En - 17 XIA, 3 SA CIA. On 162215, at BN713788, 10 km W of PRAN RANG, 74 PF plat in NHU NHOC Hamlet ws engaged by an enemy company. Results: Frd - 21 VIA (13 Civp 5 PT, 3 RF); En - 8 [IA. On 290645, at CP015794, the 57 FF engaged an enemy squad. Enemy vithdrev leaving mines along route , friendly unit detonated several mines. Results: Frd - 2 KIA, 10 WIA; En - unk. On 301745, at BQ515705, the 770 Ri Company engaged an enemy platoon. Results: Frd - neg- En - 10 KIA, 9 SAO 28 HG and 6 boxes of MG ammo captured. ., Other Operations: On 031000 at BQ945790, 2 km W of DONG XUAN, an enemy squad entered XUAN LONG Village and abducted 12 Civilians. On 0.21000 at BQ0326009 30 km SW of CHEO REI9 1 enemy squad entered BUON DRI Hamlet and abducted 12 Civilians. On 060730, at CR030767 9 7 km ESE of DONG ZOAN, 12 PSDF wre abducted from XUAN SON Hamlet. On 072300, at CQ080418, 10 km WSW of Tay HOA, an. enemy squad abducted 19 Civilians from THANH IORIEA. On 151200, at BN830651, 15 km S of PHAN RANG, FAC confirmed 10 enemy [IA. ()


On 010300 at BN264,3

in SONG MAO CityO the 2-1 Cav Frd -- 2 US [IA9 13 US WIA; 1h 5 KIA, I SA CIA. On 011410, at BN614476 , ? km NNE of SONG MAO. 3/A/2-1 Ca wes engaged by the enemy. 1 APC destroyed, 1*i-48 tank light damage. Results: Frd - i. US WIA; En - 17 KIA, 1 SA CIA. On 231745. at BN200285, 1 US Operations:
compound rec mortar and rkt fire. 17 kim SSW of SONG MAO, 3/A/2-1 Cay found 8 graves approx 1 wk old and 12 no&g En - 20 KIA. graves approx 10 wks old. Results: Frd --

2 ARVN Operations:

On 010040 at BN275545, vic SONG MAO., the 44 Regt HQ

received 100 .ds 82= mortar. Ammo dump destroy.'. fuel dump 50% destroyed. On 010200, at BP250235, in DALAT City, DALAT Special Sector, the 23d ARVN Division Fay School roc roost and SA fire. Results; Trc - 37 KIA (27 ARYN, 10 civ), 83 WIA (65 ARVNg 13 PF, 1 RF,, 4 Civ)., 2 FF MIA; En, 2 [IA, 2 SA CIA.

On 0=030, at BN2613 in SONG MAO City. 2-1 Cav and 44 ARYN Megt (-) engaged the enemy. In the day long contact, the following asualities resulted: Ird-8 ZIA (2US, 2 ARV. 'Civ), j9 WIA (34US 5 ARVN)i In- 151[IAP 14 PW, 26 SA, 7 CS CIA.

, RF/PF Operations: On 110315 at ZT26C??3 11 km %W of DI LINH9, 222U O received unk romber of B-40 rkts. At 03JO they rec a ground attack by an enemy platoon. The outj st was approx 90% destro~yd. Beralts: FIrd - 13 [IA, (10 RI, 5 CIv), 49 WI (15 Rp 34 Gi#) 8 HIA (3 RFp 5 Civ). 15 SA lost5 In 3 KIA, 3 SA CIA. On 112300, at 01880140., 10 km PE of*PHA 1111R!, 784 R1, 2-31 R Gp and MAT N were enjged by the enemy. Results! Ird - 9VIA (6 R1, 3 1 )9 NA - S KlAg 2 PW VIA, CS CIA. On 16016, at DPO24031 25 k, SW of DiuAt, 215 RI and 42 F? were engaged b1 5an enemy rca employing m =7-tr,


1,, May 1970 AVFA-GC,-aBLT Report-Iossons Loearned Heafiqaurters First Fiedd SUBJECt: Operational Force Vietnam, Period &nding 30 April W9O~, RCS CSFOR-65 (R.2) B-40 rkt, and SA fire. Results: Frd..-8KIA (5 PF,,3RF); En- ufk. On 180845, at BP338087, 18 km SE of DALAT, 302 RE Co engaged an enemy platoon. Results: Frd -neg;In -7 KIA 2 SA 1 CS CIA. j Other Operations: On O1C100 at AN845085, 4 km NE of PHAN THu?,v 2 enemy squads enteredHUNG LONG Hamlet and assassinated 5 and wounded U1 civilians. On 120500, at BP211219, via DALAT in DAL&T Special Sector, a Civ - 6 policeman's house was destroyed by an unk type explosive. fier~ta: Frd Civ K4.Av 2 Civ WIA; En - neg. On 14.1120, at BP2l52O6., in DALAT City, an unk number of enemy detw"t plastic explosive at the 1'ea1 entrance of DALAT City Hall. Results: Frd - 1 Civ KIA9, 16 Civ WIA; EL - 2 DST. (3) Organization. Training and Security Actiyi~ties.

(a) All units that were assigned, att~ached or under the operational control of this headquarters as of 30 April are li~sted at Inci 3. (b) The command relationship between II Corps,, ROKFV-FC, and I FFBCEV is at Inal 4. (e) Phase 3 rederiloyment arfected the following units in II CTZ: SAUS S I FFOROEV HQ I FYRCEY 9 MW9 I FFORCEV Artillery 297th TC Go (CAR) Uh PSYOPS Bn 313th Sig Bn (MR) 41st CA Co 3d Bn, 6th Artillery (lO5SP)

Reduced 43 spaces Reduced 19 spaces Reduced 1.0 spaces Redu...d 30 spaces Reduced 4 spaces Inactivated Redeployed Redeployed Redeployed Redsployed Redeployed Redeployed Reduced 132 Reduced 80 Reduced 103 Reduced 202 Re-duced 80 Reduced 30 Reducel 36

4th Infantry Division HHCt 3d Bde, 4th Inf lot En, 69th Armor lot Bn, 35th Inf lit Bnp 8th Inf 2d Bn, 9th Artillery 4th AG Cospay 4,th CM Bn (S&T) 704th CS Bn (JMaint) 4th Engr Battalion 4th Medical Battalion 4th MP Company 124th Sig Battalion

spaces spaces

spaces spaces spa~es


(d) Training. Assigned and attachsd units.. leiss artillery and battalions are inspected by a represent~ative of the 0.3 OTIS Division, vho is a memaber of the Inspeotor a neral-4 Teame A total of four units won inspected during the quarter and aU. won~ rated SATISFACTORY. 26 CONF IDEN'T IAL

15 May 1970 AVFk-OC-HuST SUBJECT. Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquirters First Field AVietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970?, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) Fcr

(e) Research and Development (R&D) Activities. Requestsfor information on R&D items for USARV and ACTIV are m=nitozied by this headquarters. During =Standard this quarter there were no requests for ENSURE (Expediting ~n Urgent Requirements for Equpmirent) items submitted by this headquarters., or
its assigned, attached, and OPOON units.

(M) Doctrine. The monthly publication of "Tactical Notes" continues to be an effective means of providing subordinate units with new ideas and "Tactical lessons learned regarding operations and intelligence matters. Notes'l was published and distributed in February, March2 and April.
(g) ARVN Modernization. The modernization program continues to progress well and has significantly increased the combat effectiveness of ARVN Regular Forces. The program is enabling the ARVN to assuman ever-increasing combat rtle in the war, in consonance rith the current concept of "Vietnamization" of the war effort. (h) Security. During the reporting period the security branah continued to exercise staff supervision for highway, railroadv pipeline and installation security. The following activities were accomplished during the quarters I Semiannual security inspections were conducted at seven criti.2al and key installations. The installations inspected were QUI NHONp NHA TRANG; PLZIKU, PHU CAT2 TUY HOA, PHA RXNG and PRILNILANG BIAN. The defensive postures of these installations ranged f&a& exellent to satisfactory. & The branch continued to provide representation for the I FFORCEV/ CORDS Command Inspection Team. The security portimn of the inspection is designed to evaluate the overil operational capability and defensive posture of Province and District Advisory Teams. During the quarter DARLAC,

KHN HOA and TUUN DUC Advisory Teams ware inspe,:ted.

Overall, the

teams were found to be performing their mission In a satie.factory manner. I The branch continued to review plans and monitor progress to upgrade the defensive posture of critical bridges within the II CTZ. .4 During the quarter continued emphasis was plared on reducing the amount cf POL p,4uwts lost to enemy activity and pilferage from the II CTZ

pipelines. ,

During the reporting period an ag:essive OPSEC program was

implemented to include publishing bulletins, posters and an information document distributed to all Fw World Military and GVN. Monthly imeetings wer held for the purpose of disecusiq ways to improve the program. Members of the OPSEC teea attended briefings conducted by MAOV and USARPAC. Numerous messages ware dispatched to insure unite were informed of OPSIC procedures and policies for denial of enemy foreknowldge and forewarning. The OPSIC team oonducted surtveys/vitits of rsine major o.-"ganiattone during the report period and noted considerable lmp*vemnt in OPSWC procedures.



AVFA-GC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECTs Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Pield
Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOB45 (R2)

(4) hmu
(a) Herbicide operations during the reporting period have included both crop destruction and defoliation missions, with delivery by UC-123 helicopter and ground-based spray systems. A :ant cut-baAk in UC-123 missions, due to a decrease in funds, began in April and is reflected as a 37 per cent decrease in sorties from the previous quarter. This trend is expected to continue. j The results of US Air Force UC-123 missions are as follows:









0 8

0 0

0 960



Ila 0
3 5

14,'1-.40 0
0 0

0 0
360 360


10 39

360 4,680

626 0


a 193 1916) 39506

2 Units in II CTZ are continuing to use ,.,1i and CH-47 helicopters and
truck-based power spray apparatus to spray mall areas not conducive to spray by UC-123 aircraft. The results of these spray operations are as



0 0





290 0

0 0


-% 144

i The 4th Infantry Division continued to enplby diesel fuel for foliage control at Caup Radcliff# wre proid~ity of friendly crops precluded use of herbicides. Diesel was applied by both helicopter and ground spray equipment. (b) Riot control agents (RCA) afe being emplayod in both offisesive and



AWVA-GC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECT: Operational Report,-Le muons Learned Headq"~ Firt Fiel Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970 RCS JVR-~65 (32) defensive operations. Offensive empboyment of non-persistent CS,9 mainly E-158's, was in conjunction with gunships), artillery and TAC Air. The 4th Inf Div has used helicopter CS druma dr.ips ortensively,9 both alone and as a complement to CBU,.42A mine fields., for terrain restriction in enemy staging areas south and southwest of Mang Yang Pass in Binh Dinhi and Plei~ku Provinces. The 173d Abu Bde has used bulk CS, hand emplac-ed and dispersed by means of detonating cord, to contaminate numerous .aave, tunnel and boulder complexes in north-eastern Bink Dinh Province. Air Force delivered persistent CS, in the fo~rm of BfLU-52 munitions, was used to restrict use of enemy lines of.-communication during the battles at Dak Seang and Dak Peak. (c) Personnel detectors operating within II CTZ are providing a 'iontimial source of intelligence concerning enemy locations. In most instanoeffi, CS,, gun~ships., TAC Air,, artillery fire or troop insertions were emplo~yed bigainst the locations of the heavy readings (hc't spots). All readings were submitted to the appropriate G2/S2 for evaluation,. The summary of personnel detector operations in II CTZ is as follows: MUIAPDMISSONSHOUR ROKFV-FC 4TH INI' DIV 173D AEN EDE TI' SOUTH 22D ARVN DIV ADV T4 23D ARYN DIV ADV TK 24TH STZ ADY T4 DSA II CORPS IDC NHA TftANG TOTAL 42 101 68 40 26 8 46 18 Q-1,4I 390 (MT) 126:00 161300 71500 51,00 26O00 8:00 466OU 18300 564"10

(d) Flame continues to be used eactonuively in II CTZ, both in offensive and defensive roles, Flame fougeasse hav~e been empl'yed in defensive positions by TF South., 173;d Abu Ed. and 4th Inf Di".* Test and evaluation of the M4l91 lMultishot Portable Flame Weapon continues in the ;,th Inf Div and 173d Ana Ede. The 173d Abu &%e has extensi~vely empl:7ed flame dr'~ops (55 gal drum& of thickened fuel dropped CH-4?7 helizpters) in support of ARVN miteb as well as assigned and atta-hed clrganizatl,n' Hissions ha-vs included olose support of troops in contactq attacks on knowun and suspected enemy 1--cations in tunnel bunker and cave oomp2Lxei., -.1axing and neatzrali zatiirn of beavily vegetated and arsai, and c.learing and neutralization of aban.. doneo fire support bases and operational &a#ea. Verified results have included 10 confirmed and 5 suspe,. ted VICIJA LEA, I NVA CIA, 1 NVA rallier, 9 AS-4,79 2 RFD 1240, 1 8 .40 In':hr,' 7 B 40 rd.-,, 6CHIOOK H1., )60 mortar rds, 600 AK-47 rds, 3 M.~';, . 8 rueIC! a,-ke 3 aid bags and 3 3b of HC documents CIA# 28 secondary ezp - n . r and nuiuer- ..-q small arms Goot-off ,. A total of over 310 sorties (9 i.6 drums each) hawe been floim thi. quarter. (e) The enemy continued t~o use ROA cn a small sa,.-e1 during offensive operations. There have been 9 reporte~d 6nama 'in! Aa~ed actions during which the enemy uased riot conb~l agents. 0.4 1 Feb n:, vi.- BS89508CE, the 182d RIP Co x~es dI~cr,% Mm? mortar fir sevutral rounde '-ontained MS. 0

15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-HIST SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Boding 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOB-65 (R2) There were two friendly WIA9 not as a result of the CS. Also on 1 Feb 70, vic BS8Nl035 north LZ English received 7 - 9 rounds of 82=n mortar fire, mixd HE and CS; five personnel were VIA, but results of CS were negative. On i Apr 70, vie M036537, C/l-10th Cuv received SA, two rounds of B-40 ",o,ket and 20 rounds of 82nm mortar fire (some mortar rounds contained CS); results of CS were negative. On 5 Ayr 70, vic YB89040. Dak Seang CIDG Camp reoeied an unknowm number and type of mortar ruunds 9 including some CS; results wre negative. On 6 Apr 709 vu, Y8875255, Ben Het CIDG Cap received four RR and five (2 CS) 82mm mortar rounds; there were negative friendly casualties. From 122300 - 130900 Apr 70, vie YB9468. Dak Pek CIDG Camp received 80 rounds of 82mn mortar, 10 rounds of 122mm and 10 rounds of 140mm rocket fire, ascompanied by several ground probes by unknown sized NVA forces. Thirty of the 82mm mortar rounds contained CS. Results were 11 CSF WIA) 124 NVA KIA (BC); n: friendly casualties were attributed directly to employment of CS. On 20 Apr 70, Ben Het CIDG Camp received 15 CS rounds (unknow type); there were no friendly casualties. On 25 Apr 70, vie YB373257, Ben Het received 3 unk rounds (1 CS), there were no casualties or damage. On 26 Apr 70, vie YB876259, Ben Het received 7 rounds of 82mm mortar fire,, including some CS; there were no casualties. (5) G3 Air Operations

(a) There wxea total of 7.2(5 sorties ficiun in support of USD RVNAF and ROK forces in II Corps Tactical Zone during this reporting period. Significant BDA consisted of 869 enemy KBA and 793 secondary explosions reported. (b) In accordance with the Vietnasizati,,.n prigram Headquarters 7th Air Force directed the Direct Air Support Center Alpha (DASC-A) +o cease operations at Headquarters I FFORCEV at Nha Trang and c.Klo.ate with II DASC at II Co.s Headquarters at Pleiku. The obJe.Sive of this mcve was to conduct an intensified training program and enable the Vietnamese to assume control cf all tactical air assets within II Corps The meve commen'med on 1 March

and II DASC became operational on 1.5 Mar:bh althogh toe ARVN II Corps 03 Air Division did not me into II DASC until 2., April 70. On 13 Mar-h 70, 2 officers and 1 NCO from the I FFORCEV G: Air Diviicon wer" sent to PIoiku
to assist with the DASC move and train tht ARVN "? Air, porsonnel for their part in II DiSC operatione. On 1 Apii u.a a enemy -%fea"'e centered on the CIDG camp. at Dak Seang and D-k Ptk it becam W-.i1 e:7 t- depi'y +Ah entire S3 Air Division t P ad aInk. aier.w teb -jera~icna i.:ie of 03 Air at II DASC. The main problem wie'ts, the tranIttfn was the lack cf rfth ARVN G3 Air parttipation in II DASC :j~t',.ns 'au.tng sveoy delayr tn clearing targets and pto'i6tng noce&,ear7 r".inst.ic.., On 21 April 70 the ARVN 03 Air Division relt.ated to I! DASC saeswed lth. :sp-nslbLities and an efficient DASC has sv'-lved.

(c) At pesent II Corps 33 Air L", iMM!ediate all "'qU.-tx in support %f US. FI4AP and R1.7F units and proplsnned reqaeets !:r P'NAF. The control )f US/FW(AF preplared requests and &,, ,eq-its (Qz 'pe.'.al nmnti'ens still remains uith I FIORCEV C) A,.


15 May 197) AVFA-43GC.HIST Operational Report-Leesons learned Headquarters First Field SUBJECTM Force Vietnam, Period Ending 10 Apr2J. 19709 RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) (6) Army Aviation Operations

(a) The major objective in employing the tactical aviation assets available to I FFORCEV remains as stated in operational reportse I

Provide air mobility to combat eleoents of F*IAF in the II CTZ. Provide air mobility to combat elements of ARVN in the II CTZ.

Provide aviation support to the province senior advisors and CORDS personnel in II CTZ for tacti'cal operations, C&C. administrative missions and resupply.

I Support the MACV and I FFORCEV aerial reconnaissance and surveillanoe programs. (b) j Rmsouroes available from 17th AG (C)s Assault helicopter assets (UH-I) : MIX AZM 10th Aviation Battalion (Combat) 4Mth AHC 92d ABC 155th ABC 192d AHC 281st ABC 52d Aviation Battalion (Combat) 57th ABC .19th ABC SUPPORT GS Southern Coastal Region; GS Southern Highlandes Task Force Southg Recondo Sohooll 5th S31 (A); 236 ARVN Div; 9th RON mt Div; Project Delta; Salem House.

0S Northern Highlands; Prairie Div; ARVN Fin; CM; 4th Inf II Corpej lighway Coordinator;

170th ABC 18th ABC

268th Aviation Battalion (Combat)

Company B, 5th SF (A).

GS Northern Coastal Region;

61st ARC 29th AC 134th ABC

173d Abu bb; AP 22d ARTMDiv.

01 UIn Div;

SDring tid period 3 ABC wre repositioned 4w folloiss The 57th from Konam to An Mbo, 170th frow blloaoy to Kontus and the 119th from Holoeay
to An Kb..

av Sqdn"Aned to lth AG (C)0 OPO01 to I 7FOROCR. I The -. ?th Airk ecen.tly aovd tfrm Omp kaft to Omp SThe satin sfl'M logo 000 Jp Hollovan "0 Trop movd fo L , Any Heliport to Omp deliff. 'A" and 8B@ Troop are I lopd in t laiBe ra U Corps amea in mpport of AR.



15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-HIST SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) operations vicinity of Dak To and Dak Seango "C" Troop, 7-17th Cav continues to support the 173d Abn Bdes 4 Heavy Helicopter assets (CH-54) COMPANY 355th HHC BATTALION 268th AB (C) SUPORT MISSIO GS II CTZ

SAssault Support Helicopter assets (CH-47)g


180th ASHC
196th ASHO 243d ASHC

268th AB (C)
268th AB (C) 10th AB (C)

GS Central Coastal
GS Northern Coastal GS Southern Coastal

SArmed Helicopter Companies;

CO4PANY 238th Avn Go (E) 361st Amn 0o (E) iAAio1N 268th AB (C) 52d AB (C) _QRJ MISSION GS II CTZ S II CTZ

SThe 183d4 185thq 203d, and 2l19h Reconnaissance Airplane Ccpanies support the I ?FORCEV visual reconnaissance program and provide GS throughbout the II CTZ.
A The 225th Surveillanoe Airplane Company is employed throughout the II CTZ in an aerial reconnaissance and surveillance role.

2 The 18th Utility Airplane Company provides GS throughout the II CTZ

and in addition supports 5th Special Forces Group (L)q and JUSPAO. (a) Major aocomplisbaentp:

SCamp New Bu Prangs This frontier CIDG fortification was initially oonstruoted completely of material airlifted in by helicopter to inocude lumber, pickets, wire# earth moving equipnentv and security companies to proteot construction of the eamp and airfield*. To date saom 800 tons of material have been flown to the site.
& The following major US operations wr indioateds BAIRD SILV 6 Apr - Present spported during the perio-d 2d Bn th lnf (Mesh) 4th Div


i1 Mar - 18 Mar
20 Mar - Present

4th Div
2d Bde 4th Div



15 May 1970

Operational Report-lessons Le~arnd Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, R(S CSFOft-65 (R2) I Mar - Present 30 Jan -. 1.1 Apr 15 Apr - Present 30OJan -UlMar 22 Apr - Present 1/10th Cay 4th Div
2d Bde, 4th Div



173d Abn Bd. lot Bde 4th Div 1ot Bda 4th Div

SROKA Forces were normally allocated the flyable assets of' one ARC per division on a daily basis. In a,..iition., average hook allocation* were 2 to 3 daily to each division. Aizinobile assets supported the following ROKA operations during the periods indicated: BAUKMA 11 DOI SURI 70-1 JAE KOO 1

9 Mar -16 Mar 22 Apr - Present

17 Mar - 24 Mar 12 Feb - 4Mar

9th ROE CRID,, 9th ROE (4 Regiments)

1ot ROE Rogt GRID

jj ARVN forces in II CTZ received approximately two AHO daily to support their operations. Numerous small scale operations were conducted in support of pacification. During the month of April the battle of Dak Soang and Dak Pek increased in intensity and received the greater portion of the aviation assets allocated to ARVN Forces 0


1Jan -Present 1Jan -Present 11 Mar' - 30 Mar

40th Rogt 41st Regt 11th Razigers/iv-53d

3. Airmobile assets were provided for the following special operations as directed by MACV: Prairie Fire, CCS, Recondo School.

j Airmobile assets were porvided to the following units or agencies on a general support basiss HQ,9 I FFRCZV 21st Signal Group lfth Engr 3d. Ism Ranh Bay Spt Ond IFFV Arty II AWC (ARYN) V ALX (ARYN) CORDS US Navy Spt Fac 100th Log Qmd (ROE) MACV Qui Nhon Spt Qad IDC -Nba Trang

Ig~iltics Activlita.



(a) The overall supply of troop requirements continues to be satisfactory. There are no shortages of supplies and equipment which significantly iapair the operational capability of the command. (b) There were five (5) items under ASR control at the end of the quarter a decrease of 8 items from the previous quarters The items under ASR ontrol and currently alcoeated arot




15 May 1970

Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2)

B535 B572/470

Ctg, 40 WS Para Ctg, 40hm HE linked

C226 K772

Ctg9 81mm, Mort Ilium Rlot control agent, CS2

Fiarep surface, trip

(c) During the quarter, Reports of Survey -were submitted on lost, damaged or destroyed goverment property having a total value of #161,912.63. Of this total, pecuniary liability was established for equipment valued at $7,?335.00. (d) The in-country assets of small size lumber and plywood continued to improve during the last quarter, which allowed USARV to delegate control and management to major commands. Each comnmand is now given a monthly allocation to be controlled and issued IAW with present policies on vertical construction and field fortifications. This command is allocated lumber and plywood as

follows ALZAE 1 X 21 4 1

ALW&ATION 57,000 Board Ft 929500 .Board Ft

28,500 Board Ft 4000 Sheets

These quantities have been sufficient to meet all requirements. (e)


The in-cou. -y assets of certain items of supply are concern to this These items are:

I Peneprime - Required for use as a dust palliative in helicopter landing areas. Lack of this item accelerates maintenance requireae~to, .and causes a higher mortality rate on engines, blades9 and other components.

& Field fortification materials - QI1SC has been at zero balarce on

sandbags and timber during part of the last querter. This has necessitased trans-shipment from CRBO to meet the needs of unitslocated in northern II CTZ. I Radio - The AN/VRC.12 family of radio# continues to be of concern. Unit TOE shortage eand combat losses are being back ordered from QONUS.

(2) Transportatioun: Cargo movements in AN CTZ decreased during this. reporting period. This decline included routine and emergency movement of
passengers and cargo. All modes of transportation wre utilized. (a) Air: The discussion of air movements is restricted to movmets processed by Headquaters I FYkOAQV.



hergency airlift requirements increased


15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-HIST SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) significantly during the month of April as a result of increased enemy act-

ivity in the Dak Seang - Dak Pek area.

Appoximately 365 short tons of sup-

plies were air drcpped into these two camps utilizing Emergency Resupply Missions. D4 GENCY AIRLIFT (1969-19M)


32 69 97 43 38 16 18 26

100 2 1 112

29161 3,100 39238 19052

411 547 812 650


*Sorties .1 Special Air M4ssione: Special Air Missions involved the movement of Passengers decreased signigicantlyj, passengers abd cargo for unit movees accompanied by a substantial decrease in cargo movement. The decrease corresponds with the low level of enemy activity during February and March.


am am

AUG - OCT 69 NOV - YAN 69-70 "FEB - APR 70 *Sorties

101 124 40

8 1

0 0 0

8,399 89476 2,953

38 685 174

I I 7FORCEV Dedicated 07A Aircraft: Movements made by I FFORCEV dedicated CWA aireraft. remained at a near constant level.


JUL 69 OCT 69 JA 69-70 APR 70 Highhay:

6,220 5o519 4,985 49,885

357007 30,828


3,248 2,269 1920 10

q.u ter. There was a slight decrease In tonnage from the last qcarterifs level*
The deease is not signifiant and the genral movemnt effort still favors highway "s the primary node of transportation. Tonnage noted below represents

The major highways in II CTZ remained open throughout this

port and beach


local hau, line haul.



15 May 19'7o AVFA-GC-HIST SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Iearned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, acs CSFOR-65 (R2) HIWWA! TONNAGE KOVZD




MAR (c) Water:


Total tonnage dischazrgd through II CTZ ports of Qui Nhon,

Vung Ho Bay, Nha Trang, Cam Ranh Bay , Phan Rang and Phan Thiet has decreased slightly as a result of reduced requirements in RVN. WL!?U TONNAGE MOVED Ko= Jm FEB Short Tons Dischared 2099660 2079257



(d) Rail: Rail movement of passengers remained at a relatively constant level. Rail movement of freight increased in this quarter with a low in February due to a short month and coincidence with the National Holiday of TeT.




FEB MAR (3) Maintenance: (a)

599200 649000

30,1.8 45,576

During the reporting period 23 1 FORCK units received their an-

1 CM11. Seven units wre rated unsatisfactory (30 percent failure rate). The overall average soores attained wre as followes



Ieapons Tactioa A Support Vehicles onications Rlectro.ics and Coci Special Purpose ,pment N "CombatVehicles Overall Materiel

84 78 80 81 91 82

percent percent percent percent perent percent


Four of the seven


units rated unsatisfactory failed Kaintenwc.. 36 AL

15 May 1970 AVFA-C4IST SUBJECT: Operational Report Ioenons learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Fnding 30 April 1970,, ROS CSYOR-65 (R2)
Management and Operations. The remainder failed due to unsatisfactory scores in both Materiel and Maintenance Management and Operations. (a) TAIRS and FLIJ continue to be the weakest areas in the Maintenance Management and Operations portion of the inspectiot.


Civil Overations and -Rual P2 veoment


(1) Agriculture. (a) Provincial reports for the quarter show TV-8/5 plantingoof approximately 279000 hectares toward the 1970-71 goal of 54,000 hectares, TN-8/5 partial harvest this quarter of' the 3rd lamar Month crop was 9,000 hectares with an average yield of 4.5 ton per hectare. The nev IR-20 seed multiplication plots were harvested in Binh Dinhi. The yield was figured to be in the 5 ton range of the f1~rat plots harvested. Plots harvested later averaged 7.3 metriec ton per hectare, Reports indicated the IR-20 equal to and better than IR-8. Seed has been distributed to all provinces for further seed multipli.,ation. The Minister of 3conomy established that fertilizer prices will remain the sae as 1969 in Region I & II. Additional1ry,72% of the fertilizer Importation increase or 86.,250 tons to scheduled for Regions I & IL~ (b) The 1970O Irrigation Construction program consists of 19 projects valued at 11590009000 YN to benefit l6rO00 hectares. One irrigation system uas completed and construction started on 3 projects. Investigations, surveys94 designing and bidding prooedures continue on 15 other projects.

(,) imported purebred *wine delivered last quarter ane growing and The progressing exrtemely well. Death loss has decreased the total meber by five. These louses were from Foot and Mouth Diseasee secondary infections and natural causes. bas breeder purchased an additional 26 Durocs making him the largest Duzr.c breeder in Vietuam. The females have became of age and are being bred, Farrowing should start in July. Mobile GVV vaccination and training teams have been in 4 Cf the provinces vaccinating livsstoc~k for Rinderpest and Hog Onolera this quarter. These toes worked with the province animal Imsbandry tadre.
(d) Foedmill establishments, in 2 locations of II CTZ are beconmaig a real~ity. Meetings were held In Kha Trang and Qui Nhon with the CIT farmers labor uni-.n, concerning foedmhiJ I establishment. Site location and selection for the foedmi1Is and wsha.iueea have been completed. Each ill is rated at 10 ton production capability per day. This will help provide a dependable soura of feed for II CTZ. The provincial Agriculture Service Chiefs have *omitted themselves to plant 500 hsctare$ of sorghum. The sorghum produ^otion and feedmil~l operation vAll promote growth and future livestock enterprises.

(*) Applications for land titles have been received and survey of land has already been initiated in the pr.-vincoe as outlined in the 'Land-to.. the.-Tiller" Lend Reform BIll signed during Marz.- 1970. The Directorate of



15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-HIST Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field SUBJECT, Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFCR-65 (R2) Land Reform has set a tentative goal to distribute 54,760 hectares. Montagnard hamlets will receive titles shortly. Three

"(2) Village Self-Development.

The first quarter of 1970 was devoted t., ree.onr:iing of accounts (a) for the 1969 appropriatione, rprogramning of project proposalo9 inspection of 1969 comjleted proje'to and a publi'ty campaip for 1970 program. (b) A massive information :ampaign has been undertaken in the provinces. Posters in Vietnamese were distributed thru JUSPAO and project generation charts in Vietnamese and the major Montagnard dialects are being mass re"produced for distribution. In addition" training materials designed for village/hamlet officials seminars c'n VSD and project generation guidelines were distributed to the provinces, and local radio jingles are featuring the VSD program. Public meetings were conducted by village officials and RDC In Binh Dinh etudentsa goverment officiale, leaders to explain the program. private citizens and PSDF members took part in a big kick-off rally on VSD, which spread to the villages. Darlac organized fmAr mobile training teams for program dissemination and training of village officials. Phu Yen is continuing to conduct seminars at the dJ strict level for village/hamlet officials, Initial imprest funds have been established in the villages. The vil(c) lages with accountable managers have increased from 75% in 1969 to 95% this year. Those villages whose funds are handled by the district are all Montagnard villages. The coverage has also been expanded to include all existing villages. (d) A majority of the provinces are now in Fhase IV village assembly, meeting approval of projects. Tb!.e process. has been slowed down due to the elections of village officiale itich staited in month of Marth. (3) Education.

(a) At the elementary level there wre 463 classrooms programmed and 232 completed this quarter. At the secondary level. 141 are programed

and 55 w6e


The first qtarter. however, is usually not

indicative of progess to be expected throughout the year due to tardinest. prograinag the availability of funds and the letting of contracts for oonstruotion. (b) During the quarter there were 588 now teachers reeftted for hamlet schools. They hae been enrolled In the speetal teacher s tidning progRecriting this quarter shows a 41% Increase over "rams of the btovinese, the fourth quarter of 1969. In-serrice teacher training, carried out through seminsar# institutes, workshops and monferences during the first quarter and considered in terms of man hours of participation shows the following totals: Klemntary teachers, 43,004 hour% and secondary teachers, 16,055 hours.



AVFA-WC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Fofte Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) (a) The Ministry of Education (MOE) goal is to have 85% of all elementary school age children in school by 1970. The most recent tabulation indicates that there are 603,221 elementary school age children in thirteen provinces of II Corps. Province reports indicate that there were, as of 31 Mar 1970, 378,301 pupils in the elementary schools. This count includes both public and private elementary institutions. This figure represents 62.7%. of the total number of elementary school age children in thirteen provinces, which is an increase in enrollment of 7.8% during the proceeding six month period. (d) The MOE goal in the area of secondary education is to have 24% of all secondary school age pupils in school by 1970* An accurate survey made by personal visits to every secondary school principal in the 13 provinces of II Corps reveals the following growth in educational services in this area& Growth in Secondary EFbcation in II Qgrpa No. of GlassroCmsof May, 1969 April, 1970 Increase 1,093 1,263 170 2,339 29502 163 Studn 79o931 93t353 13, 422

Records indicate that there are 444,061 youth of secondary school age in the 13 provinces of II Corps. As of 31 Mar 1970p the student population of all secondary schools, both public and private stood at 93,353. This figure represents 21.06% of the secondary school age youth population of II Corps. (4) Phoenix/Pbung Hoang. There were a total of 488 VI neutralizations during the first quarter of CY 70. This is wall below the established goal because of the new criteria where by captured VCI must be sentenced for a realistic period of time before being considered neutralized. With the passing cf TErT the neutralizations are expected to increase, a" s the II CTZ ti nd in 1969. The provinces are expected to become more legally oriented and the backlogged detainees are expected to be processed, thus adding to the neutraliution total. The construction of the II CTZ PHUNG HOANG Permanent Center is nov complete. The Permanent Center is located in the Regional National Police orapound. This facility will provide the Regional PHUNG HOANG personnel an excellent. base for operation with both the CORDS PHOEIX staff and the National Ftlioe. The new PHUNG HOAJO SOP No. 3 has been received in English and Vietnamese versioAs. This publioation is expected to increase the overall effectiveness of the PHUOG HOANG Program and help to upgrade intelligopce techniques. The Regional PHONO ROANG School au completed 8 courses of instruction, and graduated 288 P/DIOCO personnal. A II CTZ Staff Support Team has been initiated. The team, which Is composed of US and GIN Regional PHOENIX/PMNG OANG personnel, has the mis. sion of upgrading the data bases in DIOCCs throughout II CTZ by identifying

operational deficiencles, and initiating on-the-spot corrections.

In an

effort to Improve the overall understanding and effectiveness of the DINODIX/



15 may 1970

Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Eding 30 April 19709 ROS CIOR-65 (R2)

PHUIG HOANG Program, 9 lSAs and 6 ROZA officers have attended the PHOEIX Orientation Course at Vung Tau, in addition to 2W PHOENIX advisors during

the quarter.

As of 5 April 1970, 52 DIOCCs and 13 PI0Cme within II CTZ

DIOCCe 0 % of Effeotivenes, 76 - 100%

were rated as follows:



5126 -




(5) AWriLl Development Cadre.

(a) As of 31 March 1970, there are 361 RD Cadre Groups operation in 848 hamlets in the II Corps Tactical Zone. There is a total strength of 9,878

cadre on board; an average of 25 cadre per authorized 30 man group.

(b) On 6 January 1970, a Postal Message published by 14DEK called for the reorganization of STRD Cadre 70 man groups to 30 man groups. This has "not been completed to date. The II Corps Tactical Zono is authorized 200 groups. There are 166 groups operatipg in 200 hamlets with a total st:rength of 4,940 cadre; and average of 29 cadre per authorized 30 man group. The following provinces are in the process of recruiting additional eroups; Cam

Ranh (2), Kontum (22), Ninh Thuan (1), Phu Bon (i0) and Pleiku (5),
following provinces must reduce groups as indicated:


Binh Thuan (1) and1 Phu

"Yen (4).
(6) Psychological Operations (Civilian).

(a) Support of pacification and development objectives was accomplished by all province VIS during the period 1 January through 30 March 1970. Primary emphasis covering the objectives of the 1970 Pacification and Do.. velopment Plan was concentrated in most provinces in support of the objectives of pro.iding jecurity for the populationp neutralization of the VC infrastructure and inducement of the enemy to rally. During the month of January a large part of the VIS and the U.S. Advisory effort was directed around preparations for the Tot Spring Campaign. Shipment and distribution of materials provided by MOI and JUSPAO was initiated in December and was completed by the ond of January. An innovation developed by JUSPAO of packaging materials into village packets proved very successful and greatly facilitated distribution of materials from province aowm to vWe villages. As a result of the sucems of this type packaging in distributing the great quantities of Tot materials, the procedure has been adopted in the distribution of all publications prepared by JUSPAO. An overall consensus indicates that the Tot campaign was carried out successfully even by the VIS offices if II CTZ that are normally dormant. In Darlac, Lam Dong2 rieiku, Quang ..". and Tuyen Duo Provinces considerable effort wa devoted to the mapport of village and hamlet eleotions during the months of February and Maroh. All VIS were active in province ceremonies and agtivities in oamemoration dr *Land to the Tiller Day" on 26 March in support of President Thieu e pronW.-


AVFA-GC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFVR-65 (R2) gation of the Land Reform Law. The activities for this occasion were vigorously mupported by Province Chiefs and the VIS. It is considered that they v-re effective 4nd welI executed. It might be added the MOI provided very little support in the form of materials for this occasion. Notwithstanding this, the VIS Chiefs displayed initiative and resourcefulness in preparing locally, banners, handouts, and posters for this event. (b) During the month of February all Province VIS Chiefs attended a two week ref.esher course conducted by the MOI in Saigon. Primary emphasis of the two week session was the reorientation of the VIS toward political mobilization in information and education activities of the VIS and to support the 1970 Pacification and Developnent Plan. Other significant events pertinent to VIS programs were the assignment of new VIS Chiefs to Binh Dinh, Binh Thuan, and ?leiku Provinces. (c) The Australian Ambassador, Mr. R. L. Harry, visited the radio station in Ban Me Thuot in January and indicated that the produrement of the repair parts for the 55 KW transmitter was underway and being handled as expeditiously as possible. During the month of March a new generator and approximately three hundred pounds of repair parts were shipped to Ban Me Thiot for the repair project. Repair of the damaged induction transformer was also accomplished during the month of March. Five technicians from Australia are to arrive in Ban Me Thuot in April to install the new eonerator and to assist with the repairs on the transmitter. Additionally, in the area of radio, construction was started during the month of March on the new radio transmitter site for the 50 KW radio station in Nha Trang and surveys were conducted in Qui Nhon to begyin construction of the 50 KW transmitter capability in that city. Estimated completion dates remain 30 June 70 for Radio Ban Me Thuot and February 71 for the 50 KW stations in Nha Trang and Qui Nhon. (7) Military PSYOP.


(a) PSYOP activities during the first quarter included aerial dissemination of over 392,029,500 leaflets and over 573 hours of aerial loudspeaker time. The 8th PSYOP Battalion produced over 38,895,800 leaflets with organic printing facilities. During this quarter leaflets disseminated by air assets and aerial loudspeaker time showed a marked improvement over the previous reporting period. The improvement in aerial activity was due to the vast improvement in weather conditions in the Corps Zone during the first quarter 1970 compLred to the fourth quarter of 1969. (b) Radio Pleiku wa reported in the last quarterly report, to have lost it's main antenna as a result of a construction vehicle running into it and causing total destruction of the antenna. The station was operating at lose than full powez on a makeshift antenna until the end of February ien the newly constructed antenna enabled the Pleiku station to resume regular programing under full power. During this quarter, work was completed for the installation of protective deck covering the bunker housing the radio tranmitter. This covering is designed to protect the bunker from water during heavy rains.


15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-HIST SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Eading 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) (o) The 1970 TET Campaign was completed during this Vaurter and from all indications was one of the most successful TET Campaips ever conducted

in the II CTZ. The TET Campaign had been planned and programmed well ahead of TET, and the production of FSY0P materials using resources within our
own Corps Zone, prevented the last minute shuffling that has in the past been associated with the TET Campaign. As predicted in the last quarterly report the bulk of the nationally produced TET materials did not arrive well enough in advance to permit distribution to the provinces within the Local production by the 8th FSYOP Battalion frame of original planning. made it possible to get the Province Chiefs messages for TET in the hands Immediately prior of the most populated provinces well in advance of TET. to TET the 8th PSYOP Battalion received fifty five requests for media production to support the gorps TET program, and C Flight, th Special Operations Squadron (SOS) dilseminated an average of 7,325,000 leaflets per day All TET materials were widely for the six day period just prior to TET. disseminated throughout the Corps Zone and permitted outstanding PSYOPS messages, in the form of Holiday Greetings from the local Vietnamese Officials to aid in the appeal for family solidarity and assist in building up the GVN image. (d) During the first quarter of 1970 Operating Manuals for the model 1250W Addressograph-Multigraph offset press we-e produced in Vietnamese and disseminated to all Vietnamese EOLWAR Unite for future use. This uress is widely used in PSYOP printing and therefore, Vietnamese POLWAR Units will make good use of the operating manual now published in their own language. (e) This quarter started the beginning of local elections in the II CTZ and PSYOP emphasis was directed toward supporting local elections throughout Im Dong, Binh Dinh, Binh Thuan, and Khanh Hoa Provinces. The material being produced by the 8th PSYOP Battalion is restricted to impartial publicity of the elections to include election dates, offices to be filled, procedures for voting, and location of polling places. (8) Civic Action.

(a) The ARVN Civic Action School in II CTZ graduated 125 students during the reparting period, 121 of thes being RF/PF troops. The first RF/FF students graduated 14 March 1970. This training will enable RF/PF forces to aamme the civic action role as they take over from the ARVN in populated areas. Another class of 134 NOO's began training 13 April. (b) The loss of CA assets within II CTZ has caused a slow down of the Pacification effort in the field. However, this has had soam beneficial effects in that the U.S. advisor is encouraging and pressing the ARVY to wrk through their own channels and use their initiative in the conduct of civic action. Many provinces report increased activity in VSD projects and participation by ARVN forces. (a) R?/PF Dependent Housing Program began to move during this period. All FY 69 materials are in the process of being delivered. Provinces have



AVFA..OC-.8I6T 15 May 1970 SUBJECT: Operationa~l loport-lassons lea~rned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, AC, CSKR-65 (R2)

started requesting co=mnodity units for construction. Delivery of lot Quarter FY 70 will start as soon as materials arrive and comsodity units are
assembled. (d) A fund citation from C0rD' Contingency Fundinj in the amount of

3,000,000 VN$, for construction. of a clinic in the I~an Me Thuot leprosarium,

Darlac Province, was granted in Februa~ry 70, and work has begun on the Froject. Approval was also given for construction of a building for t.',e Fleiku Labor Service to be used as a sewing center for training prospective tailors. Contingency funding was not approved, but authority was given to use incremental funding from the PSA's Advisory lacification Fund account.

(s) kdvisory Pacification Fund expenditures during the first quarter of C! 70 ws~s approximately 7,778,193 VN$, 'or 16.3% of the cumulative available for this year. However, the rate of expenditure for the comparable period in 1969 me* almost twice the rate (30.2%). One reason for the reduced oxpendittuses was the austerity caused by the sharp reduction in the Pacification Fand (approximately 50%). Expenditures started very slowly in Januiary with~ only 1,713, 794Ior 43.3% of the fund being utilized. February evidenced a great increase in expenditures with 3,386,,518 VN$ or 85.5% of the ftnd utilized. In March there was a considerable reduction again Idth 65.3$ of the fund utilized. The greatest expenditures during the first quarter of C! 70 were for Political/Psychological programs (Village/Hamlet Administration, Peyops, Chleu Hoi and Refugee). In January 49.8% of the ezpsndituree was related to these classes. The second largest expenditures wort for the security programs of Phoenix$ Anti-VCI# Detainee, end Public Works (construction of roads and bridges). In January 1970 expenditures in these progrms were 32.1%p increasing to 35.1% in Februa~ry. The snuallest expenditures wire for National Development Trogrsm of Health# 3ducation, 4grictalturep and Youth (1.3.9% in Jainuary 70 ana ]5.1%in February). The US/Free World Military Assistance Fund (uS/T&~AF) was decreased from 90, 000 VNI monthly to 60','000 VN6 ouid will be ftrther reduced to 30,000 V)N, for the last six months of CY 70. The reduction of'funds parallels the aims of the 1970 Pacification Plan in that it is programued to disengage US Forces from active civic action and place responsibilities for these actions back Into RYN channols. *(9) Regional and Popullar Forces.

(a) During February, final apFroval was given by CW*JS)4ACV for the addition of 20 Mobile Advisory Teams for 13 CTZ. Distribution of these MATs will be saccmplished early In FY 171. The addition of these 20 XAT@ will raise the total in 1; CTZ to 116. Wb Three C1)DO amnps have completed the 12C dayv conversion process Wo RI' status since 1 February. The camps were Yang SB.k (Kont~uz) and Trung DWn (Khanh Has) which converted on 1 Feb, and An 14) (Darlac) which eon weted on 31 Marche As it result of these conversions, 18 VF companies and 4 AT Oroup Headquarters were added to the R? forcs structure. Two MIOO smaps Plateau 01. (Kontum) and Khoo Ce (Quang Duo) are scheduled to convert at 31 May. In addition, se"a Mobile Strike Force Companies in flsi)tu will ocoveirt to RI status on 30 June.


AVFA-GC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFUR-65 (R2) (c) II CTZ was authorized four new companies and 107 new platoons for 1970. Since lJ~b, three companies and 90 platoons have been recruited and two companies and 88 piatoons have entered training. Of the two companies and 25 platoons authorized Binh Dinh P~ovince in November 1969, 17 platoons have recently become operational with the remaining units scheduled to complete training by the end of April. The II CTZ force structure as of 31 March is shown below. In From A a I c CIDGO Conversion RF Gp Hq 59 0 0 5 RF Co 398 377 4 2 15 Mech Plt 13 13 0 0 0 Wpns Plt 12 12 0 0 0 Intel P~t 59 59 0 0 0







(d) A significant ceremony was hald in Binh Dinh Province during March when PF Platoon 33 was awarded the US Army Valorous Unit Award. PF 33 received the award for successfully repd.Lling an enemy ground attack and inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. (e) in an effort to alleviate problems encountered by Mobile Advisory Teams as wel as and improving RF/PF performance, each province in II CTZ conducted a MAT Seminar during March, These seminars were culminated with a corps-wide MAT Seminar/Conference held in Nha Trang. Representatives from each province discussed items developed in the prcvinci seminars with common problems and/or solutions offered. Areas covered ranged from lcgistics to leadership. Numerous ideas, accomplishments, and failures of various provinces were also discussed. Emphasis was placed on the increasing importance of MAT Personnel in the training and motivation of RF and ?F units. (f) Implementation or TElb LI is s:heduled for the April reporting period. TFES , which is the maiin instrument used to measure RF/PF readiness and effectiveness, was first implemented in January 1968 and it has previously been the responsibility of advisorp to collect the necessary information in order to complete the TFES report. TFES III shifts 75% of the reporting requirements to the \ietnamese side. TFES III also gives a more thorough evaluation of RF/PF units. Instructions in Vietnamese and English were distributed early to help both Vietnamese and advisors better understand TPES Ill. (g) Areas of emphasis by Vietnamese and advisory personnel during the quarter were: I Elimination of static outposts and utilization of the concept of mobile defense of hamlets. jElimination cf "rathole" bunkers to be replaced by large fighting bunkers

SImproving the Vietnamese logistics system.

A Importance of leadership in the RF/PF units.

SRevitalization of district fire support plans.

(10) National Police. 44




May 1970


Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, ROS (SFOR-65 (R2)

(a) A total of 2,296 National Poilce Independent and combined operations were conducted this quarter, which resulted in 304 VC KIA, 421 VC captured, 1,707 VC suspects detained, 812 deserters apprehended and 5, 852 other arrests. Except for the number of VC KIA and VCS detained, statistics are lower than the previous quarter. (b) National Police Manpower. A total of 13,224 National Police are assigned to the II CTZ geographical area. This number reflects a shortage of 488 of the total authorized strength. A total of 2,823 personnel have been transferred from RF/PF and ARVN military units to the National Police. These personnel are in the process of' receiving their basic police training. Although this figure exceeds the projected goal, it does not indicate that an.provinces have received their quota. Seven of the provinces have exceeded their goal. None of the 687 military personnel scheduled to be transferred from military units stationed outside of the II Corps have been received. Throughout II Corps, 497 VPS have been (c) Village Police Stations (VPS). established. Thirty-two more remain to beestablished, by 30 June, to attain the VPS goal of 529. Nine provinces have reached 100% of their goal. There were (d) National Police Identification Registration Program (NIRP). 114,937 Vietnamese registered during this quarter which represents less then 50% of the quota for the quarter. The observance of the TET Holidays and the alert/ security condition which existed throughout the II CTZ account for the substantial decrease im..the number of personnel programmed nnd registered. The NYFF within the II CTZ has (e) National Police Field Force (NFFF). been reorganized. This change raduced the number of company headquarters by three and subsequently allowed f6r the assignment of one NPFF platoon to each district within the II CTZ. As a result of this change, designated units of the NFF recieved movement orders to facilitate clearing of overstrength provinces and reinforcement .of those that are understrength. Of the 158 men scheduled for movement, only 56 haws completed the move. Based on the past NPFF performance, it is doubtful that these moves will be completed in the near future. During the quarter, the NPFF conducted 516 operations, of which 221 were independent and 285 combined. Results of these operations were 142 VC killed, 91 VC captured, and 337 VC suspects apprehended. (11) Peoples Self Defense Forces. The PSDF program continued to gain stature in the overall national defense and pacification pffort. During the quarter 26,857 members were organized making the II CTZ total 529,439 which is 83% of the Phase I goal for organized PSDF. All other provinces are progressing well and should attain 100% of Phase I goal before 30 June 1970. During the quarter 31,109 additional members were traincdbrrgngthe total trained up to 384,608, which is 125% of the Phase I goal of 307,592. All provinces except Darlac, Ninh Thuan, Pleiku and Quang Duc have exceeded their phAse I goal. The newly formed FSDF Key Inter-team training is progressing satisfactorily. With Class 70-1 completing trainirg on 30 March 1970, Class 7-11 began on 6 April 1970. The arming phase of the program has progressed on schedule and there are now 71,757 weapons in the hands of the FSDF members which is 74% of

the Phase I goal of 96,644. 100% of their Phase I goal.

Cam Ranh and Ninh Thuan P-ovinces have attained


15 M&y 1970 AVFA-GC-HIST SUBJET: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headouarters First FieSil Force Vietnam, Period E'nding 30 April 1970, RCS CSYOR.65 (R2) (12) CHaI& HOI.

(a) A total of 665 Rbi Chanb rallied during the ouarter under review, with 250 rallying in February, 282 in March, and 133 in April. This
represents a new increase of 96 Hoi Chanh from the 569 Hoi Chanh of the previous period. April was the lowest figure reported since January i1O when 160 returnees rallied. (b) Two of the remaining five Chieu Hoi hamlets were turned over by the Minister of Chieu Hoi to the Darlac Provincial Administration on 28 March. Two more hamlets are in process of occupation in Binh Thuan and will be the last initiated urder the program. (c) 77 former POW's were accepted into the Chieu Hoi Program by -cAting CG, 1 Corps, MG Quang in Nha Trang on 31 March. These new Hoi .Canh are currently undergoing political and vocational training at the Regional Center neAr Tuy Hoa. (d) As a result of successful intensified inducement campaigns Kontum with 65 HC in March, achieved its highest monthly rallier rate since the inception of the program and Pleiku, with 64 Hoi Chanh in March, its highest rate since October 1969, which was a hie. month for the entire region. (e) 250 members of the Armed Propaganda Teams received training at VunAg Tau this quarter and another 200 are due to proceed there in early May. Recruiting towards the nem authorized strength of 1234 is proceeding, and an additional 45 APT members were recruited this quarter. (f) There were 3 NVA ralliers during this reporting period as against 19 for the previous period. Because of the shortage of Chieu Hoi Advisors it has become necessary to combine provinces for advisory purposes. Pleiku/Phu Bon, Khanh Hoa/Cam RanhMinh Thuan and Tuyen Duc/Quang Duc are such combinations, while Binh Dinh, because of its inability to find a suitable APT advisor from organic militarv sources, is taking up two advisors. (13) Public Health.

(a) Nursing Branch. Within tlids ronth* the Regional Nursing Advisor will be terminated and a request has been made that her slat not be filled. If the 1OH elects to hire a counterpart at Regional level, a rtquest will be made for another Regional Nursing Advisor. There will be only four (4) nurses in Region 11 after 1 July. These four (4) people can be supported by the existing staff. Thirty-seven (37) nurse trainees started their Assistant Nurse Course at Khanh Hoa Hospital on 14 April. Thirty-five (35) students graduated from this Nursing School on 28 March. The Ian Me Thuot School of Nursing has been training the present class for at least four (4) weeks, 45 students are involved in training at this time. The only Public Nurse in Region II has been working in two (2) provinces, Cam Ranh and Khanh Hae. It it toe soon to evaluate her







Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field

Force Vietnam, Period 1nding 30 April 19'O. RCS CSYOFL65 (R2)

(b) Sanitation Branch. The Sanitation Branch Chief has done a very effective job in the past three (3) months untangling the mess regarding the materials that were so haphazardly distributed to improve the water sit*tion in the districts and hamlets. Nine (9) new Sanitary Hamlets have been estab2ished and are well on their way to bAcoming models of Improved sanitation and environmental health. The KOPFD( Teem has contributed a great deal to this program as well as preventive medicine. (a) Medical Depot. The Medical Logistics Advisors continue to wouk themselves out of a job. With the exception of the Medical uipfent Maintenance Advisor and the Automotive Maintenance this effort could be phased out. We continue to have difficulty obtaining Vietnamese oounterparts for the jobs of equipment maintenance. Until these are provided this effort is weak. Some effort has been made by the Vietnamese to provide transportation for the distribution of maedica3 munpies and equipment, however, the Ministry of Health has not bu:,eted for this effort ard until they do, no great Improvement will be mage. (d) definite Office. whe have Malaria Branch. Nothing has been done in sLlaria control. No plane have been made to further the program from, trie Regional The basic argument throws all of the blame on the Vietnamese not pursued an active program in Malaria control.

(3) Preventive Yedicine. The incidenoe of nlague and cholera during this period has remained at nore or lose the same level as the correspnding period in 1969. A total of 814 cases of suopeeted plague and 107 oases of suspected cholera were recorded this period, whereas our etatisties for 1969 show 842 for the former &W iQ3 for the latter. More etreneous and concentrated efforts are required at local public health services if a satisfactory reduction of plague an" cholera is to be achieved. One of the main difficulties is the poor pay received by the sanitation workers. The other is the apparent apathy of local public hemilth services leading to inadequate control measures and belated arrival of insecticides and vac cine. (14) Refugee Program.

(a) The total refugee population has increased significantly during the let Qtr 1970. This Is due to more reliable data because of the conversien to the Vietnamese Automatic Reporting System. Of the 5,342 increase in temporary refugees, 549 and 1,934 new temporary refugees were reported by Binh Dinh and Pleiku, respectively. In 1969, the outof-camp refugees who returned to their original hamlet under the Returnto-Village Program worn entitled only to RTV bensfite, Lut the Ministry of Social Welfare later direct,4 that these refugees were also entitled to out-of-camp benefits which consist of one month rice allowances. As a result of this policy change, the nuffber of out-of-camp refgees Incressed by 76,147. All of the 96,682 refugees outoide of refugee centers are located in Binh Dinh (52,882) and Phu Yen (43,8OO) and the completion of payments to these refugees is scheduled during the firet ohaee.





15 May 1970

Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field

Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) End of

End of
March Choe

Temporary Refugees In Resettlement Process Outside Refugee Centers18.265 Total Refugees

35,276 55,021

6,822 24,935

+ 5,342 - 10,341


+ 73,418

(b) Refugee Resettlement and Return to Village Programs centinue to progress but at a slower pace than that experienced during the 4th Qtr 1969. This decreased rate of progress is primarily the result of the delay of the Ministry of Social Welfare to release funds for the 1970 budgets and delayed approval of provincial plan for the "Brighter Life for War Victims" (Annex VI to the Pacification and Development Plan,


jh_ Qtr_ 69igt

Total Resettled in Place
Total Returned to Village

r 70

143,099 _ U.



Management Support.

During the period, two (2) week formal courses (a) Colmmnications. iwere conducted for some 30 Vietnamese radio operator trainees. The operators were assigned to provinces throughout I1 Corps to operate the CORDS Single Side Band Radio net. Recruitmer.t for radio operators and OJT continued. Production and distribution of Signal Operating Instruc-

tions (SO1)

and Standing Signal Irstructions ($31) continued.

KAC Codes

and Authentication Tables continued to be distributed by this office. These items are prepared by this of fice for a' 1 provinces and districts and thirteen other units in II Ccrnss. Coordinstior, was effected with the I FFOCEV Signal Section, the 21st Signal Group and PSAs to assure that NkTOR equipment, required by the provinces, would be obtained from the appropriate supporting bignal units upon availability. A coordi retin visit with all PSAs was completed by the Signal Officer, I FiDRCEY, , Cornanding Officer, 21st Signal Group and tbAe Uhief of Comuenications, CUi1 i C`TZ HQ. The purpose of the vitoti w-ro to apprise PSAS of communications probleme peculiar to their areas (b) Personnel. Two major JTD changes hove been effected by CORDS/ Personnel during the quarter. (1) The new change to the Military rTD, effective 25 March 1970, increases the CORD Military personnel spaces by 143. The* a aces include provisions for five more Districts and 20 additional MAT units. (2) The JTD for Civilian Local National Euplayees has been increased by 12 spaces, for a Regional total of 1500, has been revised and forarded to Saijpn for printout on 25 March 1970.


15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-HliT SUBJCT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters Yirst Fiel Force Vietnam, Period knding 30 April 1970, RCS CSYOR-65 (R2)

Number of Actiona
Officer Efficiency Report Processed Officer and Enlisted Prootions Miscellaneous Personnel Actions Awards and Decorations MAR Requests 680 445 2195 625 957

Performance Dvaluation Reports Processed Premotione Awards and Decorations %R Requests -I and TCI Actions Processed Miscellaneous Personnel Actions

120 40 15 130 240 1700

(c) Material Support Branch. During this reporting period, a general refinement of the repartirg, accounting, and requesting procedures was accoumplishment by dissemination of wore detailed guidance to the field advisory units. Property records showed through courtesy and command inspections a marked improvement. A large num)ber of reoueste for material, even under the above conditions, still recuired expediting by this branch as shipments of mrn classes of supplies had been curtailed in the face of the withdrawal of U.S. co*at units from Vietnam. fhe reporting period also marked an increase in the emphasis placed on operator maintenanct of U.S. equipment. This was accomplished by increasing the number of couuand and spot inspections conducted in the field. Results of these inspectione were also given wider dissemination to include the Senior Adviser of the inspected team as well as the operator of the equipsent. The assignment of a Food Service Advisor during this period provided the branch with the needed expertise to assist in the operation of the Mes facilities throughout OORIS 11 CTZ. In addition, greater emphasis was placed on obtaining and expediting needed mess hall equipmnt to ieve the performance of the messing facilities. e, (1) Ppraauwmel and Reoter of Headquarters I FFORCU key personnel (incl 5). Personnel strengths of assigned, attached and SPOON units Personnel Nknagement.

(Inci 6).


(a) In February, a strength projection system was initiated which enables this headca rtere to compare subordinate unit strerqths with a projected strength as calculated by utililing the M UOS report and the assignents made by this headquarters. Through this comparison strength accounting errors are easily Identified and corrective action

: :

taken. ~CONF



15 May 1970 AVFA-G0CHLST SUBJECTz Operational Report-Lessoens Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS C(PR)-65 (2) As a result of Phase lil reduction, this headquarters under(b) went a period of accelerated DEMOS curtailments and strength reductions which culminated with the redeployment of the 3d Bn, 6th Artillery on 10 April 1970, and strength drawdowne involving 297th Transportation (CAR)

Company, HHB I FFORCVE Artillery, and HHC I FFOCRCE

on 15 April 1970.

(c) On 13 April 1970, this headquarters assumed the responsibility for billeting all I FFORCEV replacements. This includes all personnel reassigned or further assigned to this headcuarters for permanent change of station, and excludes intransient personnel for medical, military Personnel falling within Justice, liaison, and other similar purposes. these categories, with the exception of I FFORCEV Artil lery personnel. centinue to be handled by the Nha Trang Logistical Support Activity. The transient facility occupies buildings 328 and 329 on the Grand Hotel Coepeund with a billeting capacity for 104 EM4. (4) Awards and Decorations.

(a) USARV Regulations governing awards were dramatically changed, resulting in a mere streamlined operation. At the present time, the I FFOMEV Regulation (672-1) is being revised to reflect the changes, and field and support units are being informed of all charges as they occur. (See inclosure 7 for Awards Report ending 30 Apr). (b) A lack of understanding concerning submission of recommendations for the Air Medal and for achievement awards necessitated the compiling and distribution of a comand letter which clarified exosting criteria for those awards. In addition, two new I FFORCE Forms (31R and 32R) were deuigned to eliminate much of the paperwork involved in returning Air Medals to originating authorities for correction. (c) In April, a change inivling the monthly awards report submitted to USARV was implemented. USARV announced that the report would ne longer be forwarded on USARV Form 345-R, that the report would be submitted in letter format listing the number of each award processed by the awards section, an! that totals for each enlisted and officer rank would rat be reported. Effective with the April report, a simplified and loes time-consuming report wee initiated by the awards section to meet USARV requirements.


Best and Recuperation.

(a) Two enlisted men, both from the 54th Signal Battalion (Corps) participated in the MACV Group Naturalization Proeram schedu3ed for 26 April in Hawaii. Arrangements were made throult Hf, USARV to aecommndate those individuals on flite depa rting from Tan Son Nhut since R&R aircraft was not available out of Cam Ranh Bay for that date. (b) An average of 792 allocations were used per mnth during the quarter. (See Inclesure 8).



AVFA-GC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headqctrters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-.65 (JR) (c)


During the quarter, a total of 88 in-country allocations were

However, the Vung Tau center was closed on 10 April.

Career Counseling.

(a) I FFORC.V experienced a severe drop in first term and AUS personnel during the third Quarter FY 70. This is prinarily attributed to cancellation of the reenlistment special leave authorization effective 21 Jan 70. Early drops to comply with personnel drawdewn requirements alse influenced reenlistments. During this period there were 19 first term RA and AUS reenlistments. (b) The January monthly reenlistment award was presented to I FFORCEV Artillery, and the February award was made to HHC, let HHB, Battalion, 50th Infantry. In March, the honors went to Service Battery, 6th Battalion, 32d Artillery. (c) The quarterly award was presented to 6th Battalion, 32d Artillery

for achievenents during third Quartei FMO.

(7) Administrative Services.

(a) ikring this quarter, a NUltigraph 671 Rotary Copy Sorter received and installed. The sorter is used in tandem with one of was the

uiltilith 1250 Offset Presses. This automatic, 100 pocket sorter eliminates costly, time-consuming marl sorting for up to 100 copies of a 100 page decument.

(b) A Nha Trang bpecial Services Club was established in building 6114 at Camp John F. YxDerrott. Furniture, game equipment, reading material, musical instruments, and atate-slde telephone service were obtained for the club. It was open on a limited basis during the extensive self-help remodeling, with the formal opening scheduled for 17 Yhy


oeerdlnater, plai were developed for the establishment of a Nha Trang Athletic and Recreation GeoAeil. The council will be composed of designated representatives of units' lucated in Nha Trana. and the primary task of the council id1l be to review current and pla~ed preogram and make recomendatiens to the Installation Coeerdiator on how to modify +he program to insure maxium benofit- Pro realized by the personnel in the area. The first meeting of the council will be on 2 May 1970.


In coordination with the Nha Trang Itota]lation

(d) uring the period, the recordos fer the 41st Civil Affairs Co.pany retired by this headquarters as the unit was deactivated. Alo,, administrative assistance wes provided to the 3d Battalion, 6th Artillery in transferring the battalion's records in preparation for its return to (=NUS for deactiation.




15 Kay 1970 AVFA-W-Ji.",T SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lesans Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RGS CSFOR-65 (32) (8) Civilian Persoemel.


Direct Hire Pregra

was sati-factery,. aloee coordination was maintained with Area Civilian Persorel Officers (ACPOs) at Nha Trang, Qui Khon, Pleiku and Cam Ranh Bay. During the quarter USARV directed a reduction of six (6) direct hire spaces from 254 to 248. The Table of Distribution and Allowance (TDA) that wsa forwarded to USARV on 30 December 1969, was returned to this headquarters and was resubmitted to USARV on 21 iarch. Units affected by the reduction were ratified to eliminate the excess Local National Personnel, and to bring their on-hand strength in line with the revised TDA. Breakout authorization for Direct Hire Personnel is as fol~eo.: HQ I FFORWV* "IFFORCEV Arty ** 57 113

Direct Hire Wknaginnt during the quarter

54th Sig Bn "167th Sig Co "297th Trans Co C/?5th Ranger Co

7 2

2/1st Cay Sqdn 24 HQ Task Force South 5 14 Inf (Hoch) 1/50th * Includes HQ I FFVRCLV, HHC, and HQ Comit *0 Total allocation for all battalions (b) Domestic Hire Program: This program was completely implemented in all I FK)RCEV units during the previous quarter. Thcre has been no noticeable impact caused by the reduced pay scales iposed by the Domestic Hire Fund regulations. (c) Daily Him Program. Assistance in Kind (AIK)for the reprting period was reduced to sero balance and an additional allocation was requested. This, however, was received too late in the quarter to be utilized and had to be turned back.. The 2d Quarter allocation ofeV77,000 $VN was a slight increase ever let Quarter allocations. Breakout of lot Quarter funds is as follows: HQ I -ORC"V Arty 1,400,000



54th Sig Bn :67th Sig Go 297th Trans Co

101,000 WN
150,000 P'N 55,000s$11 85,000 SUN



2,000 $VN
21,003 N 44,04"0 N 300,000 $VN 160,000 $VN

272d MP Go Task Force South 2: Sqdn, let Cav 1st Bn, 50th Inm (Mech)

C. C, 75th Rangor

t9,00o $WN

(d) Command aiphosi continues in the three areas of civilian hires and has been directed toward continuing reduction of American


AVFA-OC-HZT 15 kay 1970

SBJBJCT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field

Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) financial influence on the Vietnamese economy. In an over-all attempt to return the Vietnamese economy to normal aitherizations for direct hires will probably be further reduced during tnis calendar year. It can also be anticipated that there will be a reduction in AIK fund allocations.

(9) Chaplain:
(a) The following personnel changes took place durin this quarter. Chaplain (Major) Robert N. Hopkins was tr~rmferred from 2, I FF(KEV to the 24th Medical Hospital in Long Binh, tie programed replacement. Chaplain (Captain) Joseph L. Tumpkin and Chaplain (Captain) John E. McDonald returned to G)NUS on regular DEWS and no programd replacemonts. Chaplain (Captain) Howard Shapiro returned to COMUS on emergency leave in connection with ErS, no programmed replacement until 13 June 1970. (b) Religious services will not be curtailed due to no Citholic replacemnts. The local Ordinary has been approached and will give assistance with an English speaking priest for Sunday services. Local hire clergy will be obtained for coverage of the hospital during the aabsences of the Deputy Staff Chaplain, HQ I FlOtRCV. Counseling services will be provided on these days when there is a priest available. (c) Jewish coverage will be provided by Jewish Lay-Leaders. Chaplain (Captain) Howard Shapiro left on emergency leave on 23 April 1970. He will not return since upon the expiration of his leave, he will have lose than 21 days of service. There is no Jewish Chaplain programmed until 13 June 1970. The present Jewish Chaplain's Assistant will make the nerval visits usually aode by the Jewish Chaplain. (d) In the Nha Trang area the following services are conducted: I Episcopal, I Christian

I Sunday: 13 Protestant, 10 Catholic, Science, 1 Church of Christ and 2 Mormon ,

.3 Weekday, daily: 3 Hasses. and Protestant discussions Mon-Sat., SJewish, Saturday. In addition there are various discussion classas and Bible study groups throughout the Nha Trang area. (10) Provoot Marshal:

(a) Security Iimpectioh of Critical and Key Irntallations: The PM representative on the I MORCV Security Inspection Team during the last three mnthe inspected five (5) irstallations. With'" these installatiors there were a number of separate conpoundt inspectad. national Areas of interest are the Identification and control of lul amployees, protective fencing, protective lighting and clear 2onee key control for sensitive areas, overall security for all AIPa and PKo tank farms and the general physical security posture of the Installation to inlude inmtallation physical tecurity plans.




15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-H-ST SULZECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headuartere First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) (b) A statistical azalysiz of all offenses charged against units in The analysis included a the Nha Tr~ng area was made during the period. for offenses such as off-limits, listing of the top 10 unit offenders for the narcotics, speeding and a composite for the top 10 offender units in order for rates coubinaticn of the three. Unit strengths were obtained "per thousand to be computed. Then a composite of all offenses was rade area were and the top 10 units of the 90 separate units, in the Nha Trang in were sent letters signed by the listed. The top 3 unit com,.snders offense rate of these units. an effort to reduce the excessive Duhring the reporting period this office coordinated the visit of (c) the II Corps Tacthe Provost Marshal General of the United States Army to to visiting the many tical Zone. Two days of his itinerary were devoted different military police units located within the II CTZ. Visits and briefings at this headquarters, 4th Infantry Division, 173d Airborne Brigade, 16th Military Police Group, the 93d and 97th W Battalions and various military police detachments and CID elements provided a general update on military police operations in II Corps. Vehicle Control and Accountability Campaign: A 15 day campaign (d) to improve the accountability and control of vehilces throughout the II GTZ was conducted during the period. All inetallatian coordinators were to have MP roadblocks established in an effort to identify and dispose of "maverick" vehicles und to improve the overall dispatch and control measures being used. Although final reports are not yet in, the interest and support given the campatin is sure to result in improved control of vehicles traveling throughout the II CTZ. Distinguished Visitor Security: The 272d HP Company provided (e) Security security personnel on 25 occasions during the last three mnths. was provided for visiting D'e and flag officers or civilian equivalt of the personnel& in addition to providing a trail vehicle for security worthy of mention are CINCARPAC, General , daily. Some visitors G, I FO Traffic control continued Haines, Amassador Colby, DRWS, and O0)DSMACV. the 2'72 X? Company for conferences, quarterly reviews, to be provided by dine-ins, change of commnd cormonies, classified briefings and other special eveots. (f) Change to I MR0W Regulation 190-5s In order for vehiules to a change to be prepared for an imediate respomse in case of eneW attack was required. The change clearly states that i Y')EMM Rgulation 190-5 that all vehicles when parked will be backed In or parked in such a mawar required prior to being operated again. This raplation no backing is applies to all US forces lmcated within the 11 CTZ.

tinmous coordination and liaison effort was maintained during the period with Aill QC's, BOX We', advisors to AAVN PW Cape, CID d9tachnmts,well advisors to the National Police, public safety advisor for IDRDe as


Lialson a&d Coordination of NP Activities In I1 Corpas

A con-



15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-HIST Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field SUBJWT: Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, C CS10L65 (2)

as US XP commanders of the 4th Inf Div, 17?d Abn Bde, and the 16th MP

Many coordination visits were effected and meetirgE were held. HP support for Tuy Hoa City. M1

Some topics discussed include.

2 Div :

Transfer of National Police Interpreters along with the 4th Inf rovast Marshal's Offi:-e from Camp Enari to Cams RAdcliff.

2 Establishment of combined traffic patrols in the Nha Trang area as well as combined patrols on QL-1 South,

SARVN, ROK and US convoys traveling QL-21 West between Ninh Hoe
and Ban Me Thuot. 5 Adjustment of police resources in the Kontum area.

6 Traffic survey of Phan Rang for a truck by-pass for convoy traffic. In addition to these meetings the Provost Marshal this headquarters attended a Provost Marshal Conference held by the USARV Provost Marshal and received update briefings on all police enforcement, investigative and combat operations.
(h) J, Prisoners of Var: Enm captured during the period: OFF WD I1

4th Inf Div

173d Abn Bde Task Force South

1 0

0 0

21 a

2 To reduce the 1i LIZ PW Camp population to an acceptable level, Eighty (80) were evacuated to a total of 147 PW's were evacuated. Phu Quoc Island and twinty-two (22) were evacuated to Bien Hoe from the Forty-one (41) were evacuated to Phu Quoc Island and four Pleiku C&M. (4) were evacuated to Bien Hoe from the Phu Tal Camp. _ Over the last three months there have been 96 prisoners of war repatriated. forty-slx (46) from Pleiku and fifty (50) from Phu Tal. Two prisoners from the Plelku Camp died of natural causes and I female from the Phu Tai Camp died as a result of a heart attack. nd of the period PW strength of the 2 ARNN Campo are as follows: E . Pleiku Caxp strength decreased from 1,189 on 31 On 3 April 1970. b a'an 70 to 1,032

Phu Tel Camp strength decreaseO from 1,2U4 an 31 Jan 70 to t,199

on 31 April 1970.



15 May 1970 'ldire 30 April 1970, RCS CSFR-.65 (R2)

operational feport-Lesuons Learned Headcuarters First Fie.d

Force Vietnam, Period

(1 1Ylledic al.

(a) During this period the hospital supporting Nha Trang and 1 Corps cuth was reduced to 125 beds and restricted to local support of the Nha Trang area. Hospital support for the reainder of II Corps "South was shifted to the 12th Air Force Hospital at Cam Ranh Bay. Aeromedical evacuation routes and schedules were changed to support this new concept. No problems have been encountered and no degradation in quality of medical care has resulted. Further reduction of the fth Field Hospital is being considered and movement of the 254th Medical Detachment (RA) "fromNha Trang to Cam Ranh Bay is planned. (b) On a 'trial basis, the USARV Medical Ccmnand has established a

provisional Medical Evacuation Battalion in Qui Nhon. This unit controls all Army ground and air evacuation assets in II Corps North and in I Corps. Initial experience indicates that this is an improvement from I FFORCEV's standpoint. This concept provides a single coordination agency for the distribution and regulation of medevac and has proven to be both efficient and rapidly responsive in its first real test in the

battle around Dak Seang. (12) Morale and Services.

(a) Clubs and Messes: The club system in Nha Trang is stabIlised after the relocation program which commenced in Sep 69. There are two officers clubs operational and five NCOflM clubs. All of these facilities are located within the confines of a U.S. military controlled reservation. The Tuy Hoa/EM Club System was closed due to the relocation of the 6th Bn, 32d Artillery. The system was fregmented and various local organisations assumed control of small annexes so as to provide service to the renaining troops. (b) PX Facilities: A now outlet was openeo in the Grand Hotel Compound to service personnel therein. The Roberts Coound Ebhange was closed to coapameate for its closing a now facility will be opened in the COiS 1kilding (Roberts Compound) which will be more resposive to customer demands. Class VI, beer and soda sales were consolidated in Cam McDermtt. This Is the first step in an effort to provide a central Projected copletion date shopping center for the Ma Trang commanit. for this is aid or late May 1970. (13) Safety and Accident Prevention.

(a) The I ftO= Safety Program was reviewed for the third quarter and statistics are included at insleeures 9 and 10. The Army motor vehicle accident rate increased this quarter auu is well over the URV expectancy rate. (See inclosure 9). The mallary disabling Iniury rate decreased to within the USAW expectancy rate (see inclosure 16). The cmalatiw rates for both Aroy mtor vehicle accidents and miitary disabling Injaries rmain within the expectancy rates.


AV.FA-GC-HJST 15 May 1970 SUJB4CT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFR.-65 W~)
(b) The unit and individual safe drivers award program was implemented this quarter. Thirty certificates of safety were awarded to outstanding

drivers.- Eighteen of these awards inclbuded Post Exchange Gift Certificates of $8.00 to $15.00 value. Three unit awards presented including a certificate of safety and a trophy to 297th Transportation Uompany (CAR) for 500,000 miles of accident free AM mo rtor vehicle operation. (14) ARYN Interpreters: At present there are no critical Interpreter shortages within II CTZ, USARV, that cannot be solved by infusion. Linguistic coverage is considered adequate for the next quarter. (15) ARVN Replacement System: An overall evaluation of the AWIN Replacement System is that it is mkturing and showing increasing signs of responsiveness. This maturity has manifested itself in both the Ouang Thac and Dak Seang Campaigns. Personnel replacement actions have continued to improve and responsiveness to pro blems increases with each action. This is compared to the situation of almost complete unprepardness encountered during last years Ben Het/'Dakc To Campaign.

(16) AWN Strength Reporting: The personnel strength accounting procedures still. remain a major problem in ARVN units. It was determined during the Dak Seang Campaign that the system is capable of furnishing a complete breakout roughly three times during any seven day period. There still existathe trend for AWIN commndiz1ers in the field to fabricate and report different figures through their channels than they reported to advisory personnel. During nrmrial circumstances II Corps Advisory Group is capable of providing this headquarters with a complete strength report once a wedc. This report usually arrives at this headquarters from five to six days after the as of date of the report.
f. (1) Artillery. Intelligence.

the I CTZ. During the first 2ae hours of the offensivee over 100 separate standoff attacks were reported in which the enemy expended slightly mrs than 1,500 rounds of mrtar, recoilless rifle and rocket fire. Initially, the attacks were spread throughout the In oLth but near the end of the first week in April It was evident that a major offnsive drive was in prors at rpak seang In pontubn (P) were the 28th WA Regt supported by elemen of the 40th WA Arty a gt attempted to overrun the camp. y ad-April activity in the reminder of ui Corp had returmned

wefl-coordinm tea stadc~ff and ground attacks and included all provinces in

(a) The highpoint expected to occur during TIT of 1970 failed to materialise. A slight increase of activity did occur during the filet three dans of February in Binh Dinh (P) and Kontum (P), but dropped off again just prior to the TE' holidays. For the remainder of Febrary amd all of March,enemy artillery attacks were few and enimy activity in g(neral was extre elylight throughout the II CTZ. %it on Aprileet. the enesr initiated his Spring Campaign count"y-e which was slrked by


15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-MZT SUBJCT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headouawtere First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSPOR-65 (02) to normal while ARVN units in the 24th STZ battled the 28th Regiment in and around Dak Seang for the entire month of April. Enemy artillery expenditures during Anril attained the highest continuous level since the sprirg of 1969 when a major ofeunsive was conducted at Ben Het. There are indications that the present offensive in Komtum (P) will continue well into the next quarter and could increase in intensity with the deployment of the 66th or 24th NVA Regiment into the battle area in Northern Kontum (P). (b) Enemy artillery capabilities remained unchanged from the previous quarter, however, there are indications that the 40th NVA Artillery Regiment has most of its assets in the Tri-Border area near Kontum which poseethe largest artillery threat in the II CTZ. The 300th WA Artillery Battalion and the 200th NVA Anti-Aircraft Battalion in Binh Dinh (P) make the 3d WA Division the secondary threat behind the B-3 Front units near Kontum (P)o (c) Enuy artillery attacks and expenditures (daily average) throughout II CTZ for the reporting period are ina..zated below" MNHATTACK/fA February 7 ROU NDS/DAY





(d) The enemy employed no cannon artillery during the quarter. In the month of April a large increase in the percentage of rockets ed recoilless rifle rounds was noted, which is common when an offensive is launched in the highlands. In April, 506 rockets and 1,286 recoilless rifleswere fired, their total representing more than all enemy artillery expenditures during either February or Yarch. (e) Radar Operatiocn: During the last quarter there have bwn eight moves conducted by radars. Counter mortar and counter battery radars have located eighty-two enezW f iring positions. Ground surveillance radars made 789 sightings. 355 of these were fired on with 5,019 "1tillery and mortar rwnds. (f) Survey: 179,445 meters of fourth order survey were completed durig the quarter. 119,255 moters were oompleted in the 173d Abn Bd. AO to establish control of FSB'a North of LZ EngliAsh. To date, 4, 667378 meters of fourth order artillery survey have been completed and 818 fourth order W's established in II CTZ. (g) Meteorological Quality Control:

1 During this past quarter three metro secticnm movtd their locaticne thus completing the Metro Media Plan. The 7/15 metro section now




15 may 19'7C

Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Piled Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSR)FR65 (R2)

located at LZ Two Bits has almost finished work on their bunkers and new cperational facilities. 8/26th metro section II moved from LZ Blackhawk to Bit East replacing the 5/22d metro section which moved to Song Mao. 2 CW2 Nienaber replaced W01 Vibbert as Metro Quality Control Officer. A new checking procedure for meteorological soundings was instituted which should provide a more accurate evaluation of each section's capabilities. The Metro Quality Control Team moved from the S-2 office to a new building, thus providing required space for wind plotting boards to completely check metro messages.



"(a) During the reporting period artillery units with I FFORCEV continued support of US, ARVN, ROK, RF/PF, RD tears and USSF/CIDG forces in II CTZ. IYFFORCLV Artillery units continued support of I FFORCEV maneuver forces in providing maximum participation in pacification, fire planning, and artillery protection for the greatest number of villages and hamlets in the II CTZ.
(b) Phase III Redeployment. In accordance with the Phase IIl redeployment schedule, the 3d Battalion, 6th Artillery was released from operational responsibilities and redeployed on 15 April I90. (c) Operation Metro Media. During the quarter, Operation Metro Media, a repositioning of I FFORCIV Artillery assets, was completed. Heavy FSBs to support this operation were constructed at LZ Two Bits, Camp Radcliff, Song Mao, Dong Ba Thin and Ban Me Thuot last. The objectives of Metro Media; better support to maneuver elements, reduction In span of control and decrease in lines of communication, wero all accomplished without accident or incident. (3) Fire Support Coordination E1ement.

(a) Nayal Guefire support for II CTZ was provided by an average of ,1 ships per day. The following is a suma.r7 of naval mnftire


(b) Targeting.


(1) uring the fr1t two menthe of the reporting periods a daily average of 9 iodiate reaction and hanfgie tagets were developed of which a daily average of 60 were fired. The following is a summy of targets developed and fired during this portion of the period.







15 Ksy 1970 AVFA-GC-mT SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSR)R-65 (R2) 2 In the past, the PSCE has had the I1 Cwrps-wide responsibility for collating intelligence reports from all available sources, and where appropriate, targeting reported enemy locations with artillery, responsinaval gunfire or tactical aircraft. Increasing Vietnamese and personnel bilities and a corresponding decrease in US participation AWN AOs to within dictated a shift of this targeting responsibility with the shift in responsibilithe ARVN Corps Headquarters. Concurrent the ties to the ARVN Headquarters, it became feasible to decentralize US to the ROK divisions and to subordinate remainder of the targeting maneuver force commanders. This decentralized targeting frequently results in core timely fire support due to the intelligence being availin ROK able sooner at the lower echelons. Targeting was decentralized responII Corps assumed targeting and US ADs on I April. Headquarters, sibilities within ARVN AOs on 20 April. This shift in the targeting responsibilities represents a significant step in the Vietnamization program. During the period 1-19 April, a daily average of 129 immediate the imnediate reaction and hangfire targets were developed, almost all in were fired. average of 74 targets vicinity of Dak Seang; of which a daily this The following is a summary of targets developed and fired during portion of the period.



HAF, ,OMR 1543




appliation (c) The area harassment pregram continues as a working knowledge of of force. Critical evaluation of intelligence, of economy aircraft enemy habits and effective emloyment of available tactical enem in his base areas and fire power resources have harassed the 5 are sanctuaries. Currently the program monitors 13 areas, of which the daily basis. It had been noted that being targeted on a twice guns enemy moved to the iaxim= range limits of artillery and naval position, air seeking new secure area. As inteligeme provides his disperse strikes are dirsted against his forces serving to effectively the attack and to deny his his foiesS, to prevent enemy build-up for coen, d the sanctuaries needed to corndct treining, remapply, and indicates enow activity moving out of a activities. As intelligence the rMw area defined area of harassment, the area is moved to mnconass re-evalusted is of eneW activity. Every five days the entire program for to select new priorities of enrgement and to consider proposal* provided of fire support relocation of areas. The following is a sumary

under this prorm.

(d) A total of 150

W875O ]b
targets were etlwk with 721 aircraft durin

the quarter.
of target.

The tollowit is a mumary by province of MWppoMt





AVFA-OC-HMT SUB4CT: Operational Uport-Lessons Leanmd Headquarterr Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, !2 15 May 1970 First FildM CSYOR-65 (12)



TARGETS 14 126

AIRCRAFT 53 636 698



PRVINCE Darlac Kontua



Qmaqg Duea

7 23

(e) During the quarter, the AFMRCE F=E computed and issued mceoGary 175ma gun suppressions' for a daily average of 6 strikes by B-52

(4) Artilery Assistance Program.

contined to provide Artillery Assistance to CIM, ARYN Artillery, and Territorial Forces. Of particulear note during the period has been the effort devoted at district level in assisting in the development of District Fire Support Plans. Continued emphasis In being placed on OVietrmmising" this aspect of Artillery Asesitance by gettift A Artillery unite to assume a more active part in Fire Support Panninm and efficient use of Artillery assets within the distrdct. (b) A Training and Assistance Team recently estab5shed by the 2d Battalion, 17th Artillery has been particularly effective in their aesistance efforts in Darlac Province. The team, in eon~anotlon with the AN N 23d Division Artillery, hap devoted most of its initial effort to fire Direction and Firing Battery training to the artillery orgaml to the CI1 Craps in the Provime.


Duaring the reporting period., allI FMOCW Artillery units

(a) On the job training on the ANWQ4 rsdar is continuing at both 1 Ban Me Thuot and Na Trar4 where AWN personml are being trafmed in the operation and muintenanee aspect of the set.
(5) (a) US Artillery Oranisateonj, 1 CTZ. n,,,-Diviuionals oncurrent with operation Metro Media was a

real-M4msn of I PYOUC

Artillery'sa organisatioan.

The 7th Battallong



15 May 197C AVFA-XiC-HT SUBjECT: Operational Report-lessons Learned Headcuarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period EnWirg 30 April '4rO, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) 13th Artillery and 7th Battalion, 15th Artillery, formally a battalion group were attached to 52d Artillery Group. The 6th Pattalion, 32d Artillery remains the lone separate battalion attached to Headquarters, I FFORCEV Artillery. I Field Force Vietnam Artillery 6th Battalion, 32d Artillery (175/8" SP) 4th Battalion, 60th Artille.' (AW) (SP) Battery B, 7th Battalion, 29th Artillery (SLT)
Battery E, 41st Artillery (MG)

Headquarters Battery, 8th Battalion, 26th Artillery '(TAB) 54th Infantry Detachment (Ground Surveillance Radar) 77th Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 237th Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 241et Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 2421 Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 243d Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 244th Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 253d Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 254th Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 255th Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 256th Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 270th Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 272d Field Artillery Detachment (Radar) 52d Artillery Group 7th Battalion, 13th Artillery (105m T) 6th Battalion, 14th Artillery (175/8" SP) 7th Battalion, 15th Artillery (175/8" SP)

let Battalion, 92d Artillery (155mm T)

IPRCMV Provisional Artillery Group 2d Battalion, 17th Artillery (105m T) 5th Battalion, 22d Artillery (175/8" ') 5th Battalion, 27th Artillery ( 105= T) (b) Divisional, Brigade and Separate Battaliones

4th Infantry Division Artillery

5th Battalion, 16th Artillery (155/80 0 )

6th battalion, 29V Artillery (105mm T)

4th Battalion, 4

Artillery (105


173d Airborne Drigade X. Battalion, 319th Artillery (105m T)

3d Battalion, 506th Twtantry, 101st Dvision (A) -attery D, 2d Battalion, 320t, Artillery (105%m T)

(6) Artillery Strength. The follewir4 able refleete a.'U3 l9r tube strength by caliber for RVN, OK, US ard UMY/CtE - rtillery units in 11 CTZ at the ed of the reporting pe ied.




36b5-b T: Operational bsprt-Le-sone Learned Headquarters First FAld


m4~~. ay 197(

Foree Vietnam, Perlid

iirg 30 April 1970, IM CSR65 (32)

US Force Artillery
Other US (Div,
aDI Divisional

18 36

Z) 4


Bde, Sep Bn)

52 66

AMN Artillery USSF /Cl 1 GRAND MTAL:


24 582 396

60 0 134

0 0 27

0 0 25

I-eporting Period.

Asmnition Statistics for US Force Arti.llery Daring the Ammunition expenditures by target category:

FEB TARGET CA=kJRY Cofirmed Acquired Counter Battery


RUND 7,483 42,513 1,9(o



8,770 891 797 507 1,132


IntaeidictJin Special Purpose

3,o34 10,773

l)%R HOUNDS ]MISSIONS 5,240 367 15,195 4,547 375 27 1,54 158 7,766 31,556



APR HDUNDS 141551018 7,137 569 31,l00 5,443 1,903 279 1,648 518






830 6,074



-. W _






(b) Anmniton expenditure by calibers

1052M 1552Mw 8 inch 175m

Sub Total

450375 11,453 7,385 .. LAI 73,694 14#76e

.12 l0oc 46 16

61 17 10


20 .A

11 19



155mm aSinch
175ua Sub Total APR 105m 155=m 8 Inch 175am Sub Total

4#,789 45314
31,556 17,596 164589 7,587 0011 51,865

7 a 6
7 11

101 34 32 15 loco

1 10

mlrff W1I A L


15 May 1970

Operational Report Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period &ding 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2)

(8) Artillery Accidents and Incidentss As a result of intensive command emphasis which has been placed on firing safety at all levels, the incident rate dropped significantly during thc rejorting period. Only one Incident occurred and it involved unsafe f" ring p:ocedures which were Two acoidonts also ocused by an automatic wapon's section (M42AI). curred during the period. One of theae resulted from equipmeat malfunction on an automatic weapon, end one from improper clearance of a target by the responsible agency. Total friendly oasualties for the period were All wre Vietnamese with the exception of one US WIA. 3 KA and 10 WIA. (a) inactivation of the Artillery units under Keystone Bluejay was completed on a scheduled time frame with transfer of 395 PERA principal items to other artillery units resulting in cancellition of 89 outstanding requisi+ions and return to depotstockage of 1223 PE4A principal items. A complete study of all facets of the operation has been conducted recommending tightened administrative controls over transfer of equipment. (b) -Exohange of 175 and 8 inch tube on the M107A4110 chassis lends the oorancer a great deal of tactical flexibility, for as the enemy situation changes, within a reasonable amount of time, he can tailor Some significant problems his artillery to any specific requirement. overcome in these changes have been reaction time and preservation of firing records. Reaction time was reduced by establishing a channel of communication that starts with the commander in the field and ends up at the office of the AC of S Maintenance at Support Command. They plan the positioning and use of the required stocks and effect the aggressive action on the part of the direct support battalion required to accomplish the change. Timely coordination betwen the supported unit and their direct support battalion aids the speed with which this can be accomplished. Records maintenance requires that Log-book of the weapon to be closed and a nee one started -nause the end items identity changes. By keeping duplicate ammunition and mileage data along with other ieoords of services performed, changes reverting tne weapon to its orginal configuration are accomplished with ease, g. Engineer.

(1) The engineer section continued to plan and coordinate all engineer activities in I1 CTZ. Continuous coordination with principal users and commanders of the construction units proved invaluable in establishing design Engineer requirements criteria and construction quality control guidelines. increased significantly due to the increased emphasis on carrying the war to the enemy tparticularly in remote areas), increased support of the pacification effort, construction in support of the m)ve of theoourth Infantry Division and heavd artillery fire base constructions The limited engineer capability available in the II CTZ was inplequate to meet all urgent demads for improving lines of communications base developuent and combat support requirements, (2) Two specific operations are outlined below:



AVFA-GC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessnns Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) (a). The I FFORCEV Engineer Section planned and coordinated the construcion for the Now Camp Bu Frang (CIDG Camp) at coord YU 681508. The camp will accomodate approximately 500 CIDG personnel and their dependents. It consists of 63 living/fighting bunkers and approximately 10 other hardened structures. Associated with the camp construction was installation of perimeter wire, construction of a Type I C-123 airfield and land clearing operations to clear fields of fire. Engineer Saction action included camp site selection, initial layout of airfield and detailed layout of the camp facilities. Agencies assocJated with the camp construction program included: (1) the 18th Engr Bde which coiitted one combat engineer company and elements of a land clearing platoon, (2) US Advisory and Vietnamese Special Forces personnel, and (3) a work force of approximately 100 camp personnel (CIDG) who worked with US Engineers to form integrated construction crews. Coordination of supporting activities involved the 23d ARVN Div for security for convoys and the 17th CAG for helicopter lift of .onstruction materials and staff sections of IFFV HQ, Over 2000 tons of construction materials were required; all but 225 tons wre Eirlifted by C-130 to Nhon Co and by CH-47 and 54 from Nhon Co to New Bu Prang. (b) The IFFV land clearing program involved extensive operations in the highland areas of II CTZ. Operations in the Northern Highlands included land clearing along 237 km of roads and selected area clearing in conjunhtion with security of selected populated areas. The major land clearing operations around the Ben Het SF Camp in Kontum Province this winter is considered to have contributed significantly to the absence of a major enemy attack on this camp during the period. Land clearing the Southern Highlands consisted of clearing along approximately 170 km of roads in Quang Duc and Darl ao Provinces. This clearing, particularly along TL-l and sections of QL-14 and LTL 8 BRAVO were the most dense and difficult clearing encountered in II CTZ to date. The majority of this clearing was devoted to improving the security of the route from Ban Me Thuot through Gia Nghia to the II/III Corps boundary and to New Camp Bu Prang on QL-14 had to be deleted due to anticipated arrival of the southbst monsoon. The IFV land clearing program was executed by the 687th and 538th Land Clearing Companies under the operational control of the 35th and 937th Engineer Groups respectively.


Signal Operations.

(1) The continuin upgrade of comnimications systems and cirquits vithin the II CTZ ws the major concern of the Signal Section during the last quarters (2) During the quarters the 4th Infantry Division relocated from Camp vEnart near Plefku to Camp R-Adelif in the vicinity of An Khe. In support of Wt m p, VY? azcrowave and Wrmposberic :ommunieations system supplied by the 21st Signal Group and the 54th Signal Battalion which served Camp ari were deactivated and reterminated for the 4th Infantry Division at Camp Radcliff. This entailed the removal of equijuent providing thens systems from DragoL Mountain near Pleikro and the installation of a lesser amount of facilities at Hong Cong Mountain near An Khe. Included in this project was the installation of mltipair cables from Hong Cong Mountaln and Signal Hill to the Dial Central Office at Camp Radoliff with selected




15 May 1970 AVFA-GC-HIST SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) pairs routed directly to the DTOC. The removal and reinstallation of the

AUTOSEVCC14 and Mods V terminal serving the Division was also accomplished during this time.
(3) The deactivation of DASC-Alpha on 15 March 1970 necessitated the close review of the circuitry which had supported that organization in

order to determine what would be required for retention by G2 and G3 Air. Those circuits deemed critical were retained and three 18 button call directors and three 6 button telephones were installed in the G2 and G3 A4r facility to terminate the nmrous circuits required.

During the period 1 March to 1 April 1970, a key telephone system

was install*# in the I FFORCEV Tactical Operations Center (TOC). Prior to that time, there wre 20 single and double line instruments providing 12 circuits of telephonic communications with no means of identifying incoming calls other than by rings, and as a result, often a cause of confusion. To alleviate this problem a key telephone system consisting of seven 18 button call directors, seven 6 button telephones, and associated frame and power equipment ume installed in the TOC. This system provided a consolidation of instruments, a hold capability, flashing lights to indicate incoming calls which results in much more rapid and efficient answering ability, and a future capability for a local intercom system. The project was accomplished by one NCO of the I FFORCEV Signal Section and two EK from the 54th Signal Battalion. (5) During operations at Dak Seang and Dak Pek the 54th Signal Battalion provided multi-channel voice and teletype, radio teletypes, single sideband and secure FM radio support to the 24th Special Tactical Zone Advisors. This included facilities at Tan Canh and Kontum. When HQ, I FFORCEV displaced the Forward Mobile Staff to Kontum to support the operation, the 54th Signal Battalion provided a switchboard, circuits over its systems, telephcngs, radio teletype. mnd W radios to support the staff. The I FFORCEV Signal Section provided a three san staff sectin to supervise 54th Signal Battalion support durin the operation and to provide fast eomnications reaction to needs of US elements and advisors in the area. (6) On 6 April 1970, the Digital Subscriber Terminal Equipment (DSTE) became operational at the I FFORCEV Comnunicationa Center. This computeriad terminal replace. the two Mode V terminals which had previously provided access to the Nha Trang AUTODIN Switch. A principal advantage of this equipment is its speed of transmission; currently at 187.5 words per minute as compared to the 100 words per minute provided by the Mode V. At present time, a survey is being conducted to determine the possibility of upgrading the DSTE capability to 375 words per minute. (7) On 11 April 1970, the Commanding General of I FFORCEV was made responsible for the management of US Amy Nestor resources utilised by subordinate elements within the II CTZ, to include assets used by US Amy/ CORDS Advisors. These management responsibilities include, but are not limited to, distribution and/or redistribution of assets, develoasnt of



AVFA-GC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned 1Ieidq.iarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) requirements, implementation, utilization, traininf control, and reporting. This change will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the Nestor program in that the CG, I FFORCEV is at the level which is most aware of the functions and responsibilities of elements in the II CTZ. As further redeployments take place, this cocept will have eveff greater validity. (8) In April 1970, GEEIA began installation of a 1200 pair cable along the Nha Trang beach front to provide dial telephone circuits from the 1879th Communications Squadron Dial Central Office at Nha Trang Air Force Base to Hqs, I FFORCEV, ROK Hqs, the King Duy Tan Hotel and CORDS. This cable is to replace tbe previously installed 1200 pair cable that was washed up and damaged by a storm in December 1969 just prior to cut over to service. Upon completion, the new cable will provide a single path for this service and will result in a general service upgrade. (9) Due to problems in the installation of dedicated circuits on the area system betwen ROKFV-FC# Nha Trang and 9th ROK Infantry Division Forward CPj Dong Ba Thin South during operation Beak MA 11 from 1 thru 16 March, the IFFV Signal Officer tasked the 54th Signal Battalion to install an AN/ARC-l121 4 channel system from Hon Tre Island to Dong Ba Thin South. The system installed by the 54th Signal Battalion was on the air 20 hours after the initial decision, and provided reliable oomuunioations for the entire period of the operation. (10) The signal Section oontinued in its efforts to resolve frequency interference problems, issue F1 frequencies, publiih the I FFORCEV S01/88Ij assist the 70 and 03 in AQI, OPSEC and physical seeurity inspections, and obtain circuite to support OPCON units. i. Staf Jude Advoaate Atiitiese

Oeneral Court-artiulA
Oases Tried
10 5

special afflz'tomartial "Ajudep

Cases aoithor'isd to

4 15)



ysecia Oowrt-Marttul


N6 hureod

4 2,

hamot hits

$a8"0 110, 73032

out29, 51
$I "~78k




15 May 1970

Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2)



Amount Claimed
Amount Paid



Civil Matters
Military Justice Matters J.




Inmpector General Aotivities:

(1) During the period 1 Feb 70 to 30 Apr 70 1/ Inspector General Action Ragpests were received. Broken down by major category these are: (a) (b)

Requests for assistance

Justified Complaints

127 42


Unjustified complaints


Ovr 90% of these action requests continue to be "wlk-in" or direct complaints to the IQ during eam nd inspections. The magnitude of om.plaint* has increased notably while the pattern remains unchanged. The rise in the umber of complaints concerning reassignmnt/transfer and unit amJlnstration parallel the Phas III Redeployment and off-limits sauation of Nha Trang respectively. There is no indication of problem areas which could result in conditions detrimental to the efficiency or reputation of the command. (2) Inspeotionas

(a) Camand inspections of the following units/activities were neanteod an the dates Indioaeds

2d Sqdz,- let Cay KAmhl oa Prov 7thh l 13 Arty "64th R Det 6th Bnp 14 Arty Co 0 (R)q75th Inf 52d Arty Op Tuyan Duo Prov 55th MI Dt

U1-13 Feb 70

17 Feb 70
26 Feb 70 27 Feb 70 9 Mar 70 12-13 Mar 70 16 Mar 70 17 Mar 70 27 Mar 70


nth PI Det th 1k# 6Oth Arty

27 Mar 70 6 Apr 70



AVFA-GC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECT; Operational Report.Lea sons Learned Headquarters First Field Force Vietnam, Period End"n 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2)


HAB, I FFORCEV Arty 2d h, 17th Arty 7th Bn, 15th Arty 297th Trans Co (CAR) 1st But 92d Arty Darlac Prov (b)

10 13 20 24 27 28

Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr

70 70 70 70 70 70


Logistical Support Activity was also conauuoed by this office.

A special inspection of the transieotbillets operated by Nba Trang

and recommendations were brought to the attention of proper authoritiec


(3) Lieutenant Colonel Johnie Forte, Jr. assumed duties as Assistant Inspector General on 2 Mar 70. (4) The following Acting Inspectors General were appointed during the period due to DEROS, reapsignment, eta. (a) (b) (o) (d) (e) (f) (g) MAJ OPT LTC LTC MAJ MAJ MAJ Bobby Ballew Richard White John Saalberg Matthew Howard Bruce Martin Robert Alhouse Salvatore Albino 173d Abn Bde 173d Abn Bde Task Force South I FFORCEV Prov Arty Gp 7th Bn, 15th Arty 7th Bn, 13th Arty 2d Sqdrn, lot Car

(5) Memorandcma subject: Right of Military Personnel to Present Complaints, was published and diuiributed on 1 Apr 70 to all assigned and attached units. (6) k. Four investigations were conducted during the period. Informatin Office,.

(1) On 3 April 19709 Information Office, I IIORCZV held it. first Information Officers Conference. All IO's within II CTZ were invited to attend. (2) On 5 April 1970, WAJ Guy R. Sodano departed for Kontum to serve as the Information Officer for the Forward Mobile Staff.


completed an 80-peag pamphlet originally designed to aid Junior 10's and offioers in explalni the oustom, traditions and religions of Vietnam, Vietnealution and personal conduct of soldiers within II CTZ. Duing coordination with USARVp it was decided that they would modify the pa.pblet and print enough copies for country-vide distribution. IO, I FIORCEV forwarded theompleted pamphlet entitled, "Let's Comunicate," to SARV on 17 April ky 1.

During this reporting period, the 5th Public Information Detachmnit




AVFA-GC-HIST 15 May 1970 SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field

Force Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2)

(4) On 20 April 1970, MAJ Guy R. Sodano assumed conmand of the llth Public Information Detacbment.

(5) On 20 April, OPT Larry J. Myers assumed command of the 5th Public Information Detachment.
(6) During this quarter, a 304inute slide briefing describing CORDS activities in II CTZ was prepared. A 15-page manuscript and a set of 70
color slides form a slide briefing kit covering all aspects of pacification. The kit will ue made available to senior CORDS personnel (0-6 or higher), returning to CONUS, who wish to give talks about pacification efforts in II CTZ. 2. (c) Lessons Learned: Commander's Observations. Evaluations and Recommendations. a. Ergsnnel. None

(1) Survey.

(a) Observation: Survey control points establishud along highways are frequently destroyed either by construction crews or enemy forces.



accessible to fire bases. Time is wasted in establishing permanent type markers which are often destroyed.

Control points along highways are not always easily

(c) Recomiendation: That one or two permanent control points be established within the perimeter of fire bases to insure the availability of a survey control point.


(1) Vehicle Revetment. (a) Observation: Recent mortar attacks have disabled a high percentpe of vehicles at Arty PSBs. (b) Evaluation: If effective protection is afforded the critical portions of a vehicle i.e., engine block and radiator, fragments sustained from mortars generally do not render vehicle inoperative. (a) Reconiend-tions:
side revetmont type positions constructed of sandbigs or dirt filled amo

Vehicles located at FSBs should )A perked in three

boxes. Revetted positions need only be of r~'ficient height ro protect engines block And radifttor from fragments from other that a direct hit.







15 Kay 1970 AVFA-GC-HIST Learned Headquarters First Field SUBJECT: Operational Report-Lessons Force Vietnm, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (W2)
soe. jd:L None

f. g. h.

lgJatkm Q. M .

None. None. None.

is a



"10 Incl

Inci 5, 7 and 8 ud HQ, DA

Demtiy 1&jum General


1-00, 173D ABN BDE (SEP)


1-U Amy War Collego, ATTN: Library Q-2149 1-Ceadt, USA C&GSC, Ft Lavenwrth 2-13th Nil Hist Det "1-Codt, USAIS, Ft Dnsing, 0a 31905

2-USACC I=1 1-00 54th Signal Battalion


AVHGC-DBT (15 May 70) 1st Ind
SUBJECTi Operational Report-Lessons Learned Headquarters First Field Force

Vietnam, Period Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) Headquarters, United States XrM Vietnam, APO San Francisco
TO, Vcmmaander in Chief, United States Army Pacific, ATMN: APO 96558


0 8 JUN 1974

Assistant Chief of Staff for Force Development, Department of the

Army, Washington, D.C.


1. (U) This headquarters has reviewed the Operational Report-Lessons Learned for the quarterly period ending 30 April 1970 from Headquarters, First

Field Force Vietnam.

2. (C) Comments follows a. (C) Reference item concerning "Weather Support", page 8,

paragraph la(6)(g)t was submitted in response to a USABY request. Intelligence Lessons. No action by USARPAC or DA is recommended.


has been extracted and forwarded to the Commanding Officer, 5th Weather Squadron. Item will be considered for inclusion in the next USARV Combat b. (C) Reference iten concerning Organization, Training and Security Activities", page 26, paragraph (3)(a), concur ezept for the 8th

MSOPS hn and Company B, 5th Special Forces Group.

The 8th MSOPS hA and


Company 1, 5th Special Forces Group mere, and still are OPCOI RACV. other units listed are as stated.

c. * Lesons

C) Reference item concernin (:Increasing Vietnamese

concur. Item mill be Responsibilities, page 60, paagaph f(3)(b)2 considered for Inclusion in the next issue of USARV Combat Intelligence

No action by DA or USARPAC is recommended.

d. (U) Reference item concerning "Additional Survey Control Page 70, paragraph 2b, concur. Any technique or Points for Fire Bhses,

plan mhich provides pood survey control for field artillery Is a definite
benefit, Homwver, if the fir boe is only used on a periodic basis, the problem of enemy removal or destruction still remains. No action by

USAIPAC or DiIis rooomened.




Cy furnsI I MORMI

AIsMaA Adjutant Gene'ral

7M V

MUl1W WVlL NIOAU..l a3r 12 .I mm a m

GPOP-DT 15 May 70) 2d Ind (U) SUBJECT: Operational Report of HQ, First Field Force Vietnam for Perioc "Ending 30 April 1970, RCS CSFOR-65 (R2) HQ, US Army, Pacific, TO: APO San Francisco 96558

14 JUL 70
Department of the

Assistant Chief of Staff for Force Development, Army, Washington, D. C. 20310

This headquarters concurs in subject report as indorsed.


Asst AG



1-16 FAO-4


304 5!j IP T

400 0200




E N?


DO5ILIPADU A 30 I,I2aV 1..4 II 96 DZSSF~

LnAfTWIP f&I1 20.1








173 4 :40






E. AT 3 !E=f I:,= V.L.o 1

-A S)IQj 0 4 NNN) "N N) , FU, g -'JWW











1-0 N -4HH pow '-. Ia. '_0 +



A0 -



0~ -4 9: 0 bV' 5 1 9





U'-J: =-




" "4




j-ill 3













1 FTIVARY 1970

30 APRIL 1970


AUTH 481 4307 1868 1035 53 97 83 14028 6117 230 920 1049 907 1678

ASGD 432 4092 1763 1038 60 95 98 13869 6398 230 862 1091 963 1410

% ASOD/AUTH 89.8 95.0 94.3 100.2 113.2 99.9 118.1 98.9 104.3

KIA 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4. 48

WIA 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 409 363

YIA 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

I FTORCEV Arty (2) 52d Arty Gp 54th Sig Bn 272d W Co 297th TC Co 55th MI Det 4th Inf Div 173d Abn Bde Co ', 75th Ranger 3/506th Abn Inf 2/lst Cav Sqdf 1/50th Inf (Nech) COPRDS (3) (4)

93.7 104.2 106.2 84.0

12 11 0 0

56 83 0 0

II Corps 17th Avn r?

617 PI1[4

647 740

104.9 92.2

20 16

2 187

0 25

64th Thgr Dot (Terrain); 5th PI Dot; 1nth PI Det; (1) Includes HRC IV; 13th Klitary History retj let Chemical Dot 4/60th Ar BEN, B/29th ARTY BTRY, 2/17th ARTY BIB, 5/22 ARTY 314, 5/27th ARTY M, 24lat, 242d, 243d, 2I4th, 237th, 253d, 254th, 2,;5th, and 77th (3) Includes RM c!2d ARTY, 6/I4th ARTY UsN, 7/15th ARTY V, 1/92d ARTY I.


Includes iHH

IFFV ARTY, 7/13 ARTY RTN, 8/26th ARTY FN, 6/32d ARTY Ph,


Tncludes 5[4th Sig 13n, 167th Sig Ito and 209th Sig Det.



(a) t0. MIL ThJ NION I h INJ Jb A 4Y rOLLAR

Y ilIT


0 0

0 0 0 0

0 0

0 0










nth PI
55th MI







64th Engr Det

272d, I Co

1 2 1

0 0 0

0 0 0

0 1 0 1 0

0 0 1

822 795

297th Trans Co

6.43 11.64 12.00

I 6.61

54th Sig Bn
41st CA Co



0 0 4

0 0 1

0 0 5A200 271141

1/50th nf 2/st Cay 1FFORCEVARTY



18.68 12.05
10.38 coat



(a) Reported army motor vehicle accidents resulting in a lost time injury or $100 () of damage. (b) (c) lNOM: RYN Nationals killed or injured in army motor vehicle accidents. Army motor vehicle accident rate as copared with the USARV expectancy rate. Cumulative rate end Rite let Rate 2nd "Rate 3rd Cumulative rate end of IT 69 - 7.39 Qtr FY 70 - 3.68 Qtr FY 70 - 6.56 Qtr FT 70 - 10.38 of 3re Qtr FT - 6.83



NO. IMJURI (a] "(b) FT ATAL F ATAL IOOT 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


11th PI

INJURY RATE P( 1,000,000 MAN DAYS 52.2 100

(C) 200

00.001 00.007 00.001


55th MI 64th Engr Det 41at CA Co 272d MP Co 297th Trans Co 54th Sic n HiC, I FFORCEV SUPPORT TOTAL 1/.0th Inf

0 0 0 0 0 2.000 2.000 0

00.004 00.001 00.001 00.00 i 00.00 I 23137 05.631 00.ooI


1 0



0 16,000
131 000

2/let Car

______48. ________2_


(a) Includes injuries resulting in death or hoaritalization beyond midnight of the day following the accident. (b) (a) Based on imiirical data contained in DA Circular 385-23, fatality - $45,000, non fatal Reflects injury rate compared with the expectancy rate established by UMARV Cumulative rote end of FT 69 - 49.40 lot Cuarter rate FT 70 - 43.40



2nd Cuarter rate FT 70 - 59.04 3rd Cuarter rate FY 70 - 48.02 Cuvulative rate and of 3re Cuarter FY 70 - 47.93


security Classification


(SerwIty Classfialtion tt~, I.ORIGINATING AC TIVt TV

title. body of abstract .n~d indexing UW~nteti. 4


he *ntered when the o.,tv ra


(C61ONp1180 allM)







Operational Report

Lessons Learned, HQ, I Field Force Vietnam

E~eienesniten~~edincounterinsurgency operations, f

(liPq of l~art and imituale dawt..) initial.



CG, I Field Force Vietnam


15 May 1970





C. 96~S.OT64ER REPORT #40411

Iftl. ropet)

(Anuy.90sweubbers Ott

say be Isaidnod






OACSFOR, DA, Washington, D.C.



DD IN~w40473

s~ecurity Classificatbon


5200.20 AND