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Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise offers many information solutions to help you and your employees succeed. Take advantage of our PeopleBooks, Documentation Updates, Instructor-Led Training, Online Classes, User Productivity Kits (UPK), Self-Study CDs, Certification Programs, and other helpful information.
PeopleSoft Enterprise Information Development and the entire PeopleSoft Enterprise organization are dedicated to providing quality information solutions to help you and your employees succeed. To help manage your business and maximize the value of your software investment, just follow the links below. PeopleSoft Enterprise Information Portal The PeopleSoft Enterprise Information Portal provides you with a single entry point to locate the documentation, training, and other useful information you need to help with your implementation process and improve your daily experience with our products. Customers searching for this information should make this their first online destination.

Software Documentation at your fingertips Training when and where you need it Increase employee job satisfaction and productivity

PeopleBooks Our FSCM PeopleBooks are available in three formats: Hosted PeopleBooks, PDFs, and Amazon’s Kindle format. You can find all three versions available on the PeopleSoft Enterprise Documentation page: Hosted PeopleBooks Our PeopleSoft Hosted PeopleBooks website allows you to access an HTML installation of our PeopleBook suite, including Search capabilities. This hosted solution also allows you to access PeopleBooks using the help link in your applications without having to install PeopleBooks on your own server. To enable context sensitive help, follow the simple instructions on the website’s opening page. PDF PeopleBooks If you want access to PDF versions of PeopleBooks, use these links. Release 9.1 Release 9.0 Kindle PeopleBooks Researching in PeopleBooks This free, short course gives users of PeopleBooks a better understanding of the


8x/ 8.htm Installation Guides Financials/Supply Chain Management 9.1 FSCM 8.1 FSCM 8.html Upgrade Documentation 9.0 http://download.1 http://oukc.1 Evaluate. 9.html Getting Started on Your PeopleSoft Upgrade http://download.1 Upgrade Documentation FSCM 8.8x to FMS Cumulative Feature Overview Tool Note: 793151.1 FMS Release Customers simply identify the products they own. and indexes.0 MP 5 Upgrade Note: Hardware/Software Guides 9.pdf FSCM 9. their existing 2 .html My Oracle Support Information Resources – password required FMS Documentation Home Page (links to all of your product documentation needs in one convenient location).html Pay/Bill Management and Staffing Front Office 9.1 Installation http://download.9 to Note: 751230.1 Not GA Yet. Plan.pdf 9.4/ .9 to 9.0 Supplemental Application Installation Instructions Upgrade Note: 965756.1 Note: 878412.0 Upgrade Documentation http://download. Execute – upgrade resource page Note: 755319. best practice search strategies.0 to 9.ORACLE DATA SHEET documentation structure and organization as well as techniques for finding information more quickly and easily by utilizing search ing_in_PeopleBooks/ Upgrade Note: 965832.0 http://download.1 The new Cumulative Feature Overview Tool provides concise descriptions of new and enhanced solutions and functionality that have become available between your starting and target releases.1 Upgrade Note: 966042.1 FSCM 9. FMS Release

1 FSCM 9. Note: 989289.1 White Paper Implementation of 2010 EU VAT Package for FSCM Note: 9798831.1 Installation Guide Note: 965806.1 Interactive Services Repository (ISR) Note: 735571.ORACLE DATA SHEET release. http://www. FSCM 9. data sheets and other helpful information.1 Hardware/Software Guide Note: 965749.0 Hardware/Software Guide Note: 704537. and their target implementation release.html FMS Data Sheets Data sheets provide concise overview information about our With a single click the tool quickly produces a customized set of high-level.1 FSCM 9. Note: 1051533. Click the link to view the data sheet.1 Advisor Webcasts Note: 548764. • • • • • • • • • • • • Asset Management Cash Management Contracts Deal Management eBill Payment eSettlements Expenses Financial Gateway General Ledger Grants Internal Control Enforcer IT Asset Management 3 .0 Business Process Maps are available on My Oracle Support.0 Installation Guide Note: 762927.1 Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) PeopleSoft Enterprise ERDs are available on My Oracle Support.1 FSCM point of entry for additional PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management Solutions information such as “what’s new”. concise descriptions of features developed between their starting and target releases. white papers.1 Business Process Maps PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleSoft Enterprise Application Information Oracle.

ILT or LVC General Ledger .ILT or LVC Commitment Control .RWC Maintenance Management .ILT or LVC Government Contracts .ORACLE DATA SHEET • • • • • • • • • • • Maintenance Management Pay/Bill Management Payables Program Management Project Costing Proposal Management Real Estate Management Receivables Resource Management Risk Management Staffing Front Office Curriculum – Oracle University: FMS Courses: Oracle offers the following instructor-led training (ILT). live virtual class (LVC) and recorded webclass (RWC) courses.ILT or LVC Program Management .ILT or LVC IT Asset Management .RWC Grants .ILT Introduction to PS for FMS and SCM . Click the course name to view the signup page.ILT or LVC Contracts .ILT or LVC eSettlements Overview .ILT or LVC Billing .RWC Expenses .RWC Payables .RWC Project Costing – ILT or LVC PS Applications Security Overview . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Asset Management .ILT or LVC General Ledger Foundation Accelerated .RWC 4 .ILT or LVC Billing / Receivables Accelerated .

you will have access to the full customer library of TOIs. JD Treasury . This document is not warranted to be error-free. whether expressed orally or implied in law. for any purpose. We specifically disclaim any liability with respect to this document. Copyright 2002. including implied warranties and conditions of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.html For UPK Transfer of Information (TOI) Webcasts: http://oukc.ILT or LVC Oracle University Main Website: www.ORACLE DATA SHEET • • • • • • • PS/nVision for General Ledger .ILT or LVC PS/nVision for GL Reporting Foundation Accelerated . Contacting Information Development PeopleSoft Enterprise Information Development always likes hearing from our customers. 5 . Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. without our prior written permission.html First-time users of this site will be prompted to complete a brief registration form. 2009. training materials. Receivables . user acceptance test scripts. http://www. role-based performance support and documentation. UPK also may provide system process Follow Us On Twitter You can follow us on Twitter here: 2010 Oracle. please see the UPK Resource Library at: This document may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. All Rights Reserved. After filling out the form. and no contractual obligations are formed either directly or indirectly by this document. and the contents hereof are subject to change without notice. electronic or mechanical. 2005. To contact us.ILT or LVC Real Estate Management . This document is provided for information purposes only.getpage?page_id=142. nor is it subject to any other warranties or conditions. send an email to User Productivity Kits – (UPK) The User Productivity Kit (UPK Developer and content) is PeopleSoft's end user training solution and provides a single source development and customization tool to enable rapid content creation and customization. and PeopleSoft are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.ILT Purchasing / Payables Accelerated .ILT or LVC Staffing Front Office Overview .html Certification Programs http://education.