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These Kriyas and Pranayamas are based on Babajis Suskshma kriya & Sarpa Yog Videos and what was taught at the Prati Prasav Sadhana in Rishi Kesh Nov 2009 KRIYAS First activate Sanjeevani Shakti . Once Sanjeevani Shakti starts flowing this will make you feel much lighter as it will penetrate each cell. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) Tap hard all over body with fingers Sufi dance - go round with hands on top Neck, Hip and Knee rotation Japanese bow forward bend with hands outstretched and nama sivaya Hands folded and bend back (Backward bend ) Stand on toes and stretch Sit on horse & ride horse (very good for mooladhara activation) Sit ups - clench fist when inhaling and open hands when exhaling Hands on shoulders and shoulder rotation after both shoulder rotation and one by one rotation. Bend front and back up with inhalation/ exhalation Bend forward and swing hands up and down (like dev anand) Chair sit posture and move hands in circular motion ( clean the aura) Stand with feet wide hands palm in front a little and rotate on both sides Sideways bend

15) March like a baby crying for milk- first one leg and then another ; one hand & leg up and neck back on one side and then another. Do for 5 minutes


Repeat 1 & 2 above

17) 18) 19) 20)

Sit down in vajrasana - up and down on knees Stand on knees in vajrasana and bend back with hands locked in front Backward bend and lie in vajrasana SARPA KRIYAS 3 variations Lie on back ; bring leg close to body ; so knees will be up . Twist leg from left to right chanting Om slowly ; at the same time turn head to the right and vice verza ( 11 counts) Variations are (i) right leg behind left leg with the right toe and second toe locked behind the left heel and vice verza and (ii) with legs slightly apart . At the end of Sarpa kriya bring down both legs simultaneously down fast and exhale forcefully .

21) 22) 23) 24) 24)

Lie on front and lift leg one leg at a time the both simultaneously Lie on front and Lift head and legs and touch ( try at atleast) Lie of front side and then lift head and shoulders and back side ways spinal twist Sit in Vajrasana and keep fists on Manipura on either side of stomach . Bend down and inhale as you go down Sit in Vajrasasna and then bend down as in a baby pose

KRIYA PRANAYAMAs 1) 2) 3) 4) Deep breath in and out in siddhasan Hands on lap breath in stomach out and chest in with sudden force breathe out and force shoulder back ( nama shivaya) Straight hands inhale with hands brought in and exhale and let go with force through mouth Kapalabathi ( Forceful exhalation) (i) Left elbow on ground and right hand near ears and opp side Deep breathing in and out ( hands to be brought in for breathing in and out in front for breathing out) (ii) With right hand on left elbow and left hand behind and opposite side Deep Breath in , Hands on knees, and exhale forcefully making the sound HUM SA SA SA SA SA SA loudly till all air has been exhaled ( 5/6 times) (iii) with hands clasped on top Deep Breath in , Hands on knees, and exhale forcefully making the sound HUM SA SA SA SA SA SA loudly till all air has been exhaled ( 5/6 times) (iv) With back bend forward Deep breathing in and out ( hands to be brought in for breathing in and out in front for breathing out) (v) With both hands behind , neck back and supporting body Deep breathing in and out ( hands to be brought in sideways for breathing in and sideways out for breathing out)

REPEAT ABOVE SEQUENCE 2/3 ROUNDS FOR EACH KAPALABATHI VARIATION 6) 7) Twist at the hips and look behind and inhale on one side qand exhale on the other . Keep doing this fast for about 10 rounds. Neck breathing force wind in through epiglottis ( neck region) and throw head back and then force wind down thru throat with head down ( 2 ROUNDS) . After neck breathing , from the earth take hands up and breathe in and exhale and take hands down ; clean the aura in front of you with the earth energy 7) Alternate nostril breathing ( 2 rounds fast and 1 round slow) each round to be followed by 1 round of Bhastrika. Bhastrika is where you keep the hands near the shoulders as fists . Breath out , hands up palms open and facing outwards ; breathe in and hands down to the shoulders as fists. ( 50 times up and down is 1 round) Elemental breathing (Slow inhalation through mouth visualise 5 bhootas coming in , exhale with force; hands out in front ) alternated with kurma breathing ( head up and breathe in through nose and head down breathe forcefully thru mouth; hands at the manipura chakra with right hand on top of the left hand) for 3 rounds . The back of the head should touch the top of the spine at the back and the chin should touch the top of the chest ( throat) while neck down. Put hands left first and right over it on manipura and bring chin to chest with inhalation thru nose and then bend neck back with exhalation through mouth . 3 rounds ; last round to be very slow Surya Shakthi - Inhale through the right nostril , chin down retain breath as much as you can , then exhale through the left nostril. 9 / 10 times Bend forward and deep inhalation at varying speeds ; increasr speed and then reduce


9) 10)

( This can be followed by total relaxation followed by the meditation of the Guru as Jyoti entering your body and filling it up with light as was done at the Rishi Kesh Shivir) A couple of more visualization exercises done at Rishi Kesh given below

Visualization kriyas Done at Rishi Kesh First total relaxation ,visualize the body see each part of the body see your home,open up your inner senses see feel touch smell and sense.. Do the exercise of visualising eg going home and seeing each room etc Vizualization of mountains in detail Followed by visualizing light merging in it and then that light in mooladahara Kundalini Arohanam a few times in each chakra followed by visualising the lotus in each chakra and the root mantra in each chakra and the in the pineal after visualising the ajna in front and the two ears as the sides of the halll and the hypothalamus at the back. Om mantra to be chanted.

ALTERNATE VISUALIZATION First relax body deep breaths command the each part of the body to be quite and calm and then visualise light in third eye. Make it very bright now you can ask body to be calm and in Sat Chit Aananda .go over each part also practice seeing different things in third eye next bhoota sudhi body as air feel it body as earth heavy body as water cool and wet body as fire body as ether body as sat chit ananda