November 2011 Dear Ushers, Thank you for volunteering to usher at the Chicago Chorale's November 18th concert

at Hyde Park Union Church at 56th and Woodlawn or at the concert November 19th at St. Vincent DePaul Church at the corner of Webster and Sheffield. Dress code is business casual. It is difficult to find secure storage places for valuables, so please keep wallets in your pockets, or carry your purse with you at all times. If you have a cell phone or pager, set it ahead of time to vibrate. Please program our phone numbers in advance so that you can text us with any issues. Grace is at 773405-6770 and Mari is at 847-977-9051. Please review this letter so that you are prepared to cover any of the responsibilities as needed. Assignments will be finalized the night of the concert. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. a. b.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6:30 pm Greeting/Lecture Ushers Arrive Check in with Mari & Grace Review concert seating, emergency exits, restroom locations, handicap accessibility Make sure signage is up: Lecture Hall, Concert Entrance, Accessibility, Restrooms, Rehearsal in Progress Sign Greeting / Lecture Ushers position themselves to direct attendees (wear a jacket!) Other ushers position sales tables/chairs, put up reserved seating signs House ushers identify location of rush seating, in case it is needed. At Hyde Park Union Church, located along north wall of sanctuary At St. Vincent, 7:00 All Ushers Arrive/ Ushers Set Up House Set up sales tables according to attached diagram. Place sales slips at each table (most of them at CD / SMS Sales) Place SMS Sales Register at SMS table Place programs at the points of distribution Prevent public from entering the sanctuary before the house opens. 7:30 House Opens. Greeters, SMS/CD sales, Will Call, Tickets, Cashier, and House Ushers take their places. Take down “Rehearsal In Progress” sign(s) At entrance, patrons can enter directly if they hold tickets; patrons needing to pick up tickets, purchase tickets, or purchasing CDs will enter via the sales tables. Greeters will greet all patrons, and give special attention to VIP attendees. Attendance counter will use clicker to count each attendee as they walk through the door. SMS/ CD / Will Call/ Ticket Sales Stations The first position will be SMS and CD sales (various prices) i. Start a sales slip, marked with purchases/ discounts ii. Give membership card/ CD/ sales slip to patron The second position will be parallel tables (facing each other) for Will Call and Purchases i. Will Call Procedure 1. check name off Will Call list

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. a.


the third positon is the cashier i. House Managers Mari Franklin 847-977-9051 mari@lumatila. Thanks again for your help. Volunteers: Please find seating towards the back so that you can help with late arrivers and so that you can collect cards and donation envelopes at the performance end. Give those cards to Mari. If we run out of seating. Patrons can be seated during the periods between pieces. ii. 7. Ticket purchases Add ticket purchase information to sales slip (or start a sales slip for patrons who have not purchased SMS or CDs) 2. Ushers keep the small part of the ticket and give those to Mari as she passes by. 8. 8:00 Concert Begins 1. 9. use folding chairs to supplement the pew seating. count off tickets OR locate envelope for pre-paid SMS cards mark tickets as reserved/ general admission/ student per Will Call list on each ticket and tear-off stub. 3. Collect any contact cards and survey cards that patrons have filled out while waiting for the concert to . Put up “Concert in Progress” signs. It is going to be a WONDERFUL concert! Grace Chan and 773-405-6770 gchanmck@gmail. c. Also encourage patrons to “scootch in” to make room for one more. 2. 2. Clean-Up: Ushers should go through pews and collect any debris and discard. Total Up sales/ discounts ii. Take payment/ run credit cards Ushers in the house will take/rip tickets and hand out programs. 3. mark tickets as reserved/ general admission/ student per Will Call list on each ticket and tear-off stub. count off tickets 3. 1. 9:30 Concert Ends. Late-comers: There is NO ENTRY DURING THE PERFORMANCE.1.

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