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Courtney Phelps Pol 319 Section 01 9/15/11. Topic Proposal: Gender discrimination in the Workforce.

For my research paper for this semester I'm going to focus on the topic I brought up in class the first day of the semester, when the theme of women rights was presented to class as a whole. I'm going to focus on the different interesting aspect of gender discrimination in the workforce. I Plan to pinpoint all that different events that took place such as the fight for Womens equal Work wages in Wal-mart leading up to the settlement, with all the controversial factors that played a part in the events leading up to the class actions suit that was greatly publicized by the media. That being just one of the focuses I found interesting because how recent the event were to our present date. Gender discrimination is a very important concern that is crucial to the productivity of women as a whole for them to achieve their goals. Now, I can say for the most part that gender discrimination is an issue that needs more attention because their still companies today who do discriminate against women when it comes to Wage, Positions, and abilities that seem to be equivalent to (Gender Roles) So the basic bases of my research paper will loosely be the different type of gender discriminations between men and women and the legalistic Campaigns that were fought from the past to further improve the outcome of gender discrimination in the United States. I'm going to also highlight the different scrutinies that were developed in the middle of the Court cases that I pull from our Textbook in Class "The constitution and legal Right of Women" 3rd edition by Judith A. Baer and Leslie Friedman Goldstein. The different Scrutinties that were identified in

class are very Crucial to the success and development of how different Court Cases were determined. As for the different terms that I will us or have used to initiate my search on the topic will be, Gender Discrimination, women Court Cases and Wal-Mart Discrimination. They are just a brief amount of terms that I will utilize just to kick off the first amount of relative information concerning the main important part of the paper. I Hope to get a better understanding of the struggle of women gaining progress in the workforce although its still a Small quantity of discrimination but however they aren't really that far from achieving equality in the work force because women like Hilary Clinton and Alaska Senator Sarah Palin being able to Run for spot in the Position of president which is and will be a phenomenal outcome looking at the different course of History.


Judith Baer, Leslie Goldstein (2006) The Constitutional and Legal Right of Women 3rd edition

Richard Blackden (2011) Wal-Mart wins fight against staff lawsuit The Daily Telegraph