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30 November 2011


Karen Benson Marketing Coordinator Dogs Victoria

Dear Karen, Firstly I am dismayed that your so called members would have a problem with Pets Havens dogs, regarding health issues. Our dogs are all Parvo tested and come with their negative Parvo test kits. We are the only shelter who Parvo test our dogs. We do not release dogs with Kennel Cough nor do we have a problem with Kennel Cough. We are also the only shelter who highlights Parvo and the need for vaccinations on our face book page. May I ask do all of your members including the ones who over breed and are registered with your organisation – do they Parvo test every one of their puppies and dogs. As we know Parvo is airborne as is Kennel Cough? Personally I think any members who have an issue, simply have an issue as we are an Animal Shelter, this talk about Health issues is insulting. Quite frankly it is your members who may have an issue with Parvo or Kennel Cough rather than Pets Haven. Pets Haven’s dogs are all seen and cleared by our Vets at vet clinics; we do not use travelling Vets as many of your members do – such as Michael Beattie and Robert Kenney. If Dogs Australia want to engage all who are involved with dogs, well that should include Animal Shelters and rescue groups, not just Breeders. Why do Breeders think their dogs are more precious than a shelters dog, is it not understood that many of your member’s dogs end up in pound and shelters? If Pets Haven cannot bring Shelter dogs, and for the record we take shelter dogs everywhere, and we have never had a complaint, then its simply called discrimination and I have no issue in talking this further. Dog Victoria are hated by many in Animal Welfare, it’s a huge move for Pets Haven to be involved, we were actually asked not to attend by many in Animal Welfare, but I decided to be professional, yet we have been insulted, discriminated against and humiliated. You cannot request or discriminate against Pets Haven, as stated we Parvo test every single dog, we are far cleaner than many of your breeders whose houses which I have personally seen. Some of your Breedes who are registered with Dogs Australia should be ashamed of themselves. I have issues with your Breeders, could you please ensure that on the day, all of their dogs, have proof of vaccinations, Parvo testing [I would like to ensure my dogs are not exposed to Parvo as we test ours], that they have all been seen by vets at vet clinics; and that none of them use dodgy travelling Vets. Pets Haven’s animals will carry such proof. Pets Haven works extremely hard, we go over and beyond legislation. Our dogs are just as good as any Breeders dogs. Regards Trish Burke

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