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here are thousands of helpful and entertaining resources available online and on television. So many that it would be impossible for our editors to discover them all on their own. That’s why delight! magazine is built with the help of its readers. The delight! reader community is continually interacting to share ideas and opinions about their favorite TV shows and websites. Visit to join in on the conversation today!

How has the Web impacted your holiday giving?

I think I spend both my money and time more wisely thanks to online shopping. I’m able to search for truly unique items tailored to each person and have those treasures shipped directly to my door without fighting crowds or standing in ridiculous lines. I do still love to get out and look at the festive store displays, but now I can do so without feeling frantic!!

Jenna Osborne
I use American Greetings online card site all the time ... it is so much fun, I can add people’s faces to some of the cards. (I took a picture of a new bro-in-law and had him swinging in a monkey costume. He laughed!) I have been using this site for years … it is the best! It also gives me reminders of birthdays coming up, and I can also select cards and have them sent out on future days. It’s a fun site!

Kathleen Kelling
I found my favorite holiday gift online. It’s a site that allows you to give gift certificates to loved ones who then give out micro-loans to small business people around the world. Everyone I’ve given these gifts to have loved them because they get to pick a beneficiary and watch as the business grows and the loan is paid back. Then they have the option to keep their money, or re-loan it to another needy entrepreneur. Check it out: I like to give baked treats at holiday time to my family members. While I always stick to their “tried and true” favorites, I also like to add something new and fun. I search the websites of Midwest Living, Good Housekeeping, and Better Homes and Gardens for new holiday ideas—yum!
Illustrations by Aaron Drath

Owen Weidert
The Web has influenced my holiday giving by introducing me to companies I never would’ve discovered in retail stores. It has taught me to be more spending savvy with coupon sites and discounts.

Kimberly Hagen
I am a nanny for a Jewish family and I am not Jewish myself. I rely on the Internet to help me make all their holiday meals.

Patricia Hancock

Autumn Lundberg
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love It’s a website where you can buy creative artistic tee shirts at reasonable prices. They host community Web contests for T-shirt designs and everyone who is a signed up member votes. You also have a chance to place your design in progress and receive feedback from fellow artists.

Sharing Has Its Rewards!

—Reader From New York, NY
ne website that I appreciate is For $38 a month you give a child a chance to live a better life. I sponsor a little girl and write to her though this site and they translate the letters in her language. I get letters and drawings from my sponsored child as well. I also love this site because it connects sponsors to their world and provides suggestions on what to write to your child and much more.

—Reader from New York, NY
great website for do-ityourselfers is It has tools & supplies to make your own edible fruit arrangements plus adorable ceramic mugs to hold your fruit flowers. Instead of paying top dollar for pre-made edible fruit arrangements, you can make them yourself for a fraction of the cost! And, the best part is you can use the tools again for parties, celebrations, meetings or anytime you want to bring something special to the dinner table.

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—Reader from Flushing, NY
eyond Scared Straight on A&E is a program about adults in
prison trying to help troubled teens see the error of their ways and how horrible prison life can be. Some of the teens who seem quite hard end up crying and realize their parents do love them and only want the best for them. It warms my heart to see young folks’ lives turned about onto a good path.

Go to the delight! Facebook page and click on “Share & Win”
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—Margaret Dozier, Corona, NY
show that gives back is Secret Millionaire [on ABC]. In this show, millionaires go under cover for a week and find charities in the area that they feel are doing a good job. These people almost always give over $100,000 and some extra materials that the charity needs.


—Reader from Glendale, NY

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editors’ Picks: Our favorite sites, podcasts, and blogs

loG on:

Give Gifts of Good
By Emily Morehart

Spend less and give much more this holiday season.
The delight! staff has sought out the best sites that give back in a big way—including shopping sites! We found products and retailers that allow you to find the perfect gift for that special someone while giving back to worthy causes at the same time.

WatCh it nOW!
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JOin the Milkshake MOveMent! Website: – Sign up for this daily email newsletter and discover all things that are good on the Internet! From ways to shop, travel, eat and interact, Milkshake brings forth products and services that do good things for what they call the “triple bottom line” (people, planet, profits). Click the “Shopping” tab to begin your search for great products that give to even greater causes. Or click the “Explore” tab to discover other websites that simply promote giving.

FOllOW yOUr heart: Wrap up perfect presents for those you love, while donating to causes you truly care about. Check out these websites if you love: the arts sells one-of-a-kind “cause tees,” donating $7 for each shirt sold. Artists from all walks of life create original and contemporary designs that represent various charities and causes around the globe. aniMals produces adorable and hilarious note cards made from photos taken of rescued dogs. the earth sells reusable gift bags that can be passed on for years. They’re not only sensible—the fashionable prints add to the overall presentation of your gift. Fair trade empowers women around the globe to sell their handmade goods. Each purchase supports fair trade practices and women’s financial independence in developing nations.

Got a gift exchange coming up? Here are a few of our favorite products found on
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Celebration ale from sierra nevada Brewing Co. With a company goal of 100% sustainable energy production, it’s no surprise Sierra Nevada won the EPA’s 2010 choice for Green Business of the Year. Feel “hoppy” buying a brew that not only tastes great, but makes its product responsibly. Beekman1802 Original Goat Milk soap If you’re a fan of the Planet Green reality show The Fabulous Beekman Boys, then you’ll love their eco-friendly products. All the soaps are chemicalfree, handmade from goat milk on the farm in Sharon Springs, NY. Ugandan aprons from These aprons are just as beautiful as they are wellmade. Handcrafted from traditional waxcloth by Ugandan female artisans, every purchase improves the lives of sellers, their families and their community.

lOve a “GOOd” deal? These sites help you save the world and save a few bucks for yourself too! is eBay’s philanthropic sister site that allows you to shop for discount goods based on what’s important to you: People Positive, Eco Positive, Animal Friendly and Supports a Cause. holds daily sales on stylish clothing from companies committed to making the world a better place. Sign up to receive what they call “Daily Love” straight to your inbox every morning.

Photos © 2011



The January issue of delight! is all about self improvement! Get fitness tips from trainer and life coach Jillian Michaels in our exclusive interview. Supersize your savings with coupon clipping tips in our Web Find, then relish in your down time with the new year’s most entertaining TV shows.


using his imagination
Marty is an emotionally beaten down top-level consultant who stops at nothing to seal a big deal. Marty is absolutely nothing like Don Cheadle. At all. yet Marty has become Cheadle’s brand new alter-ego thanks to House of Lies, the highly-anticipated new Showtime series, which chronicles the oft unscrupulous, “take-whatyou-can” methods of management consulting within mammoth corporations. The undertaking, which debuts in January, is a dark and edgy comedy, headlining Cheadle with Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) and Ben Schwartz (Undercovers) rounding out the impressive cast. “A lot of things made me say yes to the role,” Cheadle confesses. “I always start with the script when choosing a role and I really thought this was a good project.” He chuckles. “It’s something that I haven’t necessarily played before.” True. you have to hand it to Cheadle, though. In House of Lies, he dives into a creative arena that A) is downright timely if not blatantly intentional as it gets its reverse-message across— glamorize the greedy so you realize that it’s not cool to be greedy—and B) is just so foreign to the way he’s always operated in the world.>>>




Downtime with Don:
Beyond his acting and humanitarian efforts, Cheadle appreciates some levity.

“Growing up, I was always pretty opinionated about right and wrong,” he admits, noting his current irony. “But when I became older, I was much more aware of the world and what was around me. It became really important for me to participate as opposed to only look at the news, but to be in a position to put ideas into play. That was natural for me.”

d!: Two things you do for fun? DC: Golf and poker. d!: Best thing in your iPod right now? DC: I’m listening to a lot of Black Milk. d!: One of your favorite television shows? DC: Real Time with Bill Maher. d!: One of your favorite travel spots? DC: Kona, Hawaii. d!: What is one of your most significant, personal milestones, and why? DC: Being a dad. (Cheadle has two children with Bridgid Coulter.) That says it all. It’s an ongoing, neverending one. d!: Best thing you realized lately? DC: How interconnected things are. Sometimes things don’t often seem to have anything to do with each other but when you really start focusing on it, you realize how much they do—not just the people in your life but how much they refer to each other and how important it is to focus on how you’re moving forward.
Josh Lawson, Kristen Bell, Don Cheadle, Dawn Olivieri, and Ben Schwartz make up the eccentric cast of House of Lies. A quick scan over Cheadle’s life and career and it’s easy to locate evidence of that. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, the middle child of three eventually graduated high school in Denver, Colorado, before heading off to California for a Fine Arts degree. When you ask him about his most significant influences, he immediately credits his parents, gushing how, “coming out of a place where I was supported and encouraged to be whoever I was, allowed me to go out there in a way that was fearless and just go after what I wanted.” At first, it was music. Then came acting. The latter stuck. And his persistence opened new doors. (Cheadle really didn’t know it at the time, but the acting work would eventually become a unique platform to relay other important messages.) Some argue that his big break arrived with 1995’s gritty mystery-thriller Devil in a Blue Dress, alongside Denzel Washington, but it’s hard to deny the actor’s impact in the realistic Vietnam War junket Hamburger Hill back in 1987. A prominent fixture for several seasons of Picket Fences led to his being cast on the big screen in 1998’s Out of Sight, the first of several collaborations with director Steven Soderbergh. (The others were Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve.) His ensemble work in Crash struck a chord in 2004 and it was in that year that he also nabbed an Oscar nomination for his work in Hotel Rwanda (2004), a story that so accurately touched upon the genocide in Africa. Suddenly, the world began seeing Cheadle more as an advocate for human rights. And off screen, that’s what he was. “I try to put the focus on things that are important and encourage people, in their own ways, regardless of what I am doing, to get involved in things that give back,” he says. “And that we’re not just going along


See a trailer for House of Lies. Click it with your mobile device...

on a straight line and taking things ‘out’ … but broadening.” Throughout the last decade, Cheadle did plenty of that, primarily speaking out about conditions in the Darfur region of Sudan—he actually traveled with members of Congress to the refugee camps there and later reported about it on ABC’s Nightline. The exposure thrust Cheadle into a new spotlight. He soon found himself co-authoring (with John Prendergast) Not On Our Watch, which focused on a mission to end genocide in Darfur and beyond. Last year, the duo followed up the project with The Enough Moment. “The book was kind of a primer for people to see how they could get involved,” Cheadle explains. “It was really about stories that inspire people but not just with what is happening in Darfur, but taking on any idea that was important enough to get involved in—and to become part of the ‘solution.’” Cheadle himself embraces that “any idea” element. So much so that in 2010 he was named U.N. Environmental Program Goodwill Ambassador, which, he notes, “spoke to the things that I really believe in and think are important for us to be involved in—the environment, and being a good steward to this planet.” “You know,” he adds, “we [actors] are in a position of being well paid, doing a job that is arduous at times, but I am not fighting in a war; I am not building houses across the country. I am providing a service as an entertainer. I understand there’s a place for it in the grand scheme of things, but for me, it’s about trying to support those people who are doing the harder jobs; lending eyes to those who are really doing difficult things on the ground.” Cheadle may sound convincing but it’s in how he shares his truth—with unwavering humility and grace—that ultimately wins you over. You simply find yourself considering the importance and impact of contributing to a “greater ideal.” “It works for me; it’s how I was raised,” he says with confidence. “And I think it’s what is necessary; what everyone should do, in whatever small ways they can. It’s just that important. It’s about adding ‘life’ to the sum of life.”

TUNE IN: House of Lies Premieres Sunday, January 8th,10/9 pm C, Showtime TWEET:

Kristen Bell stars alongside Cheadle as Jeannie, a razor-sharp, Ivy-League graduate.


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Photos © 2011 Jordin Althaus, Patrick Ecclesine/SHOWTIME; Thinkstock.

Movie finds

Tune in: Check your local On Demand channel
The Help “You is kind, you is special, you is important.” Aibileen (Viola Davis), a black maid in 1963 Jackson, Mississippi, repeats this mantra to neglected young white children throughout The Help. Aibileen has “raised” 18 white babies. She knows where she stands in the families for whom she toils, just as her mother and grandmother before her, but that foundation is rocked when Skeeter (Emma Stone), a recent college graduate, returns to her hometown as a journalist. Skeeter’s more enlightened attitudes are out of step with Jackson society, putting her at odds with loathsome segregationist Hilly (Bryce Dallas Howard), the leader of the ladies who lunch while their maids forge emotional attachments to their children. Skeeter seeks out Aibileen for tips to fill her household hints column, but she soon sets her eyes on a bigger prize: a book about race told from the maids’ perspectives. Aibileen is reluctant at first, but she is compelled to participate, and recruits others as well, including her best friend Minny (Octavia Spencer), who works for Hilly. This triumphant adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s bestseller is something special. When Oscar nominations are announced, The Help’s magnificent ensemble will no doubt clean up. Rated PG-13. Cowboys & Aliens It’s about time Harrison Ford was back in the saddle. With his stoic demeanor, laconic style, and rugged good looks, he was made for westerns. Based on the 2006 graphic novel, Cowboys & Aliens has everything you want in a western, plus monstrous extra-terrestrials who are burning cattle and snatching up the townsfolk. Perhaps the mysterious stranger in town (Daniel Craig) knows something about it, but he has amnesia. He also has a curious metal bracelet affixed to his wrist, which comes in handy when spaceships go on the attack. Ford costars as a cranky cattle baron whose spoiled son (Paul Dano) is abducted and rounds up a posse (which includes Olivia Wilde) to take on the alien marauders. The force is once again with director Jon Favreau (Iron Man), who does justice to both genres, respecting conventions without a trace of sly snark or wink. It may be a little gritty, violent, and scary for young ‘uns (you’d think a film with cowboys and aliens would be more fun), but this is the best western/sci-fi mash-up since Westworld. Rated PG-13. Midnight in Paris Woody Allen’s biggest box office hit since Hannah and Her Sisters a quarter century ago, Midnight in Paris has its roots in one of the former stand-up comedian’s classic routines in which he consorts with Hemingway and company in 1920’s Paris. Hopeful romantic Gil (Owen Wilson), a disenchanted Hollywood screenwriter saddled with an unfulfilling career and materialistic fiancee (Rachel McAdams), dreams of chucking it all to move to Paris and write a novel. During his visit, a midnight stroll inexplicably transports him back to his idealized Paris where he joins the Lost Generation on their revels (Kathy Bates as Gertrude Stein, Corey Stoll as Hemingway and Adrien Brody as Salvador Dali are standouts). He also meets the romanticallytroubled woman of his dreams (an ethereal Marion Cotillard), who herself longs for the Paris of the Belle Epoque. Allen gets in his potshots at pseudo-intellectuals and Republicans, but Paris is more aglow with a wistful nostalgia for a lost Golden Age that Allen ultimately suggests may be misplaced. This valentine to Paris and its timeless allure is his most charming movie in decades. Unlike The Purple Rose of Cairo, he allows hope for brighter days ahead. Enjoy this feeling while you can. Rated PG-13. Super 8 Fanboy favorite J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Cloverfield) recaptures the exhilarating wonder of Steven Spielberg’s generation-defining science fiction classics (although the aliens at its center are a malevolent 180 from cuddly E.T.) The title may be confounding to the digital generation, but Super 8 hits its primal coming of age buttons with full force. Joel Courtney stars as Joe, a budding horror movie make-up artist whose world has been upended by the tragic death of his mother. His father (Friday Night Lights’ Kyle Chandler), the small town’s police deputy is illequipped to deal with his sensitive son, who at least has the diversion of working on his friend’s zombie movie. His enthusiasm for the project may be less a love of filmmaking than a crush on Alice, the film’s leading lady (Elle Fanning). While filming one night at a train station, the camera unwittingly captures a train derailment that unleashes havoc. It soon becomes apparent to the kids (in the grand tradition of 1950s monster movies, no adult will believe them) that there is something monstrous on the loose. Rated PG-13.

What’s new on demand
By Donald Liebenson
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Photos: MIDNIGHT IN PARIS © 2011 Gravier Productions, Inc., Mediaproduccion S.L.U. and Versatil Cinema S.L. All Rights Reserved. The Help© Disney/ABC Domestic Television. Super 8 courtesy Paramount Pictures; Cowboys & Aliens courtesy NBC Universal.

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RaTe iT!


WEB FIND: This month’s featured site worth sharing

Log oN:

Advocate the Arts
by V. S. Woschnick helps you discover and donate to creative causes in time for the holidays.
“Kickstarter is an awesome site! I just referred a friend to it who needs funding to write and illustrate a children’s book.”
-Reader, New York, NY

WaTch iT noW!
Meet the founder of Click it with your mobile device...

his holiday season, you’ll give presents to the people you care about—why not give back to causes that mean just as much to you? lets you honor creative initiatives by pledging financial support to projects from the world of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields. Projects are big and small, serious and whimsical, traditional and experimental. They’re inspiring, entertaining and unbelievably diverse. There’s truly something for everyone! This isn’t investing or lending. Kickstarter collects free-will donations on behalf of project creators, who maintain 100% ownership and artistic control over their vision. In exchange, the artists risk not being funded because if the project doesn’t meet its monetary goal before posting time runs out on the website, no money changes hands. The “all or nothing” funding structure makes your contribution all the more important because it may determine the success of a project! Take a minute to give back on Kickstarter. Set up a free account on the site’s homepage and connect with projects that have purpose during the holidays or anytime of the year.
Photos and Illustrations © 2011 courtesy of; Thinkstock


Discover Your Passion
With thousands of creative people and endeavors vying for your attention (and donation), finding projects that speak to your heart could be intimidating! Fortunately, Kickstarter has three easy-to-use navigation options. use any of them to receive “Discover” pages that contain project snapshots, subdivided into new, popular, recently successful and most funded groups.

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navigation options

FEATURED gives you seven distinct categories to explore. Maybe you’re interested in funding Kickstarter’s most popular projects. Or, you want to weigh in on creative ventures that are recently launched, just about to run out of time, or undertaken by a group that’s special to you—if you have specific criteria, use this choice to click-and-go.

CATEGORIES lets you contribute to art that’s close to your heart. There are 13 broad art forms listed—everything from Art to Writing & Publishing—so you’re bound to find your favorite genre to support. Narrow your choices, then back the projects that inspire you most.

CITIES empowers you to strengthen your local artistic community by selecting projects based on location. Don’t let the listed links of metropolises fool you—small towns, big cities and just about everything in-between is represented on Kickstarter. Beyond the main links, find city options by either scrolling to the bottom of any “Discover” page for related places, or key in a specific location to search. Charity begins at home!


Join the conversation at

Fund and Follow Creativity
Kickstarter provides a lot of information on its offerings, displayed on “discovery” pages as project cards. what does it all mean? Here’s a look at what you’ll see online.

1. Project Photo

A full-color representation of the project’s main theme is included to catch your eye and pique your curiosity.

2. Project Name
It’s not only a title, it’s a live link to an expanded description of the project, told in the artist’s words, plus bios, videos and more.

3. Artist/Group Credit
An at-a-glance reference to the artist or group behind the project.

4. Project Description
A bit of information on the whys and hows of donating to the cause.

5 Funding Progress Bar .
Just how close is this artist to meeting their project goal? A quick check of the progress bar will give you the status of funding.

6. Total Pledges
A percentage showing the amount of money raised to-date, based on the artist’s original goal.

7. Posting Days Left
A project posting is subject to “all or nothing” funding. This number shows how urgent the artist’s need is by displaying how many days they have left to raise money.

those who give from the heart typically don’t expect anything in return. a simple thank you is nice, but not required. that’s the code Kickstarter lives by. no artist is obligated to reimburse contributors or provide other types of recognition. However, like the gift, gratitude is also heartfelt. artists will usually find creative ways to thank those funding their projects.

Your pledge amount may earn you some unique reciprocation.


TV FIND: This month’s featured show worth sharing

TuNe IN: Check your local listings

The Reality of Doing Good
By Chris Mann The delight! guide to TV’s charitable accomplishments.
“It’s great to see upbeat programs rewarding average people for doing extraordinary deeds to help others.”
– Reader, Pleasant Valley, NY

Despite its long-running “boob tube” alias, television no longer exists just to amuse us. In fact, much of today’s top-rated talk and reality shows seek to enlighten, empower and inspire us to transform our lives—and the lives of others—for the better. Whether it’s contributing time, money or awareness, small-screen successes from Dr. Phil to The Biggest Loser are leading by example. Here, delight! gives a breakdown of significant accomplishments made through television to date.

WaTCh iT noW!
Discover another show that’s made a difference. Click it with your mobile device...

has challenged stereotypes and changed perceptions of little people, including star Shorty Rossi, whose pit bull rescue, rehabilitation and adoption efforts have

has brought bullying and violence against women to the national forefront and HelPed oveR 11,000 gueSTS employ new “life strategies” by funding over $5.1 million in treatment services and providing 556,000 hours of aftercare therapy.

dR. PHil

SAved moRe THAn 350 dogS.
Animal Planet

enougH AlReAdy!
wiTH PeTeR wAlSH
has PRovided 7 fAmilieS the lasting tools to de-clutter their lives both physically and emotionally.


Video also on Facebook!



54 RefuRBiSHed RelicS
while owners have been reconnected to their own prized memories of yesteryear.
History Channel

Commercial value has been restored to

$10 million
in investment deals to 44 budding entrepreneurs and dreamers, giving them chances to become millionaires.

has offered over

Millions of dollars have been raised to support efforts to stop Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary,

ReSTAuRAnT: imPoSSiBle
RenovATed 25 locAl eATeRieS,
giving restaurateurs the tools to reimagine, refresh and revive their small businesses and keep food on their employees’ tables.
Food Network
Photos © 2011

SAving THouSAndS of wHAleS
—900 alone last year.

led by chef Robert Irvine, has

wHAle wARS
Animal Planet


Join the conversation

10 Grand in Your Hand
enables and empowers homeowners to trim up to $10,000 on home renovation projects by purchasing cost-saving materials and doing some of the work themselves. To date, the show has

Work of art

Helped 77 Homes and tHeir oWners.
DIY Network

has vying for $100,000 on a national platform that sells their fine-art creations to a popular culture audience.

elevated 28 artists

tHe BiGGest loser
In the show’s first 11 seasons trainers helped 201 contestants

lose a comBined total of 22,750 lBs.
inspiring healthy and fit new beginnings for them as well as millions of viewers.

has (offering each organizational and/or mental health aftercare) while enlisting the help of over 2,000 people, including families and friends touched by this disorder.

Helped 142 compulsive Hoarders


encourages individual imagination and collective creation by

GivinG 12 visionaries tHe opportunitY
to transform their dreams into business realities— while granting members the chance to contribute ideas and share in the profits.
Sundance Channel

tracks the emotional mediation process between offenders and their victims,

encouraGinG catHarsis and HealinG for survivors
—and possibly forgiveness and redemption.

tHe incrediBle

dr. pol

puts in 14-Hour daYs to Help his
four-legged patients— ranging from sick livestock to injured family pets—heal through his veterinary expertise and human compassion.
Nat Geo WILD


Surf reporT: TV worth sharing

TuNe IN: HBO, Hallmark Channel, CBS, Travel Channel, Syfy

New TV Delivers a New Spin Before the New Year
By Greg Archer
It’s here—2012. Well, almost. We have an entire month packed with special programming to get through first. Aside from the favorite New Year’s Eve outings—both NBC and ABC have rockin’ things unfolding— take note of a few new shows and an impressive mini-series you don’t want to miss.

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True, much of the success of Angry Boys depends on whether American audiences will re-embrace the show’s creator and star, Chris Lilley, but considering the fact that the man has already received tremendous praise in Australia for Boys, it’s not that difficult to see how this will play out. We expect this to blossom into one of the most aggressive, well-orchestrated showcases of the season. Lilley, the brainchild behind another HBO hit, Summer Heights High, which debuted in 2007, infuses his distinctly original high-octane energy in Angry Boys. Shot in mock documentary style, the series spotlights “the lives, dreams and aspirations of males in presentday society.” Six characters are featured—all portrayed by Lilley. There’s a pair of 17-year-old twin Australian boys and a 24-year-old Los Angeles-based rapper to appreciate, but what stands out is Lilley’s intense, often jaw-dropping portrayals. Unforgettable. This is one festive feast to savor. Watch: Premieres Sunday January 1, 10/9 pm C, HBO

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Admit it: You miss Touched By An Angel, too. Fear not, this latter day angel is a fine holiday offering. The lowdown: Carrie (Lindy Booth), a young New York City event planner, doesn’t fare well in a car accident during a snowstorm. Or … does she? When she wakes up from the crash, an older man (Derek McGrath) is there to help her pass over. The twist: She has to accomplish an Angel Duty first. Enter Scott (Paul McGillion). He’s a widowed, down-on-his-luck restaurant owner/father. Carrie only has until midnight Christmas Eve to help Scott transform his life and his restaurant. As far as romance … you can expect some of that to happen, too. Watch: Premieres Sunday, December 18, 8/7 pm C, Hallmark Channel

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Kudos to the Kennedy Center Honors for delivering more than 30 years of recognition to individuals whose creative works manage to make a significant difference in the world. And that’s considerable—especially in a day and age when something like a person’s Tweets can be honored. In this 34th round, (can-do-no-wrong) actress Meryl Streep is among the honorees, which also include singer Barbara Cook, singer/songwriter Neil Diamond, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and saxophonist/ composer Sonny Rollins. There are plenty of awards shows to dive into during the course of a year, but this one wins high marks for being able to blend its relevant bit of pageantry— something that’s actually very interesting—with the one thing television has been criticized for not having much of lately: Class. Now that’s a show worth tuning into. Watch: Tuesday, December 27, 9/8 pm C, CBS

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This sounds like the hit series Castle—but all real. Thriller novelist Marcus Sakey, a bestselling master storyteller, scouts the country to uncover “the less-than-pristine history” of each locale he visits. In other words, he morphs into our personal tour guide to a city’s unique, perhaps sordid past. In the premiere episode, Sakey tackles his hometown of Chicago—lots of drama there. Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to have a pro fill you in on the likes of serial killer H.H. Holmes or deliver rare facts about John Dillinger. Be on the watch for Sakey’s thrillseeking nature. In one police adventure, he doesn’t just strap on pads and grab a baton, he willingly takes a Mace blast—right in the eyes. You know, just to see how it feels. Invigorating? You bet. Watch: Premieres Monday, December 5, 10/9 pm C, Travel Channel


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Before Peter nursed his famous infatuation with Wendy, he fell in love with Neverland, that magical place where time stood still and life unraveled in big, bold adventures. It’s just one of the compelling elements that may make Syfy’s two-night prequel to Peter Pan soar. The other is a unique story viewers can be invested in. Here, we get a touch of Pirates of the Caribbean and a dash of oldworld London values in a tale that explores the origins of some of lit’s most memorable characters. Peter (Charlie Rowe) and his posse of pickpockets are corralled by the inspiring James Hook (Rhys Ifans) to retrieve a magical orb, which transports them into the unexplored world of Neverland. It’s there they embrace the robust jungle cities and a bastion of tree spirits led by—yes—Tinker Bell (voiced by Keira Knightly). It will be curious to see how Syfy spins this—although it did capture positive attention with its recent Alice in Wonderland reboot Alice—but the real kick will be seeing Peter Pan and Captain Hook before their individual metamorphoses. Enter power-hungry Elizabeth Bonny (Anna Friel) and a band of 18th-century pirates whose search for eternal youth eventually helps decide the fate of all characters involved. At first glance, the special effects here look dynamic and the rest of the cast—Bob Hoskins, Charles Dance, Raoul Trujillo, Q’Orianka Kilcher and Cas Anvar—are top notch. Watch for Rowe to deliver an impressive turn as Peter—he manages to capture that internal dilemma of whether to stay in Neverland or “grow up” to winning ends. Watch: Sunday, December 4, and Monday, December 5, 9/8 pm C, Syfy

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as Peter Pan and Q’Orianka Kilcher as Aaya in Neverland.


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Click for the Cause
By Mike Dojc

Touch someone’s heart with the touch of a button.
Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if people’s compulsion to donate to worthy causes was as prevalent as the impulse to add a pack of gum to their grocery cart at checkout? Get in the holiday spirit by putting philanthropy conveniently at your fingertips.

WATch iT noW!
See demos of the apps featured here. Click it with your mobile device...


Primary function: Micro-lender Kiva is a non-profit corporation with a mission to lift people out of poverty by financing entrepreneurial endeavors. Individuals can lend as little as $25 and since Kiva began facilitating loans they have boasted a repayment rate of 98.87%. delightful feature: Search for borrowers by geographic region, gender of the applicant, and business sector— everything from agriculture to wholesale businesses. This app is best for: Those who adhere to the philosophy that if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach him how to fish he will eat for a lifetime. Compatible with: Apple and Android devices. Get it: Free in the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

Rating: eeeee

charity Buzz
Primary function: A fundraising partner for over 1,000 non-profits, think of Charitybuzz as a high end eBay with the proceeds of winning bids benefiting a plethora of worthy causes. Charitybuzz often makes headlines for the one-of-a-kind celebrity experiences they continually offer, everything from a personal serenade by Alicia Keys to a pitch meeting with Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David. delightful feature: Thumb through current featured lots or peruse upcoming auctions to get psyched about how you can make a huge impact on a charity and have a great time doing it. This app is best for: Big-hearted high rollers who like to mix their philanthropy with a little pop culture panache. Compatible with: Apple devices. Get it: Free in the iTunes App Store.

Rating: eee

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Do GooD

Photos © 2011, iKiva; DoGood; CharityBuzz; VolunteerMatch;

Primary function: Proactively contribute to the health and happiness of the planet by mobilizing an army of dogooders. Every day the app suggests one small act of kindness, anything from refraining from using offensive language for 24 hours to giving someone a hug. When the deed is done you simply tap a button to record it for posterity. delightful feature: Pull up the statistics tab to view a chart depicting the number of active good deed doers using the app. And the heat map, which can double as a benevolence hotspot travel guide, will show you where in the world the most dogooders reside. This app is best for: Aspiring good samaritans who just require a gentle nudge in the right direction. Compatible with: Apple and Android devices. Get it: Free in the iTunes App Store or the Android Market.

Rating: eeee

volunteer Match
Primary function: Helps connect prospective volunteers to non-profits and charitable organizations in their community who are on the lookout for new recruits. Find volunteer opportunities near your place of business, school, or residence. delightful feature: Ready to lend a helping hand this coming weekend? Get hooked up with appropriate volunteer listings by tapping into the advanced search section. You can also filter through listings by keywords/skills, age-specific criteria, or even browse virtual opportunities where you can volunteer in the comfort of your own home. This app is best for: Socially responsible folks eager to give back as well as students and recent graduates looking to gain valuable work experience. Compatible with: Apple devices. Get it: Free in the iTunes App Store.

Rating: eee


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