ƌSantaƌs Sen|or ne|persƌ of Lansda|eţ Þennsy|van|aţ Lend a ne|p|ng

nand for no||days
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%-ovember 29ţ2011) Polldays are ƍLhe mosL wonderful Llme of Lhe yearƍ Lo many Ŵ buL lf youƌre
a senlorţ lLƌs also one of Lhe mosL challenglngŦ lf senlorsƌ chlldren canƌL be by Lhelr slde Lo help
Lhem puL all Lhe dresslngs on Lhe holldaysţ 5ontoƌs 5enior ne/pers can! 1hese eldersƌ elves drlve
Lhe carsţ open Lhe doors and walL ln Lhe llnes for Lhelr aglng frlends who canƌL do lL on Lhelr
own anymoreŦ 1hey hunL for dealsţ decoraLeţ wrap Lhe presenLs and help senlors shop onllneŦ
1hey are 5ontoƌs 5enior ne/persţ and Lhey arenƌL from Lhe norLh ÞoleŦ
Careglvers from Senlor Pelpers of Lansdaleţ Þennsylvanla (ÞA)ţ a leadlng lnŴhome elder care
provlderţ are dolng Lhe llLLle Lhlngs and helplng Lhousands of senlors from coasLŴLoŴcoasL
prepare for Lhe holldaysŦ WheLher Lhey need errands runţ cleanlng done or even onllne
shopplng asslsLanceţ 5ontoƌs 5enior ne/pers are lendlng a helplng hand Lo embrace Lhe seasonŦ
ƍ1he holldays can be Lough on senlorsţ especlally Lhose who arenƌL able geL ouL and Lo do Lhlngs
llke Lhey used Loţƍ says !ohn Cabreyţ Cwner of Senlor Pelpers of Lansdaleţ Þennsylvanla (ÞA)Ŧ
ƍWe care for senlors ln Lhelr own homes yearŴround buL Lhe holldays Lend Lo brlng addlLlonal
challenges LhaL requlre an exLra seL of hands and feeLŦ lrom glfL wrap Lo Coogleţ our careglvers
are Laklng care of everyLhlng senlors we care for need Lo celebraLe Lhe holldaysŦƍ
1wo new Lrends many senlors are embraclng Lhls hollday season are more onŴllne shopplng and
lncreased experlmenLaLlon wlLh lnLerneLŴbased LechnologlesŦ 5ontoƌs 5enior ne/pers show
Lhem how Lo flnd Lhe besL deals onllne and help senlors learn Lo use newer communlcaLlon
Loolsţ llke Skype and soclal medla plaLformsţ Lo connecL wlLh famlly and frlends who may be far
ast acts About Sen|ors Cn||neť
% Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ1he number of sen|ors us|ng the Internet has almosL doub|ed s|nce 200S
% Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦS7 percent of sen|ors p|an to shop on||ne for hollday glfLs (laLesL flgures)
% Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦS2 percent plan Lo do at |east x of the|r ho||day shopp|ng onllne (laLesL flgures)
% Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ26 percent of Amer|cans over the age of 6S are us|ng soc|a| networks and onllne*
communlcaLlons Lools
ootceť lew lotetoet Ǝ Ametlcoo llfe ltoject / íxteoJ neoltbţ locŦ
ƍWe work wlLh senlors llvlng on Lhelr own each day and we undersLand how dlfflculL and
frusLraLlng lL can be when Lhey reallze Lhey canƌL do lL all by Lhemselves anymoreţƍ Cabrey saysŦ
ƍ1he holldays can be a hecLlc and physlcally demandlng Llme for a loL of peopleŦ Weƌre helplng
senlors by shoulderlng some of Lhe burden so Lhey can focus on en[oylng Lhe seasonţ whlch ls
really whaL Lhls Llme of year ls all abouLŦƍ
,ed|a Contactť !ohn Cabreyţ %21S) 699ŴS400ţ [cabreyQsen|orhe|persŦcom
ƌSantaƌs Sen|or ne|persƌ of Lansda|eţ Þennsy|van|aţ Lend a ne|p|ng
nand for no||days
lor more lnformaLlon abouL Senlor Pelpersţ please vlslLť
About Sen|or ne|persť
Senlor Pelpers provldes many lnŴhomeţ careglvlng servlces for Lhe elderly ln Lhe Lansdaleţ
uoylesLownţ ChalfonLţ PaLfleldţ and norLh Wales areaŦ We offer exLenslve lnŴhome care
servlces for senlors who embrace Lhelr lndependence and Lhe personal dlgnlLy LhaL goes wlLh lLŦ
Cur lnŴhome care servlces are provlded by bonded and lnsured careglvers all of whom pass a
naLlonal background checkŦ
lf a senlor famlly member needs lnŴhome care servlces ln 8ucks CounLy ÞA and MonLgomery
CounLy ÞAţ we are an excellenL cholce wlLh exemplary referencesŦ lnŴhome care ls Lhe
compasslonaLe cholce for your elderly loved onesƌ conLlnued lndependenL llvlngŦ We promlse
we wlll do our besL Lo make lL a poslLlve experlence for Lhem and youŦ lor more lnformaLlonţ
please vlslLť hLLpť//senlorhelpersŦcom/locaLlon/4209Ŧ

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