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World Trade Center Demolition: 35 Reasons for Many Small Fission Nu...

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world trade center demolition

Thursday, July 02, 2009

35 Reasons for Many Small Fission Nukes at the WTC

1) heat generation at ground zero for six months (china syndrome) 2) inability to quench ground zero heat with water 3) red hot/molten steel at ground zero 4) missing core columns from ground zero (vaporized during destruction) 5) spreading of sand at ground zero consistent with attempts to limit radiation 6) washing of steel recovered from pile consistent with radiation decontamination 7) extreme security for ground zero steel shipments consistent with limiting access to radioactive steel 8) extreme security at ground zero, limiting exposure, view of devastation 9) extreme pulverization of WTC concrete into very fine particles 10) disappearance of over one thousand human bodies from WTC debris 11) disappearance of furniture, phones, filing cabinets and computers from WTC debris 12) disappearance of elevator doors, office doors, office cubicle walls, toilets and sinks from WTC debris 13) several floor fragments fused together in meteorite object 14) bone fragments sprayed into Bankers Trust upper floor during destruction 15) multiple blast waves during destruction of tower 16) large fireballs during initiation of WTC1 destruction 17) small backpack-sized fission nukes exist 18) fission-nuke technology well-established 19) low efficiency of fission nukes ensures leftover radioactive fragments and China syndrome 20) EMP formation during tower destruction (exploding cars, partial burning) 21) Description of heat in WTC blast cloud 22) Extensive cover-up of ground zero air by EPA 23) High rate of cancers, including thyroid cancer typically associated with radiation exposure, in ground zero responders 24) Melted, hanging skin in WTC survivor Felipe David in absence of fire 25) Vaporized press and crumpled steel door in WTC basement reported by Pecoraro 26) Steel beam bent in U, without cracking, evidence of extreme high temps 27) Steel beam bent in U has layer of molten metal on surface 28) Extreme overall devastation of two massive towers and blasted out Ground Zero aftermath 29) Appearance of fantastical, nonsensical DEW theory by likely govt

This blog will deal with the the destruction of the world trade center buildings 1, 2 and 7 on 9/11/01, and in particular will focus on the idea that the towers were brought down by nuclear demolition.

About Me
Name: spooked Location: United States The official 9/11 story is a lie. The 9/11 plane hijackings and crashes were clever hoaxes. The WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7 towers were brought down by demolition, and there is evidence for the use of small nuclear bombs in the demolition of WTC1 and 2. All in all, 9/11 was a massive and cruel hoax foisted upon the world, done in order to spark the obscene "war on terror", to cover up financial fraud and to further the ends of the global elite. 9/11 was only the most egregious of several other recent false-flag terror operations. View my complete profile More 9/11 Links (Note: I present a wide variety of 9/11 sites here for the purposes of diversity. I leave it up to you to judge their content.) General 9/11 Sites 9/11 Blimp 9/11 Busters 9/11 CGI Watch 9/11 Closeup (Gerard Holmgren) 9/11 Complicity 9/11 Cover-Up 9/11 Dossier (UK) 9/11 Encyclopedia 9/11 Foreknowledge 9/11 Hoax 9/11 Oddities 9/11 Overview 9/11 Oz (Australian) 9/11 Plot 9/11 Proof 9/11 Research (Jim Hoffman)

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11/30/2011 5:39 PM

World Trade Center Demolition: 35 Reasons for Many Small Fission Nu...

agents-- uses evidence of nukes (EMP, extreme pulverization of tower into dust) but denies nukes at all costs 30) Appearance of fantastical, nonsensical thermite (super nano-thermite) theory by likely govt agents-- uses evidence of nukes (molten steel, china syndrome) but denies nukes at all costs 31) Small iron microspheres found by Jones et al in WTC dust evidence of steel vaporization by high temps of nukes 32) Pyroclastic debris cloud during WTC destruction 33) Upwards jutting debris trails reminiscent of debris trails formed during underground nuke test 34) Small bright flashes during destruction of both towers 35) Extremely compacted ground zero debris posted by spooked @ 4:54 AM Bookmark and Share

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11/30/2011 5:39 PM

World Trade Center Demolition: 35 Reasons for Many Small Fission Nu...

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11/30/2011 5:39 PM

World Trade Center Demolition: 35 Reasons for Many Small Fission Nu...

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11/30/2011 5:39 PM

World Trade Center Demolition: 35 Reasons for Many Small Fission Nu...

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11/30/2011 5:39 PM

World Trade Center Demolition: 35 Reasons for Many Small Fission Nu...

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The Official 9/11 Story IS a Conspiracy Theory!

9/11 was a conspiracy, as it involved several people conspiring to commit a crime. The official 9/11 narrative, as codified by the 9/11 Commission Report, is NOT proven as the most likely explanation for the events of 9/11/01. The official 9/11 story is therefore a theory. This means that the OFFICIAL 9/11 Story is really a "CONSPIRACY THEORY"!

Statement of Principles
I have no fondness for any religion, as I think it makes people do extreme and violent things. Islamic terrorists do exist and I detest them as much as I detest the true perpetrators of 9/11. Most likely Islamic terrorists were used as patsies in 9/11, as part of a highly organized covert operation by a group affiliated with the US goverment and US military.

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11/30/2011 5:39 PM