Microsoft Windows Server System Customer Solution Case Study

Fast Food Restaurant Lowers Cost of Operations with Business Intelligence

Country or Region: India Industry: Food and Drug Retailing Customer Profile Sahsha Foods, a startup in the food and beverage market space, is promoting the concept of quick service Indian food in India and overseas. Being the first of its kind in India, Sahsha Foods is planning over 100 outlets in the next three years. Business Situation Competing with established brands, Khaaja Chowk required a comprehensive IT solution to manage its operations as well as maintain quality. Solution The Fortune Restaurant and Bar solution is based on client/server architecture, with Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 and SQL Server™ 2000 forming the backbone of the solution. Benefits  Gets up and running quickly  Lowers cost of operations  Improves manageability  Standardizes processes  Future-proofs IT investment

“We chose Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 as it has the lowest acquisition cost as well as the lowest total cost of ownership.”
Vikram Nair, Managing Director, Sahsha Foods

Sahsha Foods opened its first Indian fast food restaurant, called Khaaja Chowk, in a suburb of New Delhi. A new entrant in the market, it has to contend with competition from fast food chains, attracting and retaining the best talent, and offering high-quality food consistently and at reasonable prices. For Khaaja Chowk to grow into a chain of successful restaurants, it has to lower its cost of operations and maintain quality at all times. To do this, the company decided to implement a hospitality solution that would take care of inventory, stores, and billing, and provide reports to help management plan and execute better. With this objective, Sahsha Foods partnered with IDS, a leader in hospitality solutions. IDS implemented its Fortune Restaurant and Bar (R&B) solution on Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003. This solution was customized to meet Khaaja Chowk’s requirements.

placed in the restaurant. Sahsha Foods had to ensure that its costs remain under control. is also used for billing purposes. The company uses the auto-rickshaw (a three-wheeler used as public transport across the country) as its brand ambassador. using the Windows Server™ 2003 operating system and SQL Server™ 2000. Manager. . Windows Small Business Server 2003 was implemented by IDS in just one day. With these objectives in mind. we required only two terminals. in Gurgaon. for specifying ingredients and menu items. however. To generate reports on what items are doing well. while food quality does not suffer. a suburb of New Delhi. we realised that Microsoft [Windows®] Small Business Server 2003 offers the most comprehensive price-performance. With Small Business Server and Fortune R&B. This solution has been developed on Microsoft® Windows Server System™ integrated server software. we wanted to implement a solution that could grow to meet our requirements in the future. Sahsha Foods.” comments Ankur. and how to expand the menu. Also. To succeed as a new entrant in this market. However. Over a period of 15 days. we did not want a complex IT infrastructure.” Ankur Tiwari. The company hopes to expand into a national fast food chain over the next few years. for instance. the IDS team worked closely with the IT team at Sahsha Foods to establish various parameters. Manager of Operations and Information Technology. “To begin operations in a 98-seat restaurant.“Being a small organization. and has even placed one in the restaurant itself. with razor-thin margins and high turnover. we have futureproofed. a leading provider of software solutions for the hospitality industry. the company needed an IT solution with built-in business intelligence. Sahsha Foods. and manage billing. “Looking at the small size of our organization. This restaurant brings Indian street food into a fast food environment.” comments Ankur Tiwari. Operations Situation Sahsha Foods India Private Limited was founded in 2003 and has recently opened its first restaurant. Solution IDS suggested that Sahsha Foods implement its Fortune Restaurant and Bar (R&B) solution. Then it took another day to deploy the Fortune R&B solution. A LAN was set up initially with one client computer and one server computer. improve business operations. The server. The fast food business is highly competitive. an Indian fast food restaurant called Khaaja Chowk. The next step was to customize the application to Khaaja Chowk’s requirements. which items should be removed. The company approached IDS Softwares Private Limited. the restaurant decided to begin operations only after implementing an IT solution that would help reduce costs. it required data that would help the organization streamline items offered on the menu.

“This process helped us lay a strong foundation for the business. store inventory. This is a big achievement. Sahsha Foods. Future-Proofs IT Investment While the organization was looking for a simple solution.” comments Ankur. and so forth. This solution also has Billing and Cashiering modules. Lowers Cost of Operations Entering a competitive market is never easy. it has been able to implement a simple and manageable solution. R&B has been deployed at the Commissary (central production unit/kitchen) of Khaaja Chowk. The restaurant has benefited from a hospitality solution that has enabled it to maintain quality and lower costs at the same time. Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 and Fortune R&B provide a future roadmap for growth for the company. Standardizes Processes During the parameterization process. and has built-in security features. explains Vikram Nair. the organization did not want to hire additional people to maintain its IT infrastructure. as it enables standardization of processes. the company required a stable infrastructure that would help with all operational activities of the restaurant. With Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003. this investment has been made with a long-term view.” . and maintaining a record of raw materials used. With the help of its IT infrastructure. which is a modular solution.Fortune R&B. such as generating the cost of each dish. provides an integrated Food and Beverage (F&B) and Materials Management module. Materials Management allows inventory of raw materials as well as half-cooked food items. Benefits Khaaja Chowk has become a popular destination for customers ranging from college students to families with children to young professionals. Sahsha Foods. As a small startup. Gets Up and Running Quickly “The solution was ready for use in less than 20 days. Sahsha Foods had to lay down its standards by creating masters that include menu items. Khaaja Chowk has been able to lower the cost of operations considerably. Improves Manageability Sahsha Foods wanted to deploy a technology infrastructure that would be easy to manage. Managing Director. especially for a company venturing into the fast food business for the first time. The F&B module allows for both issue-based costing and recipe-based costing. With plans to create a national fast food chain. Windows Server. call the Microsoft Sales Information Center at (800) 426-9400.idsfortune. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES. Microsoft Windows Server System Microsoft Windows Server System is a line of integrated and manageable server software designed to reduce the complexity and cost of IT. go to: www. call the Microsoft Canada Information Centre at (877) For more information about IDS products and stem Software and Services  © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights Customers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in the United States or (905) 568-9641 in Canada. please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. call 91-0124-5019113. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. To access information using the World Wide Web. the Windows logo. This case study is for informational purposes only. In For more information about Sahsha Foods products and services. Microsoft. EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. For more information about Windows Server System. Outside the 50 United States and Canada. Windows Server System enables you to spend less time and budget on managing your systems so that you can focus your resources on other priorities for you and your business. Ltd. Outlook.For More Information For more information about Microsoft products and services. IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published November 2005 Products − Microsoft Office 2000 Professional − Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 − Microsoft Visual Basic version 6. Visual Basic. call 91-1133479687 or visit the Web site at: www.0 − Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 − Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 − Microsoft SQL Server 2000 − Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Hardware   Intel Xeon server computers Pentium IV desktop computers Partner  IDS Softwares Pvt. go to: www. . and Windows Server System are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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