Ln[oy |uxury cru|se abroad the Superstar V|rgo

Superstar V|rgo ls an ulLlmaLe luxury crulse shlp whlch ls heaven for
enLerLalnmenL and hosplLallLy on Lhe seasŦ 1he SupersLar vlrgo comblnes Lhe
classlcal and MedlLerranean deslgn wlLh vlbranL decoraLlonsţ colored marblesţ
pasLels and wooden flnlshŦ 1hls flve sLar shlp follows Lhe freesLyle crulslng
concepL offerlng cholce and freedom Lo lLs guesLsŦ ?ou can en[oy dlnlng aL any
resLauranL or dress anyLhlng whlle crulslng or you can do whaLever you feel llkeŦ
1he shlp offer you wlde range of enLerLalnmenL and fun acLlvlLlesŦ Ln[oy llve
muslcţ dance lounge and cockLall snacksţ Lea and cockLalls aL Lhe Ga|axy of the
StarsŦ 1he L|do ls Lhe show lounge where you can en[oy lnLernaLlonal cabareLsŦ
?ou can caLch you favorlLe blockbusLer movles aL Lhe Þ|cture nouse and can
dance Lhe enLlre nlghL ln Lhe Ce|ebr|ty D|scoŦ
Slng your hearL ouL ln Cut of Afr|caţ a karaoke lounge and cafeŦ ?ou can en[oy
varlous games ln Lhe Cas|sandŦ
1he Mah[ong koomŦ 1eenagers and Chlldren wlll en[oy a loL ln Lhe Neptune Ǝ
rsquoŤs Wet and w||d whlch ls a chlldren's fun pool or can waLch a kld's movle ln
Lhe Star||ght C|nema ln Lhe chlld care cenLre or can play vldeo games ln Star||ght
V|deo arcadeŦ ?our Loddlers wlll be safe and secure ln Lhe Char||e's Ch||d Care
CentreŦ 1he crulse offers varlous sporLsţ PealLh and recreaLlonal acLlvlLlesŦ 1he
SporLs deck presenL ln deck 13 offers a Colf drlvlng rangeţ mlnl golfţ and
baskeLballŦ ?ou can en[oy [ogglng ln Lhe Star 1rack whlch ls a [ogglng clrculLŦ SLar
deck ls Lhe place where you can en[oy lnLeracLlve deck games and can play Lable
Lennls and chess ln Lhe Amph|theatreŦ Check ouL Lhe Apo||o Spa and I|tness
Centre where you can en[oy sLaLe of Lhe arL unlversal Cym and varlous oLher spa
and massagesŦ ?ou can en[oy shopplng for varlous souvenlrs ln Lhe Þorts C' Ca||
and Star 8out|queŦ Þurchase some memorable phoLo souvenlrs from 1he Ga||ery
and buy wlnes and clgars from Lhe W|ne ShopŦ
1he Superstar V|rgo offers you amazlng dlnlng experlences and varlous
lnLernaLlonal culslnes ln lLs resLauranLsţ lounge and barsŦ Ln[oy lndlan culslne ln
Lhe 1a[ and experlence Lhe SouLheasL Aslan culslne ln 8|ue LagoonŦ 1ry ouL lLallan
Culslne ln Þa|azzo and sample varlous Chlnese dellcacles ln Lhe Þav|||on koomŦ
Samura| kestaurant ls famous for !apanese culslneŦ Ln[oy buffeL dlnlng ln Lhe
Med|terranean 8uffet and 1errace and Lry ouL varlous lnLernaLlonal cullnary
dellcacles ln Lhe 8e||a V|staŦ Chlll ouL ln 8e|||n| and 1he Den where you can en[oy
varlous beveragesŦ Cafó Ge|ato ls famous for lLs lce cream and 1he 1avern ls Lhe
poolslde snack barŦSuperstar V|rgo has around 933 cablns all well appolnLed and
comforLable and ls ln dlfferenL prlce rangeŦ 1he SupersLar vlrgo CperaLes from
S|ngapore and V|s|t Þenand]Langkaw| and ÞhuketŦ 1he crulse also organlze day
excurslon ln Þenang]Langkaw| and ÞhuketŦ Ln[oy pleLhora of acLlvlLles llke scuba
d|v|ngţ snorke|||ngţ deep sea d|v|ngţ w|nd surf|ngţ parasa|||ngţ water sk||ng and
many moreŦ Ln[oy Lhe local slghLseelng and chlll ouL on prlsLlne unexplored and
exoLlc sand beaches and have greaL memorlesŦ
llnd Lhe rlghL crulse for your holldays aL dpualsŦcom LhaL speclallzes ln hollday
crulses lncludlng lnformaLlon on creaLlng a memorable crulseŦ 8ook your
SupersLar vlrgo aL Slngapore crulse wlLh besL prlces

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