1hlngs Lo uo ln Slngapore

S|ngapore s|zz|e and dazz|e w|th energyţ youthfu|ness and |s a modern country wh|ch offers
a un|que exper|ence to the v|s|torsŦ
Slngapore ls an unlque and modern desLlnaLlon whlch offers unmaLched hosplLallLyŤ sLaLe of
Lhe arL man made aLLracLlonsŤ amazlng foodŤ rlch culLural fuslon of enLlre souLh AslaŤ all
comblned perfecLly Lo creaLe a gllLzyţ Lrendy LourlsL desLlnaLlonŦ Slngaporeţ a small lsland
naLlon ls locaLed aL a crlLlcal geographlc poslLlon ln SouLh Asla and as a resulL ls an unlque
melLlng poL of lndlanţ Chlneseţ 1halţ Malayţ lndoneslan culLureŦ 1he Slngapore's unlque selllng
polnL ls lLs unlque man made aLLracLlons llke SenLosa lslandţ Slngapore PlŴllyerţ nlghL Safarl
eLc and lLs professlonal hosplLallLy and anclllary servlces add up lLs charmŦ Cne amazlng
observaLlonŤ Slngaporeţ desplLe lacklng any naLural aLLracLlonsţ manages Lo bulld amazlng
arLlflclal aLLracLlons and have markeLed Lhem very efflclenLly and effecLlvelyŦ 1hls has resulLed
ln huge LourlsL fooLfalls ln Slngapore and why noL! When amazlng aLLracLlons llke underwaLer
Worldţ !urong 8lrd Þarkţ nlghL safarl and 8esorLs World SenLosa provlde memorable
experlencesŦ Spend Llme admlrlng Lhe Slngapore skyllne from Slngapore PlŴflyer or see Lhe
pulsaLlng Slngapore nlghL l1 raceŤ CeL Lhrllled ln Lhe nlghL Safarl or swlm wlLh magnlflcenL
sharks ln Lhe underwaLer Worldţ whaLever you doţ Lhls counLry wlll always charm you wlLh lLs
unlque fuslon culLureţ sLaLe of Lhe arL Lechnologyţ efflclenL hosplLallLy and servlces and Lop of
Lhe world amazlng aLLracLlons whlch sLrlve hard Lo offer you Lhe value for money experlencesŦ
1haL ls whyŤ Lhe counLry Lakes prlde by calllng lL º?our Slngapore"Ŧ Slngapore en[oys Lroplcal
cllmaLe round Lhe yearŦ 1he average maxlmum LemperaLure hovers around 32¨C whlle Lhe
average mlnlmum LemperaLure does noL go beyond 23¨CŦ Average relaLlve humldlLy remalns
consLanL beLween 70 Lo 80 percenLŦ Slngapore belng mulLlculLural and locaLed ln a crlLlcal
[uncLlon of SouLheasL Asla has Lhe lnfluence of enLlre reglon ln lLs dlsLlncLlve culslneŦ Slngapore
has successfully carved a speclal place ln Lhe world for lLs unlque and lnnovaLlve culslneŦ
Slngapore's has flve predomlnanLly and dlsLlncLlve culslnes Ŷ lndlanţ Malayţ 1halţ Chlnese and
S|ngapore dest|nat|on has loLs of aLLracLlons meanL for all segmenLs of LourlsLŦ Slngapore's
aLLracLlon offers hlgh quallLy experlence and ls renowned for lLs managemenL and quallLyŦ vlslL
Lhe nlghL Safarl whlch ls an Amazlng LourlsL aLLracLlon of SlngaporeŦ WaLch varlous anlmals ln
Lhelr naLural locaLlon aL nlghL and geL enLhralled by amazlng performances of pyroLechnlcsţ
1rlbal uance and flre eaLlng and much moreŦ vlslL Lhe Slngapore PlŴllyer and en[oy a [oy rlde ln
Lhe World's LargesL CbservaLlon Wheel Ŷ Slngapore llyerŦ vlslL Lhe !urong 8lrd Þark and learn
a greaL deal abouL rare specles of blrdsŦ CeL amazed by waLchlng varlous blrd performancesŦ
See Lhe unlversal SLudlo ls one of Lhe popular LourlsL aLLracLlons of SlngaporeŦ vlslL Lhe unlque
world of funţ enLerLalnmenLţ Lhrlll and exclLemenL ln Asla's second unlversal SLudlosŦ Ln[oy
SenLosa lslandţ Slngapore's enLerLalnmenL and hosplLallLy hubŦ vlslL some greaL Lheme parks
and geL enLhralled by some amazlng performancesŦ 3 ln 1 Plppo 1our ls a unlque way of seelng
Slngapore and en[oy duck Lourţ an amphlblous clLy bus LourŦ Slngapore offers so much LhaL
one vlslL ls noL enoughţ you wlll have Lo come here agalnŦ lL ls Lhe charm of lLs culLureţ
LradlLlons and some amazlng arLlflclal aLLracLlons and acLlvlLles wlll aLLracL you agaln Lowards
SlngaporeŦ Ln[oy Lhe aLLracLlons and acLlvlLles of Slngapore and have an unmaLched
experlence of your enLlre llfeŦ
1he lnformaLlon ln Lhe arLlcle ls provlded by dpauls Lour and Lravel LhaL offer S|ngapore
Þackages and S|ngapore S|ghtsee|ng Lours aL besL prlcesŦ CeL besL deals on honeymoon
Þackages and ho||day packages aL hLLpť//dpaulsŦcomŦ

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