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Page 016 // Tutorial Activity: PowerPoint Animation 1

Custom Animation: ______________________________________________________________________.

TASK 1 // Slide #1: (Animate)
Animate each element differently. Then pre-
view this slide. 

To animate, right click on the object that
you want to animate then choose custom ani-
In the Custom Animation Wizard Box, click
on ADD EFFECT then choose ENTRANCE to
animate the Entrance of the object. Choose an
animation that you like.
Look! As you animate an element, it shows up in
the ANIMATION LIST in the ORDER that it will be
animated in. 

Preview the animation order by clicking on PRE-

Task 2 // Slide #1: (Order)
Change the ORDER in which the animation will
be played.
Task 5 // Slide #1: (Make an Exit) 
On the Animation List, click and drag the You can add EXIT and EMPHASIS Animations to your object
list to reorder the animation to play in this
order:  On the SLIDE STAGE, right—click on the object you want to
(1) Word Art #2, (2) Lilies Picture, (3) Word add an EXIT animation to. Then click ADD EFFECT then EXIT to
Art #1 add another animation.
Don’t click on the object in the ANIMATION LIST, you’ll change 
Preview the animation order by clicking on the ENTRANCE animation.
On your own…
Task 3 // Slide #1: (Adjust Speed Prop- Now you try it. Follow
erties) the instructions listed
You can change the way that these animations on the bottom of SLIDES 2-7 and animate the PICTURES as de-
happen. scribed. Show Mr. Aguda when you’re done for a stamp. 

On the ANIMATION Wizard box, change the Slide #2: Animate in this order: (1) Sunset, (2) Winter Trees, (3)
speed and direction of the animation. Don’t Water Lilies, (4) Blue Hills
change the START properties yet!! Slide #3: Animate in this order: (1) Winter Trees, (2) Water lil-
ies, (3) Blue Hills, (4) Sunset
Slide #4: Rearrange animation in this order: (1) Blue HIlls, (2)
Task 4 // Slide #1: (Change the anima- Sunset, (3) Winter Trees (4) Water Lilies.
tion) Slide #5: Exits. Make an ENTRANCE ANIMATION in ANY ORDER.
If you don’t like the animation, you can still change it! Then Exit in the following order (1) Trees, (2) Blue Hills, (3) Sun-
set, (4) Lilies. 
On the ANIMATION LIST, click on the object you want to Slide #6: Adjust Speed and change 1 animation: Copy Slide #5
change. Then click CHANGE to change the desired animation. and change 1 animation. Then adjust the speed for the EN-
Don’t click on the object in the slide stage, you’ll add another TRANCE ONLY as follows. (1) Slow, (2) Fast, (3) Very Fast, (4)
animation to the same object. Very Slow.

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