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DirectStim System

BJ Services patented and patent-pending DirectStim services provide direct and precise stimulation fluid placement throughout the wellbore, resulting in greater stimulation coverage and increased access to reserves. The DirectStim frac sleeve completion system comprises multiple ball-activated frac sleeves with varying inside diameters, a hydraulically activated frac port at the toe, and packers for isolation. This technology can greatly improve hydrocarbon production by providing optimal stimulation at multiple points in open or cased holes. The DirectStim system eliminates the need for time-consuming perforating runs during frac operations. Since activation balls are designed to roll off the seat during flowback, the system allows for formation cleanup and production from multiple zones after stimulation.

Features and Benefits

Precise stimulation placement along the horizontal leg or vertical section Continuous frac treatments can reduce pumping costs and standby charges; thereby, decreasing overall completion costs One-trip installations Effective sealing between exit points using inflatable, swellable or BJ Services Bearfoot DS openhole packers Patented, field-proven frac port design Slimline, robust design allows for faster, problemfree installations Broader coverage in the pay zone Hydrocarbons available for market sale immediately after treatment Improved site safety by eliminating perforating guns Can complete up to 20 zones in a single well with certain sizes Full bore after drillout

Multizone completions Zonal isolation Unconventional reservoirs Low-permeability formations Designed for use in horizontal openhole completions but the system can be easily configured for use in cemented liner applications in either vertical or horizontal wellbores

DirectStim System
Technical Data
Differential pressure rating ...................... up to 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa) DirectStim System
Tool Size in. 2 7/8 3 1/2* 4 1/2* 5 1/2 mm 73.0 88.9 114.3 139.7 Stages Available for Standard System Configuration 5 15 20 20 Standard Working Temperature F 300 300 300 300 C 149 149 149 149 Thread Connection** in. 2 7/8 EUE 3 1/2 EUE 4 1/2 LTC 5 1/2 LTC mm 73.0 88.9 114.3 139.7

More stages are available in multisize systems. Contact your BJ Services representative for further information on these systems and HP/HT applications. Premium threads available.

Bearfoot DS packer data sheet Single-set inflatable packer data sheet Inflatable annulus packer data sheet

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