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Project work submitted in HR specialization

Project work centre

Under the Guidance Project submitted
Sr. Manager (P&A)
THDC ndia Ltd

Laloui voIfaio voik ains al pioviding such soivico faciIilios and anonilios vhich onalIo
lho voikois onpIoyod in an oiganizalion lo poifoin lhoii voik in hoaIlhy congoniaI
suiiounding conduclivo lo good hoaIlh and high noiaIo.
Laloui voIfaio is a conpiohonsivo loin incIuding vaiious soivicos, lonofils and faciIilios
offoiod ly lho onpIoyoi. Thiough such gonoious fiingo lonofils lho onpIoyoi nakos Iifo
voilh Iiving foi onpIoyoos. Tho voIfaio anonilios aio oxlondod in addilionaI lo noinaI
vagos and olhoi ocononic iovaids avaiIalIo lo onpIoyoos as poi lho IogaI piovisions.
WoIfaio noasuios nay aIso lo piovidod ly lho govoinnonl, liado unions and non-
govoinnonl agoncios in addilion lo lho onpIoyoi. InloinalionaI Laloui Oiganizalion
offoils lo nako Iifo voilh Iiving foi voikois Accoiding lo lho Oxfoid diclionaiy WoIfaio is
fundanonlaIIy an alliludo of nind on lho pail of nanagononl infIuoncing lho nolhod ly
vhich nanagononl aclivilios aio undoilakon.

Tho lasic puiposo of Ialoui voIfaio is lo oniich lho Iifo of onpIoyoos and koop lhon
happy and conlonlod. WoIfaio faciIilios onalIo voikois lo havo a iichoi and noio salisfying
Iifo. Il iaisos lho slandaid of Iiving of voikois ly indiioclIy ioducing lho luidon on lhoii
WoIfaio noans inpioving, faiing oi doing voII. Il is a conpiohonsivo loin, and iofois lo
lho physicaI, nonlaI, noiaI and onolionaI voII-loing of an individuaI. Iuilhoi, lho loin
voIfaio is a ioIalivo concopl, ioIalivo in lino and spaco. Il lhoiofoio, vaiios fion lino lo lino,
iogion lo iogion and fion counliy lo counliy. Laloui voIfaio is an inpoilanl aspocl in
ovoiy oiganizalion vilh sono addod inconlivos vhich onalIo lho voikois lo Ioad a doconl
Iifo. Thoio aio sovoiaI agoncios invoIvod in lho Ialoui voIfaio voik nanoIy lho conliaI
govoinnonl, onpIoyois liado union and olhoi sociaI soivico oiganizalion. WoIfaio soivicos
nay lioadIy lo cIassifiod inlo lvo calogoiios:-
1) InlianuiaI
2) LxlianuiaI

In oidoi lo gol lho losl oul of a voikoi in lho nalloi of pioduclion, voiking condilion is
ioquiiod lo lo inpiovod lo Iaigo oxlonl. Tho voik pIaco shouId piovido ioasonalIo
anonilios foi lho voikois ossonliaI nood.
Today vaiious nodicaI soivicos Iiko hospilaI, cIinicaI and disponsaiy faciIilios aio
piovidod ly oiganizalions nol onIy lo lho onpIoyoos lul aIso lo lhoii faniIy nonlois.
NoinaIIy voIfaio and iocioalionaI lonofils incIudos canloons, housing, lianspoilalion,
oducalion olc.
Labour welfare is a term which must necessarily be elastic ,bearing a somewhat
different interpretation in one country according to the different social customs, the
degree of industrialization and educational level of the workers.
n ndia, welfare is of the statutory and the non statutory kinds. Though statutory
welfare ensures the minimum of facilities and reasonably good working condition,
employers are free to provide, non statutory welfare. However, practically all
organizations in ndia provide non statutory measure in varying degrees. Why is
such organization involved in extensive welfare measures? These questions can be
viewed from the point of view of workers, the unions, and the employers.
From the point of view of workers, welfare measures must eliminate risk and
insecurity. This is to ensure their personal safety and provide them with equipment
and atmosphere needed to draw a fair day's wage without any feeling of guilt. Given
workers economics constraints, probably due to large families, organizations should
provide facilities such as transport, medical aid, crches, and subsidized food
required by the workers.
* Employee welfare is a comprehensive term including various services, facilities
and amenities provided to employees for their betterment.

* The basic purpose in to improve the lot of the working class.

* Employee welfare is a dynamic concept.

* Employee welfare measures are also known as fringe benefits and services.

* Welfare measures may be both voluntary and statutory.

* t helps to improve.
* t improves the loyalty and morale of the employees.
* t reduces labor turnover and absenteeism.
* Welfare measures help to improve the goodwill and public image of the enterprise.
* t helps to improve industrial relations and industrial peace.
* t helps to improve employee productivity.
* t help to improve employees quality of working life.

Neighborhood safety and cleanliness.
Workshop (room) sanitation and cleanliness, temperature, humidity, ventilation,
Distribution of working hours and provision for rest interval, meal time and break.
Provision of drinking water: - water cooler.
Canteen Services: - full meal, snacks, refreshment etc.
Factory health centers: - dispensary, ambulance, emergency aid, family planning
ndoor games: - strenuous games to be avoided during of work.
Reading room: - library, audio visual education, literacy classes, adult education.
Antenatal and postnatal care, maturity aid, crche and child care.
Progress of the employees in his/her works his /her adjustment problems with regard
to machine and workload.
Bachelors quarters, family residences according to types and rooms.
Nursery, Primary, Secondary and High school.
Games, clubs, craft- centers.
Road, lightings, parks, playgrounds.
Watch and ward:- security.
Banks and transport facilities, post office, cooperative stores.
1) To sludy lho voIfaio faciIilios piovidod lo onpIoyoos ly Nagpui Aioa Offico WCL.
2) To sludy hov lho oiganizalion nolivalo lho onpIoyoos ly idonlifying and salisfying
lhoii unsalisfiod noods.
3) To knov vhich spociaI faciIilios aio piovidod lo iosoivod cIass calogoiios Iiko SC, ST,
OC olc.. ly lho oiganizalion.

Rosoaich is lho piocoss of syslonalic and in-doplh sludy oi soaich foi any pailicuIai lopic,
suljocl oi aioa of invosligalion, lackod ly coIIoclion, conpiIalion, piosonlalion and
inloipiolalion of ioIovanl dolaiIs oi dala. Rosoaich nolhodoIogy is a vay lo syslonalicaIIy
soIvo lho iosoaich piolIon. Il nay lo undoislood as a scionco of sludying hov iosoaich is
dono scionlificaIIy.
Rosoaich nay dovoIop hypolhosis and losl il. In il vo sludy lho vaiious slops lhal aio
gonoiaIIy adoplod ly lho iosoaichoi in sludying his iosoaich piolIon aIong vilh lho Iogic
lohind lhon.
Rosoaich nusl lo lasod on facl olsoivalIo dala foins a sound lasis foi iosoaich
induclivo invosligalion Ioad lolloi suppoil lo iosoaich finding foi anaIyzing facls a scionlific
nolhodoIogy of anaIysis nusl lo dovoIopod and iosuIl inloipiolod IogicaIIy.
Il is nocossaiy foi lho iosoaichoi lo knov nol onIy lho iosoaich nolhod oi lochniquos lul
aIso lho nolhodoIogy. Thus, vhon vo laIk of iosoaich nolhodoIogy vo nol onIy laIk of lho
iosoaich nolhods lul aIso considoi lho Iogic lohind lho nolhods vo uso in lho conloxl of
oui iosoaich sludy and oxpIain vhy vo aio using a pailicuIai nolhod oi lochniquo and vhy
vo aio nol using olhois so lhal iosoaich iosuIls aio capalIo of loing ovaIualod oilhoi ly lho
iosoaichoi hinsoIf oi ly olhois.
Rosoaich piolIons vouId iosuIl in coilain concIusions ly noans of IogicaI anaIysis vhich
lho docision-nakoi nay uso foi his aclion oi soIulion.

a. Primary Data:-
Primary data are the data gathered for the specific research project and are
directly taken from the very source of information.
. Personal nterviews with the Employees of THDC NDA LTD.
. Responses of Employees through Questionnaire.
-. Secondary Data:-
Secondary data are the data, which already exists and were collected for some
other purpose or for similar previous studies. Secondary data were proved to be
instrumental in structuring the questions to be asked for collecting primary data.
. Various books on Human resources.
. Website of THDC NDA LTD.,
. THDC NDA LTD. documents and magazines.
V. Journals

The present study on "Employee Welfare has been conducted in THDC ndia Ltd Corporate
Office Rishikesh . The work is limited to the study of the scheme of "Employee Welfare in
achieving its desired objectives in the project. Relevant data have been collected and
analyzed and then broad generalizations were made. The conclusions are based on the
arguments that have been derived from analysis of such data and the aim has been to
consider the scheme in all its essential manifestations.
To conduct any research, adoption of a scientific method is a prerequisite. n practice
it is difficult to collect information from all the employees. So, the sample of respondents was
decided through stratified random sampling. The sample size of 60 proportionately
represents the different categories of employees viz. Executives, supervisors, workmen etc.

1) Tho sludy doos nol covoi lho onliio voik foi as sanpIo sizo is 72.
2) Tho sludy is lasod on a pailicuIai cIass of onpIoyoos i.o. Officoi, cIoik olc.
3) Tho iosuIl doponds on lho ansvois iocoivod fion iospondonl vhich nay lo liasod.

THDC ndia limited (THDCL), a joint venture of Govt. of ndia and Govt. of UP was
incorporated as a Limited Company under the Companies act, 1956 , n July 88 to
develop, operate and maintain the Tehri Hydro Power Complex and Hydro Projects
with equity participation in the ratio 3:1 by Govt. of UP. The corporation has an
authorized capital of Rs.4000 Crores.
Ministry of Power, GO has THDCL as 'Mini Ratna- Cateegory-1' PSE and given
schedule 'A' status thereby making it eligible for enhanced delegation of powers.
The Government approved the implementation of Tehri Dam and HPP Stage- (1000
MW) in March,1994, alongwith the essential works of Pumped Storage Plant and
committed works of Koteshwar HEP. Other components of the Tehri Power
Complex, viz., Koteshwar Project, and the Pumped Storage Plant, were envisaged to
be taken up at a later stage
The Koteshwar HEP (400 MW) was approved for implementation by the Government
in April'2000. nvestment approval has been accorded by the Government in July'06
to the Tehri PSP(1000 MW), the first Pumped Storage Scheme in the Central sector
which would utilize the Tehri & Koteshwar reservoirs as the requisite upstream &
downstream reservoirs.
Govt. of ndia has accorded nvestment Approval for execution of 444 MW
Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project (VPHEP) on River Alaknanda in Aug'
Govt. of Uttarakhand has also entrusted Hydro Projects to THDC in Bhagirathi,
Alaknanda and Sarda Valleys in Uttarakhand, totaling to 760 MW.
Govt. of Uttarakhand has accorded n-principle approval to allot Kishau Multi
Purpose Project (600 MW) on river Tons, a tributary of Yamuna. Govt. of ndia has
given approval for updation of DPR of the Project by THDC.
THDC is presently implementing the Tehri hydro power complex (2400MW) on the
river Bhagirathi comprising of Tehri hydro plant(1000MW), Koteshwar HPP(400) and
Tehri PSP(1000MW) out of which Tehri HPP has been completed.
The other projects under construction is Vishnugadh pipalkoti HPP(444MW) on the
river Alaknanda. THDCL has entered into the MOU with nuclear power Corporation
of ndia Ltd. (NPCL) to synergize strength and competencies for development of
hydro power projects including pumped storage schemes in the country. Govt. of
Maharashtra has allotted 2 PSPs namely Malshej Ghat (600MW) on river Kalu and
Humbarli on Vazarde Nalah (a tributary of Koyna river) to the joint venture of
THDCL and NPCL for updation of DPR and subsequent implementation subject to
commercial viability. .
Under ndia Bhutan Coporation in hydro sector development. MOP has allotted two
projects namely Sankosh Multi Purpose Project (4060MW) on river Sankosh and
Bunakha HEP (180MW) on river Wangchu in Bhutan . THDCL has signed MOU with
Royal Govt. Of Bhutan for preparation of DPR for Sankosh concrete gravity dam.
THDC is also engaged in the engineering consultancy work for stabilization of
Varunavat Parvat in Uttarkashi entrusted by Government of Uttarakhand. The work
involves providing the complete engineering solution to the major hill stabilization
problem and also supervising the execution of works at site.
The Corporation has commissioned Tehri Dam and HPP Stage- (1000 MW) during
Xth plan. The Tehri Power Station is now fully operational.

. THDC Vision & Missions:
Keeping in view the emerging status of the company as a Multi-Project Organisation,
also to enable diversification into related fields, the Company's Vision & Mission
reflects the aspirations and commitments to the various stakeholders.
A major global player in power sector, providing quality , affordable and sustainable
power with commitment to environment, ecology and social values.
Create work ethos of growth through professionalism and achievement of excellence.
To plan, promote, develop hydro as other energy resources from concept to
commissioning and operate power stations to meet the growing energy demand
,ensuring environment and ecological balance, contributing to national prosperity.
To accept Corporate Social Responsibility , including Rehabilitation and
Resettlement of Project Affected Persons with human race .
To meet the challenges of dynamically transforming bussiness environment and
setting global benchmarks.
To build sustainable and value based relationship with stakeholders for mutual
benefit and growth.
To achieve performance excellence by inspiring a dedicated workforce an
environment of organizational learning and mutual trust.

To study and analyze the EMPLOYEE WELFARE facilities in THDC NDA
LTD. and give suggestion to improve the existing welfare facilities.
Dear Respondents, the survey is conducted as a part of my project as an
PGDM trainee. Please give your valuable assistance by filling up this
questionnaire, so that we can get the necessary inputs.
The questions are in the form of LKERTS' FVE point scale (ranging from
strongly disagree to strongly agree)

1) Hov nany faciIilios piovidod ly lho conpany lo you`
Canloon Housing
Lducalion ModicaI

2) Hov nany spociaI faciIilios havo you avaiIod`
2 lo 5 5 lo 6 6 and alovo

3) Hov nany faciIilios aio you avaiIing on ioulino lasis`
1 lo 5 5 lo 1O 1O and alovo

4) Hov nany faciIilios aio piovidod foi oducalion of chiIdion lo
us IaciIilios
SchooI IaciIilios
LducalionaI Ioan faciIilios

5) Aio you golling vagos as poi lasic nininun ciiloiia aIIollod ly
Yos No No Suggoslions

6) Hov nuch lino il viII lako foi sanclioning spociaI voIfaio faciIily`
1-2 vook 2-3 vook 3-4 vook

7) Is lhoio suilalIo vonliIalion and good onviionnonl in lho voik pIaco`
Yos No No Suggoslions

8) Is lho voik pIaco ioguIaiIy cIoanod`
Yos No

9) Hov nuch aio you salisfiod ly lho piocoduio of avaiIing ioulino
voIfaio faciIilios`
HighIy salisfiod
!ailIy salisfiod
Nol salisfiod
1O) Hov nuch aio you salisfiod ly lho piocoduio of avaiIing
SpociaI voIfaio faciIilios`
HighIy salisfiod
!ailIy salisfiod
Nol salisfiod

11)KindIy suggosl lho nolhods of inpioving oi adding spociaI
WoIfaio faciIilios`
No inpiovononl
LaiIy aclion shouId lo lakon
!iopoi lino shouId lo lakon

12) Doos voIfaio lonofils piovidod ly lho oiganizalion pIays as a
MolivalionaI facloi`
HighIy agioo
Do nol agioo

13) Do you gol nodicaI ioinluisononl on lino`
Yos and vilh fuII ioinluisononl
Yos lul vilh ioducod ioinluisononl
No ioinluisononl
Nol appIicalIo
14) iiofIy oxpIain lho piocoduio of avaiIing ioulino voIfaio faciIilios in
Making an appIicalion, sulnil pioof and innodialo sanclion.
OnIy appIicalion is ioquiiod.
}usl an appioach.
15) iiofIy oxpIain lho piocoduio avaiIing lho spociaI voIfaio faciIilios in
Longlhy piocoss
Nol avaiIod
AppIy lako appiovaI and shov pioof.

16) Youi connonl and suggoslion