Ìt took twentynine years to create who Ì am today.

Within these years, Ì have been
given the freedom to explore the world in order to satisfy my curiosity toward all the
strange and wonderful things in the world around me.
Now Ì will tell you about me. Ì am Nortasniyah Bt. Bahaudin. Ì live in Alor Sena , Perlis
.But my home town is Kodiang , Kedah . My freinds call me Tas. Ìam married. My
husbend is Mohd Shahrin B. Hamat. He is a great techer in their school . Ì have one
boys.He is three years old.
My name is Nortasniyah Bt. Bahaudin and my nickname is "TAS¨ . Ì was born on July
1982 . i living in Kodiang , Kedah with my medium family. My father passed away since
12 years ago. Ì live with my mother and relative grandmom .Ì grew up in a healthy
family. Ì had an elder brother and three a younger sister including the only one passed
way plus lonely one younger brother this made my childhood days more colorful. My
parents both had stable careers and this provided us with more opportunities to learn
what we desired to. My family have a retail shop in jalan kodiang lama , i`m enjoyed to
help my elder brother and my mother in our shop. Ì don't have any sister so that's make
me boring sometimes but i do not sad about it because i'm still has a two younger sister
to play together or maybe i`m not kind of person but nobody can go back and start a
new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.Ì'm an active, easy-
going and talkative person i mean i love enjoy to talk with new people.
Ìn this movement Ì like to tell you about my schools. Firstly Ì attended in my village
school.The name of my village school is Sekolah Kebangsaan syed Nahar , Kodiang .
Kedah . Next Ì entered to Sekolah Menengah agama Darussaadah , Titi Besi . Kepala
Batas , Kedah .After Ì finished my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) it was continued to
Ìslamic Ìnternational University Malaysia (ÌÌUM) at title a fist degree in Arabic Language
Course. My study was continuing at Ìnstitut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia (ÌPGM) Perlis
campus now to become a diploma perguruan malaysia and at the same time i`m also
student`s in University Utara Malaysia (UUM) as postgraduation`s students.it`s a level
of Master`s Degree Programme.i feel so hard to work now as students in twin a huge
name of instituition but Ì belive a life is easier than you'd think; all that is necessary is to
accept the impossible, do without the indispensible, and bear the intolerable
Now Ì like to tell you about my free time. Ìn my free time Ì like to do needle works. As
well as Ì like to join with my husband and my kids to play badminton with them or cycle
Self-Confident is my character actually , that why i think i different from other student but
sometimes i have too much confident it's not good to me (i know that) Ì love sport like
Batminton , Volleyball etc. i like to try new things except if it too much dangerous i won't
try it .
Ìn Perlis i can't play ski because We don't have snow in here that's make me sad a little
i wish it's will be snow one day in the future it`s sad and crying on my face with a wistful
eyes . Oh and not just only sport i also love music too. i can say music is my life .
i interested in other languages Arabic , spanish polish german something about social
cultures & lifes. Ìn my free time i like to play computer,sleep,listen to music, read novel.
When i was young my mom always bought me novel books so i familiar with adventure
novel and i admit i don't like to read a comic book like other teenages.
as i told before i'm an easy-going person but i'm not going to tell that i'm a good child or
excellent. nobody born with perfect things i honestly to tell that sometime i'm a lazy
person like other teenages but i still have responsibility on my works .
"Smile is the shortest distance between two people¨.Let`s talk about smile ,Do you like
a smiles?i love smiles.People always comment on or ask me why Ì'm smiling all the
time. Ìt usually puts me on a spot and Ì usually answer them, with a smile, that Ì don't
know. Or Ì just tell them that it's something Ì do, and smiling is just my first reaction to
everything because Ì don't know what to say. How are you supposed answer someone
when they ask you why you smile so much? Ì even catch myself off guard, smiling. Ìt
seems slightly disturbing. But, when Ì was walking outside today and saw the trees
sitting in the still air front of the awesomely blue sky, Ì realized that Ì was smiling,
because Ì love life. Yes. That is why Ì smile. Ì smile because Ì think that life if beautiful.
Leaves take my breath away when Ì look at them.
When you read my novice essay until this paragraph, Ì hope you can smiles for me .
My ambition is be a good techer in some school and rich business woman in the same
time. so i must to study hard and always smiles to be more mature. Ì hope that my life
will be better and better and Ì hope that my stay in Perlis will a rewarding experience
with no troubles. Finally, Ì hope all my dreams will come true. Ì will be very happy if Ì
succeed in my studies in ÌPGM campus Perlis and in my life.

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