John Smith Program Specialist - NCI GS-0301-09/11 Announcement Number NCI-07-211634-DE 1.

Ability to manage administrative functions and resolve problems in an organization. My seven year career with the Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) includes work as a Program Manager and Program Specialist in the areas of budget management, project management, and personnel management. I routinely apply knowledge of administrative functions and creative thinking in the management of nonproliferation issues with the CRDF Business Manager and staff as well as with science advisors of participating National Laboratories. In my current position as Program Manager, I am responsible for planning and managing work assignments for the office staff. In order to coordinate these work assignments, I ensure the staff meets deadlines by tracking the status of assignments in an Excel spreadsheet. My implementation and use of this system enables CRDF to meet the Directors agenda objectives. Resolving organizational problems is accomplished on a daily basis as I evaluate and strive to improve performance, program needs, events, and funding proposals. Since operational costs continue to expand more rapidly than budgets, recent political and social emphasis has focused on cost recovery. To maximize effectiveness and minimize repetitive effort, I increasingly seek to communicate with other organizations to achieve common goals and in some cases funding. I have applied my expertise and creativity to establishing and maintaining partnerships that will expand and enhance CRDF goals. As an example of my skills in administrative management, I managed the events related to the visit of over 100 scientists, government officials and dignitaries to the American Institute of Chemical Engineering Conference in the fall of 2005. This task required a great deal of organizational skill, effective communication, and collaborative effort. Another example involves my assuming the lead project management role for the Ohio Forum. In this role I conducted market analysis and assessment, reported key issues in private sector development initiatives, and assisted with the business development materials for entrepreneurial Eurasian firms in conjunction with this U.S. Investment Forum. Management and problem solving skills are integral components of the work of the CRDF. I have excelled in this ability over the course of my tenure as a Program Manager. I also have experience in the realm of creating and fostering beneficial collaborations. One of the most exciting aspects of my current job is continually striving to find ways to increase the quality of service the CRDF provides with fewer primary resources.

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