Book list for detective or mystery sequences Thief - Malorie Blackman Hacker - Malorie Blackman Hostage – Malorie Blackman

Krindlekrax – Philip Ridley Framed – Frank Cottrell Boyce Half Moon Investigations – Eion Colfer (also on CBBC) Young Sherlock Holmes – Andrew Lane Foul Play – Tom Palmer The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time – Mark Haddon The London Eye Mystery – Siobhan Dowd Wonderstruck - Brian Selznick Chasing Vermeer: Can you solve the mystery? - Blue Balliett and Brett Helquist Nancy Drew stories by Carolyn Keene The Hardy Boy Mysteries by Franklin W. Dixon Whodunit?: Detective Stories - Philip Pullman Julian: Secret Agent – Ann Cameron Who Can Open Michelangelo's Seven Seals? - Thomas Brezina The Slightly Jones Mysteries The Case of the London Dragonfish The Case of the Glasgow Ghoul Raven Mysteries Series – Marcus Sedgewick Flood and Fang Ghosts and Gadgets Lunatics and Luck Vampires and Volts Diamonds and Doom Magic and Mayhem Poppy Fields Murder Mysteries - Tanya Landman Dead Funny Dying to be Famous The Head is Dead Certain Death Love Him to Death Poison Pen The Scent of Blood Blood Hound The Diamond Brothers - Anthony Horowitz Falcon’s Malteser Public Enemy Number Two South by South East Three of Diamonds The Greek who stole Christmas

Young James Bond – Charlie Higson Silverfin Bloodfin Double or Die Hurricane Gold By Royal Command Alex Rider Series – Anthony Horowitz Stormbreaker Point Blank Skeleton Key Eagle Strike Scorpia Ark Angel Snakehead Crocodile Tears Scorpia Rising The Diamond of Drury Lane – Julia Golding Cat among the Pigeons – Julia Golding Den of Thieves – Julia Golding The Laura Marlin Mysteries Dead Man’s Cove Kidnap in the Caribbean Saxby Smart - Simon Cheshire The Curse of the Ancient Mask The Fangs of the Dragon The Pirate’s Blood The Hangman’s Lair The Eye of the Serpent Five Seconds to Doomsday The Poisoned Arrow Secret of the Skull Cassie Kingston Mysteries – J.H. Sweet The Message in the Transom The Statue in Glen Park The Candlewick Inn Mystery Geronimo Stilton Series – Geronimo Stilton (49 of them so far so too many to list!) The Baker Street Boys Series - Anthony Read The Case of the Disappearing Detective The Case of the Captive Clairvoyant The Case of Ranjipur Ruby The Case of Limehouse Laundry The Case of the Stolen Sparklers The Case of the Haunted Horrors

Games and films to be used Man on Wire (12) Hidden Mystery Triple Pack – GSP games Barrow Hill – curse of the ancient circle (7+) Return to Mysterious Island Real Crimes – the unicorn killer (7)

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