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a|Ways a r|s| ol a ous|ress d|spule or d|sagreererl, resu|l|rg |r ous|ress ||l|gal|or. 8us|ress
re|al|orsr|ps car sorel|res deler|orale lo lre po|rl Wrere ore parly or arolrer |s oe|rg sued.
Trese ous|ress d|spules r|grl |rvo|ve d|slr|oul|or ol prol|ls (assels ard properly), accourl usage,
||ao|||ly, aulror|ly, prol|l srar|rg, c|ass|l|cal|or ol persora| assels verse parlrersr|p corlr|oul|ors
ard gerera| d|screparc|es. Ar exper|erced NeW Yor| ous|ress ||l|gal|or allorrey W||| rave lre
exper|erce requ|red lo course| or rary d|llererl lypes ol ous|ress d|spules ard s|lual|ors,
|rc|ud|rg oul rol ||r|led lo srarero|der der|val|ve |aWsu|ls, oreacr ol corlracl acl|ors ard

0l course, |l |s a|Ways adv|sao|e Wrer poss|o|e lo slr|ve lor ar agreererl oelore go|rg lo courl oul
sorel|res lr|s does rol rapper. ll r|grl oe due lo lre acl|ors ol ore s|de, or lre olrer, oe|rg
urreasorao|e |r |ls derards or perraps rol respord|rg lo ary allerpls lo sell|e lre d|spule.
wrer laced W|lr lrese s|lual|ors, exper|erced NeW Yor| ous|ress ||l|gal|or allorreys prov|de lre
oesl prolecl|or.

R|s|s ard |aWs are |rvo|ved W|lr every lype ol ous|ress, Wrelrer lre ous|ress |s reW or ar
eslao||sred ore. To so|ve lre |ega| rallers lrrougr lr|a| ard d|scuss|or |s lre Wor| ol lre NeW
Yor| ous|ress ||l|gal|or |aWyer. Ary d|spule re|aled lo your persora|, puo||c or c|v|| rallers cou|d
oe reso|ved W|lr lre re|p ol a ||l|gal|or |aWyer. L|l|gal|or |s a lerr used lo descr|oe a|| ol lre |ega|
sleps |rvo|ved |r sell||rg a corlroversy oelWeer lWo or rore parl|es. Trere are |rslarces Wrer
you are rol ao|e lo prolecl your r|grls as a ous|ress oWrer ard rave lo sue lor darages. lr sucr
s|lual|ors, |l ras oecore very |rporlarl lo croose lre r|grl persor lor your |ega| alla|rs.

wr||e se|ecl|rg lre r|grl correrc|a| ||l|gal|or allorrey lor your ous|ress dea|s, |l |s |rporlarl lo
cors|der crec||rg lre pasl records ol lre persor you Warl lo rard|e your |ega| rallers. Tre
corp|ex|ly |r ous|ress dea|s occurr|rg loday ra|es |l rea||y s|gr|l|carl lo rave ar experl ous|ress
allorrey. NeW Yor| correrc|a| |aWyers are prol|c|erl |r ara|yz|rg lre ous|ress ard |ls lurcl|ors,
are capao|e ol rard||rg corlracl regol|al|ors ard preparal|or, are aWare ol ru|es ard regu|al|ors
ol lre ledera| ard slale secur|l|es, ouy ard se|| agreererls oelWeer lre parl|es, car rarage
ous|ress d|spules ard c|v|| |aW ard rave a good urderslard|rg ol lrlerrel |aWs, copyr|grls ard
lraderar|s ol lre ous|ress orgar|zal|ors.

8elore proceed|rg W|lr ary course ol acl|or, corsu|l W|lr a NeW Yor| ous|ress ||l|gal|or allorrey.
v|s|l rllp://WWW.corporale|ega|re|pry.cor or ca|| lor lurlrer |rlorral|or.

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