“Installation of Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle Data Quality 11G R1 (11.1.1.

This document briefs you the step by step approach to download Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle Data Quality 11g setup files, Installation and configuration of ODP&ODQ 11g, with prerequisites and configuring the system before installation. Join our professional training program to learn from experts

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Table of Contents

Introduction of Oracle Data Profiling and Data Quality……………….03

2. Oracle Data Profiling and Data Quality Architecture ………………….04
3. 4.

Installation of Oracle Data Profiling and Quality ………………….06 Configuration of the Metabase and the Connections………………..13


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1. Introduction to Oracle Data Profiling and Data Quality
The Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle Data Quality for Data Integrator is provide a single data quality management interface from which you can evaluate and manage the data assets and operations critical to your business. The Oracle Data Quality allows monitoring and improving quality throughout enterprise, when integrated the business strategy for data governance. And Regardless of that where data is located and track data quality improvements over time. Advantages of Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle Data Quality :This Identify mismatches and inconsistencies between metadata and actual data content.  Creates a centralized repository of data, metadata, statistics and documentation.  Analyze and report on the data values, statistics, frequencies and ranges.  Detects poor data conditions and anomalies with proactive analysis of entire data sets.  It continually monitors the data conditions.

It Export reports to formats such as XML, CSV and HTML, or copy the reports into any windows application like Word, Excel for presentation to business decision makers.  Provides E-mail notifications of task and conditions to key data management personnel for fast response and resolution.  It creates and validates data rules and user-defined business rules.  It tracks and monitor trends in data over time.

2. Oracle Data Profiling and Data Quality Architectures:Oracle Data Profiling and Quality is an extensible system of data quality applications that can be configured to work independently with the existing data management applications used by business.


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Oracle Data Profiling and Quality is an integrated solution that enable to monitor, manage , discover and repair the enterprise data stored in RDBMS and data files on network . It can also be configured to communicate with external Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) applications to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

Figure 2.1: Oracle Data Profiling and Data Quality Architecture Oracle Data Profiling and Quality share a single user interface through which we can monitor and manage:

     

Data resources and connections Core data functions and services User- defined projects Data business and governance rules Repository data objects Batch and real-time data process results.


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Oracle Data Profiling and Quality are available with geographic-specific resources for countries around the globe. Global capabilities including country templates and countryspecific business rules with address reconstruction at the country level .Mostly global languages supports and language includes Asian character systems, such as Chinese , Japanese and Korean.

ORACLE DATA PROFILING: - Oracle Data Profiling is automated profiling applications
that allows to evaluation and understand the current structure and properties of data assets. Data Profiling discovers the structure and relationships inherent in data and analyzes data to statistics and other information that otherwise it might remain hidden to us.

Oracle Data Profiling can increase data profiling efficiency by 90% or more, over manual methods .It eliminate the need to design data samples or build queries and run analyses on production systems. Oracle Data Profiling assesses data without the assumptions inherent in query-based profiling and show detail information about data content, non-compliance and other statistics that manual profiling can miss .If select then can connect directly to a database by creating a Dynamic Entity and analyze data in real-time. Otherwise we can import a copy of data to a Metabase and create an Entity, also referred to as a 'real' Entity. By creating an Oracle Data Profiling Project we can then view and analyze the created Entities.

3. Installation of Oracle Data Profiling and Data Quality 11g Release (
3.1 Preparing to Install : Review the information in this before begin 3.1). System Requirements and Certification Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle Data Quality 11gR1 ( Supported Platforms and Operating Systems Operating System Support
• • • • • • • • •

Oracle / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (Update 7+), 5 (Update 3+) Solaris 2.9 Update 9+ Solaris 10 Update 4+ AIX 5.3 (TL8+) or higher HP-UX 11i (11.23) B.11.23.0703.059a Base Quality Pack Bundle for HP-UX 11i v2, March 2007+ or higher Windows XP Professional with SP3 or higher Windows 2003 with SP2/R2+ Windows Server 2008 with SP1+ Windows Server 2008 R2
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Database support for Repository Creation
• • • • •

Oracle ,, IBM DB2 9.1+ and later FixPaks MS SQL Server 2000 with SP4 or higher Microsoft Access 2002 with SP3 or higher Teradata 12, 13

Hardware Specification
• • •

Disk Space: 1.5GB or more Available Memory: 2GB or more CPU: dual-core Pentium, 1.5GHz or greater

For more details about prerequisites download certification matrix from below link. 3.2) Download installation setup files.



Download Link Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle data Quality 11g

3.2). Extract the Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle Data Quality 11g setup files .


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3.1). Extract the downloaded software (Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle Data Quality 11g).

3.2) Explore the extracted folder of ODP&ODQ 11g .

3.3) Explore the “Disk1” folder and run setup by double click on “setup.exe” file.

As we double click “setup.exe” file , Oracle Universal Installer window appears which starts installation process.

After few seconds Oracle Fussion Middleware 11g Data Profiling and Quality installer Popup appears :-


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3.4) Welcome Screen appears

The Welcome screen is displayed each time you start the installer. Click Next to continue 3.5) Select Components Screen appears Select Component Screen offers two components:
(i)Client User Interface: This interface is

available for Windows 32-bit operating systems only and This client can be configured to connect to a Metabase Server installed on a separate machine.
(ii) Oracle Data Profiling and Quality Server:

The Oracle Data Profiling and Quality server installation includes a Metabase Server, Data Quality Server , and an ODBC Server .


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Click all the check box and press NEXT to continue 3.6) Prerequisite Check window appears Its automatically check systems OS Certification, service pack, physical memory, Swap space .etc.. Then press NEXT to continue

3.7) Specify Installation Location Specify the absolute path to your Oracle home and NEXT.


3.8) Metabase Server Details Metabase Server Details

:- In


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1. Repository Port : This Port for the Metabase repository. It must be free, valid, and not conflicting with any other port in this install session. Default port is “7600” 2. Scheduler Port : This Port for the Oracle Data Quality scheduler, it must be free .Default port is “7601” 3.Admin User Name : This is Metabase administrator name, 4.Admin Password : Name must begin with an alpha character and name must be 4 to 30 characters long . Default Admin name is “admin”. 5. Confirm Password: Confirm the password 6. ODBC Adapter Port: This must be free, and Default port is “7602”. 3.8) Metabase Client Details :- Here we need to enter only Metabase Host (generally its default “localhost” or we can assign name) and Administrator_Password. 1.Metabase Host: This is host name of the Metabase server. If installing ODP&DQ for ODI in same machine so enter “ localhost” 2. Repository Port : as above(3.7) 3. Scheduler Port : as above(3.7) 4.Administrator User Name: as above(3.7)

3.9) Installation Summary :Review the summary and save it then click Install to continue.


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Then Installation Progress window appears Here you no need to do anything, just wait

3.10) Configuration Progress :The installer automatically executes each configuration assistant in sequence, displaying the progress in the Status column. No action is required on this screen.



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3.11) Installation Completed: Here if you want save installation details so you can & FINISH.

Congratulations to You Installation is Complete Press FINISH


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Configuration of the Metabase and the Connections

4.1) Prerequisites for configuration and practice:4.1.1)Setup the data files1.Download the sample files from Oracle.com by following URL. http://www.oracle.com/technetworks/testcontent/oracledq-sample-data-134552.zip

Save and unzip the file named oracledq-sample-data-134552.zip to the Dataqual_Sample_Files directory. 2.Create Directory i.e(C:\bispdemo\oracledataqual) then copy the directories Data and Schemas and Paste here. 4.1.2) Install the Postal Directories :1.Download sample directories from Oracle website by following URL http://download.oracle.com/otn/nt/ias/101340/oracledq_sample_directory.zip then save and unzip the “oracledq_sample_directory.zip” file then copy all files and paste to “postal_tables” directory which is present in installation location of dataquality software. i.e : (C:\Oracle\product\11.1.1\odidq_1\oracledq\tables\postal_tables) Note: You should have Oracle account for download the sample directories 4.2) Configuration of the Metabase and the Connections :4.2.1) We should sure Oracle Data Quality and Data Profiling, as well as Oracle Data Integrator are installed and working. 4.2.2) Start Metabase Manager : Select Start > All Programs > Oracle > Oracle Data Profiling and Quality > Metabase Manager to Log in to the Metabase Manager as the Metabase Administrator (madmin)

Enter Username as “madmin” and Password (prefer (3.8) Metabase Server Details ) & press OK
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4.2.3) Add Metabase : (Select Tools > Add Metabase from the menu ) Add Metabase window will open 1.Name: oracledataqual (name of Metabase) 2.default: default pattern 3.Public Cache Size in MB: 10 MB Then press OK. Note: You can give any name to metabase 4.2.4)Add User : (Select Tools > Add User from the menu ) User Properties window will open then Add a User named bispdemo with the password , as shown then click OK.

4.2.5)Add Metabase User : ( Select Tools > Add Metabase User ) Enter the Username –“bispdemo” and Metabase –“ oracledataqual” then press OK.


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4.2.6)Add Loader Connection : (Tools > Add Loader Connection) Create a loader connection for delimited files as shown below. 1.Name: Delimited 2.Description: Delimited Files Loader Connection 3.Type: delimited 4. Default filter: * 5. Data directory : Dataqual_Sample_Files \Data (i.e. C:\bispdemo\oracledataqual \Data) 6. Schema directory: Dataqual_Sample_Files \ Schema (i.e. C:\bispdemo\oracledataqual \ Schema)

4.2.7)Close the Metabase Manager : (select File >Close)


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