December 2011

God Loves Kids

On December 22nd, my parents, the founders of God Loves Kids, will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, an amazing accomplishment for any couple.
Few couples are able to achieve this stage in life and my parents have done it with a grace and love that is a tremendous example. The staff and I believe this achievement should be celebrated in a very special way. We are asking their friends to help us celebrate by sending a donation to God Loves Kids General Fund along with a letter or card of encouragement to Syvelle and Lovie. The General Fund and Where Needed Most are very important accounts at God Loves Kids and often the most neglected. Inspiring people to give to support an individual child, dig a well, or build a church can be difficult sometimes, but it is even more difficult to inspire someone to give to the General Fund and Where Needed Most accounts. However, it is out of this fund that we are able to keep God Loves Kids functioning properly. The last few months these funds have been stretched to the limit. It is vitally important that we do not enter the new year being handicapped by a lack of funding. My parents have both requested that the family not make a big “TO DO” about this occasion, but we know the concern they have for this ministry and the children. Therefore the staff and I are asking that in honor of their 60th wedding anniversary you will give a special gift at this time to God Loves Kids because it blesses so many needy children of the world. We really believe this would please them more than anything we could possibly do for them personally.

Syvelle & Lovie Celebrating their 25th Anniversary

Will you help us honor them?
Phil Phillips

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CHRISTMAS cost Mary and Joseph the comforts of home during the long period of exile in Egypt where they went to protect the little Baby.
It cost mothers in and around Bethlehem the lives of their babies, massacred by order of a cruel Herod. It cost the shepherds the complacency of their pastoral lives with the call to leave the sheep and go to the manger. It cost the wise men a long journey and expensive gifts. It cost the early apostles and other Christians persecution and often death. It cost missionaries of Christ untold suffering and privation to spread the good news. But more than all this, it cost God the Father His only Son -- He sent Him to earth to die for sinful men. It cost Jesus a life of sacrifice and service, a cruel death on the cross, bearing the sins of the world.

Celebrating 60 Years of Marriage and Ministry

CHRISTMAS ISN’T TOO COSTLY if• If it means the hope of the world! • If it means the forgiveness of sin! • If it means peace among men! • If it fits men for heaven! Considering what God gave and what Christ gave, and considering what the needs of the world are, is Christmas costing us enough? Your continued spiritual and financial participation in this ministry of compassion to the children of the coming year is urgently needed and deeply appreciated. By this you show your love. Considering what God gave and what Christ gave, and considering what the needs of the world are, is this ministry of compassion costing us enough? We wish you God’s best blessings this Christmas season and for the coming year. In Christ’s Love, Lovie & Syvelle Phillips

Thank you for caring and sharing, not only at Christmas time but throughout the year. You have shown your Christian love in a tangible way.
Many of you responded to our appeal for Christmas gifts for the children. On behalf of the children, THANK YOU. We regret that we could not send what we hoped to, or quite as much as in some past years, but you will be pleased to know that we were able to send $6,260.00. Praise the Lord, none of our children will be totally left out.

• It is, if all it means is gift exchange. • It is, if all it means is tinsel. • It is, if all it means is millions spent in commercialization. • It is, if all it means is a holiday.

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A Special Message from Lovie Phillips
A quilt is a patchwork of material sewn together into a blanket. What an apt comparison to what we do here at God Loves Kids. Children whose lives have been ripped apart by unspeakable poverty, AIDS, or war crimes have been made whole and introduced to the love of God through the generosity of people like you. Thank you for your faithful support! Over the years, God Loves Kids has helped thousands of children and young adults. It doesn’t matter whether you have given a one-time gift or given every month for years in the past—it takes all kinds of thread and fabric to make a quilt.

To show our appreciation, my daughter-inlaw, Bess, and our son, Phil, have generously offered to donate to God Loves Kids their new Soul sign necklaces as a way of helping us say thank you to our partners who will give a gift of $100 or more to our general missions fund before the end of the year. We’re excited about their generous offer and this wonderful opportunity to strengthen the ministry. The Soul sign is a new concept which “celebrates unending souls with limitless value” It is a symbol we are sure you will be seeing in chain stores in the future and you can be one of the first to have one! It will make a perfect gift and we will send you one for every $100 you sow into the general missions fund between now and the end of the year.

Kacura is one of GLK’s success stories.
At twelve years old, he had never been able to attend school. His legs were damaged by polio and he could only crawl. Told repeatedly by his own father that he was useless, Kacura lost all hope and attempted suicide. He was brought to us by his grandmother. God Loves Kids accepted Kacura and we were able to help. Through cash and in-kind donations, the money needed to bring this special boy into our Ugandan school and orphanage was raised. He started school with the first graders, and quickly caught up with the other children his age, then surpassed them in his studies. He soon accepted Christ and became a spiritual leader among the other children. God Loves Kids’ donors sent Kacura to Bible school where he received his ordination and graduated with special honors. Today, Kacura is pastor of a

Can you help us end this year strong by making an additional investment in the lives of children? God Loves Kids will send you this nickel-free, polished pewter Soul sign necklace (pictured below) with your gift of $100.
If you’re online, you can go to our website and click on the donation button to make sure your donation counts toward this special program. Again, thank you for your continued support, and know that Pastor Kacura and the thousands of children he represents, might not be alive today were it not for you. Sincerely, Lovie Phillips

“Let us love one another. With love we can encourage and help to restore a person with soul pain.” -Bess Ross
"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." -C.S. Lewis Sometimes, the soul of an individual may have an unconscious, unnecessary expectation of being perfect in order to feel loved instead of feeling abandoned or rejected. I think everyone experiences this, at some point, and requires the cure; unconditional love. -Bess Ross

healthy church he founded in Kigali, Rwanda and runs a feeding program for street children with the help of God Loves Kids. His ministry is growing, but it wouldn’t have been possible without generous friends like you.

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General Fund Gift for God Loves Kids!

Help us Celebrate a 60th Anniversary !

Give a $100 gift and receive the Soul sign!
End Of The Year Goal:


• Please make checks payable to “God Loves Kids or CCC Inc.” • To give online, please visit • To give by credit or debit card, fill out the form below. • For more info, please call us at 972-771-8886

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