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‘seman Scenic & Tee Lineman feat, Bort Mil How Hex CM20 28, Eadnd lind clad Compo sgh he me Catt the Unie Sars ith ‘ee Wily & Ss nc 88 Tih Aen, New ore NY 138 {© AM Neville 1963, 973, 1975 197,181 A ihren ptf this pletion may Be ‘potas sore nt rial sem 3 ‘tum nay fon or yay mea, eto, seb seguro ny ocean Te Uni Kigsom ined fy te Conran Casa ‘rnc Lt, Taenfur Cou Rot, Rondon, Wi SHE, “hi eon petites in Gre ran by amas Books Unita Repril y Lonean Satie & Teal 1986, 1987, 1990, 1991 1983, 1994 ISBN 0-S82-"OL2L-5 sme eat SSE ener moose Produced by Loan Sine Piste le Lic Contents: Preface ‘Ackrowledgements 1 Portland Cement 1 Fhatorcel Nove ~ Manufacture of Portiand Cement ~ Chemical Composition of Portland Cement ~ Hydration of Cement: Callum ‘Gate hydrates: Trcaleium aluminate hydrate and the action of rraun = Seting False set ~ Fineness of Cement ~ Structre of Fifsrated Cement ~ Volume of Products of Hydration: Capillary pores, Gel pores ~ Mechanical Strength of Cement Gel ~ Water Held Prripdrated Cement Paste - Heat of Hydatio of Cement ~Influnce ‘he Compound Composition on Properies of Cement: Effect of ‘las in clinker ~ Tests om Physeal Properties of Cement: Consistence Fr atancard paste; Setting time; Sounds; Strength of cement References 2 Cements of Different Types ‘Typevof Portland Cement ~ Ordinary Portland Cement ~ Rapid ‘Hardening Portland Cement ~ Special Repid Hardening Portland Cements ~ Low Heat Pordand Cement ~ Sulphate-resising (Cement ~ Portland Blast-furnace Cement ~ Swperslphated ‘Cement ~ Potland-pozzolana Cements and Pozzolanas: Fy ash; Use ‘tporrolanss - White Cement ~ Other Portland Cements ~ Natural ‘Cements Expansive Cements ~ Highaumina Cement: Monufactre: ‘Composition; Hydration; Resistance to cemical attack ~ Physical Properties of High alumina Cement Consete: Conversion of hig lumina cement ~ Retractory Properties of High-alumina Cement ~ Admistures: Calcium chloride; Retarders; Water-reducing sdmistures,Superplasticizes Highrange watertedcers) References 3 Properties ot Agreate 318 Geta Cen fA -Chstaion ox rege: Arial aggregate ~ Sampling Parle haps a ‘emure~Bondof Aapennte~Suengtel Agwenme Oar Mechanical Propericsot Aggregate Specie Gravy Bak Denity~ Porc an Absorption of Aggregate ~Mobtute Con of Aare Being of Sind - Detetas Sutanes ‘Area: Oraic imports: ly al tes fn er Sale ‘contamination’ Umound pares” Soundnes ot Aggeaste Attalagregate Reaton:Altl-croonate ret Thesral Properties of Aggregate Seve Anale Gradngeurve: Fineness ‘modal ~ Crating Reiements- Praca Grains Cendnget Fine and Coarse Aggregates: Oversize and undersze~ Gapegraded ‘Aggregate ~Matimum Aggregate Size ~ Use of "Plums" Handling of Agzrgate References 4 Fresh Conorete 203 Definition of Workabily ~The Need for Sufcient Workability Factors Affecting Worksbiity ~ Mensurement of Warksbilty Samp text; Compacting factor test; Flow test; Remoulding tes; Vebe test German flow tale; Bal penetration test Nseer'sK-prober ‘Tworpoint est; Comparison of tests ~Etfectof Tie and ‘Temperature on Workabilty ~ Segregation ~ Bleeding - The Mixing ‘of Concrete; Concrete mixers; Uniformity of ising; Mixing ie: Hand mixing —Ready-mixed Concrete ~ Pumped Concrete Vibration of Concrete: Internal vibrators; External vibrators; Vibrating abies: Other vibrators - Resibration ~Coneretig in Hot Weather Placement of Large Concrete Masses ~Prepaced Aggregate Conercte~ Vacuum-processed Concrete Shoterte ~ ‘Analysis of Fresh Concrete References § Strength of Concrete 268 ‘WateCement Raio~ Gel Space Ratio —Fifective Waterin the ‘Mix = Nature of Strength of Conerete: Strength in tension; Cracking and fallen compression; Microcracking; Influence of coarse ‘aggregate on strength; nfuence of riehness ofthe mix on strength — Equation of Siengih: Exec of age on strength of concrete — Aviogenous Healing - Relation betweon Compresive snd Tense Stengths ~ Bond between Concrete and Reinforcement ~ (Curing of Conerete: Methods of earns: Marit of onerete— Influence of Temperature on Strength of Consrets Steam Curing at Atmospheric Pressure ~ Highspressure Stan Curing (Autoeaving)— Variation in Siength of Cement ~ Fatigue Strength of Concrete Impact Strength ~ Quality of Mixing Water References and Creep. 359 ‘nd Modulus of Elasticity: Dynamic modulus of Slastcity~Poison's Ratio Esrly Volume Changes ~Sveling — ‘Drying Shrinkage: Meshanism of Shrinkage Factors affecting ‘Shrakage lnflence of curing and storage conditions; Diterential Shrinkage ~ Shrinkage induced Cracking ~ Moisture Movernest ~ {Carsonetionand Carbonation Shrinkage ~ Creep of Conrete: Factors intlencing creep ~ Relation berween Creep and Time Nature of {Creep - Rheological Mod's ~ Etfects of Creep References Durability f Concrete 433, Permeability of Coperete: Measurement of water permeability: Air and vapour permeability ~Cheaeal Attack of Concrete: Sulphate Stack Testo sulphate resistance Seawater stack; Aci attack; Etflorescence ~Eifecsof Frost on Fresh Conerct: Conertingin eld ‘weather ~Fros Attack of Hardened Concrete: Aton of ost, Fros-resitant concrete; Tessof fos resistace of concrete; Etec ‘of descing salts Aiventained Conerete: A entrainment) Ait ‘ontent; Effects of ar entrainment; Measurement of ir content ~ Thermal Properties of Concrete: Tuermaleoadutivty Thermal dittsiviy; Specie heat; Coefiiet of theta expansion — Reustance of Concrete to Fite an Inflenes of Temperstire on Strength - Resistance to Abrasion and Caviation- Erosion resistance: (Caviation resistance; Tests for abrasion resbtance; Abrasion rent ‘conerete~ Eeercal Properties of Concrete ~ Acoustic Properties Reterenoes ‘Teng of Hardening Concrete 529 ‘Compression Tests: Cube test Cylinder test Prism et; Equivalent ‘ubotest~ Effet of End Condition of Speen and Capping — “Testing of Compression Specimens ~ Flue f Compresion ‘Specimens ~ Eee of HeighvDiameter Ration Stengtb— ‘Coniparson of Srenghs of Cubes and Cinders ~Flexure Tet ~ Spitting Test ~ Influence of Rate of Application of Laid on {eng ~Infuence of Moistre Condition ding Test Influence of| Size f Specimen on Srengh: Specimen size and aggregate size ~ Tet ‘Cores ~ Acclersed Curing Test - Rebound Hanmer Tes Pentration Resistance Test ~ Pout Test -Ukrasonic Pulse Velocity Test ~Eleetrodyram Determination ofthe Modulus of Elaskity~ Tests on the Composition of Hardened Concrete: Cement ‘coment; Determination ofthe orginal waterement rato; Physica ‘methods ~ Variation n Test Results: Distrbuton of tength ‘Standard deviation References