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Dear Fellow NAPO Members: As many of you know, the national effort to eviscerate public employee bargaining rights surged with new life earlier this year in Wisconsin when our governor, Scott Walker, proposed legislation to undo our collective bargaining laws and more than 50 years of labor peace. Wisconsin’s officers have seen vital rights like the ability to bargain over health insurance stolen from them. And while they were impacted less than other public employees, law enforcement officers know full well that their remaining rights are ripe for a further attack if something does not change very soon. We have seen Scott Walker grant millions of dollars in tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy while at the same time gut the funding used to keep our communities safe, all at a time when assaults on officers continue to increase at an alarming rate. These cuts will impact public safety and officer safety, and law enforcement officers cannot stand idly by and allow that to happen. That is why officers from all across the state stood with Wisconsin’s labor community to participate in the historic and massive rallies at our State Capitol, and that is why I am approaching you now to ask for your assistance. At present, an effort to recall Governor Scott Walker has begun. There is a huge grassroots effort underway to replace him with someone who will protect and promote our state and the dedicated men and women who serve its citizens. In the last nine months, I have spoken and corresponded with quite a few of you to share our story and to discuss how what happens here will likely affect you. In a fashion that is typical among law enforcement officers, many of you have asked me how you can help put an end to this dangerous trend. Officers across the country appreciate that if the domino falls in Wisconsin, the likelihood that they will be next will be exponentially greater. By contrast, if the recall effort of Scott Walker is successful, governors around the country will do whatever they can to avoid sharing a similar fate. In order to play a substantive role in this recall process, to allow other police groups from across the country to support our cause, and to inform the voting public why Scott Walker is bad for law enforcement, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) has established the “Cops for Justice Fund.” This independent expenditure fund can legally accept both political and organizational resources. Decisions on expenditures from this fund to support our recall election participation and our fight to preserve collective bargaining will be made by the members of our political action committee, which consists of active law enforcement officers from across Wisconsin. Police officers used to be safe from political meddling and drastic cuts, but it is clear that this is no longer true. It has never been more crucial for our nation’s law enforcement community to stand together to preserve fair wages and benefits, thus ensuring the quality of life that our children deserve. Please consider making a contribution today to help us. No matter how small, any support would be greatly appreciated. Scott Walker

has millions of dollars pouring in from the wealthy backers to whom he panders. We must show them all that we are stronger and our collective voice is louder! Anyone with questions is welcome to contact me directly, either by telephone at 800.362.8838, or by e-mail at palmer@wppa.com. Contributions may be made payable to: “Cops for Justice Fund” and mailed to: Wisconsin Professional Police Ass’n. c/o Cops for Justice Fund 660 John Nolen Drive, Suite 300 Madison, WI 53713 While contributions to this fund are not tax deductible, they will certainly be put to good use. Wisconsin, and indeed the rest of the nation, must come to know that collective bargaining is sacred, and that public safety doesn’t just happen, it is made possible by having a well-trained, well-equipped, and well-respected police workforce. Please help us make that message loud and clear. Thank you in advance for your consideration.