Message from the President and Eastern Region VP

By Paul Cohen


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Local Chapter Submissions
This month’s local chapter news come from Eric Vaheb and Neil Sha

Membership Moment

By Alexis Lawlor

ParliPro Explained

By Poorva Chiddarwar


An Overhaul
By Dan Henriques


Hear statewide reactions to Atlanta’s Mega-Conference


CoVeR StoRy:
NLC 2008 Rewind

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2008 - 2009 Breakdown

Sean Callahan highlights the key plans of your 2008 - 2009 State Officer Team

President Paul Cohen Vineland High School Secretary Central VP Urvashi Banerjea Alex Baron Wayne Hills HS South Hunterdon HS Parliamentarian Poorva Chiddarwar South Brunswick HS Membership VP Alexis Lawlor Wayne Valley HS Community Service VP PengPeng Song John P. Stevens HS Historian Vinny Panico Hunterdon Central HS Northern Region VP Sean Callahan Wallkill Valley HS North Central Region VP Sachet Choudhary Piscataway HS Southern Region VP Magaly Salas Camden County Tech HS - PC Webmaster Dan Henriques Union County Magnet HS

for officer biographies, see page 10

By Alexis Lawlor
Hello NJ FBLA members! Welcome back to another year filled with competitive events, exciting workshops, and thrilling activities. This year the state officers are dedicated to increasing membership in order to make our state chapter bigger and better than ever. Being a large task, I am personally asking every member to help in this cause. This year, a Membership Committee will be formed. The Membership Committee will be used to create ideas that will focus on promoting our organization. This committee will give an opportunity for members to discuss recruitment ideas. The Membership Committee will assist me in developing new membership recruitment tactics. The application will be posted on the website in October. Anyone interested should fill out the application when it is available. Good luck to all members and chapters in this upcoming year!

Message from the

President and eastern Region VP

Greetings! I am Paul Cohen, your New Jersey State President and National Eastern Region Vice President. On behalf of the 2008-2009 National Officer Team and National Staff, I wish you a warm welcome to the new FBLA fiscal year.
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Contact Alexis Lawlor, your Vice President of Membership, at

Here are some tips to gain members:
Make meetings the place to be ― have food, fun icebreakers, etc. Contact local business owners as speakers Include FBLA information at club fairs and school orientations Ask business teachers to encourage students to join Offer incentives to retain members Promote the Five Faces of FBLA campaign (coming soon...) Utilize pre-made FBLA posters Host joint fundraising-recruiting events (film festival, dance, etc.) Show to potential members

John F. Kennedy High School
Since Jahod Henry became the 2008-2009 John F. Kennedy Memorial High School local chapter president, he has been working to get the chapter off the ground. They’ve had officer meetings all summer to give suggestions for the next year. He requested that each officer make a portfolio of ideas that they have for 2008-2009 school year. Jahod Henry has worked his best so far. Even when he wasn’t the chapter president, he still worked as hard as the chapter officers. All the current officers at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School would like to thank him for all his hard work that he has (and will) put into their chapter. By Neil Sha

Local Chapter Submissions

Hunterdon Central Regional High School
In New Jersey, new FBLA chapters are activated every year. Last year, one reactivated FBLA chapter stood out among the rest. This FBLA chapter was the one at Hunterdon Central Regional High School. During the 2007-2008 school year, a student from Hunterdon Central named Ryan Kretch took the initiative to start the Hunterdon Central chapter of FBLA, not even knowing if the school board would approve the club. The chapter began with the bare minimum number of students―8―any less, and they wouldn’t have been approved by the school board. The students and advisors did not have any knowledge of what to do. With an attitude of learn-as-you-go and with great networking skills, the students of Hunterdon Central’s FBLA were able to put an imprint in the NJ FBLA. In their first ever district conference, over 40% of Central’s FBLA members walked out with trophies in an array of subjects. Over months, the FBLA club that started from ten members, very little funds, and one commercial was able to grow to a much larger group and would continue to participate on a state-wide platform. Hunterdon Central’s FBLA members and advisor Dana Tsivikis were able to participate in community service activities, fundraisers, business workshops, and membership drives that were invaluable to the progression and growth of the club. At their first state conference, over 70% of Central’s participating members walked out with trophies ranging from 1st place to 5th place. Hunterdon Central’s FBLA President, Ryan Kretch, was given the “Member of the Month” award by the state officers and advisors. So it goes that Hunterdon Central leads the way in being an inspiration to those clubs that are small and/or new, by showing them that with hard work and determination, chapters of even ten members can overcome all odds to become a power in the FBLA world. By Eric Vaheb

By Poorva Chiddarwar Parliamentary proce- ed this guide, others did not Rules of Order. We use this dure law is the basis that was understand its complexity. manual as our guidelines in created in order to secure This manual was also not a order to conduct fair and the rights of the members reasonable guide for small- orderly meetings. In order of any organization. It pro- er organizations to abide by. to become a more successvides rules and regulations Soon after Thomas ful and fair organization that protect each and every In order to become a more successful and local chapter the rights of fair organization each and every local the absentees, must abide by where the mathese rules that chapter must abide by these rules… jority decides, Sir Henry Robbut individual ert simplified. members and the minority Jefferson’s creation of his A common misconare always provided with manual of parliamentary ception made by many the opportunity to be heard. law, in the year of 1876, members is that only the Imagine our govern- Henry Martyn Robert com- Parliamentarian of any ment functioning without piled his own terse and chapter has to know how the any reinforcements of the practical manual. Henry’s parliamentary law works. Parliamentary law. As you manual, now called the The fact is that in order to can imagine, confusion Robert Rules of Order, was truly conduct a fair, orgaand chaos controlled most meant for the smaller, less nized, and smooth meetof America’s organizations complex organizations that ing, all the members of the before Parliamentary pro- sought for order, organiza- organization must be aware cedures. This bedlam was tion, and equality in their of the different laws Henry eased in 1801 when Thom- own meetings and gather- Robert compiled for us. as Jefferson felt the need ings. Henry Martyn Robert As the Parliamentarian of for a written set of rules had said that this book is “ our state chapter, I can not and procedures that could based, on its general prin- stress enough how much I be practiced daily. Jefferson cipals, upon the rules and recommend that each loarranged the first guide of practices of Congress, and cal chapter adopt these parliamentary law called adapted in its details to the laws and conduct meetings the Manual of Parliamenta- use of ordinary societies.” regularly that implement ry Practice. Unfortunately, FBLA is one of these the Robert Rules of Order. even though our Senate and organizations that benefits House immediately adopt- greatly from the Robert For more information on parliamentary procedure you can contact me at If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on parliamentary procedure.

Parliamentary Procedure

An overhaul
By Dan Henriques, the home of New Jersey Future Business Leaders of America on the web is revving up to be even better than years past. This year, my focus as webmaster is to develop the website into a solid base for future years to come. With this in mind, there are quite a few goals and surprises planned. First off, the site will be receiving a new design to match the new theme we are highlighting for this year (blue/light blue, white with gray, and red for content). Second, a new system will be put into place that will allow us to have multiple blogs for different projects that the officers are working with. This feature may even extend to local chapters! Third, an important goal I want to focus on is interaction. The best way for interaction is through a single login through NJ FBLA. What does this mean? You will be able to comment on any of the blogs, forums, and other application using only ONE username / password. To make it even easier, your email will be username. And now for the big surprise – FBLA EDGE! If you have not yet heard from your adviser, I am currently developing a web application that will help chapters manage their FBLA activities. Some of the features included are a member roster, attendance records, calendar (integrated with the NJ FBLA’s calendar as well), and a separate chat for advisers, file download center, and much more! With all this, I proudly declare that the website outlook is amazing! This year introduces many new features but even more importantly, it sets the base for years to come.
I look forward to hearing suggestions from advisers and students about features to implement or any sort of questions or feedback. Please email me at

For this year’s National Leadership Conference, FBLA members from the entire nation headed south to Atlanta, Georgia. New Jersey boasted around 180 members to represent their schools and the Garden State. Greeted by the warmth and famous hospitality of the South, FBLA members from all over the country competed in various events. Our very own State President, Paul Cohen, campaigned for the position of Eastern Region Vice President.

Georgia Aquarium
Directly in front of the World of CocaCola sits the Georgia Aquarium. It is the largest aquarium in the world and contains eight million gallons of fresh and marine water, filled with the largest number of aquatic creatures in the world.


It was a great conference for the Garden State as we had fortytwo students place in their events, with thirty-three of them in the top ten posiCentennial tions! Twelve of olympic Park The walk to these those members attractions is equally as placed first in interesting, because it their events, esprovides visitors with a tablishing a rocktranquil walk through solid year for the Centennial Olym- NJFBLA. Morepic Park. The park was over, Paul Cohen World of home to the 1996 won his election Coca-Cola Summer Olympics. and was elected Downtown Atlanta Aside from touring the the Eastern Region is home to the World city and marveling the Vice President. As of Coca-Cola, where amazing attractions, NJFBLA members home visitors can taste a vari- members from New returned ety of Coca-Cola prod- Jersey, as well as from with amazing memucts from every conti- all over the nation, put ories of the city and nent, and leave with a Leadership in Action the wonderful peosouvenir bottle of Coke and made the Atlanta ple they met, Atlanta to take home. Anyone NLC one of the most was an experience that won't be forgotwho visited it still re- successful ever. ten. members their favorite by Sachet Choudhary drinks and to stay away for more information on the 2008 NLC, contact from the Beverly!
Sachet Choudhary at

42 33 29 7
competing top ten top five

first place


Accounting I Adam Levine Marlboro High School Cisco (open event) Alexander Lam Bergen County Academies Digital Video Production Ryan Brenner Spencer Duncan Billy Pereria Wallkill Valley Regional High School emerging Business Issues Abha Pandya Jennifer Wu Piscataway High School Introduction to Business Communication Reeya Shah Marlboro High School Management Decision Making Sohum Bhatt Rushil Desai Ronald Rosario Piscataway High School


Lulu Tsao Whippany Park High School Personal Finance Dedeepya Konuthula Old Bridge High School

Business Procedures Nikhil Guddeti Parsippany Hills High School Marketing Samantha Neal Cumberland Regional High School economics Stephanie Chen Montgomery High School Help Desk Johnston Jiaa Livingston High School Internet Application Programming Daniel Henriques Union County Magnet High School

3 7th
Business Calculations Max Chang Whippany Park High School Database Design & Applications Cara Catalano Woodstown High School Marketing Anisha Atluri Marlboro High School Word Processing I Sky Su Parsippany Hills High School



Future Business Leader Danny Burdzy Wallkill Valley Regional High School Cyber Security Boris Joffe Livingston High School Website Development Andy Ng Jeffery Hui Saagar Deshpande Livingston High School



Networking Concepts Alexander Lam Bergen County Academies Database Design & Applications Manunil Sanghavi Union County Vocational School Management Decision Making William Chen Jonathan Lin


4 th 5 8
Networking Concepts Nicholas Kingberg Bergen County Academies Banking and Financial Systems Tapan Kar Alex Santos Montgomery High School

th th


Computer Applications Vinny Panico Hunterdon Central Regional High School Management Information Systems Brian Foulds Jay Patel Wallkill Valley Regional High School


Introduction to technology Concepts Arjun Vijayakumar Bridgewater-Raritan High School Accounting I Evan Lee Marlboro High School Cyber Security Priyanka Deo John P. Stevens High School

Business Communications Emma Fridel Livingston High School Business Financial Plans Sree Kolli Marlboro High School Business Law Laith Aquel Wayne Hills High School

Arthur yaroshefsky of Sea transfer Corporation received Business Person of the Year. Nancy ostrowski from Piscataway High School came home with Outstanding Local Advisor. Wallkill Valley placed second in Largest Chapter Donation: March of Dimes. New Jersey placed second in Largest State Recruitment of Chapters: Eastern Region. New Jersey placed third in Largest State Donation: March of Dimes.
Burlington County Institute of Technology - Westampton, Camden County Technical School – Pennsauken, Camden County Technical School – Gloucester, Manville High School, Monmouth County Career Center, Monmouth Regional High School, Old Bridge High School, Pemberton Township High School, Piscataway High School, Pompton Lakes High School, Wallkill Valley Regional High School

Gold Seal Chapters

State officer team Goals for 2008 - 2009
• Continue to use spotlight to inform members about NJ FBLA • Use Edge program to make paperwork easier and to promote inter-chapter communication for advisers • Encourage chapters to submit membership rosters by October 20th with the Early Bird Membership Program • Promote FBLA as a multi-faceted career planning organization by using the “Five Faces of FBLA” campaign • Establish better communication with local chapters by using conference calls, email, and the website • Establish a Membership Committee and a Conference, Spirit, and Unity Committee • Encourage state officer campaigning • Encourage attendance of IFL and nationals in Anaheim, CA • Use media exposure to enhance FBLA awareness in state • Increase membership on local and state levels • Decrease inactive chapters within state • Create a Helpful Hints Guide for chapters who participate in community service effort • Promoting Go Green initiatives and support for March of Dimes
for more information on the State Officer Team’s goals, contact Sean Callahan at

Message from the President and eastern Region VP
continued from page 3

As the second largest region with cago, a digital press release gen- and state programs at the local nearly 45,000 members in nine- erator, a nationwide fund-raising level, partner with businesses, reteen territories, the Eastern Region initiative for the March of Dimes, cruit new members, participate in derives its strength from our geo- the “Go Green” program, or one of the Business Achievement Awards, graphic diversity and unparalleled our many new ideas for this year, compete in events, and most imhistory of student leadportantly, develop ership. With members I invite you to download the Program of Work the skills necessary as far away as The Baha- under the FBLA tab at so that in becoming a future mas and Germany, the you can play a key role in our nationwide success. business leader of Eastern Region is a roAmerica. bust component of our I am confident that 215,000-member organization. the programs we have put forth by working as a nationwide team, In the 2008-2009 Program are here to benefit our young lead- we will bring even more success of Work, your National Office Team ers. to our organization. Feel free to has put forth a comprehensive As the future leaders of contact me via email (fblaervp@ plan for capitalizing on our previ- America, you are charged with the or phone (856-457-6639) ous accomplishments and opening task of taking an active role in our at any time with questions, comthe doors for new opportunities. organization. Student leadership ments, or ideas. With your supWhether it be a inner city recruit- is the bedrock of FBLA, and I chal- port, we will collectively Get the ment in Washington, D.C. and Chi- lenge you to implement national Edge with FBLA.

These are your 2008 - 2009 officers. From left to right, Alexander, Urvashi, Sean, Pengpeng, Sachet, Alexis, Paul, Magaly, Vinny, Poorva, and Daniel. Picture taken at State Officer Training in August 2008.


Paul Cohen

Senior - Vineland High School
Question: What’s your favorite movie? Answer: FBLA-PBL 2008 Recruitment Video Question: What do you like to do in your free time? Answer: Hang out with friends, run my four companies, read, lobby for anti-genocide. Question: What’s your favorite quote? Answer: “It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.”


Urvashi Banerjea

Junior - Wayne Hills High School
Question: What’s your favorite food? Answer: Spicy Buffalo Wings Question: How many languages can you speak? Answer: 4 - English, Italian, Bengali, and Hindi Question: Why did you join FBLA? Answer: My sister was involved in FBLA and she had a great time. I wanted to carry on that tradition and have fun myself!


Poorva Chiddarwar

Junior - South Brunswick High School
Question: What are your favorite types of food? Answer: Wayyyyy to many. Question: What’s your favorite quote? Answer: “Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away.” -Hitch Question: What’s your most commonly used saying? Answer: “Please, please, please?” - A phrased used EVERY day

Vice President of Membership
Alexis Lawlor
Senior - Wayne Valley High School
Question: What do like to do in your free time? Answer: Play field hockey, lacrosse, and horseback riding. Question: Describe your typical breakfast. Answer: Pop-Tarts or a bagel, eaten during 1st period, with iced tea. Question: What kind of car do you drive? Answer: A black Honda CR-V named Jack

Community Service Vice President
PengPeng Song
Senior - John P. Stevens High School
Question: Do you have any nicknames? Answer: Pongity. Question: What are your plans after high school? Answer: Probably major in business integrated with some art elements. Question: either or: Coke or Pepsi? Answer: Coke.


Vinny Panico

Senior - Hunterdon Central Regional High School
Question: What’s your favorite type of music? Answer: Country. Question: Who is the most important person in your life? Answer: By far God is the most important and influential person in my life. Question: What are the phrases you use the most? Answer: “Jackpot,” “Awesome,” “Good times,” or “Thrilling”

Northern Region Vice President
Sean Callahan
Senior - Wallkill Valley Regional High School
Question: What’s your favorite kind of food? Answer: Steak. Any kind of steak. Question: Why did you join FBLA? Answer: I’ll be honest and say that at first, I joined for the pizza. After, I realized FBLA was a great way to make a difference in the community and be a better leader. Question: What’s your favorite movie? Answer: Ong-Bak... Go see it! It’s the greatest movie EVER!

Northern Central Region VP
Sachet Choudhary
Junior - Piscataway High School
Question: What do you like to do in your free time? Answer: Sleep, eat, watch soccer, write... repeat. Question: What’s your favorite quote? Answer: “Never hate your enemies. It clouds your judgement.” -Michael Corleone (The Godfather) Question: What’s your life ambition? Answer: I’ve always wanted to direct a movie.

Central Region Vice President
Alex Baran
Senior - South Hunterdon Regional High School
Question: Why did you join FBLA? Answer: I love business and I wanted to sharpen my skills Question: What’s your favorite movie? Answer: The entire Matrix Trilogy, closely followed by Pay it Forward Question: Who’s the most important person in your life? Answer: It’s a tie between my mother in spirit and my father in present

Southern Region Vice President
Magaly Salas
Senior - Camden County Technical High School
Question: What do you do in your free time? Answer: I enjoy watching the Discovery Health channel. Question: Which accent would you like to have? Answer: An Italian New Yorker accent. Question: What are your plans after high school? Answer: Attend a four year college and major in Nursing


Dan Henriques

Junior - Union County Magnet High School
Question: What’s your favorite movie? Answer: It changes frequently, but right now it’s Step Up 2 Question: tell us some facts about you. Answer: I know 8 languages, four of which are programming. Four actual languages: I speak fluent Portuguese and English, I can understand Spanish, and I am learning French. Question: What do you like to do in your free time? Answer: I like to develop new projects like Edge and Share Feed

officer Duties
President - I am responsible for New Jersey FBLA and working with the State Officer Team. I plan, preside over, and conduct State Executive Board Meetings. I represents the state chapter. I also have duties at specific conferences (many include public speaking). I also am responsible for working with the State Officer Team on all of our projects. Historian - My main responsibility is to make the Spotlight. I also handle sending out information to newspapers and TV channels. Webmaster - My job is managing website, developing new projects for website, providing technical support, and enabling communication between NJ FBLA and its members Parliamentarian - I maintain organization and order in officer meetings and make sure everyone has an equal say. Membership VP - I am in charge of encouraging membership recruiting, and making it easy for everyone. Secretary - I record the minutes of each meeting, and correspond with other officers to make sure everything is as planned. Regional VPs - We hold regional breakfasts, conduct RCEs, network among the many chapters in the region, and encourage membership recruitment.

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