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"The only baseball sim I've ever gotten addicted to...

" (Curt Schilling about OO TP 12) In 1884, Pete Browning broke his bat in a game and asked Bud Hillerich's father to fashion a new one on his wood lathe. Browning became known as the "Louisville Slugger" and so did the company that Hillerich founded. The American Association ended its 10-year run in 1891. Chicken Wolf of the Loui sville Colonels played all 10 years and led the AA in hits, doubles, triples and total bases. Lefty Gomez described Jimmie Foxx as so powerful that "he has muscles in his hai r." "Charlie Root should be remembered for the most wins (201) of any Chicago Cub pi tcher, not one pitch to Babe Ruth in the 1932 World Series." (Roger Snell, autho r, "Root for the Cubs.") "I'm convinced that every boy, in his heart, would rather steal second base than an automobile." (Tom Clark) "A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz." (Humphrey Bogart) "You gotta be a man to play baseball for a living, but you gotta have a lot of l ittle boy in you, too." (Roy Campanella) "If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant's lif e, she will choose to save the infant's life without even considering if there a re men on base." (Dave Barry) "People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring." (Rogers Hornsby) "Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer." (Ted Williams) "No game in the world is as tidy and dramatically neat as baseball, with cause a nd effect, crime and punishment, motive and result, so cleanly defined." (Paul G allico) "There are three things in my life which I really love: God, my family, and base ball. The only problem -- once baseball season starts, I change the order around a bit." (Al Gallagher) "A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings." (Earl Wilson) "Baseball was made for kids, and grown-ups only screw it up." (Bob Lemon) In 1963, pitcher Gaylord Perry remarked, "They'll put a man on the moon before I hit a home run." ... On July 20, 1969, just minutes after Neil Armstrong set fo ot on the moon, Gaylord Perry hit his first home run. "Baseball is a fun game. It beats working for a living." (Phil Linz) "I don't want to play golf. When I hit a ball, I want someone else to go chase i t." (Rogers Hornsby) "When you're in a slump, it's almost as if you look out at the field and it's on e big glove." (Vance Law) "Baseball is a game where a curve is an optical illusion, a screwball can be a p itch or a person, stealing is legal and you can spit anywhere you like except in the umpire's eye or on the ball." (Jim Murray) "Baseball is the only sport I know that when you're on offense, the other team c ontrols the ball." (Ken Harrelson) "Baseball players are smarter than football players. How often do you see a base ball team penalized for too many men on the field?" (Jim Bouton) "Nolan Ryan is pitching much better now that he has his curve ball straightened out." (Joe Garagiola) "It's hard to win a pennant, but it's harder losing one." (Chuck Tanner) "Poets are like baseball pitchers. Both have their moments. The intervals are th e tough things." (Robert Frost) "The charm of baseball is that, dull as it may be on the field, it is endlessly fascinating as a rehash." (Jim Murray) "If a horse can't eat it, I don't want to play on it." (Dick Allen, on artificia l turf) "Baseball is almost the only orderly thing in a very unorderly world. If you get three strikes, even the best lawyer in the world can't get you off." (Bill Veec

k) "Baseball is the only place in life where a sacrifice is really appreciated." (A uthor Unknown) "I've come to the conclusion that the two most important things in life are good friends and a good bullpen." (Bob Lemon) "You don't save a pitcher for tomorrow. Tomorrow it may rain." (Leo Durocher) "Pro-rated at 500 at-bats a year that means that for two years out of the fourte en I played, I never even touched the ball." (Norm Cash, on his 1,081 strikeouts ) "Sandy's fastball was so fast, some batters would start to swing as he was on hi s way to the mound." (Jim Murray, on Sandy Koufax) "I was such a dangerous hitter, I even got intentional walks in batting practice ." (Casey Stengel) "The strongest thing that baseball has going for it today are its yesterdays." ( Lawrence Ritter) "The pitcher has to find out if the hitter is timid. And if the hitter is timid, he has to remind the hitter he's timid." (Don Drysdale) "It ain't like football. You can't make up no trick plays." (Yogi Berra) "A baseball fan has the digestive apparatus of a billy goat. He can, and does, d evour any set of diamond statistics with insatiable appetite and then nuzzles hu ngrily for more." (Arthur Daley) "That's the true harbinger of spring, not crocuses or swallows returning to Capi strano, but the sound of a bat on a ball." (Bill Veeck) "A baseball park is the one place where a man's wife doesn't mind his getting ex cited over somebody else's curves." (Brendan Francis) "This is a game to be savored, not gulped. There's time to discuss everything be tween pitches or between innings." (Bill Veeck) "A critic once characterized baseball as six minutes of action crammed into twoand-one-half hours." (Ray Fitzgerald) "The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love." (Bryant Gumbel) "There have been only two geniuses in the world. Willie Mays and Willie Shakespe are. (Tallulah Bankhead) Baseball fans love numbers. They love to swirl them around their mouths like Bor deaux wine." (Pat Conroy) "More than any other American sport, baseball creates the magnetic, addictive il lusion that it can almost be understood." (Thomas Boswell) "Baseball? It's just a game -- as simple as a ball and a bat. Yet, as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes. It's a sport, business -- and sometimes even religion." (Ernie Harwell) "Why does everybody stand up and sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" when they're already there?" (Larry Anderson) "Things could be worse. Suppose your errors were counted and published every day , like those of a baseball player." (Author Unknown) "Baseball is reassuring. It makes me feel as if the world is not going to blow u p." (Sharon Olds) "The great thing about baseball is that there's a crisis every day." (Gabe Paul) "I have discovered in twenty years of moving around a ball park, that the knowle dge of the game is usually in inverse proportion to the price of the seats." (Bi ll Veeck) "I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and st arted trying to make them hit it." (Sandy Koufax) "Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing." (Warren Spahn) "Don't forget to swing hard, in case you hit the ball." (Woodie Held) "Putting lights in Wrigley Field is like putting aluminum siding on the Sistine Chapel." (Roger Simon) "Ninety feet between home plate and first base may be the closest man has ever c ome to perfection." (Red Smith) "It ain't nothin' till I call it." (Bill Klem, umpire) Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona." (George F. Will)

"Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he's losing; nobody wa nts you to quit when you're ahead." (Jackie Robinson) "Being with a woman all night never hurt no professional baseball player. It's s taying up all night looking for a woman that does him in." (Casey Stengel) "Baseball is an island of activity amidst a sea of statistics." (Author Unknown) "The greatest feeling in the world is to win a major league game. The second-gre atest feeling is to lose a major league game." (Chuck Tanner) "Baseball is a ballet without music. Drama without words." (Ernie Harwell) "Well, boys, it's a round ball and a round bat and you got to hit the ball squar e." (Joe Schultz) "Pitchers, like poets, are born not made." (Cy Young) "What does a mama bear on the pill have in common with the World Series? No cubs ." (Harry Caray) "You know you're pitching well when the batters look as bad as you do at the pla te." (Duke Snider) "There are two theories on hitting the knuckleball. Unfortunately, neither of th em work." (Charlie Lau) "It actually giggles at you as it goes by." (Rick Monday, on Phil Niekro's knuck leball) "The best way to catch a knuckleball is to wait until the ball stops rolling and then pick it up." (Bob Uecker) "[A knuckleball is] a curve ball that doesn't give a damn." (Jimmy Cannon) "Baseball statistics are like a girl in a bikini. They show a lot, but not every thing." (Toby Harrah) "I know a man who is a diamond cutter. He mows the lawn at Yankee Stadium." (Aut hor Unknown) "To a pitcher, a base hit is the perfect example of negative feedback." (Steve H ovley) "It never ceases to amaze me how many of baseball's wounds are self-inflicted." (Bill Veeck) "Hating the New York Yankees is as American as apple pie, unwed mothers and chea ting on your income tax." (Mike Royko) "Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the house in blackjack." (Adam Morr ow) "Baseball is too much of a sport to be called a business, and too much of a busi ness to be called a sport." (William Wrigley) "Baseball isn't a business; it's more like a disease." (Walter F. O'Malley) "Baseball is the only game left for people. To play basketball, you have to be 7 feet 6 inches. To play football, you have to be the same width." (Bill Veeck) "Baseball is drama with an endless run and an ever-changing cast." (Joe Garagiol a) "Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too. " (Greg, age 8) "When Steve and I die, we are going to be buried in the same cemetery, 60-feet 6 -inches apart." (Tim McCarver, who caught all of Steve Carlton's games) "What are we at the park for except to win? I'd trip my mother. I'd help her up, brush her off, tell her I'm sorry. But mother don't make it to third." (Leo Dur ocher) "Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world." (Babe Ru th) "There are three things the average man thinks he can do better than anybody els e: build a fire, run a hotel, and manage a baseball team." (Rocky Bridges) "You can't hit what you can't see." (Walter Johnson) "Losing streaks are funny. If you lose at the beginning, you got off to a bad st art. If you lose in the middle of the season, you're in a slump. If you lose at the end, you're choking." (Gene Mauch) "The best thing about being a Yankee is getting to watch Reggie Jackson play eve ry day. The worst thing about being a Yankee? Getting to watch Reggie Jackson pl ay every day." (Graig Nettles) "One reason I never called balks is that I never understood the rule." (Ron Luci

ano, umpire) "If you're not having fun in baseball, you miss the point of everything." (Chris Chambliss) "You don't face Ryan without your rest. He's the only guy I go against that make s me go to bed before midnight." (Reggie Jackson, on Nolan Ryan) "My high salary for one season was forty-six thousand dollars and a Cadillac. If I were to get paid a million, I'd feel that I should sweep out the stadium ever y night after I finished playing the game." (Duke Snider) "Throwing people out of a game is like learning to ride a bicycle -- once you ge t the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun." (Ron Luciano, umpire) "The whole history of baseball has the quality of mythology." (Bernard Malamud) "It's a strange business, all jeers and no cheers." (Tom Gorman, umpire) "There'll be two buses leaving the hotel for the park tomorrow. The two o'clock bus will be for those of you who need a little extra work. The empty bus will le ave at five o'clock." (Dave Bristol, manager) "The hitter asks the owner to give him a big raise so he can go somewhere he's n ever been, and the owner says, 'You mean third base.'" (Henny Youngman) "Pitching is the art of instilling fear." (Sandy Koufax) "It's worth remembering, that under Steinbrenner we tend to operate on the theor y that no one is unsignable." (anonymous Yankee Scout) "Baseball is a public trust. Players turn over, owners turn over and certain com missioners turn over. But baseball goes on." (Peter Ueberroth, commissioner) "WILL THE LAST PERSON TO LEAVE THE STADIUM PLEASE TURN OUT THE LIGHTS" (sign hel d by a fan at Wrigley Field in Chicago at the end of the first complete night ga me) "Well, baseball was my whole life. Nothing's ever been as fun as baseball." (Mic key Mantle) "I'm working on a new pitch. It's called a strike." (Jim Kern) "I never slept when I lost. I'd see the sun come up without ever having closed m y eyes. I'd see those base hits over and over and they'd drive me crazy." (Robin Roberts) "Spring is the time of year when the ground thaws, trees bud, the income tax fal ls due -- and everybody wins the pennant." (Jim Murray) "I don't want them to forget Ruth. I just want them to remember me!" (Hank Aaron ) "You can shake a dozen glove men out of a tree, but the bat separates the men fr om the boys." (Dale Long) "To say 'Babe Ruth' is to say 'Baseball.'" (Will Harridge) "I believe managing is like holding a dove in your hand. If you hold it too tigh tly, you kill it, but if you hold it too loosely, you lose it." (Tommy Lasorda) "Umpire's heaven is a place where he works third base every game. Home is where the heartache is." (Ron Luciano, umpire) "Your bat is your life. It's your weapon. You don't want to go into battle with anything that feels less than perfect." (Lou Brock) "You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the en d it turns out that it was the other way around all the time." (Jim Bouton) "I've never taken batting practice against him and I never will. I have a family to think of." (Bob Watson, on teammate J.R. Richard) "Every season has its peaks and valleys. What you have to try to do is eliminate the Grand Canyon." (Andy Van Slyke) "When you're going good, it doesn't get any better than being in New York. But w hen you're going bad, it doesn't get any worse." (Davey Johnson, manager) "Catching a fly ball is a pleasure. But knowing what to do with it after you cat ch it is a business." (Tommy Henrich) "Carlton does not pitch to the hitter, he pitches through him. The batter hardly exists for Steve. He's playing an elevated game of catch." (Tim McCarver) "I was the worst hitter ever. I never even broke a bat until last year. That was backing out of the garage." (Lefty Gomez) "I am the best in baseball...I create an excitement in a ballpark when I walk on the field." (Reggie Jackson)

"I wanted to be a big league baseball player so I could see my picture on a bubb le gum card." (Al Ferrara) "Baseball is a lot like life. The line drives are caught, the squibbers go for b ase hits. It's an unfair game." (Rod Kanehl) "There were times last year when people looked at the scoreboard and thought my batting average was the temperature." (Buck Martinez, on his .162 performance) "Maybe I'm not a great man, but I damn well want to break the record." (Roger Ma ris) "If I had my career to play over, one thing I'd do differently is swing more. Th ose 1,200 walks I got -- nobody remembers them." (Pee Wee Reese) "There are only five things you can do in baseball -- run, throw, catch, hit and hit with power." (Leo Durocher) "The only people I ever felt intimidated by in my whole life were Bob Gibson and my daddy." (Dusty Baker) "On any given day...come out to the ballpark and you'll see something different. " (Fred Borsch) "I was not successful as a ballplayer, as it was a game of skill." (Casey Stenge l) "I want to be remembered as a ballplayer who gave all he had to give." (Roberto Clemente) "Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, age don't matter." (S atchel Paige) "The new definition of a heathen is a man who has never played baseball." (Elber t Hubbard) "I'm no different from anybody else with two arms, two legs, and forty-two hundr ed hits." (Pete Rose) "The secret of managing is to keep the guys who hate you away from the guys who are undecided." (Casey Stengel) "Why pitch nine innings when you can get just as famous pitching two?" (Sparky L yle, relief pitcher) "Swing at the strikes." (Yogi Berra) "Fans don't boo nobodies." (Reggie Jackson) "Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical." (Yogi Berra) "You must have an alibi to show why you lost. If you haven't one, you must fake one. Your self-confidence must be maintained." (Christy Mathewson) "Trying to throw a fastball by Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sun past a rooster." (Curt Simmons) "I don't like to sound egotistical, but every time I stepped to the plate with a bat in my hands, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the pitcher." (Rogers Horns by) "Baseball is the only thing besides the paper clip that hasn't changed." (Bill V eeck) "If Satch and I were pitching on the same team, we'd clinch the pennant by July 4 and go fishing until World Series time." (Dizzy Dean, on Satchel Paige) "Winning makes you happy all day." (Jimmy Wynn) "There never is any set way to pitch to a great hitter. If there were, he'd be h itting . 220." (Don Drysdale) "Sometimes I would do just the opposite of what George wanted me to do, because I won't let anyone tell me how to manage. If I'm going down the tube, I'm going to do it my way." (Billy Martin) "Some people give their bodies to science; I give mine to baseball." (Ron Hunt, on being hit by a record 243 pitches during his career) "Baseball is dull only to dull minds." (Red Smith) "There should be a new way to record standings in this league: one column for wi ns, one for losses and one for gifts." (Gene Mauch) "If he were playing in New York, there'd be a 5'8 statue of him in Times Square. " (Andy MacPhail, on Kirby Puckett) "The best thing about baseball is that you can do something about yesterday tomo rrow." (Manny Trillo) "I couldn't see well enough to play when I was a boy, so they gave me a special

job -- they made me the umpire." (Harry S. Truman) "They say you have to be good to be lucky, but I think you have to be lucky to b e good." (Rico Carty) "I would have jumped off a tall building. But the way I'm batting, I wouldn't ha ve hit the ground." (Phil Garner) "The ball is smaller, the planets are in line, the hole in the ozone layer is bi gger, and so is Juan Gonzalez." (Terry Mulholland, on why more home runs are bei ng hit these days) "The only way I'm going to win a Gold Glove is with a can of spray paint." (Regg ie Jackson) "I never threw an illegal pitch. The trouble is, once in a while I toss one that ain't never been seen by this generation." (Satchel Paige) "The last time Willie Mays dropped a pop fly, he had a rattle in one hand and a bonnet on his head." (Jim Murray) "The highlight of your season is taking the team picture, knowing that the tradi ng deadline has passed and you're part of the club." (Joe Garagiola) "Trying to hit him is like trying to eat Jell-O with chopsticks." (Bobby Murcer, on knuckleballer Phil Niekro) "Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson after ward." (Vernon Law) "If my uniform doesn't get dirty, I haven't done anything in the baseball game." (Rickey Henderson) "Statistics are to baseball what a flaky crust is to Mom's apple pie." (Harry Re asoner) "It's the only occupation where a man has to be perfect the first day on the job and then improve over the years." (Ed Runge, umpire) "A good groundskeeper can help you win a dozen games a year. He is the tenth man in the lineup." (Lou Boudreau) "Every great batter works on the theory that the pitcher is more afraid of him t han he is of the pitcher." (Ty Cobb) "An umpire is like a woman. He makes quick decisions, never reverses them, and d oesn't think you're safe when you're out." (Larry Goetz, umpire) "Every player, in his secret heart, wants to manage someday. Every fan, in the p rivacy of his mind, already does." (Leonard Koppett) "You know what Rogers Hornsby told me forty-five years ago? It was the best batt ing advice I ever got. 'Get a good ball to hit.'" (Ted Williams) "I always wanted to be a player, but I never had the talent to make the big leag ues. So I did the next best thing: I bought a team." (Charlie Finley) "I felt like my bubble-gum card collection had come to life." (James Garner, act or, on speaking at a sports celebrity dinner) "Not true at all. Vaseline is manufactured right here in the United States." (Do n Sutton, on rumors that he had used a 'foreign substance' on the ball) "The only way to prove you're a good sport is to lose." (Ernie Banks) "I don't want to get to know the other guys too well. I might like them, and the n I might not want to throw at them." (Sal Maglie) "Above anything else, I hate to lose." (Jackie Robinson) "Baseball is the only game you can see on the radio." (Phil Hersh) "He has a weakness for doubles." (Bobo Newsom, pitcher, on Joe DiMaggio's hittin g) "It gets late early out there." (Yogi Berra, on sun glare at Yankee Stadium) "I'd walk through hell in a gasoline suit to keep playing baseball." (Pete Rose) "There are close to 11 million unemployed and half of them are New York Yankee m anagers." (Johnny Carson) "The hardest thing is not making the big leagues. Rather, it is staying in the b ig leagues." (Pete Rose) "I like my players to be married and in debt. That's the way to motivate them." (Ernie Banks) "Baseball was one hundred percent of my life." (Ty Cobb) "All I remember about my wedding day in 1967 is that the Cubs lost a double-head er." (George F. Will)

"I'm throwing twice as hard as I ever did. It's just not getting there as fast." (Lefty Gomez) "If I had to name the number one asset you could have for any sport, I'd say spe ed. In baseball, all a guy with speed has to do is make contact." (Ron Fairly) "I swing big, with everything I've got. I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can." (Babe Ruth) "Been in this game a hundred years, but I see new ways to lose 'em I never knew existed before." (Casey Stengel) "Good pitching will always stop good hitting and vice-versa." (Casey Stengel) "All ballplayers should quit when it starts to feel as if all the baselines run uphill." (Babe Ruth) "I don't want to embarrass any other catcher by comparing him with Johnny Bench. " (Sparky Anderson) "I knew it would ruin my arm. But one year of 25-7 is worth five of 15-15." (Ste ve Stone, on his Cy Young season) "I took the two most expensive aspirins in history." (Wally Pipp, on sitting out a game with a headache, allowing Lou Gehrig into the Yankees lineup) "Isn't it amazing that we're worth so much on the trading block and worth so lit tle when we talk salary with the general manager?" (Jim Kern) "The good Lord was kind to me. He gave me a strong body, a good right arm, and a weak mind." (Dizzy Dean) "Cobb lived off the field as though he wished to live forever. He lived on the f ield as though it was his last day." (Branch Rickey, on Ty Cobb) "I wish I had 10 pitchers with Bo Belinsky's stuff and none with his head." (Gen e Mauch) "The guy with the biggest stomach will be the first to take off his shirt at a b aseball game." (Glenn Dickey) "Better make it four. I don't think I can eat eight." (Yogi Berra, when asked if he wanted his pizza cut into four or eight slices) "There is always some kid who may be seeing me for the first or last time. I owe him my best." (Joe DiMaggio) "Any umpire who claims he has never missed a play is . . . well, an umpire." (Ro n Luciano, umpire) "Guessing what the pitcher is going to throw is 80 percent of being a successful hitter. The other 20 percent is just execution." (Hank Aaron) "This winter I'm working out every day, throwing at a wall. I'm 11-0 against the wall." (Jim Bouton) "I found a delivery in my flaw." (Dan Quisenberry) "Baseball isn't keeping up with science. Satellites are sending accurate signals from outer space to earth, but coaches still have trouble transmitting signals from third base to home." (Ellis Clary) "The pitcher has got only a ball. I've got a bat. So the percentage in weapons i s in my favor and I let the fellow with the ball do the fretting." (Hank Aaron) "Baseball must be a great game to survive the fools who run it." (Bill Terry) "There was always Joe DiMaggio. If we had him, we could have won. But the Yankee s had him, and he murdered everybody, including us." (Joe Cronin) "Pitching is just an illusion. You're dealing with a man's eyes. Make him think he's getting one thing and give him another and you've got him." (Alvin Jackson) "It ain't bragging if you can do it." (Dizzy Dean) "He had such a beautiful swing, he even looked good striking out." (Mark Koenig, on Babe Ruth) "You can't tell how much spirit a team has until it starts losing." (Rocky Colav ito) "If Ben Franklin played shortstop here and made an error, they'd probably boo hi m for a week, too." (Russ Hodges, on Phillies fans) "The beauty and joy of baseball is not having to explain it." (Chuck Shriver) "I'd rather hit home runs. You don't have to run as hard." (Dave Kingman) "I was never nervous when I had the ball, but when I let it go I was scared to d eath." (Lefty Gomez) "He'd give you the shirt off his back. Of course, he'd call a press conference t

o announce it." (Jim 'Catfish' Hunter, on Reggie Jackson) "A pitcher needs two pitches -- one they're looking for and one to cross 'em up. " (Warren Spahn) "A baseball manager is a necessary evil." (Sparky Anderson) "You give 100 percent in the first half of the game, and if that isn't enough in the second half you give what's left." (Yogi Berra) "There are only two places in this league. First place and no place." (Tom Seave r) "There isn't enough mustard in the world to cover that hot dog." (Darold Knowles , on Reggie Jackson) "Hitting the ball was easy. Running around the bases was the tough part." (Micke y Mantle) "He's so good, I even worry about him in the winter." (Ted Williams, on Bob Lemo n) "When we win, I'm so happy I eat a lot. When we lose, I'm so depressed, I eat a lot. When we're rained out, I'm so disappointed I eat a lot." (Tommy Lasorda) "Talent always beats experience. Because by the time you get experience, the tal ent's gone." (Pat Corrales) "I didn't come to New York to be a star. I brought my star with me." (Reggie Jac kson, on arriving in New York) "Most pitchers are too smart to manage." (Jim Palmer) "I never questioned the integrity of an umpire. Their eyesight, yes." (Leo Duroc her) "There is but one game, and that game is baseball." (John J. McGraw) "Baseball can build you up to the sky one day and the next day you have to climb a stepladder to look up to a snake." (Johnny Pesky) "Nothing makes a pitcher feel more secure than the sight of his teammates circli ng the bases during a ball game." (Jim Brosnan) "This team, it all flows from me. I've got to keep it going. I'm the straw that stirs the drink." (Reggie Jackson) "I talked to the ball a lot of times in my career. I yelled, 'Go foul. Go foul.' " (Lefty Gomez) "If I stay healthy, I have a chance to collect three thousand hits and one thous and errors." (George Brett) "You can observe a lot by watching." (Yogi Berra) "He hits from both sides of the plate. He's amphibious." (Yogi Berra) "We made too many wrong mistakes." (Yogi Berra, on losing the 1960 World Series to the Pittsburgh Pirates) "I broke in with four hits and the writers promptly decided they had seen the ne w Ty Cobb. It took me only a few days to correct that impression." (Casey Stenge l) "I knew when my career was over. In 1965 my baseball card came out with no pictu re." (Bob Uecker) "When I came up to bat with three men on and two outs in the ninth, I looked in the other team's dugout and they were already in street clothes." (Bob Uecker) "All right, everybody line up alphabetically according to your height." (Casey S tengel) In 1938, Johnny Vander Meer (Cincinnati Reds) pitched two consecutive no-hitters . On June 3, 1932, Lou Gehrig of the NY Yankees belted four homers against the Phi ladelphia Athletics. The score was 20-13. In June 1968, Jim Northrup (Detroit) hit two grand slam homers ... in consecutiv e at bats. On June 23, 1932, Tony Lazzeri of the NY Yankees became the only player in Major League history to hit a single, a double, a triple, and then a grand slam. In t he same game, teammate Lou Gehrig belted four home runs. There was never a no-hitter pitched in Forbes Field. On August 8, 1921, Luke Stuart (St Louis Browns) hit a home run in his first Maj or League at bat. It was the only hit of his career, which lasted all of three g ames.

On July 17, 1914, Rube Marquard (NY Giants) beat Babe Adams (Pirates) in 21 inni ngs, 3-1, in a game where Adams set the record for most innings pitched (21) wit hout a walk. On July 27, 1952, Red Sox manager Lou Boudreau batted pitcher Willard Nixon 6th in the lineup. Nixon went 1-4 with 2 RBI, and pitched his club to a 9-3 victory. "They invented the All-Star Game for Willie Mays." (Ted Williams) On July 6, 1983, Fred Lynn hit the only All-Star grand slam in history. Mickey Mantle (1954-1960), Joe Morgan (1970-1977) and Dave Winfield (1982-1988) are the only three players in All-Star history to each bat safely in seven backto-back All-Star games. Stan Musial holds the All-Star record for most games as a pinch hitter with ten. "We wanted to see the Babe. Sure, he was old and had a big waistline, but that d idn't make any difference. We were on the same field as Babe Ruth." (Wild Bill H allahan) "[Van] Mungo and I get along fine. I just tell him I won't stand for no nonsense , and then I duck." (Casey Stengel) "The test of an outfielder's skill comes when he has to go against the fence to make a catch." (Joe DiMaggio) "He just went out and did his job every day." (Bill Dickey, on Lou Gehrig) "All managers are losers. They are the most expendable pieces of furniture on th e face of the Earth." (Ted Williams) "So I eat, drink, and sleep baseball twenty-four hours a day. What's wrong with that?" (Joe McCarthy) "The greatest player I ever saw was a black man. He's in the Hall of Fame, altho ugh not a lot of people have heard of him. His name is Martin Dihigo." (Johnny M ize) "He could run, field, throw, and of course, hit. He has such great wrists, like Ernie Banks. And it was hard to fool him." (Vic Raschi, on Hank Aaron) "I think one of the most difficult things for anyone who's played baseball is to accept the fact that maybe the players today are playing just as well as ever." (Ralph Kiner) "One year I hit .291 and had to take a salary cut. If you hit .291 today, you ow n the franchise." (Enos Slaughter) "The greatest thrill in the world is to end the game with a home run and watch e verybody else walk off the field while you're running the bases on air." (Al Ros en) "I hated to bat against Drysdale. After he hit you he'd come around, look at the bruise on your arm and say, 'Do you want me to sign it?'" (Mickey Mantle, on Do n Drysdale) "A pitcher will never be a big winner until he hates hitters." (Early Wynn) "The riches of the game are in the thrills, not the money." (Ernie Banks) "Clemente could field the ball in New York and throw out a guy in Pennsylvania." (Vin Scully, on Roberto Clemente) "A couple years ago they told me I was too young to be president and you [Stan M usial] were too old to be playing baseball. But we fooled them." (President John F. Kennedy) "It doesn't matter what he throws; when he's got it, he beats you." (Roberto Cle mente, on Juan Marichal) "And if I have my choice between a pennant and a triple crown, I'll take the pen nant every time." (Carl Yastrzemski) "I don't see why you reporters keep confusing Brooks and me. Can't you see that we wear different numbers." (Frank Robinson) "We are not surgeons, or even plumbers. Society cannot do without those skills. It can certainly do without ballplayers." (Steve Garvey) "The pitcher has to find out if the hitter is timid and if the hitter is timid, he has to remind the hitter he's timid." (Don Drysdale) "The worst thing is the day you realize you want to win more than your players d o." (Gene Mauch) "I'm not sure I know what the hell charisma is, but I get the feeling it's Willi e Mays." (Ted Kluszewski)

"Cal Ripken embodies all that the Orioles stand for, all that Baltimore stands f or and, really, all that this country stands for in terms of his dedication and work ethic." (Peter Angelos) "All I ever wanted to be was a Yankee." (Derek Jeter) "The Greatness of Ty Cobb was something that had to be seen, and to see him was to remember him forever." (George Sisler) "Man may penetrate the outer reaches of the universe, he may solve the very secr et of eternity itself, but for me, the ultimate human experience is to witness t he flawless execution of a hit-and-run." (Branch Rickey) Hank Aaron played baseball for twenty-three years and he was the all time home r un king, but did you know that he led the league in home runs only four times du ring his career? "In the beginning I used to make one terrible play a game. Then I got so I'd mak e one a week and finally I'd pull a bad one about once a month. Now, I'm trying to keep it down to one a season." (Lou Gehrig) "Guys ask me, don't I get burned out? How can you get burned out doing something you love? I ask you, have you ever got tired of kissing a pretty girl?" (Tommy Lasorda) "I want to thank all the pitchers who couldn't go nine innings, and manager Dick Howser who wouldn't let them go." (Dan Quisenberry, five time recipient of the Rolaids Relief Award) In 1964, Tony Oliva of the Minnesota Twins hit .323, making him the first Rookie of the Year with a batting title, a feat not duplicated until 2001 when Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners led the American League with a .350 batting avera ge. Ty Cobb, during his 1909 Triple Crown season, simultaneously led the American Le ague in stolen bases with seventy-six, making him the only recipient to also lea d in stolen bases. Grover Alexander is the only pitcher to accomplish The Triple Crown of pitching three consecutive years AND the only pitcher to earn it four different times. The Triple Crown of pitching is "awarded" to the pitcher who leads, or ties, his league in three major pitching areas. These are wins, strikeouts, and earned r un average. "All good balls to hit are strikes, though not all strikes are good balls to hit ." (Dave Winfield) Frank Robinson was the first, and still the only, player to win a Most Valuable Player Award in both the American and National Leagues. Did you know that Don Newcombe was the first player to win a Cy Young Award and Most Valuable Player Award AND he did it during the same season (1956)? "Show me a guy who can't pitch inside and I'll show you a loser." (Sandy Koufax) Bobby Richardson is the only recipient of the World Series MVP Award while playi ng on the losing team. Branch Rickey, who won first ever Sporting News Executive of the Year Award in 1 936, not only signed Jackie Robinson, but also "invented" the modern farm system . "You have to improve your club [even] if it means letting your own brother go." (Joe McCarthy) Joe McCarthy, who won the first Sporting News Manager of the Year Award in 1936, won nine pennants, seven world titles, and never finished out of the first divi sion during his twenty-four year managerial career. "It's not over until the fat man swings." (Darren Daulton, on teammate John Kruk ) Did you know that Fenway Park, which opened April 20, 1912, is the oldest Americ an League ballpark still in operation? There is no location requirement in regards to home team dugouts. Some are on t he first base side and others are on the third base side. Did you know that Connie Mack has the most wins of any manager in the history of baseball? He also has the most losses, having managed for 50 YEARS! "There has been only one manager and his name is John McGraw." (Connie Mack) In 1977, the Texas Rangers became the only American League team in history to ha

ve four managers during the same season. Casey Stengel took the helm of the New York Yankees in 1949 and won a ring every season through 1953 making him the only manager to win five consecutive rings. Did you know that the youngest manager to start a season with a club was Lou Bou dreau? He was barely past the age of twenty-four when he became the manager of t he Cleveland Indians in 1941. "Why would you [Gene Michael] want to stay manager and be second-guessed by me w hen you can come up into the front-office and be one of the second-guessers?" (G eorge Steinbrenner) "There is no sports event like Opening Day of baseball, the sense of beating bac k the forces of darkness and the National Football League." (George Vecsey) "He really kept the ball down. He's 6-foot-10 and when he does that, it creates a very tough angle for hitters." (Damian Miller, on Randy Johnson) Did you know that the Braves organization is the only franchise from either leag ue to play in the Fall Classic while representing three different cities (Boston , Milwaukee, Atlanta)? "Chicago Cubs fans are the greatest fans in baseball. They've got to be." (Herma n Franks, manager) Did you know that the Chicago Cubs (who were the White Stockings at the time) wo n the first pennant in National League history? The 1908 World Series was their last World Championship. Did you know that the 1997 Florida Marlins were the youngest expansion team in b aseball history to win a World Championship? "Everybody tries to make hitting a science, which it is. But you can't treat it like a science, you have to treat it like an art." (George Brett) Did you know that the Los Angeles Dodgers have had more Rookie of the Year recip ients than any other franchise and hold the record for most consecutive honorees with five (1992-1996)? When the Milwaukee Brewers moved from the American League to the National League in 1997 they became the first team in Major League history to make such a cross over. "Washington...first in war, first in peace and last in the American League." (Ch arles Dryden) Leon Culberson, Bob Fothergill, Charlie Gehringer, Tony Lazzeri, Jose Valentin, and Bob Watson each hit for the cycle in natural order -- meaning they had their single first, their double second, their triple third and their home run last. Jay Buhner, Jimmie Foxx, Nap Lajoie, Tony Lazzeri, and Miguel Tejeda are the onl y American League cycle hitters who capped off their cycle with a grand slam ins tead of a "mere" home run. "With Bobby Bonds in right field and three first baseman, I might as well donate my glove to charity." (Ron Blomberg, New York Yankee Designated Hitter) "When I'm throwing good, I don't think there's a man in the world who can hit me ." (Vida Blue) Eighteen years passed between Nolan Ryan's first and last no hitters, making thi s the greatest span of time to occur between a pitcher's first and last no hitte rs. Jackie Robinson was the first and only player whose uniform number (42) was reti red by Major League Baseball (April 15, 1997), making it unwearable on every tea m present and in the future. Hank Aaron, Rod Carew, Rollie Fingers, Carlton Fisk, Reggie Jackson, Frank Robin son, Nolan Ryan, and Casey Stengel have each had their number retired by more th an one major league team. Did you know that the New York Yankees have retired fifteen (15) numbers -- whic h is more than any other Major League Baseball team from either league? "Spring is the time of year a baseball writer comes down with an occupational di sease known as superlativitis." (Jack Orr, sportswriter) "I hate it [interleague play]. I always thought that was the best thing about th e World Series. That was the intrigue. Now that's gone." (Mo Vaughn) The National League officially started in 1876 and Tommy Bond was the last survi vor from the senior circuit's first season, passing away in 1941 at age 85.

"The thing that surprised me most in baseball is the amount of integrity that mo st umpires have. It actually took me a while to believe what a good game they'd give you the next night after a blow-up." (Earl Weaver) There were many early incidents where players literally attacked umpires. In 192 7, Commissioner Landis required a 90-day suspension for any such attack and in 1 940 it was changed to a one-year suspension. "I never thought eyesight was the most important thing in umpiring. The most imp ortant things are guts, honesty, common sense, a desire for fair play and an und erstanding of human nature." (Bill Klem, umpire) "Boys, I'm one of those umpires that misses 'em every once in a while so if it's close, you'd better hit it." (Cal Hubbard) "The job of arguing with the umpire belongs to the manager, because it won't hur t the team if he gets thrown out of the game." (Earl Weaver) "Any time I got those 'bang-bang' plays at first base, I called 'em out. It made the game shorter." (Tom Gorman, umpire) At an old ball park in Kansas City during the 1886 season, there was a sign that read, "Please do not shoot the umpire; he's doing the best he can!" "I demand respect on the field from managers and players. To me, that's 75% of u mpiring." (John "Jocko" Conlan, umpire) Did you know that umpire Tom Connolly once called out Ty Cobb for stepping out o f the batter's box? Following the call, Connolly was hit in the mouth with a bot tle. Former umpire Ron Luciano once said, "Umpiring is best described as the professi on of standing between two seven-year-olds with one ice-cream cone." Andy Pafko once argued so long with umpire Al Barlick about a mis-caught ball th at batter Rocky Nelson was credited with an inside the park home run. Don Larsen, thanks to his perfect game on October 8, 1956, holds the career Worl d Series record for consecutive hitless innings with eleven! "Listen up because I've got nothing to say and I'm only going to say it once." ( Yogi Berra) On October 18, 1977, Reggie Jackson became only the second player in history to hit three home runs during a single World Series game. He hit each one of them o n the first pitch he saw. On October 13, 1971, Bruce Kison of Pittsburgh hit three batters, resulting in t he World Series record for most hit batsmen during a single Series game. Ed Walsh (October 11, 1906) and Bob Gibson (October 2, 1968) are the only two pi tchers to strike out at least one batter during every inning of a World Series g ame. Did you know that during the 1928 World Series the "Iron Horse" Lou Gehrig set t he World Series any-length record for consecutive base on balls with five (5)? "Reggie Jackson hit one off me that's still burrowing its way to Los Angeles." ( Dan Quisenberry) Did you know that Darold Knowles of the Oakland Athletics is the only pitcher to appear in all seven games of a seven-game World Series? "If you have to lose, I don't mind losing to Joe Torre. He's a class act." (Bobb y Cox) Did you know that during the World War II years, players participating in the Wo rld Series received a percentage of their shares in War bonds? The National League player with the most World Series home runs is Duke Snider w ith 11. "Hitting is better than sex." (Reggie Jackson) "I'll play first, third, left. I'll play anywhere except Philadelphia." (Dick Al len) Did you know that Felipe Alou, Matty Alou and Jesus Alou (three brothers) all pl ayed for the same team at the same time, the 1963 San Francisco Giants? Richie Ashburn's nickname, Putt-Putt, was given to him by Ted Williams who joked that Ashburn ran the bases like he had twin motors in his pants. "Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing firs t, winning next." (George Steinbrenner) Did you know that George Steinbrenner changed the manager of the New York Yankee

s 20 times during his first 23 seasons? He also changed the General Manager 11 times in 30 years. On May 20, 1999, Robin Ventura, who hit two during the same game on September 4, 1995, became the first and only player to hit one grand slam during each end of a doubleheader. Did you know that Bill Mueller is the ONLY player in Major League history to hit two grand slams during the same game from opposite sides of the plate? Bobby Lowe, Mike Cameron, Rocky Colavito, Carlos Delgado, Lou Gehrig, and Mike S chmidt have each hit four home runs in consecutive order in one game. During the first season (1988) of Star Trek: The Next Generation, in an episode titled The Big Goodbye, they mentioned that Joe DiMaggio's streak was broken by a shortstop named Buck Bokai of the London Kings in the year 2026. When Joe DiMaggio played for the San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League , he had a 61 game hitting streak with a total of 104 hits -- five games longer than his major league record! Did you know that Ted Williams was the youngest player in Major League history t o hit over .400? During the 1941 season, he turned 23. Hoyt Wilhelm, a future Hall of Fame pitcher, hit a home run during his first atbat, then had a 21-year career without hitting one more long ball. Bob Nieman, who accomplished the feat on September 14, 1951, and Keith McDonald, who accomplished the feat on July 4, 2000, are the only players in history to h it home runs in their first AND second consecutive at-bats in the Major Leagues. "I've found that you don't need to wear a necktie if you can hit." (Ted Williams ) On September 8, 1965, Bert Campaneris, who hit a home run in his first pitch eve r seen, became the first American League player to field all nine positions duri ng a single game. One of the most interesting three-pitch inning instances took place on August 20 , 1979, when veteran infielder Jerry Terrell took the mound in the ninth inning for his first career pitching appearance. During the 1908 World Series, Orval Overall became the first and only pitcher to accomplish this unusual feat in a Fall Classic: Striking out four batters in on e inning. Ned Garver of the 1951 St. Louis Browns was the first and is the ONLY American L eague pitcher to have twenty or more wins on a hundred-loss team. "The screwball's an un-natural pitch. Nature never intended a man to turn his ha nd like that. It's like throwing rocks at a bear." (Carl Hubbell) In the 1934 All Star Game, Carl Hubbell struck out five men in a row, whose name s just happened to be Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Al Simmons, and Joe Cr onin. From July 17, 1936, to May 27, 1937, Carl Hubbell set a new mark, one that has y et to be reached. In the 27 games he appeared in during that span, King Carl ha d 24 consecutive wins with only three no decisions. In 2003 Eric Gagne recorded 55 consecutive saves, two fewer than the record for saves in a single season. When added to the eight consecutive saves he made at t he end of 2002, Gagne had 63 consecutive saves, a new Major League record. On August 3, 1988, Dave Eiland allowed a home run to the first batter he faced. On April 10, 1992, Eiland hit a home run in his first major league at-bat giving him a pair of feats unmatched in Major League history. On August 10, 1944, Charley "Red" Barrett made history by throwing a complete ga me with the fewest pitches ever, 58. He shutout the Reds 2-0 on only two hits an d no walks. Ty Cobb stole second base, third base, and home plate during the same inning fou r times during his spectacular Hall of Fame career. George Burns and Johnny Neun are the only first-baseman in Major League history to ever turn an unassisted triple play. "You should always go to other people's funerals, otherwise, they won't come to yours." (Yogi Berra) In his autobiography "Three and Two," umpire Tom Gorman requested to be buried i n his umpire uniform with an indicator set in his hand at a 3-2 count.

"Let's play two." (Ernie Banks) "A pitcher is not a ballplayer." (Christy Mathewson) "George Brett could get good wood on an aspirin." (Jim Frey) In 1963 Warren Spahn of the Milwaukee Braves won twenty-three games at the age o f forty-two, making him the oldest pitcher to be a 20-game winner. Players who received the highest percentage of Hall of Fame votes by position ar e: George Sisler 1B, Rod Carew 2B, George Brett 3B, Cal Ripken, Jr. SS, Johnny B ench C, Tom Seaver P, Carl Yastrzemski LF, Ty Cobb CF, and Hank Aaron RF. Carlton Fisk did not play in the big leagues on a regular basis until he was 24 years old, yet he set the Major League record for most games caught. Mickey Cochrane's offensive skill is obvious, but did you know that he also mana ged the Detroit Tigers to two American League pennants and a World Championship? Did you know that Lloyd "Little Poison" Waner had 223 hits and a .355 batting av erage during his rookie season? Larry Doby was the first African American to play in the American League. In the last game of the 1945 season, the first season after his four year term i n the military, Hank Greenberg hit a pennant-winning ninth inning grand slam for the Detroit Tigers. During a 17-year career, Heinie Manush hit under .300 only three times yet he on ly won one batting title. That batting title was in 1926 and he earned it by goi ng six-for-nine in a doubleheader on the last day of the season to overtake Babe Ruth. Who was the most dominant pitcher of the nineteenth century? How about Amos Rusi e who won more than thirty games three times and twenty games eight times. Connie Mack referred to Rube Waddell, who led the American League in strikeouts six consecutive seasons, as the greatest left-handed pitcher in history. "Us ball players do things backwards. First we play, then we retire and go to wo rk." (Charlie Gehringer) Rogers Hornsby is arguably the best right-handed hitter ever. "Rajah" hit over . 400 three times and had a lifetime .358 batting average -- best ever in the Nati onal League. How good was Honus Wagner? He hit .338 in his rookie season, had fifteen consecu tive .300 seasons, won eight batting titles, and stole more bases than any other Hall of Fame shortstop. "The people booing me are 21-, 23-, 25-, 26-year-olds. I'm 28 and I make $2 mill ion a year and I don't have to get up at six in the morning to go to work." (Geo rge Bell) "How can anyone as slow as you [Tony Perez] pull a muscle?" (Pete Rose) "There are three types of baseball players: those who make things happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens." (Tommy Lasorda) "Every time I sign a ball, and there must have been thousands, I thank my luck t hat I wasn't born Coveleski, or Wambsganss or Peckinpaugh." (Mel Ott) From 1962 until 1977, pitcher Jim Kaat won every pitching Gold Glove Award in hi s league. Did you know that Steve Carlton and Randy Johnson are the only left-handed pitch ers in Major League history with over three-thousand strikeouts? Reggie Jackson, the all-time strikeout leader, also holds the Major League recor d for most seasons with at least one-hundred strikeouts (18). Did you know that not one single Major League baseball player has ever had more than two singles during the same inning? On September 2, 1996, Mike Greenwell of Boston had nine runs batted in during a ten inning game. This is the record for most runs batted in where one player acc ounted for ALL of a team's RBIs. The most runners left on base during a nine-inning shutout is 16. It has occurre d twice in Major League history: May 24, 1994, when St. Louis shutout Philadelph ia and May 7, 1998, when Seattle shutout Toronto. "We'd play a whole game with one ball, if it stayed in the park. Lopsided and bl ack and full of tobacco juice and licorice stains." (Sam Crawford) Did you know that Rabbit Maranville had the most consecutive at-bats with 672 in a season of play (1922) without hitting a single home run?

"I don't want to be Babe Ruth." (Roger Maris) In 1957, Ted Williams set a unique record of hitting the most consecutive home r uns over the course of four games (September 17, 20, 21, 22) with four -- all th e other plate appearances during those games were bases on balls. Only two pinch hitters in Major League history have had three pinch-hit home run s in consecutive at-bats: Lee Lacy on May 2, 6, 17, 1978, and Del Unser on June 30, July 5, 10, 1979. During a two-week span, Mickey Cochrane, Jimmie Foxx and Pinky Higgins all hit f or the cycle with the 1933 Philadelphia Athletics. "There is an old saying that money can't buy happiness. If it could, I would buy myself four hits every game." (Pete Rose) The record for most seasons leading a league in hits belongs to Ty Cobb in the A merican League with eight and Pete Rose and Tony Gwynn in the National League wi th seven. On May 30, 1904, Frank Chance became the only player to ever get hit by a pitch five times during a double header. Did you know that the only right-handed hitter to play in more than one-hundred fifty games without grounding into a double play during a season is Craig Biggio ? Did you know that the only left-handed hitter to play in more than one-hundred f ifty games without grounding into a double play is Dick McAuliffe? "If I had played my career hitting singles like Pete [Rose], I'd wear a dress." (Mickey Mantle) On September 18, 1977, Ted Cox debuted and had six consecutive hits, setting the Major League record for most consecutive hits from the start of a career. Did you know that Wee Willie Keeler is the only ballplayer with eight 20-game (o r more) batting streaks during a Major League career? Did you know that the highest batting average over three consecutive seasons (19 11-1913) is .408 (.4084), set by Hall of Famer Ty Cobb? The highest batting average over four consecutive seasons (1922-1925) is .403 (. 4039), set by Rogers Hornsby -- who also set the record for highest batting aver age over five consecutive (1921-1925) seasons with .402 (.4024). Did you know that Paul Molitor is the only player to hit a triple for his 3000th base hit? Pete Rose had more than 600 at-bats for seventeen seasons including thirteen con secutive seasons, both of which are Major League records. Did you know that Jimmie Foxx is the only American League player to have six pla te appearances and zero at-bats? In a show of true respect, he was walked six ti mes on June 16, 1938. "A [Nap] Lajoie with [Ty] Cobb's speed might have batted .500." (Grantland Rice) The record for attendance for a single game in the US is 92,706, for a game betw een the LA Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox on October 6, 1959. The record for the longest measured home run in a major-league game is 634 ft., by Mickey Mantle at Briggs Stadium in Detroit, in September 1960. The greatest reliably recorded speed at which a baseball has been pitched is 100 .9 mph by Lynn Nolan Ryan on August 20, 1974. Did you know that Lou Brock (who had 12) and Rickey Henderson (who had 13) are t he only two players in Major League history with at least twelve seasons with fi fty or more stolen bases? "I never saw anyone like Ty Cobb. No one even close to him. He was the greatest all time ballplayer. That guy was superhuman, amazing." (Casey Stengel) Robby Thompson of the San Francisco Giants is the only player who was caught ste aling four times, during an extra inning game in 1986. The Major League record is held by Cy Young who "joined" the 20 Wins Club fiftee n times during his Hall of Fame career. Did you know that Mike Corcoran, in his only game ever on the mound, tied the Ma jor League record for wild pitches during a debut game with five? Did you know that Major League Baseball saves did not become an officially recog nized statistic until the 1969 season? Did you know that the blown save did not become official until 1998?

Walter Johnson has the most shutouts against any one team during a career. He sh ut out the Philadelphia Athletics 23 times between 1907 to 1927. "[Thurman] Munson's not moody, he's just mean. When you're moody, you're nice so metimes." (Sparky Lyle) Did you know that there are only five relief pitchers in the Hall of Fame and th ey are Dennis Eckersley, Rollie Fingers, Goose Gossage, Bruce Sutter, and Hoyt W ilhelm? "I would rather beat the Yankees regularly than pitch a no hit game." (Bob Felle r) Mike Marshall set the Major League record for most innings pitched during a seas on (1974) by a relief pitcher when he appeared in 208 innings with the Los Angel es Dodgers. Only two pitchers have ever given up four consecutive home runs in an inning. On July 31, 1963, Paul Foytack of the Los Angeles Angels set the mark and 44 years later, on April 22, 2007, Chase Wright tied it. "His fastball looked about the size of a watermelon seed and it hissed at you as it passed." (Ty Cobb, on Walter Johnson) Did you know that Joe McGinnity pitched a record five complete game doubleheader s (two during the 1901 season and three during the 1903 season) during his caree r? "I don't think [Warren] Spahn will ever get into the Hall of Fame. He'll never s top pitching." (Stan Musial) The following pitchers started the game on the mound and threw a Major League re cord four consecutive bases on balls before retiring a single batter: Johnny Van der Meer, 1941; Jim Bagby, 1946; Roger Pavlik, 1997; Bartolo Colon, 2000. Did you know that on August 7, 1984, Joe Hesketh was called-up by the Montreal E xpos and before he ever threw a single Major League pitch, umpires called a balk on him? During 1990, the American League had a combined total of six no-hit games, the m ost ever in a single season. On April 22, 1970, the Mets struck out the last Padres batter during the sixth. In the seventh, eighth, and ninth innings their pitchers struck out three consec utive batters in each inning. These 10 consecutive strikeouts are the most ever in one game. On May 17, 1979, Philadelphia played Chicago in a ten-inning game in which 45 ru ns were batted in, setting the record for an extra-inning game. On September 11, 1946, Cincinnati played Brooklyn in a 19-inning game in which n o runs were batted in, making it the longest game in history without a run batte d in by either club. The 1956 New York Yankees set an American League record for home runs hit agains t the same team during the same season when they slugged 48 versus the 1956 Kans as City Athletics. The 1956 Cincinnati Redlegs set a National League record for home runs hit again st the same team during the same season when they slugged 44 versus the 1956 Bro oklyn Dodgers. On May 1, 1920, the Boston Braves played the Brooklyn Dodgers in a 26-inning gam e where neither club hit a home run, setting the record for longest game without a home run by either team. On September 4, 1999, eight players from the Cincinnati Reds hit a home run in a game versus the Philadelphia Phillies, setting a record for most players with a home run during a game. From July 13 through July 20, 1986, Kirk Gibson hit five consecutive game winnin g runs batted in with Detroit. The 1927 Philadelphia Athletics and 1930 St. Louis Cardinals are the only two te ams that each had ten players who hit over .300 during the same season. At the end of the 1968 season, the Oakland Athletics had set the record for lowe st team average by the league leader when they hit .240. On September 11, 1949, the New York Yankees had eleven base on balls, courtesy o f the Washington Senators, during the third inning, setting the mark for walks d uring an inning.

Did you know that on September 12, 1964, the Baltimore Orioles set a Major Leagu e record for fewest at-bats during a nine-inning game with 19 versus the Kansas City Athletics? "Everything looks better when you win. The girls are prettier, the cigars taste better, and the trees are greener." (Billy Martin) An incredible streak ended at a National League record 208 games on May 24, 2001 , when the Cincinnati Reds were finally shutout by an opponent (the Chicago Cubs ) for the first time since 1999. Did you know that the last Major League triple-header was played on October 2, 1 920, and featured Pittsburgh versus Cincinnati? During the 1904 season, the St. Louis Browns came to play against the Detroit Ti gers at Bennett Park and stayed for 11 consecutive games. "We've [1962 New York Mets] got to learn to stay out of triple plays." (Casey St engel, manager) "Players who stand flat-footed and swing with their arms are golfers not hitters ." (Rogers Hornsby) On May 31, 1964, San Francisco played in New York during a doubleheader and set the record for most innings played in one day with 32. On July 25, 1930, the Philadelphia Athletics executed a triple steal twice durin g the same game against the Cleveland Indians. This was the first and only time in Major League history where such an event took place! "I see great things in baseball." (Walt Whitman) The Chicago Cubs were the first team to play organ music in a ballpark, Wrigley Field, in 1941. In 1986, Roger Clemens struck out a record 20 batters in nine innings for the Bo ston Red Sox. In 1917, James Vaughn of the Chicago Cubs and Fred Toney of the Cincinnati Reds pitched history's only dual nine-inning no-hitter game. The Chicago Cubs rookie pitcher Kerry Wood struck out a record 20 batters in 199 8 against the Houston Astros; he was later named National League Rookie of the Y ear. The Chicago White Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers played the longest American Leag ue game, 25 innings, at eight hours and six minutes in 1984; Chicago won. In 1968, Jim "Catfish" Hunter of the Oakland A's was the first American League p itcher to throw a perfect game in the regular season since 1922. On their home field, the New York Giants became the first team, in 1939, to hit five home runs in one inning -- a record that has been tied but never broken. In 1970 with the Atlanta Braves, Hank Aaron joined the 3,000 hits club and event ually finished his career with 3,771 hits. The Brooklyn Dodgers scored a record 15 first-inning runs against the Cincinnati Reds and defeated them 19-1 in 1952. In 1999, the Boston Red Sox set the record for runs in a post-season game, defea ting the Cleveland Indians 23-7 in Game 4 of the League Championship Series. Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. became Major League Baseball's only father-s on duo to hit back-to-back home runs on September 14, 1990, for the Seattle Mari ners. During a game with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1938, the Brooklyn Dodgers used a yellow baseball. It was the only game in which the yellow ball was used. The Brooklyn Dodgers' Gil Hodges hit four home runs against four different Bosto n Braves pitchers, driving in nine runs on August 31, 1950. In 1997, the Seattle Mariners' Randy Johnson pitched two 19-strikeout games, one in June and one in August. Brooks Robinson won 16 consecutive Golden Glove Awards during his 23 years with the Baltimore Orioles, from 1955-1977. Keith Hernandez of the New York Mets remains the all-time leader of game-winning RBIs with 129, because the stat was dropped by Major League Baseball in 1989. In 1971, Satchel Paige became the first Negro League star to be selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Baker Bowl, home of the Philadelphia Phillies until 1938, was built in 1895. When built it was state-of-the-art, but later was often derided as the "cigar

box." Forbes Field opened in Pittsburgh in 1909. It featured a rooftop "mezzanine", a unique "skybox" for wealthy patrons, that was ahead of its time. The Baltimore Orioles have retired six numbers: 4 (Earl Weaver), 5 (Brooks Robi nson), 8 (Cal Ripken), 20 (Frank Robinson), 22 (Jim Palmer), and 33 (Eddie Murra y). Wrigley Field in Chicago was built in 1920 for approximately $250,000. Bill Vee ck purchased and planted the legendary outfield ivy vines in 1937. Ernie Lombardi hit the longest home run ever at Crosley Field, several hundred m iles. It landed in a pickup truck headed to Florida on I-75. Rico Brogna hit the first home run at Coors Field on April 26, 1995, off Bill Sw ift. The Astrodome in Houston was nicknamed the "Eighth Wonder of the World" when it first opened on April 12, 1965. The first Major League baseball game played on artificial turf was played at the Astrodome in Houston in 1966. The Schaefer Beer sign above the scoreboard at Ebbets Field told fans of the off icial scorer's decision. The 'h' lit up for a hit and the 'e' for an error. Four sluggers hit the ball over the center field wall in the Polo Grounds: Luke Easter, Joe Adcock, Lou Brock, and Hank Aaron. "People are too hung up on winning. I can get off on a really good helmet throw ." (Bill "Spaceman" Lee) "The Designated Gerbil." (Bill Lee's nickname for Don Zimmer) "I believed in drug testing a long time ago. All through the sixties I tested e verything." (Bill "Spaceman" Lee) "You should enter a ballpark the way you enter a church." (Bill "Spaceman" Lee) "Baseball is the belly-button of society. Straighten out baseball, and you stra ighten out the rest of the world." (Bill "Spaceman" Lee) "I never thought home runs were all that exciting. I still think the triple is t he most exciting thing in baseball." (Hank Aaron) "Looking at the ball going over the fence isn't going to help." (Hank Aaron) "He's been very talkative. But it's usually under oath." (Sandy Alderson, on Al bert Belle) "You're only young once, but you can be immature forever." (Larry Andersen) "If Americans throw rice at weddings, do Chinese throw hot dogs?" (Larry Anderse n) "Why does sour cream have an expiration date?" (Larry Andersen) "I sent Kruk one of those fruit and nut baskets at the hospital. I don't know if he likes fruit, but I know he'll appreciate the nuts." (Larry Andersen) "When we played softball, I'd steal second base, feel guilty and go back." (Wood y Allen) "That's why I don't talk. Because I talk too much." (Joaquin Andujar) "Gaylord Perry and Willie McCovey should know each other like a book. They've b een ex-teammates for years now." (Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer) "Sanguillen is totally unpredictable to pitch to because he's so unpredictable." (Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer) "Ron Guidry is not very big, maybe 140 pounds, but he has an arm like a lion." ( Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer) "There's two heads to every coin." (Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer) "If ever an error had 'F' written on it, that grounder did." (Jerry Coleman, Pad res announcer) "On the mound is Randy Jones, the left-hander with the Karl Marx hairdo." (Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer) "Sometimes, big trees grow out of acorns. I think I heard that from a squirrel." (Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer) "Gonzo leaps like a giraffe and grabs it." (Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer) "That noise in my earphones knocked my nose off and I had to pick it up and find it." (Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer) "Winfield goes back to the wall. He hits his head on the wall -- and it rolls of f! It's rolling all the way to second base!" (Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer)

"It's off the leg and into the left field of Doug Radar." (Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer) "McCovey swings and misses, and it's fouled back." (Jerry Coleman, Padres announ cer) "I don't mean he missed him, but he just didn't get him when he put the tag on h im." (Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer) "Hello again, everybody. It's a bee-yooo-tiful day for baseball." (Harry Caray) "In high school I took a little English, some science, some hubcaps and some whe el covers." (Gates Brown) "I prefer fast food." (Rocky Bridges, on why he won't eat snails) "This is a tough park for a hitter when the air conditioning is blowing in." (Bo b Boone on the Astrodome) "I'm tired of it. I don't want to hear about it anymore." (Bill Buckner) "He seemed to have an obligation to hit." (Lou Brock, on Pete Rose) "I exploit the greed of all hitters." (Lew Burdette) "They were starting to hit the dry side of the ball." (Lew Burdette, on when he knew it was time to retire) "I refuse to call a 52-year-old man Sparky." (Al Clark, umpire, on Sparky Anders on) "I owe my success to expansion pitching, a short right field fence, and my hollo w bats." (Norm Cash) "Raise the urinals." (Darrel Chaney on how management could keep the Braves on t heir toes) "I think being able to play the infield, especially shortstop, is something you are born with. You can't learn it." (Dave Concepcion) "How do you say 'Adios' in Spanish?" (Clay Carroll) "I've had pretty good success facing Stan (Musial) by throwing him my best pitch and backing up third base." (Carl Erskine) "My favorite umpire is a dead one." (Johnny Evers) "Let no one accuse baseball of not being tough on drugs. During his career, Stev e Howe was given 7 lifetime suspensions." (Bill Ferraro, baseball fan) "That just shows you how this league has gone to hell." (Chuck Finley, on his se lection as AL Player of the Week) "I'm supposed to be writing a book, and I can hardly read." (Mark "The Bird" Fid rych) "I heard Billy Buckner tried to commit suicide over the winter. He stepped in fr ont of a car, but it went through his legs." (Bill Gardner) "There is no room in baseball for discrimination. It is our national pastime and a game for all." (Lou Gehrig) "I'm not out here to win a beauty contest." (Kirk Gibson) "Jose Canseco leads off the third inning with a grand slam." (John Gordon, Twins announcer) "I have a good feeling about this club. But that could be gas." (Mike Hargrove, Cleveland manager) "You know Earl. He's not happy unless he's not happy." (Elrod Hendricks on Earl Weaver) "Sometimes the hitter gets a hit, sometimes I strike them out, but in neither ca se does anyone die." (Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez) "I went through Cleveland once and it was closed." (Jay Johnstone) "I'm a light eater. When it gets light, I start eating." (Tommy John) "I told him I wasn't tired. He told me, 'No, but the outfielders sure are.'" (Ji m Kern, on the manager who removed him from a game) "He had about him a touch of royalty." (Bowie Kuhn, on Roberto Clemente) "There are only two things that will prevent him from greatness: a knife and a f ork." (Frank Lane, on Boog Powell) "I say this from the bottom of my heart, that if you don't root for the Dodgers, you might not get into heaven." (Tommy Lasorda) "If he raced his pregnant wife, he'd finish third." (Tommy Lasorda, on catcher M ike Sciocia) "We're on a first-number basis with each other." (Bill "Spaceman" Lee, number 37

, on Mark Fidrych, number 20) "Do they leave it there during the game?" (Bill "Spaceman" Lee, on first seeing Fenway's Green Monster) "I heard doctors revived a man who had been dead for 4-1/2 minutes. When they as ked him what it was like being dead, he said it was like listening to Yankees an nouncer Phil Rizzuto during a rain delay." (David Letterman) "Baseball's still a game. I don't want it to be work. I want it to be a game." ( Don Mattingly) "When Charlie Finley had his heart operation, it took eight hours. Seven just t o find his heart." (Oakland pitcher Steve McCatty) "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you was?" (Satchel Paige) "The batter still hits a grounder. In this case the first bounce is 360 feet aw ay." (Dan Quisenberry, on what happens when his sinker isn't working) "Willie Mays and his glove: where triples go to die." (Dodgers executive Fresco Thompson) "Career highlights? I had two. I got an intentional walk from Sandy Koufax, and I got out of a rundown against the Mets." (Bob Uecker) "Sure, women sportswriters look when they're in the clubhouse. Read their storie s. How else do you explain a capital letter in the middle of a word?" (Bob Uecke r) "He plays like he's on a mini-trampoline or wearing helium kangaroo shorts." (An dy Van Slyke, on Ozzie Smith) "I got a lot of energy ready to be wasted on somebody." (Mookie Wilson) When Shibe Park in Philadelphia closed in 1970, home plate was removed and place d in Veterans Stadium for the 1971 season. Did you know that all three DiMaggio brothers (Dom, Joe, and Vince) once played in Seals Stadium in San Francisco as minor leaguers? Did you know the Beatles played their last concert ever in Candlestick Park in S an Francisco in 1966? The Cincinnati Reds have played their home games in more ballparks (9) than any other National League team. Did you know the last forfeit in MLB occurred on August 10, 1995, with St. Louis getting the victory over Los Angeles? Who is the only player to steal 100 bases or more in his first three major leagu e seasons? Vince Coleman. Who played the most games for just one team? Carl Yastrzemski (3,308). Who pitched three shutouts in the 1905 World Series? Christy Mathewson. On his Hall of Fame plaque, he is called "the greatest shortstop in baseball his tory." Who is he? Honus Wagner. What was the Negro League's Josh Gibson's primary position? Catcher. Who is the only pitcher to hit two home runs in the same game that he pitched a no-hitter? Rick Wise. Did you know that the diameter of a pitching mound is 18 feet? Which MLB pitcher made the most Opening Day starts? Tom Seaver (16). Who was the first female to appear as a player for a MLB team in a spring traini ng game? Babe Didrickson-Zaharias (in 1934). What was the first team to train in Arizona? The 1929 Detroit Tigers. Who was the first President of the United States to attend a MLB game? Benjamin Harrison (in 1892). Who is the only manager to be ejected from more than one World Series game? Bob by Cox (2). Who holds the record for most consecutive complete games? Jack Taylor (185). Who was the last pitcher to record 30 complete games in a season? Catfish Hunte r (in 1975). What is the official name of the All-Star MVP Award? The Arch Ward Trophy. Who is the oldest player to participate in the All-Star Game? Satchel Paige (47 years, 7 days). Who was the first NL player to earn back-to-back MVP awards? Ernie Banks. Who was the first woman elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame? Effa Man ley (owner of the Newark Eagles).

Who is the only player to have hit a home run in 25 Major League seasons? Ricke y Henderson. Who was the first player to tally five hits in a World Series game? Paul Molito r. Who were the only brothers to homer in the same game but for different teams? R ick Ferrell (Boston) and Wes Ferrell (Cleveland) in 1933. Who holds the MLB record for most strikeouts in a single game (21 in 16 innings) ? Tom Cheney. At what park did the first MLB All-Star Game take place on July 6, 1933? Comisk ey Park, Chicago. Did you know that Rod Carew is the only Hall of Famer born in Panama? Did you know that Honus Wagner was the first player to have his signature engrav ed on the barrel of a Louisville Slugger bat? Who was the last player born in the 1800s to play Major League Baseball? Charli e Root. The 1952 film "The Pride of St. Louis" was based on the life of what pitcher? D izzy Dean. Did you know that the five-sided home plate was first used in 1900? The first night game in Major League history took place at what stadium? Crosle y Field in 1935. What is the official title of the Most Valuable Player Award? The Kenesaw Mount ain Landis Award. Did you know that Walter Johnson pitched 369 innings in 1916 without allowing a home run? Did you know that nobody has ever played in both Major League Baseball and the N ational Hockey League? What were the first American League expansion clubs in MLB in 1961? Washington Senators and Los Angeles Angels. What two players hold the record for playing on the most MLB clubs with 12? Dea con McGuire and Mike Morgan. Who was the first Milwaukee Brewers pitcher to post 20 wins? Jim Colborn in 197 3. What pitcher lost more games in the 1990s than anyone else? Andy Benes (116). Who was the first second baseman inducted in the MLB Hall of Fame? Nap Lajoie. Who is the only Hall of Famer born in South Dakota? Sparky Anderson. Who stole home more times (54) than anyone else in MLB history? Ty Cobb. Who was the first U.S. President to throw out an Opening Day pitch? William Taf t in 1910. Who was the first player to have played for both the Montreal Expos and the Toro nto Blue Jays? Hector Torres. What were the first National League expansion clubs in MLB in 1962? New York Me ts and Houston Colt .45s. Who is the first Hall of Famer to have played more than half his games as a Desi gnated Hitter? Paul Molitor. What two legendary New York Yankees were elected to the Hall of Fame in 1974? M ickey Mantle and Whitey Ford. Who hit more home runs in the 1970s than anyone else? Willie Stargell (296). Who is the only pitcher inducted in the Hall of Fame to never start at least one game? Bruce Sutter. Who is the only Hall of Famer to hit a home run in his first Major League at-bat ? Hoyt Wilhelm. When Roger Maris broke the existing home run record in 1961, he did not receive a single intentional walk. During a family game of wiffle ball in the 1950s, Charlie Root's daughter-in-law mocked Babe Ruth's "called shot." Root hit her in the neck with the next pitch. ("Root for the Cubs.") The 1969 New York Mets pitching staff did not surrender a home run for 23 consec utive games. Who was the last switch-hitter to win the AL MVP Award? Answer: Vida Blue. Mark Lemke played his entire MLB career (1069 games) without ever getting hit by

a pitch. Gene Rye hit three home runs in one inning in a 1929 Texas League game. Joe Niekro hit one career home run? It came off his brother Phil. Dock Ellis played under seven different managers in 1977. Debbi Fields was one of the first ballgirls hired in MLB (by Oakland in 1971). S he is better known for her cookie company, Mrs. Fields. The San Francisco Giants have lost no-hitters to three pitchers named Kevin (Gro ss, Brown, and Millwood). Andy Pettite once picked off a runner in seven consecutive games. Manny Ramirez is the all-time leader in post-season home runs with 24. In 2008, the San Diego Padres became the first team in MLB history to win four c onsecutive games by the same score (2-1). On July 31, 2007, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays were shut out (2-0) by their former b atboy (Toronto starter Jesse Litsch). In 1968, the Chicago White Sox lost a record 44 one-run games. In 1966-67, the San Francisco Giants played 62 consecutive games without stealin g a base. The first recorded argument between an umpire and a player was in 1846. Hank Greenberg once had 100 RBIs at the All-Star break but did not make the AllStar team. In 1999, Rafael Palmeiro won the AL Gold Glove at first base, even though he pla yed only 28 games at the position that season. Did you know that Jim Palmer never gave up a grand slam his entire MLB career? In 1967, Ken Holtzman went 9-0 (in 12 starts) for the Cubs, while serving in the military and being available only on occasional weekends. Ballparks, schedules, uniforms, logos, photopacks, utilities, rosters and more c an be found at Padrefan's OOTPmodsite: in.html Looking to join an OOTP Online League? Check kq76's Interactive Online League Di rectory at The heaviest bat, 48 ounces, was used by Edd Roush of the Cincinnati Reds. The longest bat, 38 inches, was used by Al Simmons. The first professional baseball player to have his name burned on his bat was Ho nus Wagner. There are over 8,000 variations of wooden baseball bats. Most hitters choose an ash or maple bat. How many times did Hank Aaron hit 50 or more home runs in a season? None. Who is second to Pete Rose in most games played in a career? Carl Yastrzemski. What did Babe Ruth, Rogers Hornsby, Ted Williams and Willie Mays all do in their first major league at-bats? Strike out. Who was the first major league baseball player born in South Korea? Chan-Ho Par k. "Slumps are like a soft bed. They're easy to get into and hard to get out of." ( Johnny Bench) "You can learn little from victory. You can learn everything from defeat." (Chri sty Mathewson) "All the fat guys watch me and say to their wives, 'See, there's a fat guy doing okay. Bring me another beer.'" (Mickey Lolich) "Blind people come to the park just to hear him pitch." (Reggie Jackson, on Tom Seaver) "Hotter 'n hell, ain't it, Prez?" (Babe Ruth, after meeting Calvin Coolidge) "With the money I'm making, I should be playing two positions." (Pete Rose) "I only had a high school education and believe me, I had to cheat to get that." (Sparky Anderson) "I know a baseball star who wouldn't report the theft of his wife's credit cards because the thief spends less than she does." (Joe Garagiola) "I got a charge out of seeing Ted Williams hit. Once in a while they let me try and field some of them, which sort of dimmed my enthusiasm." (Rocky Bridges) "He radiated, from afar, the hard blue glow of high purpose." (John Updike, on T ed Williams)

"Just as nature fills a vacuum, Reggie fills a spotlight." (Bob Marshall, on Reg gie Jackson) "The ball went further than I ever went on vacation as a kid." (Gene Geiselmann, on a Juan Gonzalez home run) "We're going down. We're going down and I have a .300 lifetime average to take w ith me. Do you?" (Pete Rose to his seatmate on rough flight) "I don't believe it. Lou Brock could never make that play again -- even on insta nt replay." (Bill Virdon) "To try to capture [Babe] Ruth with cold statistics would be like trying to keep up with him on a night out." (Bob Broeg) "He's the only guy I know who can go four for three." (Alan Bannister, on Rod Ca rew) "He was frank to the point of cruelty and subtle as a belch." (Lee Allen, on Rog ers Hornsby) "He didn't sound like a baseball player. He said things like 'Nevertheless' and 'if, in fact.'" (Dan Quisenberry, on Ted Simmons) "He's turned his life around. He used to be depressed and miserable. Now he's mi serable and depressed." (Harry Kalas, on Gary Maddox) "I was playing it like Willie Wilson, but I forgot that I'm in Clint Hurdle's bo dy." (Clint Hurdle, on misplaying a flyball) "He's even tempered. He comes to the ballpark mad and stays that way." (Joe Gara giola, on Rick Burleson) "The human hand is made complete by the addition of a baseball." (Paul Dickson) "All pitchers are liars and crybabies." (Yogi Berra) "He had the ability of taking a bad situation and making it immediately worse." (Branch Rickey, on Leo Durocher) "If you approach Billy Martin right, he's okay. I avoid him altogether." (Ron G uidry) "Play him, fine him, and play him again." (Gene Mauch, on how to handle Richie A llen) "Nice guys finish last." (Leo Durocher, on Mel Ott) "It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." (Earl Weaver) "Defensively the Red Sox are a lot like Stonehenge. They are old, they don't mov e, and no one is certain why they are positioned the way they are." (Dan Shaughn essy, Boston Globe, 1993) "The only good thing about playing for Cleveland is you don't have to make road trips there." (Richie Scheinblum) "The first guy who lays a finger on this blind old man is fined fifty bucks!" (G ene Mauch, when his players rushed an umpire to dispute a call) "He wants Texas back." (Tommy Lasorda, on Fernando Valenzuela's contract demands ) "How can anyone as slow as you pull a muscle?" (Pete Rose, to Tony Perez) "A hitter's impatience is the pitcher's biggest advantage." (Pete Rose) What Nicaraguan-born player was known as "Arriba!" to adoring Latin fans? Rober to Clemente. How many home run titles did Roger Maris win? One. In what year was the Negro National League born in Kansas City? 1920. Which Negro League star hit 84 home runs in 1936? Josh Gibson. Which Negro League star was known as the Hoosier Comet? Oscar Charleston. When did Topps eliminate gum from their baseball cards? 1991. But there is no joy in Mudville -- mighty Casey has struck out. "The catcher is padded like an armchair." (London Times) "Losing is no disgrace if you've given your best." (Jim Palmer) "I don't think I can get into my deep inner thoughts about hitting. It's like ta lking about religion." (Mike Schmidt) "It seems like Satan has thrown the DH into our game." (Andy Van Slyke) "The amount of taxes I pay this country." (Alex Rodriguez) "My office is at Yankee Stadium. Yes, dreams do come true." (Derek Jeter) "A lot of people are a lot different at work than they are at home." (Barry Bond s)

"Paris ain't much of a town." (Babe Ruth) "You don't just accidentally show up in the World Series." (Derek Jeter) "Every strike brings me closer to the next home run." (Babe Ruth) "The only thing Earl [Weaver] knows about big-league pitching is that he couldn' t hit it." (Jim Palmer) "You don't realize how easy this game is until you get up in that broadcasting b ooth." (Mickey Mantle) "They throw the ball, I hit it. They hit the ball, I catch it." (Willie Mays) "Money can't buy happiness. If it could, I'd buy four hits every game." (Pete R ose) "Every time I look at my pocketbook, I see Jackie Robinson." (Willie Mays) "I feel pretty good. My body actually looks like an old banana, but it's fine." (Mike Piazza) "Wait until Tommy Lasorda meets the Lord and finds out that He's wearing pinstri pes." (Gaylord Perry) "Please don't quote me." (Mike Piazza) "I reckon I tried everything on the old apple, but salt and pepper and chocolate sauce topping." (Gaylord Perry) Did you know? Each baseball game has 12,386,344 possible plays. Legend has it that the silhouette on the MLB logo is Harmon Killebrew. The odds of a fan being hit by a baseball are 300,000 to 1. Who has caught the most no-hitters in major league history? Jason Varitek (4). Dave Rader in 1973 became the first player since intentional walks started being tabulated to have more intentional walks (23) than strikeouts (22). In 1940, Bob Feller pitched the only Opening Day no-hitter. Which pitcher has started the most Opening Day games in history? Tom Seaver (11 ). Which two players hit the most career home runs (8) on Opening Day? Frank Robins on and Ken Griffey, Jr. Who holds the record for most career doubles? Tris Speaker (792) Who was the first 300-game winner in Japanese baseball history? Victor Starffin. How many stitches are there on a baseball? 108. The first five members of the Baseball Hall of Fame: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson. Who was the first player to have two hits in one inning in his major league debu t? Adam LaRoche. Who was the first pitcher to defeat all 30 MLB teams? Al Leiter. Who was the last active St. Louis Brown? Don Larsen. Who was the last active Seattle Pilot? Fred Stanley. Who was the last player to steal home in the All-Star Game? Pie Traynor (1934) Who was the last WWII veteran to play in the major leagues? Hoyt Wilhelm. What Yankee catcher took part in the Normandy Invasion on D-Day? Yogi Berra. Who was the first player to be named to the All-Star Team at three different pos itions? Harmon Killebrew. Who was the first player to accumulate 500 hits with 4 different teams? Rusty St aub. Who was the first rookie to start in the All-Star Game? Joe DiMaggio (1936). Who scored baseball's 1,000,000th run? Bob Watson, on May 4, 1975. Who is the only player to lead the league in HRs and errors in the same season? Ernie Banks (1958). Who's the only player to wear his birthday on the back of his uniform? Carlos Ma y, #17 (born May 17). Who's the only player to hit a HR in three consecutive All-Star Games? Ralph Kin er. Who is the only player to get at least 250 hits for the Milwaukee Brewers in bot h the American and National Leagues? Jeff Cirillo. Who was the first Red to homer at Riverfront Stadium? Tommy Helms. "Somebody's gotta win and somebody's gotta lose and I believe in letting the oth er guy lose." (Pete Rose) "Owning the Yankees is like owning the Mona Lisa." (George Steinbrenner)

"They should move first base back a foot to avoid all those close plays." (John Lowenstein) "I can remember a sports writer asking me for a quote and I didn't know what a q uote was. I thought it was some kind of soft drink." (Joe DiMaggio) "They broke it to me gently. The manager came up to me before a game and told me they didn't allow visitors in the clubhouse." (Bob Uecker) "I have an Alka-Seltzer bat. You know-plop, plop, fizz, fizz, when the pitcher sees me walking up there he says, 'Oh, what a relief it is.'" (Andy Van Slyke) "Son, when you throw a strike, Mr. Hornsby will let you know." (Umpire, to a roo kie pitcher) "Most pitchers fear losing their fastball, but since I don't have one, I have no thing to fear but fear itself." (Dan Quisenberry) "It's not easy being Jose Canseco." (Jose Canseco) "I saw Nolan Ryan throw 211 pitches in 12 innings one day. It messed him up so b ad, he had to retire 16 years later, when he was 46." (Reggie Jackson) Did you know? Chicago pitcher Ryan Dempster broke his toe jumping over the dugou t railing. Did you know? Detroit pitcher Joel Zumaya strained his arm playing "Guitar Hero" and had to sit out three games. Who was the last Triple Crown winner before Carl Yastrzemski? Frank Robinson. Who is the only player to win a Gold Glove award at more than one position? Dari n Erstad. Who was the last player-manager? Pete Rose. "An intentional walk is a waste of three perfectly good pitches." (Don Drysdale) "Lots of people look up to Billy Martin. That's because he just knocked them dow n." (Jim Bouton) Harry Caray: "Mike Marshall went back to the dugout to get some cocaine for his foot." Steve Stone: "That's novocaine, Harry." "I didn't get a lot of awards as a player. But they did have a Bob Uecker Day Of f for me once in Philly." (Bob Uecker) "I hit a grand slam off Ron Herbel and when his manager Herman Franks came out t o get him, he was bringing Herbel's suitcase." (Bob Uecker) The average lifespan of a major league baseball is 7 pitches. Who had the longest career as a major league umpire? Bill Klem (37 years). Did you know? The average pitch rotates 15 times before being hit. Did you know? The first baseball caps were made of straw. Did you know? All major league umpires must wear black underwear while on the j ob. Who was the first Rookie of the Year and League MVP in the same season? Fred Ly nn (1975). Who celebrated his season strikeout record by eating 383 silver dollar-sized pan cakes? Nolan Ryan. Who was the first baseball player to appear on a U.S. postage stamp? Jackie Robi nson. Who is the oldest pitcher to throw a perfect game? Randy Johnson. Who was the first pitcher in the modern era to throw a perfect game? Cy Young. Did you know? Catfish Hunter not only pitched a perfect game, but he had 3 base hits in the contest. Who is the only catcher to catch two perfect games? Ron Hassey. Whose bronzed bat is the Yankee Stadium weather vane made from? Lou Gehrig's. Which stadium is the only one in the American League named to honor a person? Ka uffman Stadium in Kansas City. How high is the Green Monster at Fenway Park? 37 feet. What stadium featured the first Beatles outdoor concert in the U.S.? Shea Stadiu m. "It replaced the Kentucky Derby as the most exciting two minutes in sports." (Da ve Baker, after Greg Maddux legged out a triple) "What did God say to the Cubs? Don't win until I get back." (Pete Rose) "Most of us have such bad voices, we respect the National Anthem by not singing it." (Sparky Anderson)

"The game was closer than the score indicated." (Dizzy Dean, after a 1-0 game) "They shouldn't throw at me. I'm the father of five or six kids." (Tito Fuentes ) "If it had been me out there, I'd had bitten him his ear off. I'd have Van Gogh' ed him." (Bill Lee) "I will perish this trophy forever." (Johnny Logan) "It was strange. The only English words I saw were Sony and Mitsubishi." (Bill G ullickson, on playing in Japan) "My goals are to hit .300, score 100 runs, and stay injury prone." (Mickey River s) "It could permanently hurt a batter for a long time." (Pete Rose, on the brushba ck pitch) "Last night I neglected to mention something that bears repeating." (Ron Fairly, Giants announcer) "Our phenoms aren't phenomenating." (Lefty Phillips, Angels manager) "I was taught you never, ever disrespect your opponent or your teammates or your organization or your manager and never, ever your uniform." (Ryne Sandberg) "I'm not the manager because I'm always right, but I'm always right because I'm the manager." (Gene Mauch) "The manager of a team is like a stagecoach; he can't move unless he has the hor ses." (Pete Rose) "So by guessing right you might have guessed wrong." (Tim McCarver) "I'm a 4-wheel-drive pickup type of guy. So is my wife." (Mike Greenwell) "Just tip my cap and call the Yankees my daddy." (Pedro Martinez) "Just hold them for a few innings, fellas. I'll think of something." (Charlie Dr essen, Brooklyn manager) "Welcome to New York Yankee Baseball. I'm Bill White... wait, no." (Phil Rizzuto ) "Me and George and Billy, we're two of a kind." (Mickey Rivers) "My problems are all behind me." (George Brett, returning from hemorrhoid surger y) "The bases are loaded again. And I wish I was, too." (Skip Caray) "The reason we call that pitch up and in is because the arms are attached to the shoulder." (Tim McCarver) "I want all the kids to do what I do, to look up to me. I want all the kids to c opulate me." (Andre Dawson) "Roy Oswalt is a drop and drive pitcher. What is a drop and drive pitcher? He is a guy who drops and drives. Very simple." (Tim McCarver) "Matt Stairs is a very funny guy. He was born in New Brunswick, and loves the fa stball." (Tim McCarver) "My best pitch is anything the batter grounds, lines, or pops in the direction o f [Phil] Rizzuto." (Vic Raschi) "What makes a good pinch hitter? I wish the hell I knew." (Bobby Murcer) "Some people have a chip on their shoulder. Billy [Martin] has a whole lumberyar d." (Jim Murray) "We're fine. The only time we lose our concentration is when the umpire says, 'P lay Ball.'" (Lou Piniella) "Our pitchers aren't pitching very well and our hitters aren't hitting very well . Outside of that, we're OK." (Lou Piniella) "I love doubleheaders. That way I get to keep my uniform on longer." (Tommy Laso rda) "Losing feels worse than winning feels good." (Vin Scully) What pitcher holds the record for most consecutive scoreless innings? Orel Hersh iser (58-2/3). Who holds the record for hitting into the most triple plays? Brooks Robinson (4) . Who holds the career record for most unintentional walks? Rickey Henderson (2123 ). What baseball player once had four kickoff return TDs in a single high school ga me? Roger Maris.

Who is the only 4-time batting champ not in the Hall of Fame? Bill Madlock. Who holds the record for lowest WHIP in a season? Pedro Martinez (0.737 in 2000) . Did you know? Duke Farrell once threw out 8 men trying to steal in a single game . "It was his solemn responsibility to catch a ball that wasn't in the stands." (M onte Irvin, on Willie Mays) "Having Willie Stargell in your ball club is like having a diamond ring on your finger." (Chuck Tanner) "When I began playing the game, baseball was about as gentlemanly as a kick in t he crotch." (Ty Cobb) "The problem with Wockenfuss getting on base is that it takes three doubles to s core him." (Sparky Anderson) "Ain't no man can avoid being born average, but there ain't no man got to be com mon." (Satchel Paige) "Much of what we think of as pitching is actually fielding." (Bill James) "If he ever looks mad at you, go ahead and hit him before he sucker punches you. " (Thurman Munson, on Billy Martin) "When I came to Detroit, I was just a mild-mannered Sunday school boy." (Ty Cobb ) "Out of my way, ice wagon. I'm coming home." (Ty Cobb) "I've got a right to knock down anybody holding a bat." (Early Wynn) How many Milwaukee Brewers have won the League MVP Award? 2 (Robin Yount, twice; Rollie Fingers, once). What pitcher set a record in the 1982 World Series by throwing 3 wild pitches in the same inning? Doc Medich. Who was the first White Sox manager to win the Manager of the Year Award? Tony L aRussa. Who was the first White Sox player to win the MVP Award? Nellie Fox. What White Sox pitcher started both games of a doubleheader in 1973? Wilbur Wood . What White Sox player was nicknamed "Old Aches and Pains"? Luke Appling. What Royals player was named MVP of the 1989 All-Star Game? Bo Jackson. Did you know? Willie Wilson hit 13 inside-the-park HRs during his career. "If you make one good play, get one big swing, you'll be a hero for the rest of your life." (Doug Mientkiewicz) "When you use the words 'mystique' and 'aura,' those are dancers in a nightclub. Those are not things we concern ourselves with on a ball field." (Curt Schillin g) VISITORS' CLUBHOUSE--NO VISITORS ALLOWED (sign at Tiger Stadium) "A woman will be elected President before Wade Boggs is called out on strikes. I guarantee that." (George Brett) "RBIs win games; and they can make you a ton of money." (Albert Belle) "All last year we tried to teach him (Fernando Valenzuela) English, and the only word he learned was million." (Tommy Lasorda) "If I ever saw myself saying 'I'm excited to go to Cleveland', I'd punch myself in the face because I'd be lying." (Ichiro) "Baseball is the only major sport that appears backwards in a mirror." (George C arlin) "Everyone says baseball is fun, well, you know what? It is." (Greg Maddux) "Running a ballclub is like raising kids who fall out of trees." (Tom Trebelhorn ) "When I began playing the game, baseball was about as gentlemanly as a kick in t he crotch." (Ty Cobb) "My own little rule was two for one. If one of my teammates got knocked down, t hen I knocked down two on the other team." (Don Drysdale) "I'm not really considered a media darling." (Albert Belle) "I have no trouble with the twelve inches between my elbow and my palm. It's th e seven inches between my ears that's bent." (Tug McGraw) "I think there should be bad blood between all clubs." (Earl Weaver)

"I never realized that batting a little ball around could cause so much commotio n." (Stan Musial) "There's an expiration date on all of us." (Kenny Williams, G.M. Chicago White S ox) "I'm not buddy-buddy with the players. If they need a buddy, let them buy a dog ." (Whitey Herzog) "Managing is getting paid for home runs someone else hits." (Casey Stengel) "Why does everyone talk about the past? All that matters is tomorrow's game." ( Roberto Clemente) "Have you had a Junior Mint yet? They're very refreshing." (Broadcaster Michael Kay to Al Leiter) "Winners win and losers have meetings." (Ozzie Guillen) "I'm getting smarter. I finally punched something that couldn't sue me." (Billy Martin) "Good is not good when better is expected." (Vin Scully) "A catcher and his body are like an outlaw and his horse. He's got to ride that nag til he drops." (Johnny Bench) "I only had a high school education, and believe me, I had to cheat to get that. " (Sparky Anderson) "Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?" (Paul Simon) "I'm the Charlie Sheen of baseball, but without drugs and a prostitute." (Ozzie Guillen) "It's like Christmas, except it's warmer." (Pete Rose, on Opening Day) "Not even the Emerald Isle itself was as green as the grass that grew in Ebbets Field." (Duke Snider) "I won't be on the DL next year, unless they have the DL at the Muirfield Villag e Country Club." (Kent Mercker, on retiring from baseball) "Rick Folkers is throwing up in the bullpen." (Jerry Coleman, Padres announcer) "Graig Nettles leaps up to make one of those diving stops only he can make." (Je rry Coleman, Padres announcer) "Next up is Fernando Gonzales who is not playing tonight." (Jerry Coleman, Padre s announcer) "He got hit so hard, I had to get all the married men off the field." (Whitey He rzog, on pitcher Ken Dayley) "The Chicago Cubs are like Rush Street -- a lot of singles and no action." (Joe Garagiola) "We're fine. The only time we lose our concentration is when the umpire says, 'P lay Ball'" (Lou Piniella) "When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, he found six baseballs that Jimmie Fo xx hit off me in 1937." (Lefty Gomez) "It's right up there with lobster." (Gary Gaetti, on being chosen for the All-St ar team) "I don't throw the first punch. I throw the next four." (Billy Martin) "I was thinking of making a comeback until I pulled a muscle vaccuming." (Johnny Bench) "To err is human, to forgive divine. I forget who said that, but I think it was Joey Amalfatano." (Tommy LaSorda) "Statistics are like how a drunk uses a lamp post -- for support, not illuminati on." (Vin Scully) "I never realized how short a month was until I started paying alimony." (Harry Caray) Who was the first Tiger to win the Rookie of the Year award? Harvey Kuenn (1953) What was the popular battle cry for Tiger fans in 1968? "Sock it to 'em, Tigers! " Who was the first black manager in MLB history? Frank Robinson. Who holds the Indians post-season record for wins with four? Orel Hershiser. Who is the only Expos pitcher to win 20 games? Ross Grimsley. Who was the last Expos pitcher to toss a no-hitter? Dennis Martinez. What LA Dodger set a team record for highest batting average in a season? Mike P iazza (.362 in 1997).

Who was the first Oriole to lead the AL in strikeouts? Bob Turley (1954). Who was the first Oriole pitcher to toss a no-hitter? Hoyt Wilhelm (1958). Who was the first White Sox player to win the AL MVP Award? Nellie Fox (1959). Did you know? The Wrigley Field scoreboard has never been struck with a batted b all. Who was the first Padres manager? Preston Gomez. "I'm 30 years old and I have these dreams" is the first line in what book? Jim B outon's "Ball Four." What cartoon character did pitcher Marty Pattin like to imitate? Donald Duck. What was the title of Robert Whiting's book about Japanese baseball? "You Gotta Have Wa." Who replaced Tom Selleck's character Jack Elliot in the film "Mr. Baseball"? Fra nk Thomas. Whose biography is entitled, "The Catcher Is a Spy?" Moe Berg. "We knew there was something poignant about Mickey Mantle before we knew what po ignant meant." (Bob Costas) Which Dodger teamed with Dizzy Dean as a broadcaster on NBC's Game of the Week? Pee Wee Reese. Who was nicknamed The Thumper? Ted Williams. Who was known as the Oklahoma Kid? Mickey Mantle. Who owns a Louisville Slugger guitar? John Fogerty. "I ain't ever had a job. I just always played baseball." (Satchel Paige) Who was nicknamed The Lip? Leo Durocher. "I wouldn't mind seeing someone erase my record of hitting into four triple play s." (Brooks Robinson) "I was being paid $30,000 a year, the very least I could do was hit .400." (Ted Williams) In Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First", who is playing third base? I Don't K now. What position is least represented in the Hall of Fame? Third base. Did you know? The spitball was banned in 1920. Which 300-game winner had only 31 career wins by the time he was 30 years old? P hil Niekro. What Hall of Famer was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) prior to his de ath? Catfish Hunter. Did you know? The Chicago White Sox players wore shorts during the first game of a doubleheader on August 8, 1976. Who was the first player to appear in both a Super Bowl and a World Series? Deio n Sanders. Who was the first Heisman Trophy winner to play major league baseball? Vic Janow icz. Who was the second Heisman Trophy winner to play major league baseball? Bo Jacks on. Who founded the American League? Ban Johnson. What pitcher was placed in an insane asylum after attacking a faith healer and n urse? Ed Doheny. Who hit the first ever World Series home run? Jimmy Sebring. Who was nicknamed The Big Unit? Randy Johnson. How many teams won 100 games in 2003? 3 (Yankees, Braves, and Giants). Who hit the first ever back-to-back inside-the-park home runs? Toby Harrah and Bump Wills (in 1977). Did you know? Toby Harrah once played every inning of a doubleheader at shortsto p without having a ball hit to him. Who framed a $1 million bonus check he received instead of cashing it? Rickey He nderson. Who was caught stealing to end Game 7 of the 1926 World Series? Babe Ruth. Who is the only pitcher to hit a grand slam in a World Series game? Dave McNally . Who was the first pitcher to win the Cy Young Award with a unanimous vote? Sandy Koufax (in 1963).

What was the first ballpark to host a Ladies Day? Wrigley Field. New York Knicks star Dave DeBusschere played for which MLB team? Chicago White S ox. Fenway Park and Tiger Stadium opened six days after what famous event? The sinki ng of the Titanic. Who was known as the Squire of Kennet Square? Herb Pennock. What brothers were known as Big Poison and Little Poison? Paul and Lloyd Waner. Who was the last pitcher to throw 10 shutouts in a season? John Tudor. Who made a diving catch in center field to close a no-hitter for Juan Nieves in 1987? Robin Yount. "I just let him know I don't like him the first day I see him." (Ozzie Guillen, on umpire Phil Cuzzi) "This isn't golf. It's supposed to be loud." (Ozzie Guillen) "I have 10 fingers. I hope to fill them with rings." (Ozzie Guillen) On September 6, 1992, during pregame warmups, Mike Harkey attempted a cartwheel in the Wrigley Field outfield, severely damaging his knee. Pitcher Mat Latos once held back a sneeze, causing a pain in his side that led t o the 15-day disabled list. Utility infielder Bret Barberie once missed a game because he mistakenly rubbed chili juice in his eyes. Ken Griffey, Jr. once missed a game after his cup slipped and pinched a testicle . Jose Cardenal once missed a game because he was kept awake all night by crickets chirping in his hotel room. Reliever Steve Sparks dislocated his shoulder once while trying to tear a phone book in half. Nolan Ryan missed a start once after being bitten by a coyote. Before every game, umpires must rub around 6 dozen balls to get rid of the shine . Only two players have won the Triple Crown twice: Rogers Hornsby and Ted Willia ms. Which two players hold the record for most home runs (8) on Opening Day? Frank R obinson and Ken Griffey, Jr. What was Tokyo Giants pitcher Suguru Egawa's nickname? Dirty. (He was also calle d Enemy of the People and The Giant Devil.) When was baseball first played in Japan? 1873. What team did Ichiro Suzuki play for before joining the Seattle Mariners? Orix B lueWave. Who was the first Japanese player to play in the World Series? Tsuyoshi Shinjo ( for the SF Giants in 2002). Did you know? C.C. Sabathia once chipped a tooth after being told the Cy Young t rophy was made of chocolate. When pitched, the average major league baseball rotates 15 times before being hi t. Did you know? Babe Ruth wore number 3 because he batted third. Which famous baseball player was born in Hibbing, Minn.? Roger Maris. Who holds the record for most consecutive stolen bases without being caught? Vin ce Coleman (50). Who was the youngest player to hit a home run? Tommy Brown (17 years, 2 months, and 7 days). Which player hit into the most double plays during his career? Cal Ripken, Jr. ( 350). Hank Aaron hit how many inside-the-park home runs? 1 (off Jim Bunning). Justin Upton, Ryan Zimmerman, Mark Reynolds, B.J. Upton, and David Wright all pl ayed for the same high school team at the same time. Which pitcher won the most games in the 1950s? Warren Spahn. Who was the youngest pitcher to win the AL ERA title? Babe Ruth (age 21 in 1916 ). Who struck out a record 10 consecutive batters? Tom Seaver. Only two teams won the pennant while leading the league in errors: 1925 Pirates

and 1965 Twins. Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski were pinch-hit for only once in their careers. Who was the pinch hitter? Carroll Hardy. Charles Bender is credited with the pitch known as the slider. On April 29, 1922, the New York Giants hit four inside-the-park home runs in one game. In 1982, the New York Yankees used five pitching coaches, four hitting coaches, and three managers. Dick Stuart was so famous for his poor fielding that he once received a standing ovation when he caught a hot dog wrapper that blew toward him at 1B in the air. On May 1, 1968, Phillies pitcher John Boozer was ejected from the game during hi s warm-up. Bob Feller's mother saw him pitch in the big leagues for the first time on May 1 4, 1939. During the game, she was struck with a foul ball and knocked unconsciou s. Kaz Matsui hit a home run in his first at-bat in the 2004, 2005, and 2006 season s. In 1915, Bruce Hopper of the Minneapolis Millers was traded to the Chicago Cubs for a hunting dog. On July 20, 2007, Yankees pitcher Edwar Ramirez threw 19 pitches. 17 were balls, 1 of the other 2 was hit for a grand slam by Dioner Navarro. In 1972, A's owner Charlie Finley offered his players cash for growing a mustach e by Father's Day. Rollie Fingers' contract for 1973 contained a $300 bonus for growing a mustache, as well as $100 for the purchase of mustache wax. Daisuke Matsuzaka's contract with the Red Sox includes a housing allowance, a pe rsonal masseuse, and the jersey number 18. "The key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, and three-run home rs." (Earl Weaver) "I am dead set against free agency. It can ruin baseball." (George Steinbrenner) "Throwing a knuckleball for a strike is like throwing a butterfly with hiccups a cross the street into your neighbor's mailbox." (Willie Stargell) "Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines." (Satchel Paige ) "I'm not sure I can think of any scenario more enjoyable than making 55,000 peop le from New York shut up." (Boston pitcher Curt Schilling) "I told him to throw the little white thing across the larger white thing as muc h as you can." (Pitching coach Tim Belcher) "My Achilles is sore. Too many trips to the mound." (Ron Gardenhire, Twins manag er) "I can go three, four more innings, whatever." (Wilson Valdez, Phillies second b aseman, after pitching an inning against the Reds) "Talk about a no-win situation for a manager: How in good conscience do you sit a guy who has that?" (Dwight Perry, on Carlos Guillen's hemorrhoid problem) "Somebody told him to channel his anger." (Bill Littlejohn after Jason Isringha usen punched a TV set) "This winter I'm working out every day, throwing at a wall. I'm 11-0 against the wall." (Jim Bouton) "September is pantyhose month. No nonsense." (Dave Parker) "It always did look like a toilet bowl. Now it has a seat on it." (Whitey Herzog , on the new roof at Olympic Stadium) "Cardinal rule for all hitters with two strikes on them: Never trust the umpire. " (Robert Smith) Who managed the Seattle Pilots? Joe Schultz. "Bat Day seems like a good idea, but I question the advisability of giving bats in the Bronx to 40,000 Yankee fans." (Aaron Bacall) "There is one word in America that says it all, and that one word is, 'You never know.'" (Joaquin Andujar) "I know things. For instance, there are 108 beads in a Catholic rosary and there are 108 stitches in a baseball. When I heard that, I gave Jesus a chance." ("Bu

ll Durham") "If you don't let me play, I'm going to take my ball and go home." (John Kruk, a fter testicular cancer surgery) "Show me a good loser, and I'll show you an idiot." (Leo Durocher) "Two years ago, I retired from baseball to be close to my family. Last October, my wife left me." (Jerry Grote) "Get the hell out of my way! I'm coming through. Do you hear me? Get out of m y way!" (Ty Cobb, playing through President Eisenhower's foursome at Augusta Cou ntry Club) "There's Mel Stottlemyre picking his nose. Coach Howard doesn't appreciate that ." (Phil Rizzuto, Yankees announcer) "Coaching third with a pitcher on base is like being a member of a bomb disposal squad. The thing could blow up in your face at any moment." (Rocky Bridges) "He also had a Doberman that acquired a taste for beer! They both cut down, but how would you like to encounter a Doberman kicking a six-pack-a-day beer habit?" (Nolan Ryan, on Oil Can Boyd) "The doctor said I should do a lot of walking, so I walk to the mound nine or te n times a game." (Cal Ripken, Sr., Orioles manager) "Al deck is in the on Dark circle." (Earl Gillespie) "Many fans have come to the park disguised as empty seats, tonight." (Skip Caray ) "Loyal? I'm the most loyal player money can buy." (Don Sutton) "Pain don't hurt." (Sparky Anderson) "It's so small you can hit wiffle balls out with a rolled-up newspaper." (Jim Ro me, on Minute Maid Park) "You know it's summertime at Candlestick when the fog rolls in, the wind kicks u p, and you see the center fielder slicing open a caribou to survive the ninth in ning." (Bob Sarlette) "All I'm asking for is what I want." (Rickey Henderson) "Every time that I have ever tried to help a woman out, I have been incarcerated ." (Jose Canseco) "Wayne, I think you're going to hit .290 this year -- but you're going to be doi ng it in Montgomery, Alabama." (Tigers manager Mayo Smith to Wayne Comer) "Jay Bell is 0-for-6 in this series with 10 homers and 52 RBIs." (Ralph Kiner) "I wanna rage. Right now." (Brian Wilson) Who is the only Milwaukee Brewer to homer in an All Star Game? Prince Fielder. "Beware the lollipop of mediocrity; lick it once and you'll suck forever." (Bria n Wilson) "Fire a Red Bull down and get after it." (Brian Wilson) "'Mota' spelled backwards is 'atom' ... and that's where he hit it, right at 'im '!" (Harry Caray, after Manny Mota lined out) "It's almost like hitting in the middle of a high school prom with a strobe ligh t on." (Casey McGehee, on the shadows at Miller Park) "I know of no law in this country that says you have to listen to my broadcasts. I wish there was one. But if you don't like it, don't listen." (Yankees radio b roadcaster John Sterling) "We have a good relationship. Good to real good. At its worst, it's good. At its best, it's real good." (Tony LaRussa, on center fielder Colby Rasmus) "When I was a rookie, did I have a vision of what my career would be? Absolutely . Has it gone that way? Absolutely not." (Mark Prior) "If you create Frankenstein, you can't be real surprised if he eats the village. " (Steve Stone, on Sammy Sosa) "Guys don't seem to talk as much baseball these days. They talk about a lot of o ther things like, what do you call those little things that puts 10,000 songs on there? Yeah, an I-Pod, things like that." (Dusty Baker) "Strikes." (Dodgers pitching coach Jim Colborn, on what pitches Kaz Ishii has th e most trouble throwing) "I'm from Alabama, and they have a different alphabet." (Orioles pitcher Eric Du Bose, to police when instructed to recite the alphabet) "The sun was bad, but was it worse than it's been the last 10,000 years? I'm gon

na say no." (Eric Byrnes, on losing a ball in the sun) "A full house." (Paul Konerko, on what he'd call his two-home run, three-strikeo ut day) "I mangled him, but it was a war. Definitely a war." (Houston manager Phil Garne r, after killing a fly in his office) "He comes off as huggable as a cactus." (Jim Bloom, on Barry Bonds) "Starting [tonight]. I'll bring in whatever reliever I feel like starting the ga me with, and I'll bring my starter in in the third inning and we'll play nine in nings of baseball that way. I'm serious." (Devil Rays manager Lou Piniella) "Vlady is a guy who doesn't say much. He's like a machine -- machines don't tal k. They just go out and destroy." (Felipe Alou, on Vladimir Guererro) "If an alien dropped down from Mars and asked what a baseball player is, I'd tel l him, 'Watch Scott Rolen.'" (Bill Bavasi) Five flag poles, erected at Wrigley Field for the purpose of holding a World Ser ies flag, have worn out and been replaced without ever holding a pennant.