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Re-pricing in a Quotation

How can I, or am I able to find anything on a way of RE-Pricing be done in a QUOTATION? You can always 'Update" pricing manually in a quotation the same way you do in a sales order, either in create or change modes. Menu path Edit --> New Pricing or press the 'Update pricing' button on the item conditions tab. If you are asking how to reprice a quotation when it converts into a sales order, that can be done with the copy controls of the Item Category. IMG: Sales & Dist --> Sales --> --> Maintain Copy Control for Sales Docs --> Sales Doc to Sales Doc (transaction vtaa). Just choose the combination of documents and the respective item category. The field you need to be concerned with is "Pricing type". However, from a business process perspective it makes absolutely NO sense to reprice a quotation when converting to a sales order. After all, the entire point of using quotations is to firm up details like pricing before creating the sales order. Do you have a SAP SD Question?

Quantity based discount

Quantity Based Discounts in Bulk Quantities Sales

You're looking to implement quantity based discounts in 4.6c. You are trying to sell items in specific bulk quantities, and only give the discount for specific quantity intervals. For example, if a customer orders 1 piece, 2 pieces, 3, etc. of part ABC, the price is $100. If the customer orders 10 pieces of part ABC, the price is $50. However, this is not only a standard minimum quantity discount. If the customer tries to order 11 pieces, 12, 13, etc. it should return $100 again. The only values for which $50 should apply are 10, 20, 30, etc. - multiples of the bulk quantity 10. You have discussed changing your part number to reflect a bulk qty of 10, however you have in house consumption that is allowed to consume only 1 part at a time. You

would vastly prefer to keep one part number that you order from the supplier, consume internally and ship externally. You are fairly certain there is basic functionality that covers this, but you're just not sure where to start. Taking your requirements literally. Standard SAP scale pricing will not do it in that you only want the reduced price to come into effect when the order quantity is multiple of some bulk factor. It is agreed with that creating a separate material number is not a good idea. You can try this :1. Define/Select a UOM for selling in bulk (i.e. cas, pallet, box whatever) 2. Maintain UOM conversion between your base UOM and this new UOM 3. Configure you bulk pricing condition type by usual means (it should be a base price rather than discount). 4. Place this new bulk price behind your normal "PR00" price in the pricing procedure 5. Create a new condition base value routine via VOFM where you check XKWERT to see if it is a whole number. If it is not then set XKWERT to zero. 6. Assign this new routine to your bulk price condition in your pricing procedure in ALT condition base value column. 7. Maintain bulk price conditon record in the Bulk UOM. That should do it.